HENkaku is a native Homebrew Enabler for the PS Vita and PS TV. It lets you run homebrews on the PS Vita
#406436 by AlexxLopaztico02
Fri Jul 29, 2016 5:40 pm
Well, a wishlist for HENkaku. If something is not on the list, put it down here so a mod or me update the list.

- NDS Emulator
- PsONE Emulator
- PS2 Emulator
- Game's Modders (Like a Cheat Engine)
- SaveData Tool, for using other people savedata. (Useful to have a game to 100%)
- PSP Emulator
- Theme Changer (For creating new themes/download and apply them)
- A Cydia-Like store. For downloading .vpk OTA and install them.
#406481 by numfortytwo
Fri Jul 29, 2016 9:27 pm
If a PS2 emulator is even theoretically possible that would be fantastic
#406484 by DrRetro
Fri Jul 29, 2016 9:30 pm
A C64 and Amiga Emu (based on UAE) would be nice. :)

Are Custom Themes actually possible with HENkaku? When not that would be nice too.
#406492 by DumbatorCZ
Fri Jul 29, 2016 9:53 pm
1) NSD emu
I do not think having two screen on one is a good idea. I tested it and do not like it this way. NDS is very cheap today (Even a 3DS) and todays R4 cards working like a charm (even clones).

2) PS2 emu
Please. Vita does not have a power for that. Yes, we emulated N64 on PSP, but PS2 is much more complex architecture. Gave up already. Even PS3 is having problems with some games.
#406532 by Jomann
Sat Jul 30, 2016 2:47 am
All i want to see are games that push the hardware to the limit. Any app in the universe is better suited for a phone. So id love to see more games. Also bringing back the ability to use unity to make games for vita.

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