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[Enso] Can anyone tell me why Enso takes longer to boot on different PS Vita models?

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[Enso] Can anyone tell me why Enso takes longer to boot on different PS Vita models?

Post by Hyrus » Sat Oct 05, 2019 8:39 am

Hello guys! As the topic says I'm just curious about this matter and I wanna know if someone else has noticed that and can tell us more about it. Here's the thing...

I have 2 PS Vitas, a "Fat" 3G/WiFi model and the "Slim" version. I have installed Enso on both of them and I noticed a significant difference on the time it takes Enso to load (or the time the Enso logo appears on the screen before vanishing and the "healthy gaming announcement" shows up).

I took the time on both models twice, starting from a complete shutdown and till the moment the healthy announcment appears on screen and here are the results:

PS Vita Slim (1st test): 16,78 sec
PS Vita Slim (2nd test): 16,62 sec

PS Vita Fat 3G/WiFi (1st test): 26,03 sec
PS Vita Fat 3G/WiFi (2nd test): 25, 87 sec

As you can see there's a significant difference; it takes 10 seconds more on my "Fat" PS Vita. So I'm wondering if that is a 'normal' behavior or not. Enso works perfectly fine and I have no issues with plugins or homebrew on this device. I'm just curious about why it takes longer to boot.

Here's some additional info regarding my PS Vitas:
Both have a 128GB SanDisk Ultra microSD inserted in the game cartridge port (using an identical SD2Vita adapter on each device). Both cards have exactly the same games and apps installed. The only difference is that my "Fat" Vita is on firmware 3.60, while the Slim one is on firmware 3.65.
That means that for the 3.60 Vita I used the Enso installer provided by Team HENkaku (molecule); and for the 3.65 Vita I used the installer released by TheFl0w.

Can someone confirm if the difference I experience in booting time could be attributed to the different Enso installers or should they behave exactly the same?

Thanks for your time. And feel free to share how long it takes Enso to load on your Vitas ;)

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