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Transfer backed-up hencore bubble after memcard fail?

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Transfer backed-up hencore bubble after memcard fail?

Post by 5alsabil » Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:18 pm

Hello all - I've had a good browse but can't find an answer to my specific predicament.

I took the jump to 3.65 for PSN store access a few days ago and got hencore installed - didn't go with enso - and now my genuine psv memory card appears to have died. I woke up to an 'memory card ejected' warning and rebooted and; it's not recognised, so I assume it's died. I don't think it's hencore or plugins that's caused it; I've had it for years and did every hack ever since the old rejuvenate and dev-key exploit days :) so it's had it's fair share of wear.

I backed-up the hencore bubble with QCMA - can I transfer it back when I get a new memory card and safely run it? Or do I have to do the whole final-he thing again?

Thanks in advance.

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