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Installing mame games retroarch vita

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Installing mame games retroarch vita

Post by Duhjoker » Tue Jul 31, 2018 1:24 am

Hi guys!!

I would like to upload a couple games to retroarch vita but i cant seem to get it. I have tried uploading the contents of a zip which allows me to scan it but it wont play any if the stuff in it.

I tried to upload the zip and load and scan but it wont load the game contents of the zip. I get the option to load archive. But that just makes the emu to error.

What could i be doing wrong?

Vita FW = 3.67
Retroarch = latest

Error to opening zip archive::


Saved core file succeeeded.
Ux0:data/psp2core- 1533000381
Ox0000b02851 -mame2003_libretro.self.

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