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[Solved] Help Henkaku retroarch install 3.65 3.67/8

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Re: Help Henkaku retroarch install 3.65 3.67/8

Post by Duhjoker » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:43 am

I really dont know what the problem was but i had the same problem installing vhbl. I tried multiple files til i found the right one. Now i have it all saved to a flash drive.

The retroarch i used can be found here just in case someone is having the same difficulty.

I wanted to keep my snes9xvita vpk installed to balance out my vita screens but that white dot was annoying me. Did some looking around and found a post here on wololo where someone made some icons for most of the vpk’s.

Adding the icon.png was pretty simpke but im still working on the start screen png’s.

Heres a link to that page...

Also found a copy of PFBA but its gamelist doesnt include any cps3 games. Id like to use it but i only want a list of the games im adding to it. So im also trying to figure that put.

I think for the cpS2 games in retro arch, i need to create a cache folder. The weird thing is that it plays all my old vhbl cps2 games except marvel vs capcom.

Thank you fir your guidance and help!! I really appreciate it.

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