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[OPEN]C1-8879-2 error

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[OPEN]C1-8879-2 error

Post by Topoll113 » Thu Jun 28, 2018 2:57 am

Hi guys

I have problem witch error c1-8879-2 When I try load friends list Vita try to connect to PSN and after this I have error. Before everything was ok . I have this problem after I try to play need for speed online. I connect 2 times and play .After connection stop.
Now I can't play online and load friends list. PSN load normal and trophy sync as well. My Vita have firmware 3.60 henkaku enso.
I try restart modem and I try restore system .
Sorry about my English. ;)
Please help :|

Edit: I half Solved my problem , I connect to public hotspot and after this work. When I come to home work as well. I don't know what happen with this . Before in my home I check a lot of times and always I have this error and when I connect to public wifi work. I think problem can be with my internet in home but I'm not sure with problem.

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