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C0-14478-4 Error

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C0-14478-4 Error

Post by Humanityplague » Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:22 pm

First time posting but I'm hoping someone can help me, as I'm fairly new to the Vita scene.

I got a Vita with a HENkaku Ensō 3.65 firmware on it. I installed the ReStore / ReNpDrm plug-ins and that's it, and that was after some dumb trial and error on my part.

I can seemingly activate my PS Vita just fine. However, when I go into the store and download anything, it does something weird. It will try to download the game but immediately fail, with a broken notification icon in the upper right. However, the PKG file will still download. It will then spit out the C0-14478-4 error code.

I've tried following suggestions from a friend (who has it working), as well as this guide: ... eres_what/

and nothing seems to help. If you need my LOG files, I can upload them if needed, but I am getting really frustrated by this. So, if anyone has any other ideas, feel free to suggest.

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