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#419966 by kingknuts
Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:26 pm

I'm trying to make cheats for some games and learn a little bit also.

I've succesfully made some cheats work on Metal Gear Solid 2 (PCSB00118).
Time Freeze $0200 82724F64 00001A26
No Reload $0200 82245150 0000000C

But I cannot manage to make infinite ammo, it works only if I don't change the area.
Infinite M9 $0200 82815260 00670001 (Before leaving the Aft Deck)
Infinite M9 $0200 828152E8 00630001 (When I return to Aft Deck)
As you can see when you change the area (Even when you return) the memory address is different.
I tried using TempAr pointer searcher but it says that the address are to high to compare.
Any hint to keep researching??

Thank you

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