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[Request] Reintroducing Unity3D support

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[Request] Reintroducing Unity3D support

Post by Fallenleader » Fri Oct 07, 2016 2:37 am

As shown in this tweet, I asked Yifan if it was possible for Unity3D support to be reintroduced back into the Vita. While PSM was quite limited IMHO, Unity3D is a very powerful development tool that lays the foundation for developers to make great games without the need to program low level engine code.

The reason I am formally making this request, as having support for Unity again would aid in having great quality homebrews as devs will only have to focus on resources and logic, bypassing the more difficult code.

A bonus would be if one could utilize more of the Vita's resources at runtime for this, allowing devs more freedom with their works.

The bad news is, despite fishing for more information, Yifan either missed my replies, ignored them, or simply doesn't know. I know an "it can be done" isn't very helpful, but I ask someone who has the know how to bring back a great feature that could tremendously increase homebrew for this device.

I myself am working on a few projects in Unity, and I will port them faster ONLY if Unity support can be reintroduced, otherwise, I will have to hold off on porting until I learn C/++ game development, which will probably not be until I go to college.

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Re: [Request] Reintroducing Unity3D support

Post by DS_Marine » Fri Oct 07, 2016 1:32 pm

"it can be done" is actually pretty useful...
Working in something that you don't know if it can be done can be demotivating.
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