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Dump IDPS from 3.52 Unactivated Vita ? (Cartridge License ?)

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Dump IDPS from 3.52 Unactivated Vita ? (Cartridge License ?)

Post by yatto » Tue Jan 05, 2016 7:46 pm

Hello everyone !
I had a big error, got to reset factory my PS Vita on firmware 3.52, and now it's unactivated. Hence, I cannot launch any downloaded game. And no one around me has a PS3, so, I'm a little stuck.

Recently, one told me that I could use a license from a cartridge, to launch a PSP Game. Since those licenses don't need any activation, only the cartridge inserted, I may be able to launch a custom bubble with this license file to get TN-V running (hence, getting Yoti IDPS Dumper to work, and get my IDPS to generate an "act.dat" file through this script :

I tried to prepare a custom bubble with "app.db", and launch a TN-V Launcher EBOOT through it. I did this :
  • I dumped the RIF license file from one of my cartridge (with e-mail)
  • I renamed it as the CID of my cartridge and put it in the ms0:PSP/LICENSE/ (with e-mail)
  • I signed a TN-V11 Launcher EBOOT with the CID of my cartridge and the Verif Key of a PSP Game.
  • I dumped my app.db
  • I made a new Custom Bubble in it (through this generator) (with as base game the PSP game I took the Verif Key from)
  • I put the app.db back into the Vita, and the EBOOT in the Vita in a Savedata
  • I restart the vita, my Custom Bubble appears. But I cannot launch the bubble (error C0-9252-8, I think it means "You have to activate your Vita"). Sometimes I get an error C1-2738-0, meaning the EBOOT is not found.

Another way to launch TN-V11 could be launching the game on which I used the Qwikrazor's PBOOT TN-V to replace a PSP game, that launch TN-V now. (It's Ape Quest Demo)
Do you have any idea if I can get this to work ? One told me he had seen it with a "ABCD0000&" bubble, back in the firmware 3.18. If I can launch TN-V, I can get my IDPS, then get the reactivation <3

Thanks a lot !

Side note : if you can speak French, you may be interested in my (more detailed) post on CustomProtocol : ... -t275.html

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Re: Dump IDPS from 3.52 Unactivated Vita ? (Cartridge Licens

Post by HarmfulMushroom » Wed Jan 06, 2016 1:08 am


Could give that a try, never actually attempted it myself though. If you can run ARK you might be able to run that homebrew app to retrieve your IDPS

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Re: Dump IDPS from 3.52 Unactivated Vita ? (Cartridge Licens

Post by mr.gas » Wed Jan 06, 2016 9:10 am

u can run psp game with a cartridge license but with pboot.pbp only ..
and pspemu won't run without act.dat unless u have a debug vita

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