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[Service] Offering eCFW/PS1 Installation in UK (3.20)

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[Service] Offering eCFW/PS1 Installation in UK (3.20)

Post by Vita90 » Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:07 am

Hi, all. As my way of contributing I'd like to help out any out there that would like Patapon 2 (eCFW PSP) and Superbike 2 (PS1 Loader) on their PSTV with the OFW 3.20 although as for now Sony hasn't removed either one of them, thankfully. But who knows maybe in the future they will and it's good to have people willing to support users in search of these games to unlock PSTV's capabilities they're after.

The shipping I'd assume would be £2.80 (normal) or less sending back and forth, so for now it's not worth (it'd cost just a bit less than Patapon 2 alone) it I assume but like I said, in the future it might be.

I'm also on on eBay as "fsmarck122012" so if you wanna check out my profile and feedback. ;)

P.S.: If I posted this on the wrong section (this area seemed fit for it) then I apologise. :)
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