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[SUPPORT] Rejuvenate Help

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[SUPPORT] Rejuvenate Help

Post by smithsf0x » Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:46 pm

Rejuvenate Support Thread

If You could give away a key then just write how much You can give and how people can ask You (PM, Mail etc.)

If You need a PSM Dev Key then write a small text. I don't wan't to see a hundred time "I want one"

If You need help then write what Your problem is and what You have tried. Keep it detailed but short.

How to run your first Homebrew

How to generate the Key


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Re: [SUPPORT] Rejuvenate Help // PSM Dev Key Offer/Search

Post by senas8 » Sun Jun 21, 2015 2:22 pm

I need psm dev key. Pm me If you want to share. Thanks to JaxxBlaxx for sharing.
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Re: [SUPPORT] Rejuvenate Help // PSM Dev Key Offer/Search

Post by awalsh053 » Sun Jun 21, 2015 2:26 pm

I need a psm key any help would be amazing thx

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Re: [SUPPORT] Rejuvenate Help // PSM Dev Key Offer/Search

Post by kingslime » Sun Jun 21, 2015 2:28 pm

i need one guys please, im at 3.51, i dont have any games on my vita :(

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Thread to share PSM dev keys

Post by Pockets69 » Sun Jun 21, 2015 2:32 pm

Ok this is how it goes, the Rejuvenate Loader has been released, and it is now possible to run homebrew (as of now only an hello world has been released as proof of concept) there is (as of now) only one way of running this, and is by having a developer key (a way without the key is sure to come out in the next days weeks) though if you don't want to wait, you need a key to run homebrew as of now.

But how do we get the key since the psm dev program is closed? well you can still get a key from a friend, and this is where this thread will come in hand.

Firstly I debated if i should post this over here, but since keys can't be stolen and can be only used by the person who generated the seed, everyone should be fine.

So let's start.

psm dev app installed on your psvita
a friend with a dev key
psm publishing utility

- You, yes you, the one with no key, wanting a key, you need to be the first one to do something, open your psm publishing utility, connect your psvita to your pc through USB, and power it on.
- As soon as it powers on, select the psm dev app.
- On your pc you should see your psvita, select your psvita, and click on the seed with a plus sign.
this will generate your device seed.
- Now we need to export the seed, again select your psvita just like you did previously, but click on the button with a seed and outwards arrow to export it, give a name, save it somewhere on your pc, but DO NOT CHANGE the file name.

Now share the device seed here on the thread with someone that has a psm dev key

The owner of a psm dev key should now have the key you gave him
- again open the psm publishing utility
- in "application ID lis of PSM app" click on the plus sign
- I selected the ballmaze demo for this example but i still need to check if it works.
- then on the right side import the seed by clicking on the seed with the inwards arrow.
- select the seed of your friend.
- once the seed is selected click on the key with a plus sign, and input your psm credentials it will generate a key for your friend
- on the dialog box saying publisher key, press the export key (the key with an outward arrow)
- on the device list & app key list export the keyring as well (again the keyring with the outward arrow).

PM the keyring and the keyfile to your friend, as tomtomdu80 pointed out, sharing this publicly with your psn id may be dangerous.

Now you again, you are ready to import the given key and keyfile.
- on your publishing utility import the key by clicking in the key with inward arrow, and selecting the key file.
- now import the keyring by pressing the keychain with the inward arrow, and selecting the keyring file.

You are now ready to be able to launch homebrew

Now i am sorry but this is what i came up in 5 minutes, it may be inaccurate and have mistakes, but is understandable i think.

I ll leave my seed here and will wait for someone that has a key, to generate a a key and a keyring for me.

Will attach in a few secs.

Come on guys keep your seeds, keys and keyrings coming and let's help each other out.
seed file
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Failed the authentication to execute application

Post by 8pcd » Sun Jun 21, 2015 2:34 pm

I got a key from a friend and activated evrything without any error i run the setup.bat without any problem too.
I have a ps vita newest version psm dev 1.15 when i try to start the homebrew i get this error
(Failed the authentication to execute application. Please re-create a Device Seed and App Key using with PSM Studio or Publishing Utility)
I hope you can help me btw. i tried all other usb ports.

// smithsf0x
// merged topics

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Re: Thread to share PSM dev keys

Post by tomtomdu80 » Sun Jun 21, 2015 2:46 pm

Pockets69 wrote: You should supply both the keyring file, and the key, here on the thread.
... Or should you really ?
Sharing files linked to a PSN account and generated using a PSVita connected to your computer isn't the best idea you ever came with.
You never know what Sony is going to do with these informations, you don't even know what informations are in the files you are going to share.
As yifan lu already announced, there will be another release called "psm+", which will bypass all of these restrictions.

Yes, you want to run the hello world, it's always cool to see unsigned code running, but this is still a "public beta", you won't do anything else than running this hello world and watching again and again the spinning cube.

So you should better not share your keys and wait for the upcoming psm+ release which will allow everyone to use the exploit and running real homebrews. I guess it's worth waiting and keeping your psn account safe ;)

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Re: [SUPPORT] Rejuvenate Help // PSM Dev Key Offer/Search

Post by JaxxBlaxx » Sun Jun 21, 2015 2:47 pm

Alternatively, you could wait for PSM+ as tomtomdu80 suggested here: viewtopic.php?p=390760#p390760

Edit: Offer closed now, sorry!
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Re: Thread to share PSM dev keys

Post by Pockets69 » Sun Jun 21, 2015 2:49 pm

very well, i actually forgot the psn id part... well problem solved by pming the key and the keyring.

Yes it may not be the most exciting thing EVER, but i thought people would want to try it, that's why i wrote this.

Let me just quickly edit the original post.

There fixed, thanks for the heads up ;)

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Re: Thread to share PSM dev keys

Post by Dustii » Sun Jun 21, 2015 3:08 pm

Ait nice thread man ! :) Hope someone can help me out with this ^^
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