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New hack method psvita saves corrupted ho diss

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New hack method psvita saves corrupted ho diss

Post by Knux-03 » Fri Jul 05, 2019 2:53 pm



ive always used the henkaku hack with the email thing recently i heard that you can use enso and that their is a app that you can download games

the only game i was currently playing that mattered was digimon cyber sleuth i was planing to play the second after i finished this one ... after installing the games with "app" saves are corrupted error "c0-9250-6" the 120 hours just grinding digimon to get the one you like ... thats my issue

im currently tracking down the old vpk i used to install the game to see if its the version of the game because my version was 1.04 European version and the app that downloads set game goes form 1.00 to 1.06 not 1.04.

Any help maybe an app that updates the save data to the current version of the vita game my vita config and plugings are in ur not on ux.

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