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PSM Unity crashes

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2015 6:12 pm
by John Dupe
Ever since I got into PSM+, I've been trying to use Unity for PSM.
When I open the program, it doesn't load all the way, then Windows tells me it crashed.

I'm on Windows 8.1, I have the PSM Unity as well as Unity 5 (could that be my problem, duplicate enviroment variables?)

EDIT: I got Unity to *not crash* by uninstalling Unity 5 and the Unity web player as well as deleting all of my Unity projects. But now when I go into Unity, everything looks like it was scratched out by a sharpie. Any ideas on why that happens? Any help would be appreciated.

2nd EDIT: The next time I tried everything was fine. I have no idea why that happened. Everything is fine now!