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PSM Game Question

The PlayStation Mobile SDK and Unity for PlayStation Mobile can be downloaded here:
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PSM Game Question

Post by Smoker1 » Wed Oct 03, 2018 5:06 am

I have 2 Vitas

1: Normal 1st Gen Vita

2: 3G Vita with a 256GB PSVSD

Note that I do have NoPSMDRM, and RePatch in place. I also have the DSN Modification in place to avoid Updates. System is Activated, but PSM can not be activated due to the DSN Mod.

I Downloaded Everybody's Arcade Years ago, and I also Paid for the Klondike Solitaire Part of it. I made sure to Back it up using QCMA. Now on my 3G Vita, I put the Game on it, and for some reason, it wants to connect to PSN. When it cant, it says it could not use the DSN, and that I need to Download it again. The only problem is, Sony no longer has it in the Downloads Listing.
But I can get the NPS of the Game, and it works perfectly fine, along with any other PSM Game. But the Klondike Solitaire is a Demo for it. How would I be able to restore the Unlock for it?
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