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PS2 slim don't accept PSX 3rd party memorycards (FIXED)

Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:23 am
by csaraiva
Hi there,

Today i shared a fix to all users that want to play PSX games on PS2 Slim but the 3rd party psx memorycards are not detected.
Both my PS2 Slim SCPH 75004 (GH-040-12/GH-040-01) don't detect 3rd party psx memory cards, and after read a info from a user saying "you only need to connect to the 8v pin of gamepad connector" i started to investigate. Butr here Sony is more smarter, in theses particular versions of motherboards, they disable for good the 7,6v pin on the 3rd pin gameport and 3rd pin memorycard port, and the 3rd party psx memorycard need 7,5v - 5v at pin 3 to work(the oficial ones only need 3,6 volts on 5 pin).

i tryed to obtain 7,6v on any point of the motherboard but i can find the precise voltage, after a few minutes i decided to use the 5v point of USB port and TADAAAA its just worked fine.

look at the back of motherboard, and connect 3rd pin of the memory card 2nd slot, to the 5v pin of ther USB port near and both memorycard slots will work