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[mega release]Gamesonic Manager v 1.80,ode manager v1.05 ecc

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[mega release]Gamesonic Manager v 1.80,ode manager v1.05 ecc

Post by Gamesonic » Thu Jan 23, 2014 7:03 pm

Now no longer only ORION unleashed but also the two Mussonero dev release a mega release that includes Gamesonic Manager 1.80, Gamesonic ode Manager v 1.05 and Gamesonic Cfw cobra Manager(the first manager for Cobra CFW)
[quote]added showtime to the manager,
fixed gui bugs
accelerated startup manager
improved language recognition[/quote]

Gamesonic ode Manager v 1.05
[quote]added showtime ode,
manager, startup accelerated
entered thanks developers to showtime,
accelerated ftp server,
faster Assembly games[/quote]

Gamesonic Cobra CFW manager
[quote]First manager in the history of cfw in iso format, does not need any patch files discless to start the games, all the games will be detected as iso mounts, inserted by default the control webma fan, full STHEALTH manager to each its closure clears the history to avoid incoveninti on psn[/quote]

Gamesonic Manager v 1.80 ... _v1.80.rar

Gamesonic ode manager v 1.05 ... _v1.05.iso

Gamesonic Cobra CFW manager ... ra_cfw.iso

Source code Download:
Gamesonic Manager v 1.80 ... _v1.80.rar

Thank you:Rancid-o,Estwald,Andreas Oman,Aldo Vargas,Habib,Mussonero,Orion,My play, and all site and dev for the PS3 scene

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