#286093 by Dmon1Unlimited
Sun Aug 11, 2013 11:11 am
I was pretty familiar with the psp scene, having a psp slim myself, but as new versions were released and school work piled on, I found myself keeping less up to date.

Now with a vita for less than a year, I discovered wololo soon after my purchase. I initially had the UNO exploit but I gave it up in exchange for psn access. I'm still not sure whether this is regrettable. I am now waiting for the next kernel exploit, hopefully via a free game, or game that I already have (anyone checked the crash bandicoot and spyro psn classics? Haha)

Thank you wololo (and others) for keeping me up to date as well as arranging for these sorts of giveaways, and thank you to the scene for being...scene-ful? Haha :p
#286136 by Szczepancio
Sun Aug 11, 2013 3:53 pm
I was always interested in technology, so my dad bought for me black PS Vita. When I got it, i always wanted to discover more features of devices that have limited firmwares. So I started searching at google for PS Vita hack's, and tadaam, i'm on Wololo ;)
#286140 by exo_gurei
Sun Aug 11, 2013 4:05 pm
I bought my PSVITA when I was in Japan 6 months ago. Of course it was the Japanese version so the SIM card slot was useless when I got home to our country because it was hardware locked. But I was thinking there could be something I could do about it or someone might find a way about it.

Anyway, I wasn't even aware that there was this scene existing because this was my very first Sony Playstation puchase. But my instincts told me that there should be some people doing hacks and stuffs for every hardware device as this was always the case for computers. So, I just Google searched for PSVITA HACKS, TWEAKS and almost every keyword I can think of and I didn't even check what website I was clicking. I just clicked and clicked and little did I know, it was already wololo.net I was visiting. At that time there was this issue about the Coldbird guy whom I didn't know. I was intrigued and as I read, i started realizing how reliable the site was. So, from then on, I kept on visiting this site and never Google searched any PSVITA HACKS/TWEAKS again. By the way, I missed the Apache exploit because I was still in Japan at that time and it really frustrated me because I only wanted US account and I couldn't buy US PSN cards from Japan. So really waited for the next one, Gamocracy, and I would probably try the next one to be released.
#286178 by tangra87
Sun Aug 11, 2013 6:05 pm
I discovered this site last year when I buy my first ps vita, and was with the uno exployt long time,then I had to sell it :( but when I gadder enough money (last mont) I buy a new one ,becouse I like this device :)
like a year I visit every day ,few times a day the site , and read allmost every single article on this site , but I dont know why, never had registerd ,but several days ago I did it :))))
this site is great ,thanks to all of you making ,searching,programing ... :))) thanks :)


wow ....and allmost forget , HAPPI BIRTHDAY :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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#286231 by MR_LIPTON
Sun Aug 11, 2013 7:37 pm
I discovered the psp/psvita hacking scene cause I was interested in programming for something different than a pc for once/a challenge. So I did about 4 years ago, never bothered making account till recently. But still was part of the scene for many many years. Loved the way the psp was supported even when there was a new update everyone thought was impossible to hack, yet to be proven wrong the next 3 months. Just surprise after surprise. I hope to see that sometime in the next 3 years for the psvita.

I'm a verteran for the psp system I started out on simple applications like 2d animations of people walking, then next I was part of the nzp team making maps, after that I was making support for linux files, and now I'm here now preparing for a new application that hasn't been done yet on the psp/psvita that I hope everyone will use. Comming to the near future if TN-V4 comes out for 2.12.

So WOLOLO happy birthday, although I might leave the scene for the next 2 years I still will be by your side.
#286390 by wololo
Mon Aug 12, 2013 9:52 am
Hey everyone, thanks a lot to all for participating, congrats to zeron824 who won the PSN Code.
I'll lock this now to avoid any confusion, but we'll have another opportunity to win some presents very soon, stay tuned!

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