#145387 by wololo
Thu May 17, 2012 9:27 am
As I explain in this blog post, I am organizing a programming contest around VHBL (If you're not a programmer, there's also a contest for you, just check the blog post!).

As you know, wMenu is the menu I currently use for VHBL, but lots of things could be improved with the menu. People would like to see icons for their homebrews, others might want better zip support, other ones would like a possibility to delete their homebrews, etc...
Do you think you have what it takes to create a better menu than wMenu for VHBL?

If so, join this contest, there is a 77$ prize in cash for the winner.

- your entry must be a menu for VHBL. Technical details on how to build a menu can be found here. If you are running into issues, feel free to ask for help on the forums
- to submit your entry, post a reply to this thread with: the name of your menu, a quick description (features, etc...), at least one screenshot, and a download link to your eboot
- Keep this thread clean: You are allowed to reply to this thread if you want, but I will periodically clean it up to only keep entries. So if you want to post something that is important and that is not an entry, post it in a new thread
- You have until June 9th to submit your entry.
- Your entry does not necessarily have to be open source, it's up to you
- Do not submit an update for an existing VHBL menu, unless you are the original author of that menu, or got the authorization from the author to join this contest
- Your entry does not have to have any splash screen of any sort, although mentioning this website is much appreciated :)
- The best entry will be chosen by our community with a poll here on /talk
- The winner will get a 77$ prize from me, either through paypal or an amazon gift card (your choice)
- This rules are subject to change anytime without prior notice
#145474 by garrei
Fri May 18, 2012 2:28 am
I'd like to re-iterate that i am also giving away a $20 prize for the video that i like most, i dont really know any of you personally so this will be completely un-bias.

Just hoping a little more inspiration will help :)
#148907 by wololo
Fri Jun 08, 2012 9:19 am
Acid_Snake wrote:Could you give us more time? I'm having trouble installing psptoolchain.

Fair enough, it's not like we're getting a mountain of entries so far anyways.
Does one additional week sound fair?
#148924 by wololo
Fri Jun 08, 2012 11:52 am
musashiro wrote:so i assume allotted time for the video contest is extended as well?

Yes, I'll extend both to June 16th, and I'll make a proper announcement on the blog
#150322 by wololo
Fri Jun 15, 2012 1:55 pm
Thanks. This thread is only for Menu entries in theory (the blog is where we take video entries), but you're in anyways (for the video contest, of course). :)

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