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[3DS] Release: 3DSXLauncher Loader v.1.0

Prolific developer Rinnegatamante just released 3DSXLauncher Loader, for 3DS homebrew enthusiasts. The tool is heavily based on Yellows8‘s hbllauncher_loader. What is 3DSXLauncher Loader? From the author: 3DSXLauncher Loader is a CIA forwarder for 3DSX...


3DS: Firmware 11.0 now available

3DS’s latest firmware is just out, and brings piles of stability, because you know you want it. 3DS Firmware 11.0 – What’s new Here’s what the official changelog says: Main changes for version 11.0.0-33U...


Wii U: Browserhax released for 5.5.0

The Wii U 5.5.1 update patched some critical vulnerabilities in libstagefright. This triggered two hack releases that rely on similar (if not the same?) exploits in the lib. Earlier Today, Mathew_Wi released an exploit...