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Bugs, bugs, bugs  

You may be wondering why I haven’t done a new release yet. So far Wagic has had a release every month or so, but given the huge size of the project, it is not possible anymore.

Anyways we are working on lots of things for next release, including major UI changes. I wanted to keep the surprise, but I can’t refrain myself from posting a screenshot of what the shop’s going to look like in next release:

Seriously, have you ever seen a homebrew with such cool original graphics??? We’ve been joined by a few talented designers and programmers recently. The background for the shop was made by Jhotun, and the card back by Jeck. Hopefully you’ll like the new graphics as much as I do, and let me tell you that this is not the only cool change that next Wagic release will have!

Oh, yeah, forgot the main point of this post: we are working on lots of bugs for this release, which is why we are a bit slow. I updated the bugs list and you can post in this thread any other issue you encounter with Wagic 0.8.1, but if you are brave enough to get the SVN versions, please post your bug reports on the dedicated page. This will be really appreciated!


One year ago  

I started working on Wagic in august 2007, but I took the first videos and screenshots in april 2008 (yes, apparently it did take me a few months to have something worth screenshots, but it was so long ago that I don’t really remember).
I think it’s good to show you the progress that’s been made in one year. I have a video of the game at that time, but the mean Llawyer’s elves would probably shut it down as I put it on youtube, so…

Below are a few screenshots taken in April 2008 and April 2009. People who’ve been following Wagic’s progress since the first alpha release will probably be surprised to see that the difference between the alpha and the current version is less noticable than the difference between these old screenshots and the alpha.

Enjoy :)

For those who come here for the first time, I am not allowed to host WotC’s copyrighted content on my server, hence the blurry sections.

The main menu

One year ago


The game

One year ago


But what changed, really?

One year ago, the AI was only able to use basic lands and creatures with no ability. Actually, the game itself only featured a few creatures, and the only abilities that worked were mana abilities and the Brass man upkeep cost. Overall, the total number of playable cards was around 50.

The board itself was more than simple, all card a player controlled would be put on the same line, without making any difference between land and creatures.

The deck editor didn’t exist, it was just an item in the main menu with no associated action.

I’m happy to say that today Wagic handles more than 2500 cards, and most of the common abilities. It’s become easier to create cards, the graphics got better, and…well the AI still sucks (although it is able to cast enchantments, sorceries, and when you’re lucky, a few activated abilities) but the new difficulty mode spices things up!

There’s of course lots of room for improvement in Wagic, but when I see what’s been accomplished in one year (not only by me, but also by the small community on the forum that helps in many ways), it gives me great expectations for future releases! Stay tuned, I can already promiss that next version will come with lots of cool improvements!


This is a screenshoot I took yesterday while working on the code.

I think it’s very interesting because you can see several new and/or cool features at a glance:

(click on the picture to see the real size)

So now you can either try to guess what’s new or read on :)

The most obvious I think is the cool theme. As you may or may not know, it does not require any single line of programming to tweak Wagic’s graphics, and I’m actually surprised we had to wait 3 months before someone came up with such a cool mod. I myself suck at design, so I’m always impressed when people create cool graphics. Many thanks to u0127907 for this mod, I hope this will give motivation for other people to create and share their own mods. You can download it on the forum

The second thing, less obvious, is the picture quality of the big card. Of course, this is the windows version, and there’s no way to achieve that on the PSP version, but what this technically means is that I’m working on removing the size limitations on cards pictures. This will allow people using the PC versions (Windows, Linux or Mac) to play fullscreen without having blurry cards. It will also allow people on the PSP to reduce the size of the pictures if they think it takes too much space on their memory stick. Currently, I think the size of the cards is 285*something, and reducing it to 255*… should divide the textures size (in RAM) by 2 without losing much picture quality.

The last thing is probably the one that will interest you as Magic/Wagic players: The actual name of the big card you see on the screen. Yes, it’s a wasp token, which means I more or less got tokens working in Wagic’s current SVN revision (the Hive is hidden behind the big Wasp card, tapped. For the purpose of the test, I set the mana cost of the hive to 0 and the tokens cost to 1). Icing on the cake, tokens are partially scriptable in _cards.dat, this is the code for the Hive :

auto={5},{T}:token(Wasp,creature artifact insect, 1/1,flying artifact)

Internally, Token objects inherit from the MTGCardInstance class, and a few specific dirty tricks are performed by the code when the token changes zone, or when creating the image name. I think using tokens in the current svn version creates a memory leak, but this will be fixed eventually.

Typical. Coding while I should be packing for my holiday, yay me !


A few screenshots  

We’ve been working a lot on Wagic over the past weeks, and I’ve not posted on the blog that much recently.

I was able to have the windows version display fullscreen, and fixed a few issues on the PSP, such as mp3 playback. So the next release should have music, yay !

These are few screenshots of the Windows version in windowed fullscreen. It’s basically the same thing as the psp version, just bigger.

Of course, lots of other things have been added/corrected, but I won’t reveal all the new stuff yet. And if you really want to know what’s new, just check the svn once in a while ;)