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Henkaku 3.68, is Ensō really that important?

With H-Encore inbound from TheFlow, there have been allot of questions regarding the fact that 3.67/3.68 will not support Ensō. I’d like to address a few concerns myself, as I tend to follow recent developments,...


Release: Onemenu for PSVita

Onemenu From Onelua Team has been ported for PSVita! As many of us know, Onemenu  was developed by gdljjrod with some help from DevDavisNunez to use on ARK and VHBL. And now, thanks to...

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RetroArch 1.6.3 – Released

It’s nice to see that team Libretro still continues on supporting our little devices, even if the changes aren’t all too relevant for the end user, any improvements, even the slightest are always welcome....