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I was first introduced to the series on my seventh birthday, when my uncle rather reluctantly purchased Grand Theft Auto London 1969 at my behest. The series remains great, which is a testament to Rockstar and their creativity as most games of these era are (in my opinion) repetitive and for the most part; unenjoyable. If like me you’re a long time fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, you’ve no need for an introduction to what makes these games so amazing.

Each iteration has come to the PC after a period (generally between 6-8 months). While Rockstar are keeping quiet on whether GTA V will be ported over, it does seem rather likely.

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In my previous article on Charles Proxy many people have been stating that Fiddler 2 is free, and asking for guides regarding that. As I have had time to look into Fiddler, I thought I’d write a quick tutorial for those who wish to use this as an alternative to Charles.

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Since the latest firmware is now out, that seemingly leaves us without PSN or any form of Online gaming which does take some of the fun out of the Vita, and with all the Sales and free games coming from Sony at the moment it’s horrible that if you wish to keep your exploit then you have to update, right? Wrong. There is a simple way around this by using a Proxy server.

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Dust 514 has been around for a while now and many of you probably know of its existence. It’s innovative in so many ways, and since it’s now in Open Beta anyone can try this amazing FPS game.

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When Sony’s PSP first appeared on TV ads prior to its launch, it was advertised as a online gaming device that would bring people together.

… who would have thought that Sony’s interpretation of online gaming device means less than 10 online playable games in its whole lifetime… (talking about fail product placement here)

To bring that bit of extra fun that online gaming is to more titles… Team PRO has built the scene a own alternative online gaming network, with a tiny bit more than just 10 supported titles.

It goes by the name of Prometheus, is funded by linkbucks ads as well as community donations, and promises to blow new life into your old games. Read the rest of this entry »

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