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The name Dark_Alex should ring in your ears, when you hear it. He was THE man, that made a lot of PSP CFWs (1.50 POC, 2.71 SE, 3.xx OE, 3.xx/4.01/5.00 M33, etc.), helped with the Pandora battery service mode, and released a lot of software for said pandora method. Dark~AleX should be known by most informed PSP scene people, and the fact that he updates his website for the PS4, might be an indication that he could return.

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We seem to have had a spike in membership these last few days after the advent of 6.60 CFE TN-A Custom Firmware for PS Vita.
With that influx of new people came a torrent of questions regarding the release of the new exploit’s game name and the Ninja release. New members questions answered here.

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