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Custom Vita Bubbles?

We already had our share of PSP bubbles for the homebrews, eCFW and games. How about some Vita bubbles?   It all began with SMOKE’s tweet below: That looks better. pic.twitter.com/XYFOPvOPSX — SMOKE (@SMOKE587)...


Bubbles Giveaway

Do you remember the “Unpatchable Bubbles?” article published 3 days ago? Now you get the chance to have one if you are lucky. After the 3.50 firmware update and patching of custom bubbles via Tom & mr.Gas method,...


Unpatchable Bubbles?

Vita firmware update 3.50 which was released today blocks custom bubbles. Though the famous VHBL dev 173210 has his own ways to make bubbles on Vita. It was expected that Sony would patch bubble...