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PSVita News: Rinnegatamante manages to get ReDream, a Dreamcast emulator, to render frames on the PlayStation Vita & Electric1447 releases VHBB-Android, a VitaDB client for your smartphone!

Despite HENkaku nearing its fourth anniversary, homebrew development on the PlayStation Vita is still alive especially in the emulation department. In this article, we’ll be looking at Rinnegatamante’s latest progress on ReDream for the...

Citra MMJ build by weihuoya getting playable framerates!

Android News: Recently released Citra MMJ build (3DS Emulator) by Weihouya pushing playable framerates in New Super Mario Bros 2, Persona Q & others! – You can play some 3DS games on your Android smartphone as long as it’s powerful enough

It’s no secret that unofficial Citra builds for Android have been around for quite some time but only recently have higher-end smartphones been packed with enough power to push playable framerates in some 3DS...