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release: VitaShell 0.95

If you have VitaShell 0.91 installed on your PS vita, you’ll probably have the nice surprise to see that it autoupdated to version 0.95 today, after an update was released by developer TheFloW. For...


Release: VitaShell 0.91

Developer TheFloW has updated the popular PS vita tool to version 0.91. This new release brings Network updates (VitaShell will now have an option to update automatically), fixes issues with large file sizes. On a...


VitaShell updated to 0.86

Developer TheFloW pushed a minor update to his VitaShell utility, a few hours after releasing his game decryption tool Vitamin. The release fixes several bugs. What is VitaShell VitaShell is an all-in-one utility for...