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3DS update 7

3DS update version 9.7.0-25 is live

We get another update for 3DS/New 3DS. It is 9.7.0-25. It doesn’t bring any new feature, just the infamous stability update. Official changelog for the new firmware says “Further improvements to overall system stability...

3DS update 14

3DS Firmware 9.6.0-24 out now

A new firmware update, 9.6.0-24 has been released for Nintendo 3DS. It brings some new features to the table and blocks some flashcart functionality as expected. Let’s look at the official features: A Home...


First Custom Firmware for New 3DS

3DS Scene has exciting news lately. First CFW for New 3DS, NTR CFW 2.0 has been released. Unfortunately NTR CFW 2.0 supports only Japanese Region New 3DS with 8.1, 9.1, 9.2 firmwares for now. It...