Rejuvenate PS Vita

Native homebrew and emulators are now a possibility on the PS Vita through the Rejuvenate hack. This hack gives us access to the native performance and functionality of the PS Vita, per opposition to the so called “ePSP” hacks, which ran through the PSP emulator on the PS Vita, and were constrained to the performance of the original PSP.

What is Rejuvenate?

Rejuvenate is a combination of hacks + tools on the PS Vita allowing people to run unsigned code (homebrews) on the PS Vita. It requires a PS Vita with Firmware 3.51 or less.

Rejuvenate ps vita

How to Install Rejuvenate PS Vita?

  1. Make sure your PS Vita is on firmware 3.51 or lower. If you have firmware 3.52 or higher, your PS Vita cannot run the Rejuvenate hack
  2. Install the PSM Dev Assistant for Unity on your Vita. Alternatively, if you already have the PSM Dev Assistant (not the unity one) installed on your PS Vita, this will work too.
  3. Install the Rejuvenate files (see here)
  4. Get your developer license through PSM+. Follow the instructions here.

You should be all set up. In order to confirm everything is working, go ahead and try to run your first homebrew.

I’m all set, what homebrews and emulators can I run with Rejuvenate?


How do I program my own homebrews and games for the PS Vita with Rejuvenate?

If you’re a developer, you can try and start to program your own homebrew for the PS Vita. You can get the SDK here.

More questions?

Feel free to ask for help on our forums, or in the comments section below. We’ll do our best to update this page as new information is available.

30 Responses

  1. Shadow_StarLust

    DreamCast Emu. Come ON! Port NullDc!!
    We need a step forward not just same pace. its easier to emulate than the Saturn.

    How about a Nokia N-Gage emu? I don’t think there is one anywhere for anything.

  2. Pixel Shader

    I have done every thing but when I want to run homebrew error message appeared telling me to r-creat license…

  3. PixelShaderX

    When I want to run homebrew a message appeared required me to r-creat license file 🙁

  4. Boltrapax

    My PSM Dev says “You must update PSM Dev” , will it work with Rejuvenate?(It doesnt check my license :C )

    • Ethan

      Same here, updating will probably put this at a version higher than 1.06. Will it still work? Are individual program updates (like PSM Unity) removable if they occur?

  5. Whackm

    So wait is rejuvenate working with Unity now? Because the readme states it’s only working for PSM DevAssistant: 1.11, 1.14, 1.15

  6. elchristiano

    there is a way to downgrade the ps vita firmware to 3.51 from 3.51?

  7. nabz

    can´t copy over the files, because PS vita wants a firmware update,
    so it won´t work on any vita below 3.51 and above, pretty pointless tutorial

  8. Javier

    How can I install my unity games with rejuvenate? Not emus or homebrew made with vita sdk. Unity psm games made. How can I share to the world, friends and load with this xploit? I only find tutorials for use rejuvenate with .elf and I don’t understand how unity send to vita my game to debug it. Thanks

  9. 11770

    @ Whackm the version 1.11, 1.14 and 1.15 are regular psm, it works with 1.05 and 1.06 unity iirc.
    @Boltrapax, i had the same issue it means that you need to update the license files on your vita, presuming it was working the day before.

  10. Smoker1

    OK, I got Defiler on my Vita again and everything seems OK, however, when I go to run Defiler I get this:
    Failed the authentication to execute application.
    Please re-create a Device Seed and App Key using with Unity Editor or Publishing Utility for Unity.

    What do I do? Also, Do I have to be connected to a Router to my PC in order to run Homebrew/Emulators? Been asking around and have not found an answer.

  11. Leminur

    Really… I just wish I did not update. Is there some way to downgrade it? I guess I shall keep waiting for the next update. If only I knew how to help these people…

  12. Formedras

    Is there some way Rejuvenate could be modified to use the email hack instead of PSM DevAssistant?
    I’m not quite clear about what parts of Rejuvenate are impossible on 3.52. I mean, if it’s only the DevAssistant part, perhaps the email hack could get things going? But if it also relies on other elements that 3.52 fixed, what are those?

  13. Zorax

    ¿Will this allow to run ps1 games without having to use TN-V?

  14. Smythius

    If I have a PSTV on 2.35 and another on 2.55 can someone tell me if and what current method to use to allow me to play retro console emulators on either version plz?
    I also have Mimana Iyar Chronicle if that exploit is still possible. thx

  15. Vega

    So what if I have a firmware lower than 3.20, would I not be able to use PSM dev unity? Because I currently have firmware 3.18. My PS Vita is also constantly asking me to update when I got into content manager, would that be the reason why I need to be on 3.20?

    I also tried open CMA, no luck. Still asking me to update.

  16. Aloma

    I just purchased a psvita on OFW 3.18 and hoping to run this hack in order to play my old psp games, however so far all the methods i have tried no longer work. Can anyone make a guide with the required links to files(working) i would require to accomplish this hack.

    So far i have the PSM utility on the psp but i cant run it as the psp keeps asking for update even with the update blocker running. QCMA also doesnt work properly, the vita disconnects.
    I am running windows 10-x64

  17. derp

    my qcma works on windows 10-x64, and i have same problem that all games asks after system update.

  18. Andrea

    If I use vhbl on my vita can I still make it native? I have 3.57 re and the native isn’t available for it yet

  19. 11779

    Unhandled Exception: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: Access is denied
    at System.Diagnostics.Process.Kill()
    at VitaDefiler.Program.Main(String[] args)
    Press any key to continue . . .

  20. neon

    I have fw 3.51 and psm dev 1.15.
    Can I use this homebrew (Rejuvenate) to run :
    -Custom Bubbles

  21. WaHappund

    Has anyone found a way to get this to work for 3.52 or higher yet?

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