PRO CFW 6.35


On this page you will find information on Virtuous Flame & Coldbird’s CFW Pro for OFW 6.3x. Download links are available below.
You need to have a PSP on OFW 6.30, 6.31, 6.35, or 6.36 to run this Homebrew Enabler. If you have a different Firmware, please check our CFW For Dummies guide to get the Homebrew Enabler that matches your firmware.

You can also get more info and the latest news about this Custom Firmware , in our dedicated category

The latest version is CFW Pro 6.35-B5


  • CFW Pro 6.35 B5. This installs and runs CFW Pro B3 on a PSP with 6.35 Firmware. It also contains the “FastRecovery” Eboot to quickly re-enable 6.35 Pro on a machine where it is already installed. (or alternate link here)


– Unzip the CFW Pro archive in PSP/GAME/Hen on your memory stick
– Run the CFW Pro Updater from the XMB
– Once you’re back in the XMB, go to the “system information” to make sure your firmware is now marked as “PRO”
– That’s it. Next time you want to run the CFW, you’ll prefer to run the “fast recovery” (download above) instead of the Updater

Older releases

  • CFW Pro 6.35 B3. This installs and runs CFW Pro B3 on a PSP with 6.35 Firmware. (or alternate link here)
  • FastRecovery for CFW Pro 6.35. This homebrew allows you to launch the CFW Pro faster if it is already installed on your PSP. It is not necessary but strongly recommended. (or alternate link here)
  • 6.35 PRO Hen Nightly build 2011/01/09.This archive contains all you need to run the Hen on firmware 6.35 (Sukkiri savegame, HBL, and PRO Hen) except the sukkiri Demo. (or alternate link here)
  • 6.35 PRO Hen Signed. This archive contains all you need to run the Hen on firmware 6.35 , and is an alternate version that does not require HBL at all to run. (or alternate link here)
  • 6.36 PRO Hen alpha 3.This archive contains all you need to run the Hen on firmware 6.36 (Sukkiri savegame, HBL, and PRO Hen) except the sukkiri Demo. (or alternate link here)
  • 6.31 PRO Hen.This archive contains all you need to run the Hen on firmware 6.30 or 6.31 (Sukkiri savegame, HBL, and PRO Hen) except the sukkiri Demo. (or alternate link here)
  • 6.35 PRO Hen (initial release).This archive contains all you need to run the Hen on firmware 6.35 (Sukkiri savegame, HBL, and PRO Hen) except the sukkiri Demo. (or alternate link here)
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    205 Responses

    1. shailendra says:

      i have psp3004 and i tried “6.35 PRO Hen” with “Prometheus ISO loader” and the “Prometheus ISO loader” does not work.
      the psp 3004 screen goes black and then nothing happen.
      psp 3004 just freezes and nothing happen so, i think i have to wait for the HEN 6.35 release.
      it didnt work for me but it may work for psp 1000 or psp 2000 or psp 3000, but for psp3004 it didnt dont try it.just wait…..for HEN 6.35 release.

    2. what the heck no vsh menu for this version is total noob goin to relase his

    3. shortyblue238 says:

      i have 6.35 PRO and it wont alow me to play games while it is enabled the game freezes

    4. j.c. says:

      well it works for me great job makers and wololo +…

    5. billybellfoot says:

      thanks @ wololo for clearing this up im on 6.30 and was unsure but thanks for clearing it up and make it noob friendly much apreciated

    6. For any body who cant get promethous to work go and download hen 6.20 nightly from if you support this scene and or want free stuff for your psp click my name pc users go and sign up at

    7. freeze says:

      When I start the game “Everybody’s Sukki” and load the saved game the PSP shuts down EVERY time.Tried it like 10 times

      • James says:

        I had that same problem …. I know it will sound weird but it worked for me … I took out my battery and just had it plugged in then the hen loaded …. before that it would just shut off my psp everytime I tried to load it …. and after it loaded the first time it always starts even with the battery in …. it’s a psp 3001 with a 3rd party extended life battery …… hope it helps.

    8. sk1887 says:

      It finally worked on my psp2004 with 6.31. I am happy I can play snes games now. Thanks

    9. 123Hack says:

      i think that 6.31 PRO works fine but 6.35 PRO have some bugs

      I Have A PSP Go With Firmware 6.31 PRO And Run ISO/CSO Games Through
      Prometheus ISO Loader And Works Fine For Me!

    10. In 6.35 PRO all iso runs fine you just have to change the driver to
      NP—– and NOT M33

    11. billybellfoot says:

      @wololo i am on 6.30 ofw and used hen 6.31 pro and sukkiri pressed o black screen red and white txt appeared etc & installed fine was working installed picodrive all working well today tried prometheus it crashed tried to re-install hen 6.31 pro in same way and every time no tred and white txt it just returns back to xmb no change to system software still 6.30 ofw ? any help much apreciated thanks in advance

    12. Riad says:

      HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOra It work on my PSP 3004 6.31 PRO

    13. psp says:

      aww… doesnt work for me… i pressed cotinue and it freezes there. nothing else. *sigh* when i shut down my psp and turn it on again it automatically plays the game and i have to quit it.

    14. psp says:

      i fiddled around and now it has a popup menu with a red and blu button. when i press the blu, it goes back to the main menu when i press the red, it jus goes back to the popup. help?

    15. !@#@!@ says:

      cool works

    16. frank says:

      those of you with the freezing this might help(it worked every time for me):
      i always pressed o right when sukiri loaded and it never hen’d
      well one time i decided just to wait there after it shows the menu
      im sitting there and i see the mem stick blink once…i think oh that should be some kinda sign
      then i press o and it loads the save and then the hen and it works perfectly and 90% of my homebrews work with no probs

      im guessing the game loads some file or something the hen requires when the mem stick light blinks and that the hen needs that
      i don’t think this is a coincidence cuz i tried not waiting and waiting and the waiting always worked

      • psp says:

        uh… how long do you have to wait?

        • clockdryve says:

          How long you have to wait? Until somebody answers (for free) LOL. One thing you need to do is go into SETTINGS on your PSP and change the AUTO START of UMD to NO or what ever it’s called. I’m using PSP Go for awhile and my fatty is put away at the moment, so I can’t give you the exact words used :)

      • frank says:

        i can now confirm it works because i just tested it again
        im on 6.30 psp 2001
        to clear things up u wait till the orange mem stick light blinks about 5 seconds after the sukiri menu pops up then u press o
        im pretty sure its not luck cuz its worked every time
        doesnt work at all if i dont wait

    17. slackerforlife says:

      I got a PSP-GO HEN 6.31 PRO and Madden_NFL_2011.iso and SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3.iso still not working with Prometheus ISO Loader can someone a PSP-GO HEN 6.35 to a test and let me know if i should up to 6.35 or is there a program to remove the patch both games work on my PSP-1001 with CFW.

    18. Corey96 says:

      I’m quoting this from Coldbird’s blog at:

      Happy New Year!
      Today we are celebrating the first day of 2011 and it’s a very nice day indeed.

      We are having leftovers from yesterday, delicious stuff.

      On the other side, here’s some news to start you guys into a happy new year.

      We’ve been busy working on our 6.35 PRO Custom Firmware for 1g to 5g PSPs.

      Just to give you guys a idea what features it will contain:

      •Homebrew Enabler (Done)
      •GPREL16 Fix (Done)
      •PSN Fix (Play Online + Access PSN, Done)
      •version.txt Support (Allows to use Media Go + Downgrade, Done)
      •High Memory Patch (Use 48MB RAM instead of mere 24MB, Done)
      •ISO / CSO Gaming Support (Using PROLoader, Done, to be included in FW)
      •PS1 Gaming Support (Work in Progress)
      There is more to come in future revisions, Registry Hacks, USB Charging, Online Tunnel Mode (2g+ only), etc.

      Greetings, Coldbird.

      6.35 pro cfw, wonder if it’s gonna have a temporary version for unhackable mobos and full one for hackable mobos?

      • frank says:

        actually im pretty sure coldbird was talking about the hen itself
        the hen actually has those features right now
        ps1 gaming is supported in the nightly 6.35 hen you can download at his blog

        • Corey96 says:

          Nah, because in there 1 of those says Homebrew Enabler which equals HEN lol and he called that a cfw and the 1 that’s out now a hen. Plus, I think he means psx eboots you create cause you could run them from the start if it was from the psn.

      • Ashish says:

        Dude, cfw are permanent. HEN is temporary!

    19. Kapphan says:


      copy from

      PSN Classic Sharing is when one person downloads a PS1 Classic Game and can pass it on to others.

      If you play a PS1 Classic on a 6.35 PRO PSP, it will create a KEYS.BIN file in the Game Folder.

      Then you can pass on the EBOOT.PBP + KEYS.BIN to friends to let them play the PS1 Title too (works on 5.00, 5.03, 5.50 and 6.35 PRO units).

      comment by Coldbird — January 6, 2011 @ 8:57 pm

    20. nacho says:

      funciona con un psp 3010 no se mucho de eso y quiero saber si corren isos es lo que mas me interesa gracias save date 0b y medirian como instalar todo gracias

      • equis says:

        Si @nacho, funciona en PSP 3010, solamente tienes que averiguar la versión de Firmware que tiene tu consola. Fíjate si es 6.20, 6.30, 6.31 o 6.35 y dependiendo de qué firmware sea, te bajas el paquete que corresponda en estas páginas. Los paquetes ya están completos, solamente tienes que descomprimirlos respetando la estructura de las carpetas en la raíz de tu memory stick. También tienes que descargarte el demo que corresponda (para 6.20, Patapon 2 y para 6.3x Mina no Sukkiri).
        Una vez que lo tengas todo en su lugar, ejecutas el demo que corresponda, y cargas los datos que veas presentes en tu memory stick dentro del juego (en el caso de Patapon 2 cargas los datos de Wolo’s return, y en el caso de Mina no Sukkiri solamente tienes que oprimir el botón de círculo). Se ejecutarán los programas de hackeo y volverá al menú del PSP, pero ya hackeado. Solamente tienes que conseguirte el homebrew que a ti te guste. Además, puedes descargarte también el Prometheus ISO Loader para juegos ISO. Aunque el HEN de 6.3x ya lo incluye en algunos casos.

    21. EelNeb says:

      Hi, may i ask if i installed the 6.31 PRO, will i still be able to use Davee’s 6.31 -> 6.20 downgrader (that he said he’ll release). or is it still even worth downgrading to be able to use 6.20 TN-Hen? tnx for the those who can answer this :)

    22. HELPER says:

      All those who can’t run PROMETHEUS, its not a fault of HEN or PSP. There are some bugs. I tried some iso on my PSP 3001, some worked but others didn’t. Actually, Prometheus requires lot of memory, which if unable to provide, shuts the PSP off. Wait for a stable release!

    23. X says:

      is it possible to downgarde a psp go from 6.31 to 6.20

    24. Anoneh says:

      PSPgo running 6.35

      Freezes and Shuts-off! Any tips?
      Btw, which root to place in? Two folders named root.

      • clockdryve says:

        Neither one of those “ROOT” folders is correct. Just put your hacker files in that same area…..where PSP,VIDEO,PICTURES……folders are located. Just drop anywhere (but NOT into) any other folder…be sure and put an ISO folder in that same area too unless there is already one in the download.

    25. FLeX says:

      Works just fine here (PSP 3004, HEN 6.35 PRO Nightly build on 6.35 OFW).

      Too bad certain homebrew apps still don’t work properly (Duke Nukem 3D for instance still crashes at startup).

      Prometheus still works like a charm though. 😀

    26. Bogs says:

      i downloaded the demo and the hen for my PSP 3K V6.30, copied all the files on the root of my memory stick, however the saved game does not load after pressing the O button.. did i miss anything? please help

    27. JStates says:

      Works great for me. I am also using the Patapon exploit on my PSPGo, and it works perfectly as well.

      However, I really need the vsh menu so I can rip my UMDs and transfer them to my PSPGo.

      Will the vsh menu return in a later release?

      • frank says:

        use psp filer 6.6 to rip umd
        press triangle then r in psp filer

      • equis says:

        Use of patapon 2 is needed for 6.20 TN B, not this HEN. 6.20 TN HEN B do have vsh menu.
        6.30 and 6.31 don’t support use of plugins, however, 6.35 HEN PRO nightly do (as far as I know).

    28. ME says:

      How can we play emulators on HEN PRO 6.35?

    29. urahara72 says:

      im on a psp go and the original release worked great. I tried loading the nightly release but now it just crashes after i get the memory leak. Help?

    30. PspClown says:

      Works great 6.35 just cant get my snes and gba emulators to start up says corrupt data but i can run same files under r109 without hen but hen play alot of the homebrews

    31. jeff says:

      thanks mr wololo and happy new year u have gave me strenght!!

    32. Devin says:

      Hi, I love the Hack, I can finally play Iso’s and my snes emulator, but i have one question. I have a PSP Go on 6.35 firmware and used the Sukkiri save game. Is the PSP OFW suppose to come back every time the PSP is turned off and back on? Im just wondering in case I am able to change this small inconveniance. Thankyou Mr. Wololo :) and your whole team.

      • Demon says:

        Untill TN Hen 6.3x comes out we are relying on a game to load the save to enable it, if my understanding is correct TN is kernal based where you don’t have to do this step it crashes

      • equis says:

        That is exactly supposed to happen. You must run the HEN every time you turn on your system. To avoid this, simply suspend your PSP, don’t turn it off.

    33. Quest says:

      I Have PSP 3008 during instalation there were only japaness letters. now when i start the PSP i can see only such screen
      What is wrong with my PSP?

      • FireByte says:

        that happened to me to on my 3004 v6.31…. I pressed on the PS sign and pressed circle on the first word……. it still didnt work could someone tell me what im doing wrong? 😐

      • frank says:

        ok first of all “installation” doesnt fit hen cuz hen is temporary…and to fix ur problem take out the battery and try the hen again…if it happens again use the original release

    34. katsumots9 says:

      bros, is the 6.35 PRO Nightly official(alpha)? or there are some bugs. cause currently im using the 6.35 PRO but not NIGHTLY. im just confirming if im gonna change and use this PRO NIGHTLY. :) thx in advance. :)

    35. waqas says:

      psp model 3004
      CFW:6.35 pro
      first of all i would like to thank u guys for a wonderful job.the 6.35 is runinng great on my psp without any problems.just there were few issues that i would like to discuss.

      Game:Tekken 6.iso
      the game freezes sometimes(keeps on loading).after playing a while music goes off automatically untill ur in level.

      Game:Gta liberty city stories.cso
      runs great but a bit slow

      Game:Dante’s inferno.iso
      music turns off automatically at certain places

      finally is there any vsh menu in 6.35 pro.if yes how to enable it(i tried using the select button).once again thanku guys.keep up the good work

    36. andrew says:

      hehe it seems PRO HEN, is not as stable as TN-HEN B :)

      anyway i look forward to the “•PS1 Gaming Support (Work in Progress)”


    37. shams says:

      hello can i downgrade my psp 2004 version 6.36 to 5.3 or 6.20 ?

    38. basikalbaru says:

      yo admin. i have psp 3001 v 6.36. when i use “6.36 PRO Hen alpha 3.”, it says on screen do not detect 6.3x and then shut down. Is this the only latest on v6.36?

    39. basikalbaru says:

      ok now is the punchline. i copy the GTA.iso into my PSP. in the middle of transferring like 2-1 minute, my psp shut down. and never turn on again ! huaaaa…

    40. bmg1001 says:

      @wagas You should probably report the ISO Issues to the creator of the ISO Loader, a quick search on Yahoo,Bing, or Google will give you a good start :)

    41. bmg1001 says:

      The name of the ISO Loader is Promotheus ISO Loader, go on the /talk forums and search around the Old HEN Pages for the New Version of ISO Loader.

    42. shane says:

      hello im just wondering i have done what it says how do i actully run it on psp and in game

    43. spirit says:

      So i followed all the download instructions but once i click on the second link in the sukkuri demo my psp freezes and then shuts off. Can someone please help me!?!?!?

    44. FLeX says:

      Loving the PS1 classic game sharing, I can finally play Silent Hill 1 on my PSP! (and yeah I do own a legal copy of the game)

    45. PspGoBrew93 says:

      wololo i found out that certain iso’s or cso’s will not load on the pspgo storage system but will load on the memory stick please do u know why

    46. PspGoBrew93 says:

      one example for me is angry birds and oh yeah i have firmware 6.35 pro nightly

    47. PspGoBrew93 says:

      same with grand theft auto china town wars for me works only on the memory card

    48. PspGoBrew93 says:

      both examples are cso’s i also tried them in iso

    49. PspGoBrew93 says:

      both examples are cso’s i also tried them in iso same prob

    50. PspGoBrew93 says:

      sorry for the same post twice

    51. vladimir says:

      hi.!!! i have a problem well i have a psp Go. my psp version is 6.35 and the question is whether there are any iso loader as prometheus for that firmware. I try to prometheus but the console does not work off…….. PLS!! helpme!! =(“!

      • equis says:

        First you need to install 6.35 PRO HEN. Then, download Prometheus ISO Loader and copy its folder to /PSP/GAME in your PSP. Make a folder in the root of your PSP named ISO and copy all your isos in that location. Run the HEN and after that, run Prometheus ISO Loader. It brings a text window where you can launch your ISOs.
        Prometheus ISO Loader is the only iso loader that runs in 6.35 PRO HEN.

    52. OiexD says:

      MVSPSP and similars don’t work on 6.35…

    53. jpsax99 says:

      is ther going to be a vsh menu

    54. lane says:

      it didnt work. all it did was do the thing and it said warning memory leak. then it shut down. please reply

    55. ps3cfwpsp6.35 hen PRO says:

      everything works great on my psp 3004 datacode 0c with firmware 6.35
      all isos and csos run without a problem! thanks to Virtuous Flame & Coldbird!!!!

    56. Tony says:

      My 3006 can never Hen although i had tried unplug my battery, or press o button after wait until MS light blinks once. Can anyone suggest me some alternatives ? thanks guys

      • equis says:

        First alternative: check your PSP model and firmware version.

      • equis says:

        Second alternative: download package corresponding to 6.35 PRO HEN Nightly up in this page. Delete your previously created folders. Extract your file in the root of your PSP Go. Download the Sukkiri demo also ( and extract it to the root of your PSP Go. You only need to extract the folder inside this file, not the other zip file included.
        After this process, run the Sukkiri demo, press circle and it will do all its stuff.

    57. Raven says:

      Hello Guys

      Could you please tell me if a psp go from JAPAN(6.35) can run the HEN?

      Please I need an answer because, I would like to buy a psp from a japanese store here in japan

    58. pablos199 says:

      what about 6.31 users? Should update to 6.35? Or wait for 6.31 downgrader?

      sorry for my bad english..:)

    59. HBL_DuDe says:

      hey wololo and other ppl here i just finish installing 6.35 PRO HEN on my psp 3001 all of it works perfectly and smoothly but when i install Prometheus ISO loader and load my .cso’s and set my driver to NP— driver when im playing my god of war ghost of sparta.cso on my psp it froze for about 1- 5 minutes i did all the work i read the instructions carefully i reinstall it reset the default settings reboot,shutdown but it all failed (PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS IF U ENCOUNTERED THIS PROBLEM) THNX.

    60. BlastGx says:

      6.31 PRO doesnt have the VSH :( pls make another one that can open the VSH

    61. arshad says:

      no need to update (i repeat) no need to update…6.31 can run plugins…

    62. 123Hack says:

      Where Is the ‘seplugins” folder???????

    63. YOU MAD? says:

      Will there be a Possibility to downgrade or use a CFW?

    64. john says:

      ive tried it and saw that i needed 80 percent life charging my psp.But with hen pro can u install cheats on games u allready umd bought like fireteram bravo 1.thanks

    65. tks says:

      ok people here is the vsh menu light for pro hen


    66. saurav says:

      i installed the hen and savegame for the surriki demo (i have ofw 6.35) but after i load the savegame and after a few seconds my psp just turns off please help
      also can you put a video that has step by step insrutions on how to install the hen and the savegame from a laptop also can it be for download in mp4

    67. OiexD says:

      And about emulators like MVSPSP and CPS1PSP and CPS2PSP?
      PSP shutdown when loading roms…
      On 6.20 run fine, but, in 6.35 it don’t work.

    68. NuubJoe says:

      Is it normal for the the thing to say
      Memory Leak

      Its does it all the time before it crashes

    69. frank says:

      NO MORE NEED FOR SUKIRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      please go to

      it’s signed and will work directly from your xmb ofw

    70. tij says:

      should i upgrade from 6.31 to 6.35?

    71. mezopod531 says:

      Ok, i’ve been going on youtube seeing this hen pro thing. I have the ofw 6.35 + hbl. Now, I have never experience through hen before and I was wondering if this could brick my psp. If it does let me know if there’s something I have to be careful of. Email me please! it’s

      • Chris K. says:

        this cannot brick it at all. u should get it and download some apps. here are some i prefer.
        1. psp filer 6.6
        2. iso tool 1.960 (For psp 1000 2000 3000)
        3. promethus iso loader.
        4. CTF THEMES!!!
        thats what i mainly use. happy homebrewing

        • Hero says:

          Chris K, Thank for recom, by the way i’m new with psps hack. so can you explain what are they, and how to use it? i have psp 3001 OFW 6.30. please replay, thank you so much :)

          • Chris K. says:

            iso tool basically copies your game disks to your memory stick.
            promethus iso loader basically allows you to load free games on memory stick.
            but my post is outdated. an alternative to promethus download 635 pro hen a2. not a3 yet… has bugs. not a2 tho
            PSP filer 6.6 is basically a psp version of winrar or a file browser. perfect for extracting zip and rar files and or looking at EVERY file on your memory stick.
            does more but the readme should contain more info. continued in sec comment

          • Chris K. says:

            ctf themes basically allow you to further customize the look of the xmb (the menu after the sony computer entertainment intro screen. and unless you dont care about style (a2 doesnt have ctf :( then you dont need ctf themes (not required)

          • Chris K. says:

            and also, i own a psp 3000 w/ 6.35. if u wanna run this stuff, you can download the 6.31 hack. but i strongly suggest upgrading 2 6.35. if you dont like 6.35, ill teach you how to downgrade… but first, download psp module checker v1.0 and tell me what module you have by running it. to run 6.35 pro a2 you have to upgrade to 6.35. be careful not to upgrade to 6.37. search 6.35 ofw download. to see ctf themes, youtube ctf themes. i know i put things in random places but im typing from the psp w/ a2 on it

    72. MyIsaak says:

      HELP ME!:( I downloaded the file ectracted hbl and the bin file in my root. putthe savegame in PSP/COMMON/SAVEGAME, opened the suciri demo then when I got to the menu, clicked the second link. everything went black then brought me to the xml! but im still have OFM! help! i ave psp 3004 slim and light

    73. arshad says:

      hey the tn b trick works!!but wen starting the update it freezes and switches off!!psp 3000 3g!!

    74. Kapphan says:

      I didn’t know if anyone knew, but there’s an update for 6.35 pro Hen 1/23/2011. It works better and I can play MVS 2.3.1 now 😛

      you need to translate:


      hope this helps

    75. Brian says:

      can the cxmb work on 6.31 pro?????

    76. Chris says:

      i am a BIG fan of your work but im having a hard time finding homebrews that work 4 my psp 3000. can anyone help me with this. and im also looking for advice on how to get CTF themes (CXMB) to work on my 6.35 HEN. (sorry if off topic)

      • equis says:

        Google for homebrews. Google for CTF. But there are 2 possible links:
        You will find what you wante there

    77. Tonkacow says:

      Does Prometheus work on the 3.36 exploit?

    78. war10ck says:

      I have a 6.30 OFW, but whenever I run the Sukkiri Demo, instead of showing the “Warning Memory Leak” my PSP hangs — sometimes even after showing the “Warning memory leak” — it hangs. Sometimes it hacks and sometimes not. Is there anything that I might be missing? Help…..

      • equis says:

        There are two possibilities for you at this time: First, DOWNGRADE to 6.20 and use 6.20 TN HEN. But as I see you managing this way your stuff and PSP, I prefer to recommend you STRONGLY the second option.
        Second: UPGRADE to 6.35 (be careful not to upgrade to 6.37). In this link you will find a proper FW upgrade:
        You don’t say what PSP console you have, so you can choose “PSP Firmware Updates” link or “PSP Firmware Updates (PSP Go)” link.
        After downloading the archive, extract it to your PSP in the /PSP/GAME/UPDATE folder. It can be in your memory stick or your internal memory depending on your PSP console. Then, disconnect your PSP from computer and run the upgrade (6.35) from XMB in the Game menu.
        Then, download the 6.35 PRO HEN and extract it to your /PSP/GAME folder. It’s easy to run in and it’s signed, so you don’t need that sukkiri stuff (even HBL).

      • w7y7a7t7t says:

        if you didn’t already don’t try and downgrade from 6.30, first update to 6.35, then downgrade if you want, cause 6.30 isn’t supported

    79. Chip says:

      I got the hen to work on my psp3001 with 6.30 using sukkiri demo & promethus but everytime I turn it off, I have to do it all over again on restart. Is the there a way to keep from having to do this? Thanks for the help!!!!!

      • clockdryve says:

        You do know you can run the HEN on 6.35 (must update), but DONT use the updater on PSP . Just put 6.35 update in game folder, and you can run the SIGNED HEN for 6.35 after the update. Much faster…and don’t need to wait for a “game” to load first….The Prometheus Iso Loader also works with the 6.35 firmware and lots of homebrew….you can also DOWNGRADE to 6.20. Just NEVER install the 6.37 because it doesn’t have HEN or ISO Loader. Good Luck

    80. burnindevil says:

      i was dl the 6.31 hbl and it said i needed a game called sukkiri to do it i was wondering considering that link they have to that dl is broken if the sukkiri in japanese would work for it if not where can i dl the demo?

    81. equis says:
      But is better if you upgrade to 6.35 and download 6.35 PRO HEN, it is signed. There is a new custom firmware, too.

    82. ekaj says:

      is there no hack for 6.30? i can hardly find one for my psp.

    83. librepsp.jimdo.com_librepsp

    84. Chris K. says:

      hey if anyone doesnt no already, there is a LCFW (idk what it means) GET 6.35 PRO HEN A2 because a3 has more bugs than a2 and a2 runs isos from XMB (cross media bar) will try to help keep everyone informed of this

      • clockdryve says:

        I thought the LCFW could only run on the HACKABLE PSP 2000 models. ?? Otherwise BRICK

        • clockdryve says:

          Oh, Oh…oh. But then again… has been a while since I’ve been around here (been getting into “crystal radios”). I might be thinking of the (most likely) CFW for 2000 that is pretty OLD news…..sounds more like it huh :) That CFW would Brick anything except a Slim 2000. Yep….something new is a brewing 😉

        • equis says:

          Oh no, @clockdryve, he is referring to the new “custom firmware” made by Virtuous Flame and ColdBird. It works for all type of PSPs. Besides, the “other” CFW is not so old news, as is continuously developed by neur0n… although VF and CB’s FW is better…

          • Chris K. says:

            yea its the one made by cb/vf and also sorry for not clarifying that b4 and they now released A4. they fixed bugs and i finally got my ctfs running on all of the pro “A” Hens. if anyone wants to know. just comment (srry if off topic again)

    85. khaled says:

      how do u get iso loder

    86. clockdryve says:

      Sooooo…….what’s new-news now guys 😉 ?? I haven’t been around since the downgrader for OFW 6.35 anything GOOD happen since then? Has Total_Noob spit out the TN-D yet :) or ever now……??

    87. equis says:

      welcome again @clockdryve. Not so much news, between a new CFW as said lines up and the new HB compo, nothing more. New and old plugin managers, and a new HB that I like, Localizer. I can wait for more great HB, and HEN TN D :)

    88. asyllum says:

      tn-C hen vs Pr0 a3? in your opinion which do you prefer? plz give a detailed reply. dont reply saying “just cuz” “its better” if it is better explain your thoughts.

    89. FlapJack says:

      Is there a way to sign the 635 HEN Nightly? I really want PS1 support on my psp 3000, but I dont want to use the Sukkiri Demo..

    90. just966 says:

      how do u get cxmb working on TN-C ive done everything but it doesnt load

    91. Power says:

      The download link for Sukkiri does not work, is there a signed version of the Hen for 6.31?

    92. Omar says:

      hey guys i just made a CTF theme for 6.35 it is windows 7…
      the link>>

    93. Aaron says:

      when will the 6.37 update be on?? I’m really looking forward to playing tese old games i havnt played in a wile, or is there away for me to un-update my psp back to a lower update??? if so how??

    94. luccas says:

      Total_Noob why you do not make a hen fiware 6.20 and 6.35 so all the games running ok this is just a suggestion to help me want more games

    95. Jam says:

      how do i play iso and cso games after i’ve done this?

    96. psp411 says:

      oh…if only there was a hen 6.37.
      I only love hombrew, not games, but I love posibilitys to..dual boot ini that´s what I love most of the hen

      please wololo ask to TN and VF a HEN 6.37

    97. jonathan mortel says:

      when does the will release, because i cant update m psp because the update data is not comtible to my psp 3001……….ASAP please release pro CFW 6.31…… i think that its unfair because 6.35 CFW release earlier than 6….31

    98. jonathan mortel says:

      when does pro CFW 6.31, because i cant update m psp because the update data of 6.35 is not comtible to my psp 3001……….ASAP please release pro CFW 6.31…… i think that its unfair because 6.35 CFW release earlier than 6.31 ….. please ,,,,,,, i will love the person who do it for me……( that is my facebook account..

    99. jack says:

      there is a cfw for 6.31, its called 6.31 PRO HEN

    100. PSPBison says:

      The Latest PRO Hen in 6.35 Is PRO-B4

    101. psp fan says:

      why dont u make a cfw for psp 300x fw 6.37 or a downgrade hack for it

    102. PKL says:

      plz release the 6.38 hen soon total_noob

    103. AnDy says:

      did all that works … but…

      crisis core final fantasy 7

      it freezes at the beginning when zack is being shot from bellow :(

      any ideas ?

    104. AnDy says:

      fixed that old ver. lost integrity…

      another note something stupid that happend to me

      ext hdd 3.5 connected psp in recharge… finished a download and i wanted to test it… pluged in the usb and my pc froze, hit the restart no keyboard detected had to turn it off and cut the power… eh so far no serious problem after i turned the pc on connected the ext hdd SURPRISE !!!! 99% OF THE DATA CORUPTED AND NOW USELESS (750GB) LOST

      so be carefull everyone … :((((((

      this sux :))

    105. yamchah2 says:

      6.35 Pro-B5 is out!
      I think you should update the page………….

    106. melon says:

      Ok so i have successfully got the 6.35 pro on my psp but how do i install emulator on it at this point. Did i just need the customer firmware in order to install the emulators? Or can anyone direct me to a site that has this information?

    107. yamchah2 says:

      6.35 PRO-B7
      its out!

    108. Psy says:

      I cant use av cable on CFW mode can anyone help

    109. jonathan says:

      I haven’t understand please explain

      • equis says:

        I haven’t understood what you don’t understand. Please explain. You need to be more specific in your needs.

    110. albert says:

      I have a psp 2000 with ofw 6.31 and i tried to get cfw but i just dont know how any help???

    111. psp hackerz plus says:

      hi wololo ive been having problems with getting the file to download to my pc. our filters at our college prevent all downloading sites besides the u guys please put a directlink or send it to me by other means before this weekend? thanks in advance!

    112. wololo says:

      psp hackerz plus, This page is quite old, please try the links on the updated “CFW For Dummies” guide here: . You will find links to the homebrew database. These links are direct downloads, either on google code, or on this site. I doubt your college blocks downloads from my site, I’m not that famous :P.
      If you really need this specific version of Pro CFW, try the alternate link described in the article, which is a direct link too

      • psp hackerz plus says:

        oh sorry iwas unclear. the schools internet cafe prevents urls with hacks download upload ect. so the link to mega upload met that criteria i guess? any way all i need to do is run go tube and hbl wont let me run it. my comuter broke and i am desprate!thanks

    113. salman says:

      how can i get tv on my psp

    114. clockdryve says:

      Faker………………. :)

    115. lane says:

      whoa whoa whoa now… NO ONE TOLD ME THIS WAS TETHERED. wololo if you would be so kind as to fix this?

    116. wololo says:

      @lane: I have no clue what you are talking about when you say “this” is “tethered”

    117. equis says:

      @lane: tethered is used only in the iShits (iHate that stuff). These HEN cannot be said to be “tethered” or “untethered”, only “temporal”. As you shut off your PSP, HEN shuts off too, as it runs in RAM of your PSP. So to use again the HEN you must run it again. To avoid these behavior, don’t shut off your PSP, just let it go stand by.

    1. February 8, 2011

      […] or plugins.download6.35 Pro A6.35  Fast Recovery (optional)InstallationYou need to be on 6.35 OFWDownload and Run the 6.35 Hen by VFlame and CoolbirdDownload 6.35 Pro-A above and put it in the GAME folder of your memory […]

    2. February 9, 2011

      […] Pobranie i uruchomienie 6.35 Hen przez VFlame i Coolbird […]

    3. April 3, 2011

      […] page.I also updated the Download page for TN Hen with the TN Hen D, and the page dedicated to CFW Pro 6.35, with Pro 6.35 B3.I’m kinda late on this one, but you guys know that you can always get the […]

    4. April 4, 2011

      […] on a Homebrew Enabler / Custom Firmware for the latest PSP models, including the PSP Go. Known as CFW Pro, this tool is progressively becoming the most used Custom Firmware solution on all PSPs.Today I had […]

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