Playing Game backups on the PS Vita

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Many people claim that it’s impossible to run game backups on the PS Vita, but if you came to this page, it’s because you know that it’s possible even if lots of people on other websites have told you that it’s not doable. They probably don’t know what they’re talking about, after all

Running backups is actually possible and free on the PS Vita, in a few simple steps.

Click here if you’re interested in running game backups on the PS Vita

(resist clicking the link above if you understand where this is going…)

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  1. Adrian says:

    He looks like he is trolling, but I’ll let you know this. I bought my PS Vita on launch day, but after about a week, I had to return it for a replacement (screen issue). I had downloaded and backed up a Stardust full game. When I got back, I restored a full game on an entirely new console, and it works fine!!

  2. LiMz says:

    so if i share my backup games from vita, is it possible for other players to play my games??? maybe we should test this one right?

  3. pol says:

    yeah i have a lgal downloaded games from psn and if you want it i can share it to you just lend me your psv card and copy it via pc-to-psvita method or download it again in my dl list using my psn account while your card is inserted in my vita that method is safe and i had alot of full games downloaded in psn …

  4. Nem says:

    I love my PS3 and PS Vita..but after sering hos these stuff are, I just couldn’t support that sick system anymore.. Unfortunantly I do own a PS3 and a VITA and some older ones.. =\

    What my question is: Is it in any way possible for me to stream/remote play/cross-play ALL my PS3 games on my VITA (since s PS4 i out of the question now..). I bought Akiba on psn to PS3.. But now the blood suckters wants another 40€ for the PS Vits version too! FFS! I have already bought a licence to play the damn game! So is it?

    Thanks in advance!

  1. February 22, 2012

    […] la presente procedura sul backup Giochi PS Vita proposta da Wololo, potrebbe essere leggermente diversa a causa delle impostazioni della versione europea della […]

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