Installing Pro CFW on a PSP 3000 (PSP Brite)

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Important note: the following guide is valid on all regional variations of the PSP 300x: PSP 3000, PSP 3001, PSP 3002, etc… up to PSP 3009.

Installing a Custom Firmware on your PSP 3000 has never been so easy. In this page I’m describing the easiest possible way for you to install the most reliable Custom Firmware on your PSP: Pro CFW.

Installing Pro CFW on your PSP3000 is simple, free, and is not much risky than installing a Firmware update on your device. It does not require any advanced hack technique or hardware modification. There’s basically 3 easy steps (you were expecting more? Sorry to disappoint):

1. Download the necessary files

2. Update your PSP To firmware 6.60

Skip this step if you already have Firmware 6.60 installed on your PSP.

In order to install Pro CFW on your PSP, you will need to first update your PSP to the 6.60 Sony firmware (which, at the time of this writing, is the latest firmware released by Sony), if that’s not already the case. There are versions of Pro CFW that will run on older firmwares, but updating to 6.60 will guarantee the best compatibility for your official games.

To install the 6.60 Firmware, just unzip the archive on your PSP’s memory stick, in the “PSP/GAME” folder (you should end up with an “UPDATE” folder in the PSP/GAME folder, if you do things correctly), then run the update from your PSP menu.

Trouble upgrading? Ask for help on our forums

3. Install Pro CFW

The Pro CFW archive provides several subfolders in the “PSP/GAME” folder. Two of them are interesting for us: the FastRecovery and the PROUPDATE folders. Those two need to be extracted to the PSP/GAME folder on your memory stick.

Assuming you extracted the files correctly, you will see a few new applications in your PSP’s Game menu. The one you will want to run in order to install Pro CFW is “Pro Update”. Just run it.

That’s it. You can erase the “ProUpdate” folder from your PSP, but keep the “FastRecovery” one.


That’s it, I said 3 steps :) Welcome to the world of Custom Firmwares. There’s no additional step required to install the Pro CFW. However, every time you reboot your console, you will have to reactivate ProCFW, which is done by running the Fast Recovery tool from your PSP’s Game menu, and takes literally 5 seconds.

5. Power user

In this section you will find additional tricks/steps if you want to improve or customize your experience with a Custom Firmware on your PSP 3000

Some people think that it is a burden to reactivate the CFW every time they reboot their console. It is important to note that this is needed only if you reboot the console, not if you put it into sleep mode. Most people use the sleep mode 90% of the time without ever realizing it. Trust me, I’ve used several PSPs for years now, running the Fast Recovery tool is not a problem in your daily usage. That being said, it is possible on most models of PSP 3000 to downgrade to Firmware 6.20, and install a permanent CFW on this firmware. Honestly I don’t recommend this, but if you’re interested, go and check on our forums.

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  1. muttu says:

    Thanks, the best easy crack ever found on net .

  2. PSPcfwDUDE says:

    although i know how to hack my psp and stuff… this guide was very easy,understanable and actually it helped my friend on hacking his psp.GOOD JOB WOLOLO

  3. Rey says:

    This is the easiest Hack on the internet! Thank you! It helped me alot when I lost all hope of hacking my PSP! Thank’s again Wololo!

  4. Zrowny says:

    I would just like to inform you that the UPDATE folder should go inside the GAME folder.

  5. Peter says:

    is it possible to remove this if i dont want to use it anymore?
    also will it allow me to play iso backups?

    • PSPcfwDUDE says:

      1:yes you can remove it.follow my lead.
      a)launch the PROUPDATE program from your memory stick(if you dont have it download it in the guide)
      b)Press Δ to remove the cfw
      c)Done!the cfw is succefully removed
      2:yes it allows you to play iso backups

  6. Peter says:

    its just my psp 3002 firmware 6.37 i want to be able to play isos so i dont have to carry the dumbarse disks around with me. also im buying a converter that will make normal minisd cards work with the psp so then i can back all my games onto sd cards and leave my games at home or download them whatever.
    if i can do that with this im a happy man

  7. Fireblast says:

    Thanks Wololo, much much better tutorial than PSP.dashhacks’

  8. Peter says:

    this works magnificantly
    i cant get psx games to work though

  9. Nightwing says:

    Dude thanks so much. You make everything so easy!!

  10. n00b says:

    Dumb n00b question…will my PSP 3000 LOSE any functionality by hacking it (i.e. will I still be able to play UMD disks?) ?

  11. Spillanya says:

    Awesome! I just bought a PSP today and I can’t wait to try this.

    One question though – what happens when they release new firmware? Will this hack still work, or will we have to find a new one?

  12. Vengeance says:

    So… you need to install it first by running a update, and then run a different app each time you want to use it,(much like the HBL loader?) to put your psp in a temporary custom firmware mode untill you turn the psp off?

  13. Rumen says:

    Working fine. Супер лесно за инсталиране, работи, проверено е.

  14. Danny says:

    Hi, i am on the UPDATE 6.60 and i downloaded the pro CFW but it is not a folder. it is simply just an internet file containing no folders. I cannot open it otherwise it will lead me to downloading it again and there is nothing showing on the memory disk on the PSP. Please reply
    Kind regards, Danny :)

    • wololo says:

      Try to download the file with a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer) on default settings and do not use a download accelerator.

  15. victor says:

    can’t play little big planet and fat princess , plz help :S

  16. James says:

    Great guide and very easily explained, well done.

  17. Jophz says:

    i cant find the pro update in my menu…pls. pls. help

  18. Jophz says:

    already extracted the cfw but before i run the file it is corrupted already. wololo help me pls.

  19. Zikap says:

    i have a psp 3001 and the history of him is i was at 5.03 then i was playing then i get bored of this firmware. Updated to 6.20 in this time was releasing the iso loader prommetheus and blablabla then at the new year or cristhimas released i guess something like 6.20 TN-B at psp gen downloaded.Then i did the downgrade it goes to the white screen at that time i dont know what to do then 1 month ago i formatted flashes the it become back to me BUT Chikhen not working i had to use mhuspeed some time later i update again to the 6.XX cant use any exploit use any of hacks pdated to 6.39 still no exploits working and there is my psp with some problems of exploit does anybody can help me? Wololo please? some expert user? Thnx for anything

  20. Andy says:

    Does anybody know why my psp turns off after its done installing and tries to reboot for the update to take place?

    I used to have 6.35 pro but then I updated to 6.60 to use this. And I can’t figure out why its doing this. I’ve tried many different pro-b9 links, none of them worked so far.


  21. PSP Owner says:

    PLease help ME!
    I have encountered an issue, i downloaded WinZip and the Pro CFW file from this website and once i extracted the files to PSP/GAME it would always show “Corrupted Data” i have 6.60
    PLZ Help and reply ASAP

    • wololo says:

      You extracted the files incorrectly, or in the wrong folder.
      you should have files in the form PSP/GAME/XXXXXXX/EBOOT.PBP
      where XXXXXX is any name (such as FastRecovery).
      If the Eboot is not exactly one folder below PSP/GAME as described above, it will show up as corrupted data.

  22. owen says:

    i just bought my first psp 3001 version 6.37. Installed everything, and its working great with ofw 6.60 and then cfw 6.60. but since its my first psp i was only able to play pbp files on games menu. so, im asking a dumb question: how do i play iso/cso games?… or install them for that matter… thanks!!

  23. owen says:

    i figured it all out… thanks for the great firmware…

  24. Zikap says:

    helppp does you have any solution for my psp? the problem is it doesn’t run any type of exploit
    have any solution thanks for anything

  25. M says:

    odd i i updated my psp and now its freezing in the reboot. when ever i run the pro update and it reboots right when its about to start (says Sony Computer Entertainment) and freezes right in the middle and shuts down. i know u guys are busy on the vita but can u help me out here? got a psp 3000.

  26. Kevin says:

    Stupid question, Can we run homebrew apps using this cfw?

  27. Kevin says:

    Thank you…. One more question, does it support iso/cso games that require ofw 6.20 or above?

  28. Kevin says:

    Thank You very much and keep up the good job…

  29. Hannah says:

    Thanks!! I’m dumb when it comes to hyper-advanced hacking, and this was great! I’ve been trying to figure CFW out for months. :-)

  30. Tibor says:

    The same as hannah. Thank you for helping

  31. Zikap says:

    WOLOLO i tried to run the cfw before then when are rebooting it crash so i open my psp files and this appeared into psphook.txt:”hookAPI: Couldn’t find Module. Might not be loaded yet”

  32. Edward says:

    hi.Im trying to do this on my cousins psp 3000 but when i launch the proupdate it comes up with a black screen saying something like ‘sorry.this doesnt support your FW’ im in desperate need of help so plz answer bak a quick as u can D:

    • Edward says:

      P.S im only 12 and i need ur help ty

    • toBsucht says:

      2 ways download the OFW update to 6.60 FirmWare (install it).
      Then you can use 6.60 hen or
      Go to system setting have a look to the installed firmware it should be higher as 5.xx to run other HENs (cfw) you have to use 6.20, 6.35, 6.39 FW
      tip “googel”: pro hen b10 or tn-hen.. neuron hen. As long as it doesn´t work for you try some signed homebrews.

  33. Starscream says:

    I have a PSP 3004 Brite…was running OFW 6.39 and then installed 6.39 PRO-B update…It was only for playing ISO games…now I want to know…what are Homebrews…and wats the advantage if I upgrade to CFW 6.60.

    • PSPcfwDUDE says:

      Homebrews are small games/apps that are made by 1-2 people and not companies.Homebrews are and they will be free.

      Before telling you the advantages of updating to CFW 6.60 i want to tell you this.Uninstall the cfw firstly, then update to Official Firmware 6.60 , then use 6.60 CFW.
      There are not many advantages actually.The only one i guess is that it is the latest firmware.But all the Pro CFWs are the same. Just on different firmwares

      • Starscream says:

        Thank You Dude…Its great do I install Homebrews apps?

        • PSPcfwDUDE says:

          its really simple. You download a homebrew app, and you extract it on the desktop.Usually a homebrew is a folder with a EBOOT.PBP file inside.Now connect your PSP to the PC and follow my lead:
          1.When the psp is connected open MY COMPUTER and go to removable disk.Then open the folder called PSP.Then [INSIDE THE PSP FOLDER] open the folder GAME.
          2.Place in the GAME folder the homebrew folder.

          YOUR DONE!! Now unplug your psp from the pc and go to the GAME category on your psp,then go to the memory stick and then launch the homebrew by pressing X.

  34. nvrsmyl says:

    will it have any effect if i hack my psp and my memory stick is not original? i mean its not magicgate supported or in others words, its fake. i read some guides that it will brick my psp if my memory stick is not original. my psp is 3004 btw. thanks, please reply anyone.

  35. d4rkn says:

    will this work even if my memory stick is fake? i heard somewhere that this will brick my psp 3004. help please! thanks!

  36. uZer says:

    Thanks! That was easy :)

  37. morgan says:

    How safe is this Cfw? Are there any chances of bricking a psp 3000?

    • wololo says:

      It is as safe as installing Sony’s firmware. Thousands of people are using this CFW and there is no report of bricks, except if you do something stupid (turning off the PSP during installation or stuff like that…). It is actually safer than installing a CFW because it doesn’t overwrite existing files.

  38. morgan says:

    Thank you very much Wololo, that was the assurance I needed. Sorry to bother you again but, how do I install custom plugins in this CFW?

  39. sammy says:

    After hacking ma psp will i be able 2 play games through umd.
    reply plzz…

  40. sammy says:

    thanx wololo, plz tell me once i have installed cfw will i be able 2 play iso files from any website or a specific one.

    • PSPcfwDUDE says:

      yea you will be able. but i believe your talking for piracy and piracy is not allowed to be talked. anyway have fun with your Custom Firmware PSP!

  41. JustADude says:

    Um wololo . A statement here.At section 2 it should say :

    To install the 6.60 Firmware, just unzip the archive on your PSP’s memory stick, in the “PSP/GAME folder (you should end up with an “UPDATE” folder in the PSP/GAME folder, if you do things correctly), then run the update from your PSP menu.

  42. DNAVE says:


    for unstalling this cfw,,,is it will be return to my original firmware?

  43. Shodai24 says:

    I installed the software and checked the system information, which has changed, so my doubts were addressed. But I want to play games, so how do I play ISO games? And how do you install other apps I have heard of like AudioBoost and the like? Please reply.

    • PSPcfwDUDE says:

      ok mister shodai , follow my lead:
      1.Connect your PSP to the PC
      2.Open up the PSP Directory
      3.In the root of the PSP Directory , make a folder called ISO
      4.In the ISO folder put the ISO psp games you want.
      5.Disconnect your PSP from the PC.
      6.On your PSP go to the Game category , then to Memory Stick and press X.Your game should show up . You can play it by pressing X on it.
      7.HAVE FUN!

  44. Shrey says:

    what to do with ‘CIPL_Flasher’ file in ur Pro.fix??

  45. Eisan says:

    Hello Wololo,

    I have my niece New PSP. The PSP 3001 and has firmware 3.31/3.30 [I forgot]. I followed ur guide here… downloaded both OFW and the CFW update. As I tried to apply OFW 6.60 on the system… after 90% updating… the system stop and says “The update failed. Contat technical support for assistance. (LPTFFFFFFFE). What should I do? I can’t turn off the unit. Is it brick? I hope not. PLS help asap. thanks and really appreciated who help me. wait ur reply.

  46. Eisan says:

    6.31 OFW not 3.31

  47. toBsucht says:

    hold power button for 10sec.
    make sure you didn´t use PsPgo firmware. If you choose the wrong it shouldn´t work also the brick risk is real low if you update maybe it´s not good to run a update with less power.

    • Eisan says:

      thanks toBsucht. I just pulled the battery out. i thought it will brick the system but it turns out okay and updated to 6.60 [weird after an update error.]. Well turn out well for the ProCFW 6.60… and my niece is happy right now. Oh one thing, can I play PSX to this firmware? thanks again.

  48. Andre says:

    wololo pls help.

    I installed CFW working fine but i have 24g memory and after about 12g it shows all the other files as corrupted. But i know the files are not if i format and load it first they work.

  49. Mohsin says:

    Hi Everybody. I have a PSP 3003 with OFW 6.60.

    I followed all the steps, mentioned on this website, to install the (Pro CFW B10 fix) but after installation the screen turns black with power still on.

    Tried different methods but still the same problem.

    Can anybody help me out please?


  50. ugif says:

    how to play iso?
    please it’s a matter of urgency
    i’am having holidays,plz

    • toBsucht says:

      create a “ISO”-folder at the root put the cso/iso inside.
      Maybe buil also a ISO floder at he GAME floder 😉

    • NizarNemer says:

      download the iso or cso file & copy it to a folder on the psp memory stick named: ISO . Now go to the game selection on your psp & you’ll find the iso file.

  51. Starscream says:

    wololo…I’m running CFW 6.39.
    Guide me on a PDF reader for my PSP….also the path for download..


  52. Starscream says:

    thanks man…recommend me some must haves!!

    • Alex says:

      If we talking about games, I would recommend these games –

      1) Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker (3.5GB)
      2) Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six : Vegas (Unknown)
      3) Silent Hill : Origins (660 MB)

      These are the best I played.

  53. laro says:

    Hi, is it possible to do this on ANY PSP? I’ve read on some forums that some consoles are “unhackable” but it was quite old topics. Please advise cause I’m going to be buying one next week :)

  54. V says:

    I have a PSP 3001. I was using a previous version of Pro CFW (5, I think) successfully for a while, on 6.25 firmware. Recently I picked up my PSP for the first time in several months, and could not get the CFW to load at all – it would simply turn off a few seconds after I launched the CFW installer or Fast Recovery.

    I have since tried reformatting the PSP, updating to OFW 6.60, and launching the installer for the latest Pro CFW, but I have the same problem – the PSP simply shows the logo, thinks for a few seconds, then turns off. Any idea what could be problem?

    Thank you for running this informative and well-organized site.

    • wololo says:

      Hi V. The best at this point is to ask your question on the forum at . I never ran into that issue personally, but I’m guessing either people who ran into the issue can give you details, or hopefully a dev can provide you with a debug build of the firmware to see where the issue is happening. Note that you need the Version of Pro CFW adapted to your firmware. So, you need pro CFW 6.60 on your 6.60 PSP.

      • V says:

        I guess I’ll try that – it in fact seems that my PSP crashes when trying to launch ANY eboot. Could it be a hardware issue?

  55. mutu says:

    I did the crack, my FW is 6.6 nw and I ran the PRO CFW. I downloaded the CSO file and saved it on root CSO/ISO folder and also tried saving it under PSP/GAME/ISO,,not working,,
    please help.

    • toBsucht says:

      make your own gamebackups with for example isotool or umdKiller. Try to switch umd driver ..inferno should be the best for most isos. save iso @ the root in a floder called ISO nothing else.

  56. TediBer says:

    wolololo please help me…i have psp version 6.60 and i accedentally deleted the patapon 2 demo with your name(wolololo) at the save data…..that rus the ISO loader….please teach me how to get it back….

    im begging you…..

    • toBsucht says:

      you can get back some data with pc recovery tools. Tuneup should be easy to use. Do not use this memory as long as you don´t got your files back.

  57. ran196 says:

    I currently have cfw 6.35 Pro-b10
    and want to upgrade to cfw 6.60

    seeing how i fist need to update to official firmware 6.60
    will my PSP brick if I do that

    i have a PSP 3001

  58. jatin says:

    i have psp 3004 ofw 6.35.
    can i update my psp with this method

  59. Symphony says:

    This installed nicely onto my PSP but it seems to not be so compatible with Remotejoylite, which is the main reason I’m installing a CFW so I can record my gameplay on my PC. Any suggestions for another CFW that works well on the PSP 3000 and works well with Remotejoylite?

  60. JD says:

    Wololo: you’re king. You not only give credit to those who helped build this but you keep at it. THANK YOU!

  61. Rdsrocket says:

    Your the bomb. This was so much easier than way back when having to make a pandora battery for my Psp phat. Thanks!

  62. neo says:

    Hey does it work on psp 3000 with ofw 6.37 … plz reply

    • toBsucht says:

      yes if you update to 6.60 as Wololo wrote^^
      It is possible to downgrade if you want to go back / chronoswitch downgrader. Better follow the tutorial

  63. roba1818 says:

    Could my psp be unhackable, how to know if it is ?

    • wololo says:

      The technique I describe on this page works with ALL psps. Knowing if your PSP is “hackable” or not matters only for old CFW and only for PSP 2000 users, basically (it’s more complex than that, but basically you shouldn’t care until you become an advanced CFW user)

  64. roba1818 says:

    can i do this for any 300x psp or should i know the type of motherboard firt ??

  65. roba1818 says:

    Is there any other techniques other than running the Fast Recovery tool every time i turn on the psp and if there are other techniques, shall they be applied just to some psps that are hackable??

    • toBsucht says:

      You can find some homebrews which change your xmb to start it from senseme or digital comics but it has a littel brick risk (writte to flash)

  66. jade says:

    i have got pro b light custom firmware installed can i run cwcheats or not and if so can somebody help me install it properly ?? :)

  67. KyN says:

    Well I followed the instructions and it worked fine. I just wanted to say thank you! Oh, and I’m glad I looked before doing anything. A friend gave me the DJGodman 6.XX hack, and he said it was working for him, but after reading your article, I’m glad I decided not too use it after all. I do have one question, does anyone know where I can get the Bleach Soul Carnival Isos? I mean 1 and 2. Oh, and .Hack//links. doesn’t have them anymore.

  68. Travis says:

    Having lots of trouble to get ISO/CSO files to work can only get EBOOTS to work running CFW 6.60

  69. 007 says:

    make a folder in root called iso put iso and cso in there not in game.

  70. Akshay says:

    Hi i have a PSP 3004 (TA-090v2) with Gen 5.03c installed on it, i use prome3 to play iso games.
    I need to know whether i can install 6.60 pro cfw on it without any problem. further should i directly upgrade from 5.03 to 6.60 ofw?? and will i be able to play iso games on 6.60 pro cfw.

    Will upgrading brick my psp??


    • wololo says:

      > I need to know whether i can install 6.60 pro cfw on it without any problem.
      Yes, PRO CFW is compatible with all known models of PSP

      > further should i directly upgrade from 5.03 to 6.60 ofw??

      > and will i be able to play iso games on 6.60 pro cfw.

      > Will upgrading brick my psp??
      installing an official firmware is usually harmless. If you have problems installing an official firmware because of some issue with the 5.03 Gen firmware, ask for help on our forums.

      > and also to mention i have a 2GB memory stick is it enough??
      Yes, why do you think it would not be enough?

      • Akshay says:

        Thanks, i upgraded the firmware no problem at all it was totally easy and nothing went wrong. Thanks wololo

  71. Akshay says:

    and also to mention i have a 2GB memory stick is it enough??

  72. IshBan says:

    Is it necessary to download directly to the PSP or can i download with my PC and then transfer it to my handheld?

  73. Pedro Assumpção says:

    Nice Job!

  74. Tonka says:

    Is the CIPL Flasher for Pro-B necessary for a Psp 3000 on 6.60 firmware?

    • tankerkiller says:

      No it will say it can’t work don’t even bother with it just updater and fast recovery will do also make sure you have the new pro-c fix 3 version

  75. 123steve says:

    hey guys i have a doubt is tn hen-e better or pro b10 and does prob10 play all the games or is it like tn hen it plays only some????/i need the ans fast.thanks

  76. Travis says:

    i got iso files to work on my psp i was wondering if there was a way to play ps2 games on my psp?

  77. elo says:

    wololo please help i follow your instruction carefully but when i start the pro update it exit automatically then my psp restart right after that. when i check my fw its still 6.60 not 6.60 pro

  78. Mikey Drew says:

    How do you utilize the Prometheus server? I just loaded everything up like normal but it didn’t work ): I’m playing metal gear solid and Monster Hunter freedom unite!

  79. Jeremy says:

    Does this 6.60 Official firmware work with PSP 3000 6.69? I’m just making sure. I’m confused with all my research in the net.

  80. 123akash says:

    does prob10 play all the games or is it like tn hen it plays only some????/i need the ans fast.thanks

  81. DS_Marine says:

    Oh man!
    This tut is great. Thank you for it.
    But, maybe you should specify which button to press after launching the proupdate tool… some people could mess up there.
    Also there is some flash writing there! I also had a heart attack, but everything went good. Telling what it will happen wouldn’t hurt also.
    1st time I see this page…great work!

  82. aimen bedrudin says:

    I have a psp 3001 will these work n if it does can I copy piteted games to my psp?

  83. Masterbaitor says:

    @ wololo These guides are great bro! Honestly, the easiest ones i have found online. Will give it a try with my psp 3000, but before i do i was wondering how do emulators work? For example if i want to play a gameboy game i heard it is possible? I really miss playing pokemon ^^

    Anyways, thanks for you help will be waiting for your reply

    Great guide!

  84. Jester0607 says:

    You Are The BEST of The BEST…!! I can PLay the Games Now…I LOve You Guys XoXo

  85. nura says:

    hey wololo..i have a 6.60 ofw and i was planning to switch to a cfw for faster gameplay…what version do u recommend? how to install(so it wont brick)? and link please 😀

    thnx in advance “, b

    • wololo says:

      Everything is detailed on this page, you don’t need anything else. Just install pro CFW as described here.

      • nura says:

        i have 6.60 pro b09..and im just wondering if downgrading or changing the psp’s firmware version would help the gameplay of any games faster…cuz i play rock band and sometimes it lags..even KHBBS and GOW…is it recommended to install other versions of cfws??? i read some posts saying that cfw is much faster than ofw.. :/

        im a psp noob so sorry if i hav lotsa questions >.>

        • toBsucht says:

          try to change some setting example cpu speed, switch driver, etc.. That one of the reasons why cfw is fast. You can also try other hens but pro is best for game-backups. Backup up flash (nan-dump) befor downgrade or you loss your psn games.

  86. mg says:

    One question – do I need to uninstall old version of pro hen, before updating with ofw 6.60?

  87. Travis says:

    hi quick question. is there a sms (text messaging) app or even a phone app for the psp

  88. Mr. Moss says:

    wololo u are the best, i wont even have to ask anythng because the guides u wer giving to the others wer awesome. Last year i spent mor than R3000 in games but dats al comin to an end now thanks to you. U the best

  89. toBsucht says:

    Furikup.. yes a sip call isn´t free. I don´t know about free site to send sms with psp I´m not sure if it may works with a social-network mobil site, icq and similar site provide sms service.

  90. yoyib009 says:

    helo,how can i make my psp run fast coz when i play gow:chains of oly it lags when it shows movie but gameplay is ok.can the size of my mem card also affect the said problem? bcoz there is only like 10mb left on memcard.ty

    • wololo says:

      2 rules:
      1) do not use UMDs because they are slow.
      2) Do not use cso. The compression makes them slow

      • yoyib009 says:

        i see, thank it also safe to upgrade from 6.60 pro-b9 to pro-b10?? how?? and i also read that running CIPL flasher on a psp 3000 will cause brick…is it true??

        • yoyib009 says:

          lol 4get bout the last post(stupid question)…did it and its ok now…btw thnx 4 the “not to use cso” thing…that explains why some o my games lag…

  91. oathkeeper says:

    Hi there, thnks for this guide finally i can play iso games ^^.anyway..can i play psx games using my psp? i wanna play ffvii and ffviii after playing ffcc and dissidia last night.thanks again :DDD

  92. tankerkiller says:

    Hey i did this a while ago and i would like to know some must have homebrews and plugins. Also i know of this homebrew called psp-ftpd and i cant connect my andriod device to the ftp server. Can you please help me. Also I need a rar/zip file archeiver/unarcviever for my playstation

  93. Rombus says:

    Can I delete the CIPL_Flasher folder too? And only leave the FastRecovery?

  94. Harvey says:

    can i run homebrew apps, ps1 eboots, non-official games and pirated games with pro cfw? I have PSP 3001 and i have 5.03 ofw and currently playing games at 5.03 GEN-C DT and want to upgrade to 6.60 ofw… Please help. Thanks

  95. shibbyd says:

    So, I’m having issues installing the OFW…. it keeps saying it cant find it… and it doesnt show up on my memory stick

  96. shibbyd says:

    nevermind…. moment of dumb…. it happens, I had the file in the wrong folder… go figure

  97. BOBBYGARRET says:

    How do you start iso/cso files?

    • Travis says:

      if you did it right when you launch the cfw they should apper under games where your memory card is. to do it right make a ISO folder in your mem card make shure its all caps or it wont work

  98. Gundam says:

    Can I ask all of you guys?
    Does FastRecovery means you could switch to OFW to CFW anytime?

  99. blinking says:

    do i still need popstation to run eboots ?

  100. Arul says:

    i have a psp 3001 and i did initally hack it using patapon and promotheus loader and i dont know how to find my firmware and if i delete those two will i have any problems. also please suggest me what hack can be done for me

  101. j says:

    I have this update running on my psp successfully but my isos won’t work. I put them all in an ISO folder under PSP/GAME and they won’t show up, all I see is 1 “corrupted data” file. and I added 5 in there. 2 csos and 3 isos.

    • Travis says:

      simple mistake dont make a ISO folder under PSP/GAME put it in the root folder

    • james says:

      its probably because u extracted the files instead of copying them, i do that all the time (LOL fail) NEVER EXTRACT THE FILES COPY THEM WHILE U HAVE CFW

    • jp says:

      j u have to put the iso & cso games in the ISO folder but put the ISO folder in the root of the memory stick like so ——-> ms0:/ISO……….do that and the iso & cso game work

  102. j says:

    It doesn’t even come up as corrupted data now. I have the cfw installed perfectly, followed all instructions and still nothing.

  103. j says:

    It’s as though it doesn’t even exist. I put it under PSP/GAME, but it doesn’t come up as existing. PSP/GAME/ISO just makes all the ISOs come up as corrupted data.

  104. j says:

    I DID IT!!! Make an ISO folder in memory card, not in PSP/GAME. Just in memory card! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! ONWARDS TO CORPSE PARTY!

    • Anonymous user says:

      Thanks man, it really worked :DDD

    • dejan says:

      I want to marry you j!!!! after 4 hours of searching the net i finally made it to play psp games again. I just made a ISO folder in memory card as you said and it works
      My computer/(removable disk or how ever you name it)/ CREATE >>>>ISO<<<< folder if you dont have any/paste UNEXTRACTED iso game for psp
      that was all

  105. Jason says:

    I put a iso folder in both the game folder and on the root and ifi ts on the root I cant find it at all on the system and if its in the game folder it shows up as corrupted file plz help?

  106. Jason says:

    nevermind i figured it out lol

  107. Mike says:

    So, i followed this to get he firmware and all, and it’s reading all the iso games and whatnot. But can it read .rar files? I tried putting one on and it doesn’t seem to show up…
    help please? D:

  108. zrosal says:

    Just out curiosity. I have cfw 6.60 pro psp3000. If I wanted to remove it or go back ofw is it possible if so how so.

  109. D4rkiga says:

    is it possible to install permanent cfw on my friend’s psp
    3004 03g 6.60 pro c

  110. Supermahn says:

    it doesnt work for me:( i have a psp 3004 6.60 and when i start the pro-updater and press x it says: reboot pro-c:) and then i see a black screen and my psp shuts down :( same thing for fast recovery when i start it i see a black schreen and it shut down.T.T

  111. safwan says:

    wgen i run the games it show an error message”game culd not be started”
    help meeeeeeee

  112. Boss Tofa says:

    I have a 3001 with 6.60. I can get it to work with up to 2gbs of ISO data but anything after that makes it say there is corrupted data.

    I have a 32gb card. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, and formatted the card. It works fine with my 2gb card though. Does it have a limit to how much memory can be used?

    • Travis says:

      it shouldnt im running a duo slot card with a 32 and a 16 gb and its almost full my psp reads all the games and iso files on it

  113. PSPcfwDUDE says:

    No i believe it is not a PRO Firmware’s problem. I believe the problem to be your 32gb card. If its a knock-off/cheap/fake one from e-bay or dealextreme , then that might be the problem.

  114. OSum says:

    q1: i have a 3004 6.60. Can i install other CFW like LME-1.8 while having a Pro C installed? would it be a problem to have both of ’em at the same time?
    q2: when i am in CFW, does the PSP network detect me as a CFW i mean will it affect anything?

  115. Josh says:

    In step 3 where it says the fastrecovery and the proupdate folders need to be extracted. How do I extract them?

  116. josh says:

    please help

  117. Auvers says:

    I downloaded this and installed it but I don’t think it’s quite working. I downloaded an ISO. and put it into the PSP but it says it’s “corrupted data”. I’ve looked online and read that apparently it’s not supposed to go in the REMOVABLE/PSP/GAME folder. I’ve tried putting all the ISO. stuff into a folder titled ISO and left it in the REMOVABLE DISK/PSP/GAME folder but it doesn’t work either. I also tried just leaving it in the REMOVABLE DISK folder and that didn’t seem to work either. Please help.

    • wololo says:

      If, in the XMB, you press “select” and see a CFW menu popping up, then the CFW is working properly on your machine. As far as ISOs are concerned, this is most likely because you are not putting them in the right folder, but it might not be the right place to ask about this, we’re more into homebrews.

      • Auvers says:

        Is there any sort of picture to know what it looks like? When I go to game all I see is Fast Recovery.

        • Travis says:

          make a folder all caps called iso in the psp should look like this REMOVABLE/PSP/ISO put all isos in there

        • toBsucht says:

          I got 2 ISO floder. The iso file at the root-ISO-floder
          ms0:/ISO/ (xx.iso or x.cso)
          Also i got a empty ISO floder at
          <– it to display all files from the root-iso-floder at xmb-game-floder

  118. divorux says:

    i’m trying to update the psp but it says that the file is corrupted and i cant do anything about it

    • toBsucht says:

      You have done something wrong. Even think about sleeping. Tomorrow it goes!

    • Wariah says:

      Yeah i had that problem create a folder in your GAME foler (PSP/Game) and name it UPDATE all caps and place the EBOOT.php or somthing in that folder, go to your psp then click it if a message says something like “your device blah blah blah is already XXX there is no need to update then you already have 6.60 or it will normallly update like how its supposed to”

  119. Tyler says:

    it works very good, and there was a post near the top for the people who cant get it to function because of corrupt data, IN THE MAIN SCREEN WHEN YOU FIRST CONNECT YOUR PSP (where it shows all the folders such as root psp etc….) MAKE A NEW FILE AND NAME IT ISO – DEPOSIT YOUR DOWNLOADED GAMES IN THERE AND RUN THE CFW AND EVERYTHING WILL WORK
    @Jason thanks for the advice, i just reposted what you said so people dont have to browse the clutter
    hope this helps, take care all

  120. Anonymous says:

    Its working, thank you for the post

  121. Takumi Fujiwara says:

    What a great guide! Now i have a black 3004 with 6.60 PRO-C! I love it! Thank you wololo!

  122. Johnny says:

    very easy way to install cfw!
    But of some reason i cant get the ISO:s to work.
    Put an ISO file on memorycard ( as many have explained above)and put ISO in it but it says corrupted data anyway.
    Tried a couple of different ISO:s but none will work.
    When i press select the cfw menu pops up so i guess i installed it right. the ISO is in folder G:/ISO.
    I have a 3004 btw
    Anyone know what Im doing wrong?

  123. Johnny says:

    Should be “put an ISO folder on memorycard” not “file”
    sorry for doublepost wasnt able to reedit

  124. AlexG says:

    Great guide WOlolo.

    I just bought a PSP 3000 and I was petrified about bricking it. Your guide was clear and very easy to follow. It all went without a hitch and now I’m running cfw Pro-C on my 3000.

  125. CM says:

    Where do we save the files to? The comp.?

  126. dude says:

    I’ve been following the tutorials but I can’t get it to install while I hold down the R button when the system starts up after fully powering off. why?

  127. vaibhav says:

    I have intalled pro c fix on my psp after few weeks it shows a small screen in which it was written that
    Memory stick
    Reset device
    and my psp was not working so i clicked on reset device after that my psp was working but in system information it was written v6.60 pro c but it shows version 6.60 what should i have to do now again install it or uninstall it please help me?

  128. CM says:

    I have 6.60 but no PSP/GAME folder,I am newb what do i do?

  129. Shirley says:

    I have psp 3004 with 6.60. I try to install the software but psp will not reboot. It blacks out and shuts down. What can I do?

  130. nakedinmate says:

    The update ran perfectly but my device wont even read the pro update or any of the other apps.

    I placed the folders in PSP > GAME just like the 6.60 update but nothing comes up on my psp.

    There’s an option to update my psp to 2.60 but it says “There is no need to update”



    • toBsucht says:

      2.60 i doubt that your psp got such a low firmware. Place all files at the right floders than it should work.
      Press select to see if pro-c is running.

  131. Justice says:

    Ok since the Release of th PRO CFW…is there a way that TempAR v1.63 will work..I need a Cheat Program Please Help!!!

  132. baangaan says:

    Thanks a lot. You did a very good job on this tutorial.

  133. a hacking name says:

    Is there any websites that you guys know where I can download games?

  134. a hacking name says:

    I cant connect on the internet now on my psp after i downloaded this SOMEONE HELP ME!!!

  135. i wanna
    ask if someone know
    how to handle my
    pspbrite doesnt
    play game,. when i update
    to firmware its automatic
    off..when i go to
    recovery and hold L
    trigger its write ”kernel
    memory will be dump
    into ms0/KMEM.BIN an d
    ms0/SEED.BIN”..can i
    know what problem is
    it..or can someone help
    me to handle this..please guys i need help

  136. When i Run The OFW Update it wont intall it say The PSP cant read the memory card ,try to check your memory card again
    how do i fix it?

  137. Alcatraz says:

    First of all congrats for all your effort. I hope you can help me!

    – I have a psp3003 with 6.2 firmware
    – I installed ProC Fix 3 for 6.20
    – I installed the permanent patch as well
    – I got everything working 100%
    – I hid the menu from the Recovery menu (R trigger on cold boot)
    – And now to my surprise when I went back to the recovery menu> Configuration … the vsh menu option is gone!!!

    Can you please advise how to get this back ? Is there some form of reset that I could perform on the system ? Restore factory defaults didn’t do the trick. Shall I reflash ?

    Kind Regards

  138. Jimboslicetv says:

    I have a psp 3000 with 6.60 b-10 cfw

    i have the folder ISO in the root of my memory stick and all the isos i have tried come up corrupted


    • Alcatraz says:

      most probably your sd card is corrupt. Make sure you formatted your sd card via the psp cfw prior to putting everything in the isos. Also if its a cheap sd card … chances are that it’s fake….

  139. ajitchand says:

    I have followed this page and was able to install 6.60 from 6.39. I can see the games listed but when I try to run the game, a blank screen appears and nothing happens.
    I am using a Micro SD card adapter and tried with 16GB class6 card and 8GB class4 cards,but the same issue.
    How can this be solved?


  140. Amman says:

    why does my psp 3000 system 6.60 become slow when I start pro recovery ???

    Any Solutions to speed up my psp to normal without rebooting

  141. reiley says:

    i already have 6.6, what should i do

  142. enayat says:

    will this work for psp 3001 e model?

  143. enayat says:

    could you please help me how to hack a psp 3001e, i have no idea which cfw to download, version of psp is 6.60,please consider me as a noob..HELP!!!

  144. anne says:

    PLEASE HELP!! I installed CFW, so i changed my themes and play ISO games, but when i turned off my psp,, and open it again, it went back to the original firmware.. all i need to do is open the pro update every time i turn on my psp,, how can i automatically run the pro update when i open my psp?? please help!! thanks!!

  145. wilson says:

    just installed the pro-c cfw minutes ago..
    its wokr just really damn fine so tnx for this.

    but one thing im really thinking is..
    can i use cwcheats in 6.60 pro-c?if yes..what cwcheat version do you recommend?
    and finally,,is it rela tempAR is more better than cwcheats when using pro-c cfw..

    looking forward for your answers..and tnx in advanced btw..^^

  146. Casey says:

    I’ve followed everything, but the games I put in the ISO folder either ends up missing, or as corrupted data.. please help..

  147. Morbidpoet says:

    I have a PSP3001 with the updated firmware and had no other hacks on it and this worked perfect

  148. Tank Evans says:

    Hey Guys,

    I have installed the cfw correctly but when i am iso/cso games larger then 500 mb, whilr i playing my psp stuck and after few second it will turned off….why? Please help?

    and other thing please tell me what are the defalt settings for VHS menu (menu pops after press select), coz by mistake i change the settings…. please help fellas…. thanks

  149. Xaadi-Mian says:

    i have psp 2003 is its work on my psp and is thr any risk to update cfw 5.5 to ofw 6.6

    • Ethan says:

      no if u UPDATE there is no risk if the update is trusted but if u DOWNGRADE there is a huge risk

      • Zinc says:

        There are always risks (common risks when updating, not always happen):
        1. Brick, if u run out of battery. (Solution: Always plug your charger)
        2. Brick, if you turn off your psp during updating. (Solution: a. Don’t touch that power switch. b. Follow instruction when updating, eg: “press button to restart” at the end of updating. DO press the button as instructed. Don’t restart by other means.)
        3. The update or cfw contains bugs or worse than previous/other version. (Solution: don’t upgrade to newly published cfw right away, google for other users comment and suggestion. Unless you want to help testing it.)

        That’s why it’s always “DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK”. :)

        Note: When I use cfw 6.60 PRO-B10 on my PSP 1000, the “return to home” screen often (sometimes very often) randomly appear in game. Never happen before update to 6.xx. Tested 6.20 and 6.35 with the same result. I don’t know if it’s the same with other people. I don’t know the solution.
        Note 2: A lot of Homebrew don’t work on 6.60 PRO-B10 compared to 5.50 Prometheus-4. I haven’t tested 6.60 PRO-C2. Tried downgrading. Works fine to 6.20 and 6.35 (with same problem as above). Tried 5.00 and 5.50, can’t install cfw, “error game data” it said..

  150. Andre Luiz says:

    Thank you very much! Works perfectly!

  151. trever03 says:

    can it play games with dlc, i mean can it use decrypted dlc and load it.. if yes where do i place the dlc files and how do i use it.. thanks in advance..

  152. bob says:

    how do I get umd onto memory stick?
    please help!

    • caps says:

      Once the custom firmware is installed press select and change usb mode to UMD. Then plug in your psp to your computer and you can copy the iso across. Once you have it copied to your computer change it back to usb mode and put it in your ISO folder then never have to worry about losing or damaging your discs again

    • helper says:

      just create an ISO file on the root n place the iso/cso file in it then take ur psp off restart(just to be safe)
      thn go to game u’ll see the game after usin fast recovery

  153. toBsucht says:

    Dump them with umd dumper. Example: isotool

    • lungelo nxele says:

      Hey guys help a brother out here ,I have a psp 3000 now my problem is my games are so so slow I can’t even play the,how can I fix this?

  154. Melvin says:

    Awesome!! Works perfectly , I’am two years in working this out finally you made it. Thnx.

  155. john lee says:

    How can I change my cfw to these one?
    By the way, my system software is 6.60 God-A.
    I can’t find anything on the web.

    • topgun says:

      just go on youtube and type cfw followed by the version of your psp and you will eventually find a link on a video thnks!

  156. Molinebar2 says:

    Um, I’ve got a PSP 3000, and I installed the 6.60 update, but I can’t seem to get the CFW. When I run the ProUpdate, it goes black and says: ‘Sorry. this program doesn’t support your FW(0x060060010).’ Help??? :\

  157. Molinebar2 says:

    ^^ Nevermind.

  158. Slingy says:

    Wow this works perfect and helped me out SO much!
    Thanks alot!!! :)

  159. Salim says:

    Thanks so much it was very easy to install 100% working.:)

  160. stix says:

    wow! thank you so much!! it’s working!! love it! God bless you guys!!!! 😉

  161. Matiullah says:

    Well Done,Nice sharing.Works Good.

  162. Claus says:

    In the older days, one needed to have chickHEN, and firmware not higher than 5.03 and so on, if wanting to use CFW and ISO’s on a 3000 PSP.. is this eliminated now with this “new” CFW and OFW 6.60 so that I can use my PSP 3004, which I unfortunately updated to OFW 5.50 years back..??
    I only have to update to OFW 6.0 and then install the CFW PRO, to make it all happen ??
    and does one stil have to use prometeus for some of the games to make them run, even with this new CFW ??
    I have read the entire tread but don’t find my answers there so please spare me a moment.. 😉

  163. Bruce says:


    This is a clear guide to installing it.
    It is installed on my 3004 (PB).

    No guide however, tells you how to make the games WORK!?

    I downloaded a .iso game and most of the games i download have the files

    Folder: PSP_GAME

    What do i do with this????????????
    Do i put the whole iso (rar) file on my psp???
    And if so…WHERE!?]

    I cant find an aswer anywhere :(

  164. George says:

    Awesome!! Works perfectly , I killed my self trying working this out on psp 3002 6.6 finally you made it that easy you are great. Thnx.

  165. Jay says:

    This is great… It works like a charm and very easy. Thank you. Finally a some sorth of protection investment for every umd I have bought and no worry of getting it worn out anymore.

  166. Claaaark says:

    My psp just stays on a black screen for a while then shuts off. I turn it back on and check the firmware, but it is still on OFW 6.60.

  167. Claaaark says:

    My psp just stays on a black screen for a while then shuts off. I turn it back on and check the firmware, but it is still on OFW 6.60. Help pleaaaaaaaaaase

  168. orion says:

    PSP won’t update from 6.20 to 6.60 ever since I used Chronoswitch Downgrader to downgrade to 6.20?
    So I figured it would be neat to hack my 2 PSP 3000s so I used Chronoswitch Downgrader to downgrade from 6.60 to 6.20 after that I installed the PRO B10 hack to the PSP then I installed the permanent boot loader patch for PRO B10 then I decided I wanted to take it off and so on my first PSP I first uninstalled the permanent patch then I uninstalled the PRO B10 and it worked perfectly and I was able to update my firmware back to 6.60 but on the second PSP I uninstalled the PRO B10 hack first instead of uninstalling the permanent patch first like I did on the other PSP and ever since then I’ve tried downloading the 6.60 firmware from the internet then downloading it to my PSP and booting it from the game section and that didnt work I got this The update cannot be started. The data is corrupted. (IDXFFFFFFFF) SO after that I tried using the built it System Update Feature and i tried Update via Internet and I got connected to the internet but then I got Connection to the server could not be established. (20000006) So if someone could please give me a solution to how to get back to 6.60 that would be GREAT! Because I sold this on eBay and need to get it shipped out soon! Thanks!

  169. Wookieomg says:

    So I installed 6.60 Pro-C2 on my PSP-3000 recently, and discovered afterwards that PSN games are borked on this release and uanble to be played due to a muck up with NoDRM or something… I read that 6.60 Pro-C Fix 3 or Fix 2 are stable and allow PSN games to be played on the CFW.

    Can I somehow downgrade from 6.60 Pro-C2 to 6.60 Pro-C Fix 3 or Fix 2? I’m unsure of the necessary procedures or if it’s ridiculously easy and I’m overcomplicating it.

    As an aside, I have read many different forum threads and different tuts on how to install CFW onto PSP’s… It seems that the bulk of them involve pandora batteries, magic memory sticks, etc., yet nowadays it seems like softmodding does the trick just fine. What’s the catch, if there is one?

    tl;dr: Can I somehow downgrade from 6.60 Pro-C2 to 6.60 Pro-C Fix 3 or Fix 2? Are pandora batteries/MMS used as frequently in the current modding landscape?

    • toBsucht says:

      Pandora just works with fat and some 2000 MotherBoards also mms.
      It´s waisted time or money trying this with your MoBo.
      If you got problems with NoDrm try a Pro cfw nightly build (latest pro cfw -> c2) or the r58 online client which is similar to pro c1. Just replace pro floder, run proupdater than you can go on with fast recovery.

      • Wookieomg says:

        So when I run the proupdater from my PSP and the option screen appears for whether I want to launch CFW, uninstall CFW, or reinstall CFW, which do I select? I’m currently runing 6.60 Pro-C2 and want to install 6.60 Pro-C Fix 3.

        Sorry if the question is simple; I just really don’t want to accidentally screw up my PSP.

        • a says:

          you just need to redownload the PRO-C (fix 3) and run it under PRO-C2 environment, or if you just wanted to be safe, unload the LCFW by removing the battery for a few seconds and replace it again and turn it on. After that install the PRO-C Fix3 and choose the option for re-installing it. Then whoala, you’re back to PRO-C Fix3.

        • toBsucht says:

          It shouldn´t harm in anyway. Chose uninstall if you can not pass Pro installation.

          I doubt the flashed files are deleted if you remove battery.

    • Hex says:

      you dont need ANYTHING else a memory stick (normal one) this stuff does NOT need any sort of pandora.

  170. Scot says:

    When i download CFW its a .rar file… (im bad with computers) i have nothing that can open it. what should i do?

  171. tristan says:

    i have no computer so can i just download files straight to psp

  172. Rookie says:

    Isn´t bad to be a rookie. thx! god job!!

  173. Han says:

    Can this CFW play download games from the web..?

  174. junex says:

    I successfully installed it but still can’t play iso/cso games. How?

  175. junex says:

    thank you… i was mistaken in my first post. I can now play with my iso/cso games.

  176. Nebur says:

    Hi there. Can someone tell me what the “CIPL Flasher for Pro-C” is need to?
    when i run it it say its not copatible with this model.
    a have a psp 3004 with the 6.60 PRO-C2 and says model:09g
    help plz!!!

    • Nando says:

      You don’t need it I have pro C 2 and I don’t use it I heard it for the older psps. the only problem I am having is that I can’t put it in sleep mode? Everytime I put it in sleep mode the screen shutsdown and the green light stays on it won’t boot back up until I completely shutdown teh system. Can anyone help me?

      • toBsucht says:

        Yes CIPL Flasher for Pro-C isn´t for 3000.

        Nando if you psp is a (downgraded) 9g it can be a semi-brick maybe try sleepfix plugin.

  177. WallesWarfare says:

    heres my tutorial on how to install the cfw! :)

  178. chamarity checkit says:

    I successfully installed this and it works perfectly except for the fact I can’t play any games bigger than 500mb. the game will start then the screen freezes and shuts down every time!! I have searched and searched but can’t find anything that will help, so somebody please help me!!!!!

  179. Hoshi says:

    i have a psp 3001 with 6.60ofw
    specs are (from pspident):
    TA-090 v2
    Bright 3001 (3g)

    Bright v1.0
    possible cfw 5.03HEN and up

    currently im using the 6.60PRO c2 and everytime I turn off my psp I have to reload it thru fast recovery, which I knew and forgave… at first.
    how can I make it permanent? id like to be able to play my umds that are 6.60fw req and my psn games as well. wel my ff7 [particularly). also would like to change my gameboot which apparently you cant do unless its permanent cfw.
    please step by step I thank you cause I reallllly don’t wanna brick my psp.

    • Ethan says:

      if u want jus downgrade but i dont reccomend dat as that has bricked evry single psp that i own and i owm 6!.and as for the gameboot it is possible to change with lite cfw.i know it worked 4 me.
      i=just google ‘How to change gameboot on psp 3001 6.60′
      i try to post a tut on this stay tuned!

  180. amrit says:

    plz help …havin psp 3000 6.60 pro c …iso/cso games are shown as corrupted data

  181. Hane says:

    Please help me!
    I have PSP 3000 with ofw 5.50..
    How do I get to play iso/cso games?
    I don’t want to risk my psp again by updating it.
    I should have had games on my psp before but bec I updated it, I was told to wait for the hack and that was years ago..
    I guess there’s a hack already?
    So please help me! :(((

  182. KuriousKobold says:

    Thanks wololo you cleared up all my concerns. =)

  183. sahd says:

    Successfully upgraded my psp 2001 to pro c2. When I go to games it shows pro update and fast recovery and the next file after that says corrupt. Still haven’t found out how to fix this, ANYONE? ANYTHING?

  184. lockon02610 says:

    yeah thanks so much dude…..hehe

  185. Someone says:

    Attention! If you have problems when playing PS1 games on your PSP, UN-install PRO-C2 and install PRO-C.

  186. sriram says:

    this is the first time any firmware worked on my psp.

  187. Holo says:

    thanks!!!!! it really helpsss me

  188. lincoln777 says:

    please help.vo have a big problem at hand. my psp does not read original memory sticks anymore. it only reads the one that i play through an adapter+microSD. how do i fix this ?

  189. aiLEXia says:

    hi, i just upgraded my PSP 3006 cfw 6.35 pro-b to ofw 6.60, then to cfw 6.60 pro-c2, just ad the tutorial says.
    there are 2 problems that i found:
    – it always freezes and black out whenever I wanted to show system settings, and I have to reboot it again
    – some games won’t show up in the list…which is kinda frustating since the ones that won’t show are my faves

    any solutions?

  190. nerrad says:

    excellent! it really works :)

  191. Ethan says:

    hey guys.i have a 3004 psp running 6.60 and the cfw doesnt load .it used to but now it just stay on the black screen of death!!i was currently using pro b 10 but fast recovery stopped working so i tried getting a new cfw but i dont work .what to do plz help.

  192. Ethan says:

    btw the problems started wen i tried to downgrade but it didnt work.

  193. Not Chuck Norris says:

    It isn’t working. My psp Shuts down when I try to run Pro Update.

  194. Felstrike says:

    I successfully installed the CFW on my psp and it is showing in my system settings and I see about putting my ISOs and CSO in a folder. I just don’t know where I should be putting this folder on my memory stick because when I put them in my PSP/GAME folder it says they are corrupted data.

  195. Mum says:

    I’m completely new at this so I’m really sorry if I’m asking such silly questions. I have installed 6.60 PRO-C fix 3 since it looked to be the better one to install. Works fine, everything has installed but my problem is that when I place .ISO files into my ISO folder, it doesn’t appear on the PSP. The only things that show up are games that I have downloaded from PSN and Fast Recovery. Is there.. any way to get them to show up?

  196. Mum says:

    Oh my gosh, nevermind! I had the ISO folder in a wrong folder and that is why it didn’t show up for me. Very very sorry, my mistake!

  197. lawliet liverpool says:

    im having a bit of an issue. everything i installed said it was corrupted data

  198. what are you installing? iso? homebrew?

  199. Kiandra says:

    Thank you so much, you saved me from a long boring trip on a plane today.

  200. proTOnium says:

    hey guy’s this really works for all Psp3000’series I have tried it.thnx

  201. LIKITH says:

    thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a lot … thanx

  202. h3770vssh073 says:

    Noob question: which one do i download? PRO CFW 6.60 C2 or 6.60 PRO-C fix 3? I’m pretty sure fix 3 right but just in case i had to ask

  203. Kristina says:

    How do I go into Recovery Mode with it? I wanted to have the screen playing on my computer, but it requires some things that need to be activated in Recovery Mode.

    • Shannon says:

      I am having the same issue. I need the recovery mode for cwcheat, but its impossible to load since the cfw becomes uninstalled when I reboot my psp. Any resolutions?

    • Zinc says:

      Press “Select” to show “VSH Menu”, there is an option to enter “Recovery Menu there”

  204. dushyant says:

    That’s awesome! But will it void warranty of my psp? If anyone knows, please reply me on my email

  205. Kal-El says:

    will i still be able to play UMDs if i download????

  206. Tim says:

    Thank you, easy to understand.
    On the part “The one you will want to run in order to install Pro CFW is “Pro Update”. Just run it.”
    You could add, and just press x :)

    Works perfect, thank u

  207. Tim says:

    Forgot to mention i used this file:

    Will try psx games in a moment, hope it works :)
    Love to play psx games on my psp!

    Btw, if i shut down psp totaly and starts it, will it be 100% original then? So i can use PSN?

    Sorry for bad grammar, its my 2nd language i guess

  208. Tim says:

    Psx games works!
    Game iso works!
    Homebrew (very imortant ofc) works!

    Over and out

  209. wololo says:

    You are the first person in 3 years this tutorial has been up, to report a brick of their console. So I would say, first remove the battery, plug in the ac adapter, and try to turn your console on again.

    Pro cfw on the psp 3000 only makes minimal, non destructive changes to your flash, and the rest happens in ram. The risk of brick is literally lower than when you install an official firmware from Sony.

    So, again, if you followed the instructions and ended with a brick, I am sorry for you, but honestly I highly doubt that’s really what happened.

  210. Postmortem says:

    Jay I Believe you Bricked your PSP cuz You took out your memory stick while updating. By a Pandora Battery to Unbrick it

  211. kwwk says:

    Sorry if this been asked. Does this work on PSP 3001?

  212. kwwk says:

    also, im still using 5.03 Prome-4. Can anyone enlighten me either should I upgrade or stay on 5.03?

  213. bishoo says:

    Eyup i have install it..please tell me that i can download psp games on my pc n can play through memorystick :-/

  214. leonel says:

    What do i extract i downloaded winrar and extracted 66pro-c2 i dont know what to do its my first time doing this

  215. leonel says:

    I read it good and it worked good thx alot :)

  216. roxaskyoya says:

    Thank you very much for your help explanation was very clear and straight forward and my PSP’s CFW is now 6.60 PRO-C. Thank you very much!

  217. kazz says:

    hello guys ive been researching on the net about psp bcoz i want to buy one (shame on me the console already have a succesor and sony stops to support orig psp)…i want to buy 3000 model because of the bright and vibrant colour of it compared to 2000 but all the sites i browsed said that 2000 can recover from brick while 3000 dont…can anyone here add me on facebook and message me im a noob in psp and i need someone who is a pro where i can ask questions before i buy one. Search for kazzuplado daniel q. Or kazzuma12

  218. kazz says:

    for those who are lazy on adding me on fb here are some of my noob question pls dont make fun of me i really have no idea whats this CFW or how it works

    just what i said i like brite than slim bcoz of its vibrant colour but i like the quality of slim that i dont have to worry about brick bcoz it can recover

    once i buy psp on a retailer or gamestop thats already been jailbreak or hacked and uses this cfw is still theres a chance my psp will brick even though i only uses it to play digital games iso?

    Rather than installing cfw and mess up are there any other reasons that can cause brick to a psp?

    Here are some of my question thanks a lot

    • wololo says:

      you can brick a psp if you turn it off while it’s installing an official Sony firmware update. This would actually be the main root cause of bricks.
      An other possibility is if you mess up with kernel homebrews that access your flash. you could end up deleting important files on your flash by mistake. But that’s something you would mostly be doing “knowingly”

  219. kazz says:

    thanks for the answer… How about fast recovery? Is there a chance a 3000 will brick everytime you use fast recovery sorry for the noob question…..and just i mentioned i will be buying psp a 2nd hand what will i say to the owner a psp 3000 that is running Pro CFW? Is this whats its called?

  220. Neo Dark says:

    Hey., i currently have a CFW 6.20 pro b-10 PSP 3001 model 03g.. when i use updaters for 6.60 pro C (any other) it does not let me do it, saying this program is not supported by your FW error message, dont know what to do with, please help., thanks

    • kazz says:

      ive been here on this site the whole day already reading forums and other need to know stuff about psp i think i encounter this.. I think you need to uninstall first your current CFW

  221. rob says:

    Help please someone I have a psp 3001 running pro 6.60 -b10 3g I want to run gameboots I installed one but iI still get the default psp gameboot when I start a game what do I need to do to do gameboots please help

  222. yukari.yakumo17 says:

    Hi, I am new to this business of soft-modding PSPs.
    I have a PSP-3005, and I have OFW 6.60 on it.
    So, I am ready to install 660PRO-C2, and have successfully got it to run on my PSP-3005.

    However, I am just a bit perturbed by some extra files in the rar, and their need for and purpose.
    The files in question are “sdk” and “seplugins”. Could I get an answer to what they are for, and do I even need them?

    • wololo says:

      sdk is for developers, seplugins is to install plugins. You don’t technically need any of them, it won’t break if you don’t have them.

  223. crazy2oh6 says:

    is it normal for my psp 3001 to be taking a long time during the update? its got a black screen and the memory stick light keeps flashing every couple of seconds

  224. Joe says:

    I dont know if i have reached the right person but if i have pliz help me out. I have a psp2001 which i leter updated to 6.60 ofw, and it needs a cfw and i am stuck here. How do i go about it? I visited google and i got a 6.60 pro-b10 cfw and put it in the psp/game/update and when i run, it says corrupted data. My question how do i get this currupt data thing?

  225. Thanh says:

    Should i upgrade from the HEN style of exploiting CFW?

  226. marin says:

    heyy i just wanted to ask is this method risky or not? i mean if i accidently did something wrong will my psp got bricked or not thanks and sorry for my very noob question >_<"" just had to my psp is new 3000 and slim and already 6.60 !!

  227. marin says:

    thanks but i mean what’s the worst things can happen if i installed it?? or what’s the disadvantages of it thaaanks

    • wololo says:

      Worst thing that could happen is if you unplug your PSP while it’s installing, there is a risk you brick your PSP. Again, based on how this works (creating new files instead of overwriting existing ones), this risk is minimal.
      There is no disadvantage of using pro cfw compared to the official firmware. It is just better on every single comparison point.

      • marin says:

        aghh i see so after i have this cfw will it affect my psp on some places through the time?? i just wanted to ask you because you have an experience on this especially on new psps and thank you so much for your time i am just too noob and paranoid but you seem too helpful and know what to do ! 😀

  228. marin says:

    and yeah i won’t need to upgrade anything mine is already .60 😀

  229. Jason says:

    Thanks For This …. I will try to put cfw on my psp3000. can i ask some noob question?.. why do it need to install the cfw? can i install just the OFW so that i can no more worries..
    Thanks for who will Reply..

    • toBsucht says:

      Lol sure stay on ofw if you prefer umd and don´t like to use unsigned homebrews. Why you are here and looking 4 hacks 😀

  230. R3D3Y3 says:

    Hi I would like to knw how do u run psp games iso’s because I have gta vice city stories and its broken but its currently working( a mirracle ) so before it doesn’t work I want to make it an iso and play it I did make copy the iso and put into the ISO folder but it just doesn’t work anybdy knows how make it work on pro cfw (I know how to make It work on gen)

  231. kazz says:

    in psp 3000 model you have to run fast recovery which is saved on the memory card isnt it??? So what if i want to upgrade to a higher memory card from 8gb to 16gb do i need to copy fast recovery from my old mem card and paste it to my new memory card? And what if i inserted new memory card to my psp without that fast recovery file is it safe?

    • toBsucht says:

      Yeah copy files works you also can recover with antoher memory stick. Sometimes cfw don´t work if a plugin is active which is not copyed to new MS.

  232. jeremy says:

    Hi im new to this psp thing. Would just like to ask smth. I have a new psp 3000. Some of my games like god of war, ghost rider etc are lagging. Especially the video parts. I read on the internet about changing some stuff in the vsh menu like inferno to m33 driver. May i pls know is this advisable to do or should i just leave my psp the way it is? Will changing this damage my psp in any way? And is there any other ways to make my games run smoother? Thanks

  233. boy says:

    Why is it always shutdown after i started to use the frimware?
    Usualy it works…now it always shut down???pls help

    • toBsucht says:

      You have done something wronge.
      Coldboot (hold power button 10sec.) fix it usualy.
      Use a clean MS to install cfw 1st time.. without old plugins or other old cfw files.

  234. buffalo says:

    THANKS DUDE!!! I love my psp now and your tutorial was easy as can be!! I can play gba snes psx and even diablo 1 all on my psp now!! I will wait untill the year 2015 and buy a vita. Hope to see you then!! Thanx again!!

  235. doodle says:

    my psp is psp brite 3000. if i play some games it restarts. I am currently using psp pro-C fix-3. my game is rock band unplugged

  236. ARJUN says:

    thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks ………

  237. wolley says:

    Please i beg anyone of you! Am new to all this….. but i successfully install the cfw and the pro update 6.60, and I have almost 159 ISO games on my laptop but I can’t run any on my PSP go. It always show “corrupted file” am using the inbuild sd though! Please help me: (

  238. Saeko155 says:

    I’ve been using Custom Firmware for a few months and must say it runs amazingly on my PSP.. until recently and I need help.

    Being a fan of Vocaloid I decided to try out a game called Project diva2 which I downloaded at emuparadise, but after transfering it on my Memo-Stick and Running fast recovery the whole PSP started to insanely lag. Knowing this happened with a corrupt pokemon file on my DS-Lite I thought deleting it from my Memo-stick and reboot the PSP manually would help… NOPE!
    I remember that before copying project diva I did cut and paste two game files from the memo-stick to my PC as I did not want to delete, lose those games and then redownload. Could deleting through usb-connection be the cause?
    How can I “nurse my console back to health” and what should this idiot avoid in the future, hahahha

    Thanks for running this amazing website and help is much appreciated :’3

  239. Saeko155 says:

    Forgot to mention that insane lagging stops whenever I reboot but starts lagging again once I run fast recovery.
    The lagging isn’t exclusively to games, but for the whole psp including the start menu. Insanely annoying >_>

    Again, help much appreciated!

    • Saeko155 says:

      No help needed afterall!
      I just uninstalled and reinstalled, No files lost, No lagging and happy gamer is happy! 😀

      Thought sharing this here could help others who encounter the same or a similar problem, just happy the solution was so easy~

    • toBsucht says:

      Next look it vsh menu set speed to default or max.
      Maybe check your (unsigned) plugins
      then reboot if it still lagg

  240. steve says:

    hey where do you go to get the most up to date emulators for psp i wanna get the newest updates especially my snes emulator almost all others i can suspend and turn off my psp but my snes one i cant i gotta fully exit to the menu to turn off my psp… what the F?

    thanks in advance wololo… or anyone… email mme..

  241. jhay says:

    IS this working on psp 3000 slim???

  242. Sone.J says:


    I am a new bird from the PSP world. Recently i bought a new PSP 3006. did this cfw work for it? besides, PRO CFW 6.60 C2 or 6.60 PRO-C fix 3 which i should i go for it?
    Thank a lot if anyone can help to solve my doubt.

  243. Marcos Lemos says:

    I`m using 6.60 PRO-C,can you guys tell me if the Ad-Hoc Online mode works,are the plugins included in the files…

  244. Friend71 says:

    I have a PSP model ” 3001 c “.it has official firmware ” 6.35 “.Plz guide me step by step to modify(installation of custom firmware)it so that i can play games through memory stick and not from UMD.And plz i want all instructions risk-free,means i dont want to damage my PSP,it should work properly by installing CFW.Thanks.

  245. Friend71 says:

    Hello There! I didnt get any answer yet.Isn’t there any expert who can help n guide me.I’m waiting eagerly bcoz i dont have any UMDs and i want to play games from my 8GB memory stick which is present in the PSP and PSP isn’t hacked or modified and cannot play games from memory stick.I will be so grateful the one who help me.For detail plz read my comments given above.

  246. calan1981 says:

    I have cfw working so i can play psp and psx games what I can’t get working is plugins I go to recovery menu and look at plugins and ut shows nothing I’ve tried changing the text files that others suggested on several sites and still doesn’t show anything in plugins. Can someone help please I’ve given myself several headaches trying to work on this.

  247. vincekang says:

    Whenever I try to use proupdate or the fast recovery, it will almost always crash the psp. This wasn’t an issue the first time I updated it, but now it will only work extremely rarely.

  248. nadia says:

    hi, right now I have a situation where I have a psp slim 3006 and its version is 6.37. I tried everything I could find to make it into a custom firmware. but right now I don’t know what should I do? should I upgrade it to 6.20 or downgrade it? I tried following those steps, as step 1. and step 2. was done perfectly. but when I got to step 3. as I want to install it, my screen when black, and it says ” SORRY THIS PROGRAM DOESN’T SUPPORT YOUR VERSION FW X (06030710)

  249. Just little old me says:

    Thanks, Works perfect 😀

  250. vincent draiyz says:

    Kernal memory will be dumped into ms0 /KMEM.bin and ms0: /seed.bin

  251. vincent draiyz says:

    Pls how can I solve this issue on ma psp. Kernal memory will be dumped into ms0 /KMEM.bin and ms0: /seed.bin

  252. enzo says:

    i followed until step 2.every time i updade my psp 3006 to a firmware my psp automatically restart.what should i do?

  253. Bob says:


    I have a PSP3001 and I’m using 6.60 Pro B9
    Fix seems to load properly.
    The issue is I’m not seeing games in my PSP.
    I’ve done everything according to instructions.
    I’ve created ISO folder in root PSP directory but no games are shown in PSP (I’ve tried every possible format ISO, CSO)

    Can someone please suggest what I could do to get the fix working properly. I’ve already tried B10 and every imaginable version of 6.60



    • Hello says:

      Hey uhmm I have this worm on my memory card. So yeah I’m planning on cleaning[reformat] out my mem card but doing so will delete my files and the CFW(I think). WIll my psp be affected of worm(off topic maybe) or not? Because installing CFW again is quite not my range.

      • a user says:

        the worm shouldn’t affect the psp. Worms and viruses usually only affect the systems they’re written for (usually Linux or Windows). It would be rather pointless to write a virus for a psp. You’re more likely to get a virus on an IMac than a game console.

    • joe says:

      Press the SELECT and go to CPU game clock and put it to 222/333.Then select the ME driver, restart the PSP and you are done.

  254. Bill says:

    Would anyone here be able to help out with 6.60 homebrew fix.
    I have PSP3001 and I’m currently using 6.60 Pro B9
    I’ve created ISO folder in root PSP folder according to instructions. When I go to PSP memory stick, there are no files found there. No file format seems to be recognized by PSP.

    Is there a fix for this or do I need to instal a different fix to PSP?

  255. Bill says:

    Can someone please help me with homebrew for PSP3001
    I’m using 6.60 and none of my files are showing up on the PSP unit.
    I’ve followed all instructions posted.


  256. Carlo says:

    still mine shows corrupted data, what did i do wrong?
    here are the steps i followed:
    1. update my firmware to 6.60
    2. download ‘Pro CFW (latest version)
    3. copy and paste the contents to my memory card and overwrite everything
    4. i copied my ISO folder where my .iso and .cso games are located from my PC to the memory card, no subfolders! just on the main home of the memory card
    5. i launched ‘Pro update’ and followed the instructions
    6. i launched ‘Pro-C fast recovery’
    7. psp rebooted itself but still, games show as corrupted data
    * on what part did i mess up? or did i miss something?

    sorry for the long post, please help

    • Rmfaizzal says:

      Hey, I don’t know if you’ve got it figured out already, but I’ve just installed the cfw and experienced the same issue as yours. i used the exact same steps that you mentioned. Then I tried installing the cfw first and activate it before copying my iso file and it works :)

    • Link says:

      Put the ISO outside of the PSP folder.


  257. vishal says:

    i have an cfw and i downloaded a game then i put it in my psp
    it comes that it is corrupted.should i activate the cfw

  258. FaizelFerrari says:

    Thanks,but I still need help my sister’s psp 3004 cannot play iso games(says corrupted data),even with pro c2 cfw.same applies to my psp go.I have followed the iso steps and downloaded iso from emu paradise help!!!!!!!!!!

    Gladly appreciated wololo or somebody?

  259. HammerThunder says:


    I’ve used Pro cfw 6.35 for ages in my PSP Brite and I wonder now if it’s the best to update it to Pro 6.60 or if I should stay where I am. Suggestions?

  260. SwoRNLeaDejZ says:

    For the record, 6.20 PRO is the way to go, with the permanent patch, if you are positive your PSP is capable of being downgraded, and you are confident that you know what you are doing. If you check my YouTube channel, I have videos about every single downgrading and CFW or LCFW possibility. Most of the downloads are probably broken, but if you need help finding the necessary files, just message me and I’ll help you out.


  261. madpri says:

    hey please , when i download the proupdater there’s some files i don’t recognize can you tell me what to put in the psp and what to delete? thanks!!

  262. Jade says:

    Thank you for your help but just gotta ask some question , how many minuets does pro cfw take to install ??

  263. madpri says:

    sorry i meant pro cfw above^

  264. Zinc says:

    Rather than making a scene, why don’t you start by describing what you did.

    And now, there might be ways to rescue your bricked psp. So ask around, especially if you are a beginner.

    Sometimes, one guide is not enough, gather more information, try to understand what you’re trying before actually trying it.
    There’s a lot of variation now.

  265. yaya says:

    what can we do with pro cwf…..can we play iso games on it?

  266. yaya says:

    and please i send me a link if there is iso loader for pro cwf

  267. Lili says:

    i got this updated on my psp 3000. but i cant seem to understand where does these other files go that the rar file gave me?? where do i put the seplugins folder?? in root?? in psp?? or in game?? i got an iso i want to play. legend of dragoon. but it says corrupted data just like it does with the iso folder itself. its confusing. please someone who knows what they are doing email me. and tyia. i need help.

    • VideogameJester says:

      seplugins folder in root.

      Are you talking about legend of dragoon “eboot” file..? if so, you have to put it in PSP/GAME folder.

  268. mohd amirul says:

    can i ask, why after i press recovery then black screen and then it off my psp

  269. Jerem says:

    Thank you so much the only thing is why the title of the game doesn’t appear? Should I do not fear this?

  270. LeonGeeste says:

    I’m having a little trouble trying to play CSO files, I have a PSP 3000 and used this page to get CFW and every time i try to select the game cso file i want to play it starts up like normal than it just stays a black screen and shuts the PSP off, I can’t try the ISO file type since my Memory stick is only 1GB

  271. Doddy says:

    Thank you, I successfully upgrade my PSP 3006 from CFW 5.03.

  272. Miku says:

    THNX…. 😀
    Works perfectly with psp 3006

  273. karan says:

    What to do if psp shows “not compatible with your firmware” when we run proupdate

  274. I thank you all for making a CFW so easy to install like that. Here’s my question. Why could the hackers get Sony’s private keys like that, even for the PSP’s latest OFW to make such an easy to use CFW like this, but yet, NO hacker can get the private keys for anything above OFW 3.55 for PS3 to make a CFW like this but for PS3 PERIOD? What is so damn different about the PSP and PS3 that makes the PS3 unhackable, and so sealed tight, even years after? I’ll never understand. that.

  275. Judiie says:

    THANK YOU! soooo much it took a while but i’ve finally got it 😀

  276. Therealskip says:

    does anyone know if this method works on 3010? it states on the instructions that it is for up to 3009

  277. It won’t work for me. I see corrupt data in my memory stick, but I deleted them.

  278. kebs says:

    Thanks works perfect . psp 3006 using 6.60 PRO-C

  279. Arvickz says:

    Cannot update 6.60
    “The system software of your PSP system is version 9.90. There is no need to update.

    Help please………………

  280. David says:

    mine shows corrupted data, what did i do wrong?

    here are the steps i followed:

    1. update my firmware to 6.60
    2. download ‘Pro CFW (latest version)
    3. copy and pasted my .iso file to my /Removable Disk (G:)/PSP/Game
    4. i
    5. i launched ‘Pro update’ and followed the instructions
    6. i launched ‘Pro-C fast recovery’
    7. psp rebooted itself but still, games show as corrupted data

  281. Naveen says:

    I put off The Zs Sensme mod on my PSP but now it is not turning on after installation. when i turn it on only green light turns on for 7-8 seacond can u help me to repair it????????

  282. querobin says:

    Hey men! Thank you so much!! U r the man!!

  283. Chris says:

    Can i use this cfw ony psp 2000?

  284. Celeste1893098249 says:

    Hey, I followed the steps on a PSP 3003 however, when i put the iso in the memory card PSP/GAME nothing shows up? :(

  285. Celeste1893098249 says:


  286. Steve says:

    I have PSP 3000 with 6.60 Pro-b10 CFW. Is there a way to downgrade it to 5.00 OFW and install 5.00-m33 CFW? (Sorry for mistakes, I’m not english)

  287. mohit says:

    thanks alot…!!!

  288. iqbal says:

    can any one tell me what goes wrong?
    I have used the 6.60 pro B and it works like a charm until I copy a game “300” after quitting from the game the games in the memory stick cannot be seen…but I stiil have the pro updater but I try launch the cfw it still cannot read my game….has anyone experienced this situation?

  289. John says:

    Can anyone help me? I have a PSP-3000 and the 6.60 firmware. I’ve tried multiple times to install this CFW but it never works, when I go to the Memory Stick option on the “Game” menu nothing shows up. Would really appreciate some help :(

    • John says:

      Nevermind I already fixed it 😀
      For some reason my PSP didn’t have a GAME folder inside of the PSP folder, it had another PSP folder (inside the PSP folder) with the GAME folder inside, which is where I put the files for installing the CFW. I made a new GAME folder inside the original PSP folder, put the CFW files there and it worked!

  290. Dima says:

    Guys I have psp2001 I installed cfw. All games works but when I import the game it shows me two files in xmb one is the game one is corrupted data, what’s the problem?

  291. Stockton says:

    Hello, I had a question for the experts on this site, I currently have a PSP 1001 with 6.60 Pro-C firmware, and while on vacation, a maid knocked it on the floor and it won’t read disks anymore, the ISOs and Gameboy games I have downloaded o the memory stick still work, but seeing as I still play UMDs I am going to have to buy a new PSP, so my question is, will the memory stick I currently have that I was using with my PSP 1001 work on a PSP 3001 (or whatever the north american region code is) and still have the working firmware for my ISOs and Gameboy games?
    Thank you for a response, and I apologize for the lengthy question.
    Stockton Terlson

  292. ScpoSteel says:

    So I downloaded the Pro CFW for the PSP 3000, and got everything to work fine. My issue is that the only emulator that is working on there is the NES one. I’ve tried the SNES, Gameboy, and Genesis one from the download page, and they all register as corrupt data. So is there an issue with the emulators themselves, or am I doing something wrong?

  293. ScpoSteel says:

    Hey guys, I had posted a comment earlier asking about what I was doing wrong, and I figured out where I went wrong. When I downloaded the Emulators and placed them in the respective folder it would read the files as corrupted. For the life of me I couldn’t figure it out. After doing some thinking I figured out where I went wrong. If you use Media GO on your PC or lap top the first thing you need to do is move the file onto the game section of Media Go. This will transfer the data so it can be recognized. After that all you have to do is move the emulator in the game folder and the rest is history.

  294. paed808 says:

    um, well yeah. i booted up my psp for the first time in forever and while it was charging i clicked fast recovery. (i already installed the cfw, just doing the fast recovery) then my psp 3000 died of low battery.

    right now there is no orange charging light and when i take out the battery and charge it, it turns on for 1 second and shuts off.

    is it full bricked? :/

    • paed808 says:

      Edit: I booted up my psp 3001 without the battery and it works, I had to take out the UMD for it to boot up. So now I know it’s the battery.

  295. Max says:

    How can I have my existing Cintro on 6.60, with this program, if I have Autostart v5.6 which won’t work until I Use Fast Recovery? I’m assuming that if Autostart v5.6 would work once i boot the PSP then the Cintro would work

  296. Dy7 says:

    I have psp 3004 and i want to hack it ….I have downloaded so many pro updater but none of them worked. I click on pro updater psp restart with psp portable logo and then screen goes blank nothing happens…..

  297. Herbert says:

    Hi everyone!

    Just a short question. I have a PSP 3000 running 5.50 Gen-D3 (did not install it myself) at the moment and I would like to upgrade to 6.XX in order to execute the upcoming exploit on my PSVita.

    Can I upgrade to 6.60 OFW as this guide describes without any risks or do I have to “do” anything as I’m currently run a CFW?

    Thanks a lot!

  298. Yun Hizawa says:

    THANKS A LOT! I can’t believe I paid $20 for this two years ago xD

  299. Ulrich says:

    Hi, I followed the instruction and downloaded the files.
    But when I tried to update it went to a blank screen and says the following:

    Sorry. This program doesn’t support your firmware FW(0X06030510)

    What went wrong? I double checked just in case I’ve got my PSP version wrong but it isn’t. Mine is a 3008 so it should be the same category as 3000’s right?

    Thanks in advance

  300. deepak says:

    plzzzz help i hav psp 3004 version 5.03 , how to crack permenantly plzzzz help me gyzzzzz

  301. deepak says:

    plzzzzz help me gyzzzzz

  302. Persia Altair says:

    Hey guys, I did all the steps mentioned above and It worked properly the only problem is that it doesn’t show my games when I activate it (Let’s say the game is MHP3rd English Patch v.5) when i checked the the game in the folder it clearly shows it there . why doesn’t it show up ? PLZ. HELP

  303. Chico says:

    I f***d up, I went to PRO CFW instead of Pro Update & now my psp’s not responding please help!!

  304. Asraf says:

    anyone can help me. i have upgrade my psp to version 6.61..i cant play game..anyone can help me downgrade ?plsss.. email me at

  305. SkyboundLight says:

    I accidentally used fast recovery, while on 6.61 (was trying to use downgrader to get the 6.60 firmware installed and running on the psp) and it went black, power shut off, and it won’t start at all. Really need help ;-;

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