Installing Pro CFW on a PSP 2000 (slim)

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Installing a Custom Firmware on your PSP 2000 has never been so easy. In this page I’m describing the easiest possible way for you to install the most reliable Custom Firmware on your PSP: Pro CFW.

As a PSP 2000 owner, depending on your motherboard type, there’s a chance you can use other techniques such as the Pandora Battery to install a Custom Firmware. If you are interested in the “advanced” Pandora Battery method, please go check that guide, or the “Power users” section below. If, on the other hand, you want to follow the easy method (which for now I recommend), please keep reading.

Installing Pro CFW on your PSP2000 is simple, free, and is not much risky than installing a Firmware update on your device. It does not require any advanced hack technique or hardware modification. There’s basically 3 easy steps (you were expecting more? Sorry to disappoint):

1. Download the necessary files

2. Update your PSP To firmware 6.60

Skip this step if you already have Firmware 6.60 installed on your PSP.

In order to install Pro CFW on your PSP, you will need to first update your PSP to the 6.60 Sony firmware (which, at the time of this writing, is the latest firmware released by Sony), if that’s not already the case. There are versions of Pro CFW that will run on older firmwares, but updating to 6.60 will guarantee the best compatibility for your official games.

To install the 6.60 Firmware, just unzip the archive on your PSP’s memory stick, in the “PSP” folder (you should end up with an “UPDATE” folder in the PSP folder, if you do things correctly), then run the update from your PSP menu.

Trouble upgrading? Ask for help on our forums

3. Install Pro CFW

The Pro CFW archive provides several subfolders in the “PSP/GAME” folder. Two of them are interesting for us: the FastRecovery and the PROUPDATE folders. Those two need to be extracted to the PSP/GAME folder on your memory stick.

Assuming you extracted the files correctly, you will see a few new applications in your PSP’s Game menu. The one you will want to run in order to install Pro CFW is “Pro Update”. Just run it.

That’s it. You can erase the “ProUpdate” folder from your PSP, but keep the “FastRecovery” one.


That’s it, I said 3 steps :) Welcome to the world of Custom Firmwares. There’s no additional step required to install the Pro CFW. However, every time you reboot your console, you will have to reactivate ProCFW, which is done by running the Fast Recovery tool from your PSP’s Game menu, and takes literally 5 seconds.

5. Power user

In this section you will find additional tricks/steps if you want to improve or customize your experience with a Custom Firmware on your PSP 2000

Some people think that it is a burden to reactivate the CFW every time they reboot their console. It is important to note that this is needed only if you reboot the console, not if you put it into sleep mode. Most people use the sleep mode 90% of the time without ever realizing it. Trust me, I’ve used several PSPs for years now, running the Fast Recovery tool is not a problem in your daily usage. That being said, since you’re running on a PSP 2000, you have a possibility to install the CFW permanently, assuming that your motherboard is hackable. This is done by running the tool CIPL FLasher from the Pro CFW (included in the archive). I won’t dig into the details for that (just run the tool will do the trick), just know that I personally think this is a feature you won’t need (and there is an additional risk of bricking your PSP) unless you use your PSP for dev purposes.

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  1. kyoshiro mibu

    im running on 5.00 m33-4 cfw and i have a pandora battery and a mms but once i did the 6.60 update it kinda in a way bricked my psp i can not boot into 6.60 ofw i have to hold L and boot into m33 test otherwise my psp just crashes and shuts itself down and doesnt even boot i dont own a normal battery and its a psp 2000 i need serious assistance in unbricking this update so i can install the pro cfw i have them on here but once i try to load the pro cfw’s it says not usable with the current cfw i even tried installing 5.00 ofw and it still bricks up and says im on 5.00 m33-4 im so lost lol help me please oh psp gods xP

    • alevineman

      Install 6.60 ME-1.8 while in Test M33. That should fix your problem. It flashes a cIPL, which appears to be your problem. If not, use your pandora and MMS.

  2. Bryan

    how many mb’s does this 6.60 update have?

  3. nfjd

    I have a PSP2000 with 5.50 GEN-D3… what do I need to do to update?

  4. Matt

    I have a PSP 2003 with 5.00 M33-6, and a Pandora Batt. is there any newer firmware available?

  5. Rose


  6. Sudo_Made

    I have a PSP Slim 2002 zy (Yellow Simpson’s Release) with Dark Alex’s M33-6 CFW and followed these instructions starting with upgrading to Sony OFW 6.60 and then ran the Pro CFW 6.60-C fix 3 update and everything worked great. A lot easier than how it used to be to get CFW running, lol.
    Thanks Uploader!

  7. montasir

    I tried these steps and now after the reboot the psp is stuck on loading screen PLEASE HELP

  8. mark

    i have a problem when i installed the update my battery stops working help please!!!

  9. Polymar

    After upgrading to 6.60 ofw and installing pro-c2, my iso won’t boot. They got stuck with a black screen. All of them worked with 5.00 m33!

  10. marriedman

    I found my PSP2001 the other day and thought I would update it. I had 5.50 GEN-D3 installed. I downloaded the official firmware per the instructions and went about installing it. I got the issue that I am currently running 9.90 blah blah blah…. so I mount flash0 and change the version.txt to 5.50.

    Now I can apply the update. As soon as I did, I got the red screen of death. ” A serious error has occurred…” I tried installing Hellcat’s Recovery and the got me nowhere. And the newest thing is that my memory card is now wiped clean. I still have GEN Recovery, but now I have no Helcat Recovery. If I create the PSP folder, then GAME, then RECOVERY and add the Hellcat recovery to it, it won’t load.

    Is my PSP completely bricked now?

  11. Vilcker

    on my psp 2000 / 5:50 Prome -4 is giving this error [ Sorry. This program doesnt’t support yout FW ( 0x05050010 ) . if someone can help me thank you

  12. Cyntiii

    What if update 6.61 is availble.. does it stil work then?? or should i stay at 6.60 to make sure itwill work?

  13. Cynthia

    It’s not working on my ps2000.
    It say’s that de update version is 1.52 instead of 6.60 when i put this file on my psp… does anyone know why?
    My psp has version 3.60

  14. WesleyJDarko

    Anyone who got the 6.61 update there is a patch that came out o-o It was a patch of Pro so ya

  15. Ulip

    yes, me too. what we do?

  16. toBsucht

    you don´t have 6.60 ofw installed.

  17. hanna sheree

    got the same problem. i tried to install 6.60 but it says that i have 9.90 firmware and does not need an update but i only have 5.50 prome-4 fw..

  18. bob

    hahhahahaha, welcome to the past hanna. I guess your only option is to wait until sony itself releases the official 9.90 FW so that it could get cracked and turned into cfw

  19. EzpadaZ

    You have “9.90” because past in the days i don’t remember if it was for playing online or bypassing updates…. or both… who knows. Yet you have a version.txt somewhere i your psp. 5.50? For gods sake update now….

  20. Dash

    Press select on your psp then change usb device to flash 0.

    Connect your psp on your computer go to vsh folder.

    Go to etc folder and open version txt.

    Change release from 9.90 to 5.50 and save.

    Console is ready to be updated to 6.60 then Pro C2 as per normal.

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