How To: use gmail on the PS Vita/ PS TV (fix error C2-14396-3)

Gmail have recently increased their security and you might see an error message if you try to register your PS Vita or your Vita TV with gmail:

An error has occurred. (C2-14396-3)

please log in via your web browser: (Failure)

This error happens because gmail considers your Vita app to not be secure.

c2-14396-3 PS Vita

There are settings to bypass this error.

First, go to your google account settings, in the “recently used devices“. You might have to confirm that you are the person who was just trying to connect, so that your PS Vita doesn’t get blacklisted


Then, in the sign-in and security settings page, scroll down to “Allow less secure apps”, and make sure to turn it to “on”



You should now be able to register your gmail account on your PS Vita or Vita TV!

16 Responses

  1. xfullmetal17

    I’ve found that having two-factor authentication ON and creating an app password (at click App passwords and generate a new one) doesn’t give the above “security issue” message. Note that you’ll have to repeat this step every time you want to re-enable the hack, since it’s a more of a “one-time use” password.

  2. Sprinkle

    When I already filled my correct email address and my correct password it keeps saying “the sign-in ID or password is not correct”

  3. jon

    not working for me

  4. Camolot the Creator

    Does not help at all. The same error keeps popping up, and I have checked multiple times over that I have entered the correct login information.

  5. Kenneth

    I set up an email account and when I send the email to that account, it never shows up on the PStv email. Just sits there trying to refresh then I get a “no messages” notice.

  6. Jacson

    Excellent! Your article helped me a lot. THANKS!

  7. aziz

    Hello compte ps vita

  8. touba

    salu est-ce-que vous pouvez me donnez le compte de ps vita
    pardent pour sa

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