A HEN (Homebrew Enabler) is a piece of software that allows you to run homebrew games and backups on your Sony PSP. The goal is similar to Half-Byte Loader but a HEN usually has more compatibility than HBL, as it has access to the Kernel functions.


The Hen you need to download depends on the firmware of your PSP, and is independent of the model (it works on all models, 1000, 2000, 3000, and PSP Go). Click on the firmware installed on your PSP to be redirected to the appropriate download page:

If you have a firmware below 6.20, we suggest you upgrade to 6.20 or higher, and install one of the above.

Still confused? Then CFW For dummies will help you!

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  1. Jorge says:

    Nice…I m the first to say..what up.!

    Any news about the TN HEN update for 6.20?

    • clint says:

      well i have a psp go too.i recently purchased it last month in 2010 dec…i had luckily got it with firmware 5.70.as my psp dealer had the older stock of the psp go in his shop..so lucky me..so i upgraded my firmware to 6.20 since the HEN was pretty good..and i heard a lot of good things abt it.i had to download the firmware 6.20 that is compatible with PSP go only…so i installed it…everything went well…infact dont have any problems in running all the iso games with the prometheus ISO loader. everything works flawlessly!!!

  2. PSP Owner says:

    Should I UPdate from 6.20 to 6.35 ?

  3. eiii says:

    how can i update my 5.50 to 6.20… its psp 3000…

  4. Mobai says:

    Download the Update, put the eboot.pbp into /PSP/GAME/UPDATE/
    The Rest is easy

  5. billybellfoot says:

    hi how do i copy my own umd so i can play on iso loader
    also what iso loader do i use? im on 6.30 pro any help much apreciated

  6. yellow says:

    @psp owner if i were you i would not update to 6.35 if you did not here dridri and his team is making a cfw for 6.20tn-B so i will say stick to your firmware and update only if wololo say so thats for everyone including 6.3x users.

  7. Crazyflakes says:

    @billybellfoot you can download promtus iso loader and put it in xmb/psp/game/gamename/here! after that you install then hen to do that u put the hen eboot file in the hbl folder “it will ask you to replace just put yes” then run the demo skiri and make sure you have the save game data or else it wont work. then you load up the exploit and now you have 6.3X pro ” note : when you shut down your psp you will have to run the hen again” if you just turn off psp “dont hold” then you should be good. after that run iso loader, make sure you have iso’s in the root of you MS pro. to get iso just run a program idk what its called to make backup iso from the orignal games. “i do not promote piracy” if you get introble from downloading iso off the internet “YOU BEEN WARNED!” and enjoy :)

  8. Asyllum says:

    @billybellfoot you can download promtus iso loader and put it in xmb/psp/game/gamename/here! after that you install then hen to do that u put the hen eboot file in the hbl folder “it will ask you to replace just put yes” then run the demo skiri and make sure you have the save game data or else it wont work. then you load up the exploit and now you have 6.3X pro ” note : when you shut down your psp you will have to run the hen again” if you just turn off psp “dont hold” then you should be good. after that run iso loader, make sure you have iso’s in the root of you MS pro. to get iso just run a program idk what its called to make backup iso from the orignal games. “i do not promote piracy” if you get introble from downloading iso off the internet “YOU BEEN WARNED!” and enjoy :)

  9. billybellfoot says:

    no i wanted to copy my own games not download iso’s
    just so i dont have to carry so many umd’s with me and no noise from umd and extended battery life not for piracy thanks though for info and heads up. if i own the game thats cool to copy it for my own use RIGHT? provided i dont then pass it on to others? is that right?

    • clockdryve says:

      Yea, you can download games you own (ISO-CSo’s) just don’t pass them on to others. I don’t know if I can give you a link to an ISO download site ….but just use google and search for PSP ISO DOWNLOADS and that should help. *One place has “gorrila-isos.co.uk” in the name :) I don’t think there is an ISO downloader for HEN (where you can burn games from PSP UMD)…that was a CFW application for GEN and M33. Good Luck

  10. bmg1001 says:

    @Crazyflakes You mean UMDumper

  11. Asyllum says:

    @bmg1001 yea i thinks thats the software to make backup iso’s of your games. also if u have a cso game and it runs slow”its because your psp is constently unpacking the data” i strongly recomment that you use yacc with 2 c’s “search on google”. this software converts cso games into iso games which run much smoother then cso.

    • clockdryve says:

      UMDGen is even better. You can remove the UPDATE folder from the ISO’s (inside SYSDIR folder) that way saving at least 25mb of space on each game….and you can save to ISO or CSO and return a CSO back to an ISO. You just drag (or copy-past) into the large space provided on the right side of the application popup….then double click the PSP_GAME on the left to get to the SYSDIR folder….then right click and DELEYE the update folder….can then run the dummy search (don’t have to really), then go to top FILE and choose “save as” make your choice (iso or cso) then put the name of the game, then choose SAVE….then pick a compression level (I choose 7) then choose CONTINUE, now wait for it to finish. That’s it. http://www.psp-hacks.com/file/948 bottom of page on left is the download.

  12. Asyllum says:

    To anyone who wants yacc its a great program and i use it heres the link http://yacc.pspgen.com/ enjoy 😉

    • DMand420 says:

      Thanks for the heads up Asyllum, very usefull and for those who don’t know yacc = Yet Another Cso Compresser = More Space for More Games = Happy Smile Time

  13. shams says:

    hello my psp is 2004 and version 6.35 can i hack my psp please help me thanks

    • clockdryve says:

      go back one page and see my instructions with LINK to download….do what my instructions say and youn will have HEN for 6.35

  14. freeze says:

    Why every time I start the game (Everybody’s Sukki) and when I click to load the saved game the PSP shuts down (done it like 10 times)

    • billybellfoot says:

      having same problem
      psp 2003 ofw 6.30
      installed 6.31pro hen and loaded sukkiri pressed o and got black screen red and white txt appeared returened back to xmb checked system info
      software version 6.31 pro installed correctly installed picodrive & sonic all working fine
      installed prometheus today crashed tried to re-install 6.30 pro in same way loaded sukkiri pressed o black screen “this time no red/white txt” returned to xmb checked system software 6.30 ofw so no hen installed repeated process many times also fomated mem sttick & re-installed but nothing any help much apreciated thanks in advance for any help given

      • billybellfoot says:

        if having my problem back up mem card to ur pc to save anything you wanna keep then format mem card restore psp default settings then install hbl and sukiri demo once they are installed swap the hbl/menu/EBOOT.PBP
        for the 6.31 pro hen one
        worked for me

  15. tabootang says:

    636Hen Pro released ……BUT just run on 03g&04g
    the same Website?with 635 hen

  16. Neopunk says:

    @PSP Owner DON’T UPDATE!!!

  17. Asyllum says:

    the UMDumper and DAX UMDumper “dark Alex” does not work on hen 6.31. a very good program the convert your umds to iso is “iso tool 1.9″
    to run simply go into your psp’s game folder put the iso tool fold in there. then go to your psp “run the hen if not already” then load up iso tool. after that you you come to a screen that says [UMD Drive] and iso’s if you have them there. first thing you do is put a umd game in your psp. 2nd click the umd drive “press X’ then you come to a sreen to change the name of the file, “just name the file what the game is called” after that you select start and then set you psp down fot about 15>or less. the iso file is automatically put in you iso folder on your psp. ten run promouthes iso loader ” the down load link is in this website just look at older entries” and the download link for the iso tools is : http://www.psp-hacks.com/file/1931 enjoy :)

    NOTE: if you do not have enough memory in your MS PRO the UMD will not rip into iso.
    :also it has a secound choice to make a cso when i will go strongly against it, because it thats about 7+ hours to do and cso run slow on a psp.

    • clockdryve says:

      Just take you ISO and turn it into a CSO on you computer. Some games STILL might take 30 to change to CSO but many a much less time. Read above under my name (and link is there). My post starts with “UMDGen is even better”. And I have NEVER had a problem with running CSO’s (no slow speeds), and they are much smaller…..saving lots of SPACE on the memory of PSP. And be sure and remove the UPDATE folders in you ISO-CSO files with UMDGen because 25mb is a waste of space if you don’t need it to be there :)

    • flayer says:

      @Asyllum try the umd dumper from psp.gdteam.net it works fine on pro hen 6.31 on my psp 3000. so far ive dumped gta vice city and killzone liberation and they both run fine with the prometheus iso loader.

  18. yellow says:

    A previously unknown Coderteam, “zero ware” have announced that they release it by the end of the month will be a HEN. With this it should be possible to start ISO’s from the XMB and PSX emulation.
    How far they are, you can see in this text.
    6:20 A zero-ware is a Work in Progress (WIP) of team zero
    I have been reversing Total_Noob’s HEN (systemctrl, vshctrl, etc)
    for 6:20 So that we, team zero, could make an updated / better version of it
    that the users will enjoy (More than now).

    Here’s how the work goes so far:

    systemctrl 90% reversed-fixing up USB patches and other patches
    vshctrl 100% reversed-Adding Virtual PBP patches (ISO and CSO purposes)
    rebootex not started – Will use TN’s if we do not have time for the first release
    satellite (vsh menu) not started – I plan on using our own vsh menu (I might reverse some of TN’s functions, with other functions as well)

    Installer 10% done – planning on adding a graphical GUI (for the users Wink)

    6:20 A zero-ware so will try to fix the bugs of Homebrew crashing on loading, playing, or exiting
    on most of the 3k models (and other bugs we have not discovered yet)
    A zero-ware will therefore have a full version of systemctrl functions (TN did not add the ones for UMD and isofs)
    It also will have ISO / CSO support (you will be able to lauch them via XMB) as well as support PSX dont know if its real thought i think they should not mess around with the nids tn put alot of work in it.

  19. bmg1001 says:

    Is there any alternative for PSPFiler to uncompress my RAR and ZIP Files on my PSP, so I could download Homebrew on it, then extracting it through my PSP, or should I try to code my own. (And Yes, I develop PSP Homebrew for myself)

    • clockdryve says:

      Well by all means…..if you can do better “GO FOR IT” big boy. Code away…don’t seem like a very good question. Maybe I didn’t understand it. //

  20. dirTy jEw says:

    @bmg1001 what fw are you on and what hen are you using?

  21. Symbian?? says:


  22. daks 005 says:

    awsome dude i even completed god of war in ma 6.31 pro……it works so smooth…wololo is great

  23. bmg1001 says:

    @dirTy jEw Im on 6.35 PRO (Nightly Build) And does anyone know if there’s a Version of CXMB for PSPgo 6.35 Pro

  24. PSP Owner says:

    @wololo & everyone
    Please answer wololo can a psp be brick if the TN HEN is used over and over again ?

    • sevy_philippines says:

      HeN is only install on psp ram thats why its temporary and it can’t brick your psp,.,. but tn-hen gives you full control on psp and access on psp flash0,.,. writing on flash0 may be result in brick,.,.

  25. PSP Owner says:

    Please answer wololo can a psp be brick if the TN HEN is used over and over again ?

  26. PSP Owner says:


  27. X says:

    is it possible to downgarde a psp go from 6.31 to 6.20

  28. dirTy jEw says:

    @ Total Noob , Wololo , M0skit0 , Davee or any psp programer.. i am on psp 3001 with ofw 6.31 running sikki exploit with hbl and 6.31 hen. i wanted to know if any of you programers are going to make a downgrader hombrew for 6.31 that will run on 6.31 Pro. if not should i up date to 6.35? i really want TN Hen on my psp. i am happy that i can run iso tool and promuthus iso loader on my psp, so if you are making a downgrader i am willing to wait. also i would like to know if the downgrader will go to cfw :)

  29. M@zan says:

    Yes, when the downgrader from 6.31 to 6.20??

  30. Roxas says:

    hi everyone i have a psp 3002 with version 6.35, is my psp hackable? thanks

  31. equis says:

    People should stop asking for a downgrade from 6.3x to 6.20. Despite being better, I bet most people couldn’t take difference into account between both two HENs. I personally have two PSP gos, one with 6.20 HEN and other with 6.31 PRO HEN. Better control in 6.20 TN-B, but all my homebrew (and more) can be launched in both HENs, besides ISO Loader. OI ISO Loader doesn’t run in 6.31 PRO, but if you have one ISO Loader running, why another one?
    I don’t see the point in downgrading, even from 6.20 to 5.xx….

  32. Roxas says:

    can someone answer my question pls 😀

  33. Bierko says:

    hen hello if I install this on my psp, permanent?

  34. clockdryve says:

    @equis, it’s SIMPLE to determine why people want to “downgrade” even though MOST won’t notice the differnace between 6.20 and 6.3X….they know SOMETHING is better :) And they assume they will get better in determining the differance or some GREAT homebrew will come out that is BETTER on the lower version (or won’t run on the higher version) :) So yea…..I want a downgrader for my 2nd PSP Go that is running 6.31 because my PSP Go running 6.20 is lonely :)

    • equis says:

      @clockdryve sure, but you are not asking TN, wololo, etc, to make a downgrade (do you? 😉 ). If I find a tool that downgrades my PSP with HEN PRO to 6.20, I’ll use it!! I know (by experience) that 6.20 TN-B is much better, MOST people don’t. The same people that asks for an upgrade.
      So, you, as a person that KNOWS, don’t ask for a downgrade tool, people who doesn’t know, should ask?

  35. clockdryve says:

    Oh, and my 2 PSP Phat’s and my PSP 2001 say “I don’t care”….cause they always HAPPY :)

  36. flayer says:

    @equis if you had a hackable motherboard downgrading to 5.03 could get you at a full cfw without having to buy a pandora battery.

  37. Ivo says:

    oh well…

    Both hens work for me

    Model: 3004
    Color: Red
    Firmware: 6.35 PRO

    Model: 3001
    Color: Purple (Hannah Montanah Pack) (My Sister’s)
    Firmware: 6.20 HEN-A

  38. BOB :D says:

    Hi, I want to get ISO games and play them off my memory card
    I have a psp 3002 with version 6.35
    How can i do so? thanks

  39. Agoattamer says:

    After reading some, old news, is 6.35 TN-HEN going to be released on Jan 16,2011

  40. assault says:

    @bryan1001 does it work on the PSPGO without a memory stick?

  41. assault says:

    guys any news on a new version of TN’ HEN?

  42. Princess Leia says:


    Homebrews work perfect now!!! PSP 3003 slim.

  43. toBsucht says:

    ok 4 all which have problems with the dridri iso or prometheus a littel eng and a big german tut a download link[ofw update6.20,inclusive hb´s+apps and dual boot(patapon2 and sukiri) and a lot of plugins the file size is 472.43 MB copy past and :) this is not build 4 psp go!!!No iso´s inside :p tested with ofw6.20

    ok für alle die noch Schwierigkeiten haben dridri oder prom iso´s zu nutzen hier ein link mit download zu meinem tut auf deutsch einfach runterladen entpacken und auf dem ms abspeichern ist aber nicht für die pspGo gemacht. Natürlich das tut lesen oder den so geht es text im down viel Spaß und ein schönes Wochenende! Inhalt des download homebrews+apps, 2-isoloader, ofw update6.20, plugins und dualboot(patapon2 und sukiri) größe 472.43mb mit ofw6.20 getestet

  44. Derek says:

    I have a PSP Go 6.35. Running TN-Hen. Is there a FW that I dont have to enter a Game, load an exploit, in order to access Homebrew? Thanks

    • Alex says:

      hey Derek,

      Unfortunately No, not yet. right now there is only HEN, but as long as you don’t completely shut down your psp, you don’t have to reload it. I think it’s great, Thanks to TN and to everybody that help.

  45. Raven says:

    Hello Guys

    Could you please tell me if a psp go from JAPAN(6.35) can run the HEN?

    Please I need an answer because, I would like to buy a psp from a japanese store here in japan

  46. tabootang says:

    ?????? announced that he will release 635 cfw
    the cfw has been completed and is bug fixes

  47. Robert says:

    Can someone help, I’m very new to this and I’m thinking of buying a new psp go, I’m only intending to use this for emulation as I’m a bit of a retro boy, however I’m unsure how to go about this, I have seen demos of things like picodrive using hbl, but have seen this site and am now aware of hen…..which is the best way for what I’m looking to do?

    • equis says:

      You can do what you saying (emulate) in your PSP Go. Only be aware of what firmware you PSP have and then download the appropriate HEN. In this page you only should click in the link your FW is: 6.20, 6.30, 6.31 or 6.36. Only be careful to not buy a PSP with 6.36 firmware.

  48. toBsucht says:

    depent on your fw and which kind of psp(go or a300X?). Go 1 site back to get a big(500mb) tn-b6.20 and upper fw /not build to use with pspGo

  49. assault says:

    guys any news on 6.35 PRO A?
    when is the release of it??

  50. fracois says:

    i tried the t-n hen 6.20 on my psp 5.50 and it gives me a message of ‘incompatible firmware’ when i try to run the hen. please advise.

  51. Wet250 says:

    well basically you just have the wrong firmware.All you have to do is update to 6.20 OFW

  52. tks says:

    ok people here is the vsh menu light for pro hen


  53. assault says:

    @tks does it work on the GO?
    and please tell me on how to install and run it if it does run on GO with ofw 6.35 PRO

  54. tks says:

    well this runs on psp go 6.35 pro (nightly build) available in wololo 6.35 download on this page (note-which can run plugins) ….just extract the vsh plugin on root of the internal memory stick and then load hen thats it…..the hen will normally return to cross bar after loading n then on your psp u can press “SELECT” button to launch it….well follow the thread posted above ….i ‘m just a noob like u …no better

  55. tks says:

    sorry i forgot to metion the thread

    ask for help…n follow here

  56. assault says:

    @tks one more thing does it work on the PSP GO’s eternal memory? or u need a memory stick??

  57. bmg1001 says:

    Does anyone know exactly how to use the Homebrew Signer Tool, I dont understand it, I just wanna sign Bookr, and Sanya’s Homebrew Sorter

  58. tks says:

    @assualt …its internal memory where i put it…it is only 7 kb

  59. yellow says:

    why psp tube >:o

  60. PSPtutorials says:

    Hello everyone! Gosh, psp scene is awesome now!! Guess what! I made video tutorial on how to sign your own homebrews and play ISO’s without the hen running on youtube, so you can watch the video and learn. Since this is not a legal proccess, the video on youtube is private, so you neeed to have a youtube account. Once you sign in on youtube, click this link: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?redirected=1&add_user=cristianoronaldo3213
    Click on the blue button around the middle of the page. I don’t know what the button says, but after you click it, the video on how to sign the homebrews will begin playing. I used a translator to convert this to english. I cannot read the english, that is why i don’t know what blue button says. If you cannot understand me, i’m sorry. But, trust me. It works.

    • clockdryve says:

      FAKE….or he has REMOVED the video. The only thing he has for Game Hacks is something for PS3 so nothing to help. Sorry……..

  61. Killerbyez says:

    GUYS pls help i have made my psp to fw 6.31 pro so now what??? pls help……….

  62. yeral says:

    excuseme somebody has somes link of games for psp 6.35 pro i dont have neither game you can put your links below or send to damian91_1@hotmail.com . sorry my english is bad because i am from spain.

    gracias amigos

  63. yellow says:

    download hombrews directly from your psp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qobVaoJMeew

  64. Simple says:

    Will Remote Joy Lite work on 6.31 HEN?

  65. saurav says:

    i downloaded the hen an i unziped it on my psp 3001 ofv 6.35 and i installed it and the savedata too when i start the surriki demo and i load the savegame, after a few seconds my psp just turns off please help!!!

  66. clockdryve says:

    @saurav, be sure you put the folder hbl and the file h.bin onto the ROOT of your memory location. That is area where you have PSP,VIDEO,PICTURE…folders. Just drop anywhere–but NOT inside anything. There is “also” a seperate version of the HEN (your choice) that doesn’t require the HBL. It is a stand alone HEN enabler….just start it and then there are some homebrew and emulators that can be played right away….and don’t forget the “Prometheus Iso Loader” that is used to play the ISO-CSO (PSP backups). That will also require you to make an ISO folder for the ROOT of memory location also. Your best bet would be to go to youtube and search around. It’s been about 4 months of answering the same old questions :) Video is much easier to understand anyway. Good Luck

  67. clockdryve says:

    Oh, and with the PSP 3001 there HAS been some problems with the loader not working correctly…has something to do with the memory stick. Here try this http://pspslimhacks.com/signed-6-35-pro-hen-released-run-hen-from-the-xmb/ Remove EVERTHING you installed before and use this (put in GAME folder) then all you need to domis RUN it on PSP. This NEW homebrew is SIGNED and the PSP doesn’t know it’s FAKE. After running this….you can start any homebrew or ISO Loader :) *You can also LOOK for SIGNED homebrew that has been coming out the last few days too. They require NO HEN or HBL.

  68. yeral says:

    somebody has psp tube for 6.35 pro please from where download i need it

  69. reapersmist says:


    Latest Signed Homebrews Here, no requests plz on that thread or any thread from what i understand 😛 TY.

    @yeral check http://www.psp-hacks.com/

  70. saurav says:


    ohhhh i’ve been putting the hen in the mp_root folder

  71. saurav says:

    oops i mean @clockdryve in my last comment

  72. yellow says:

    6.31 downgrader from davee will soon be release he just want to test it on 3g and 4g psp

  73. yellow says:

    6.20tn-c release
    – Added 50 MB large memory support for every PSP models except PSP classic.
    – Added online gaming support.
    – Added server for TN NETWORK UPDATE.
    – Fixed bug in VSHMenu where CPU speed hasn’t changed when set it to default.
    – Fixed bug in Digital Comics that caused a crash.
    – Fixed server redirection.
    – Removed FAKE INDEX.DAT from VSHMenu, but feature is still effective (move version.txt to X:/seplugins/).
    – Signed HEN with prxEncrypter (thanks to Mathieulh, bbtgp, coyotebean, kgsws and everyone who involved to this project).
    – Used Davee’s $v1 trick to find power_buf_addr. also in the next revision that is 6.20tn-D he will have compatability of pops loaders playstation 1.

  74. mykcn says:

    TN HEN -C released.

  75. myk says:

    @wololo How can we take full advantages of the larger 50 MB memory added by TN-C?

  76. Aradan says:

    And things just get easier and easier, you can almost see that big vein in Sonys head about to explode.

    Thank you TN, thank you Wololo, thank you everyone who continues to work hard long hours to help the PSP community in Homebrew.

    For those that want to put a ICON to the 6.20 TN-C(HEN) to show up in XMB, use PBP Unpacker,
    -Open the EBOOT.PBP file for TN-C
    -Extract all the files to your desktop (or where ever)
    -Create a NEW EBOOT.PBP with PBPUnpacker
    -add the previous extracted files to the relevent sections
    -add an Icon (a PNG file, such as the one that comes with Wololo’s Savegame data for Patapon2 – if he allows this respect to Wololo) to ICON0.PNG
    -click SAVE, this should now create a new EBOOT.PBP file, copy and overwrite the TN-C EBOOT.PBP file on your PSP

    There you go, it seems to work for me but I havent fully tested everything works as it should, if not for you then I appologise.

  77. 6.31 hen Has been Signed!

  78. emac says:

    I have a PSP 2000 running 5.50 GEN-D3. Which FW and HEN should I upgrade to?

    • clockdryve says:

      You should NOT update your PSP 2001 from 5.50 GEN just LEAVE it there. Your CFW will do much MORE than this HEN ever thought of doing :) Just use the “Prometheus” installers to allow for 6.XX games to be able to be played on your machine. I think there are around 4 different updates (very small programs). Just use a GOOGLE search for “5.50GEN Prometheus” and that should work…..remember there are about 4 higher versions of the Prometheus….so if that 6.XX game (X stands for any number) doesn’t work then you need the higher version (just find the version 4 I think is highest). *Not for certain if you need to update the Prometheus “one at a time” or just use the most current….as I updated as they came out—one at a time.

  79. damian says:

    hey where i can download games iso/cso directly from my psp if you know please gime me the link or which server is compatible with psp exa: megaupload but megaupload not function

    i cant write


  80. saurav says:

    i have 6.35 pro on the hen what does the kernel funcions do?

  81. yellow says:

    update: 6.31 and 6.37 signed hen has been release check it on psp king de.com

  82. assault says:

    guys i need help on how to install a cxmb on the psp go..
    Im using psp go 6.35 PRO(Nightly).

  83. leslie ian says:

    for the founder of the 6.31 pro CFW. thank you very much! i was able to revive my psp that was upgraded last year to the OFW. since i lived in the mountains off to any malls to get umds. this really helped me a lot. whoever you are, keep it up! thanks you very much!

  84. clockdryve says:

    Just finished downgrading my PSP Go from 6.35 to 6.20 ALL is working FINE :) Completed my other PSP Go (with messed up VSH-causes reboot) update to 6.35 – SUCCESS and downgrade BACK to 6.20 -SUCCESS and now the VSH menu is WORKING —SUCCESS !!! Thank You ” Davee ” !!!!!!!

  85. Perci says:

    im running 6.35 PRO Hen Signed every time i load socom us navy seals tactical strike cso it goes to the load screen and crashes im not having any trouble with any other cso/iso just this one and ive downloaded the game from multiple places always same results.

    can any body shed some light on this issue

    thanks in advance

    and great job on the HEN keep up the good work

    • clockdryve says:

      Some ISO/CSO will NOT work. I am having the same problem with “Hot Shots Tennis Get a Grip”… Isn’t nothing I can do but play another game.

  86. assault says:

    @clockdryve u know how to put cxmb on 6.20 TN C(PSP GO)??? and do u know how to use the OpenIdea ISO Loader??? I need help…

  87. PS1lover says:

    wololo davee release a downgrader for for all psp firmware 6.31 and 6.35

  88. clockdryve says:

    Sorry, I’ve never tried the OpenIdea Loader or cxmb. But I will check on the OpenIdea today. Thanks again for that DOWNGRADER link :)

  89. clockdryve says:

    That text above was ment to be a REPLY to “assault” and thanking HIM for giving the link to the “downgrader” yesterday…..

  90. clockdryve says:

    Yea….I aint go to go messing with the OpenIdea Loader. It has vsh.text and .prx files. I JUST got over a BAD VSH Flash yesterday…..with the downgrader (after doing update first). I DON’T want to get ANOTHER bad flash :) The only OpenIdea ISo Loader I could see said compatible with TN-A on 6.20 and was a BETA 3

  91. clockdryve says:

    Ment to say….”with the downgrader-after doing an update first….I was able to FIX the Bad-Flash” That I had for over a week with my VSH menu NOT working and Rebooting my PSP Go (emulators and ISO’s worked…but had issues with other things). I wait for “tried and trued” before I mess around in there again. Wooooopsie :)

  92. clockdryve says:

    Well I lied. I tried to install it but I don’t know what I am doing cause I can’t even see the ISO folder on XMB….as from what I read you are SUPPOSED to ne able to run the ISO’s from the XMB. I mayde a “SEPLUGINS” folder all capital letters as per instructions….and made a TEXT as “vsh.txt” as described…and copy and pasted these lines exactly as shown ” ef0:/PSP/SYSTEM/OIP/isoctrl.prx 1 ” (without quotation marks) AND included the “space” between the “prx 1″ exactly as instructions have them printed…..so WHY am I not able to see the ISO folder on XMB when I turn on PSP Go?? I also “RESTART VSH” and this reboots my PSP Go but NO ISO FOLDER with my games….even put a single ISO on ROOT and still not see it. I’m BLANK-Never used seplugins much before.

  93. clockdryve says:

    Well maybe I should mention that I have “Flash0″ protection-enabled in VSH menu….should I release the protection for a FLASH I suppose (ouch)???

    • equis says:

      I have OpenIdea Iso Loader running in my PSP Go 6.20 TN-C and I like it very much. Its nice to me that this loader brings ISOs directly to my XMB menu with background image without any previous treatment . No ISO tools, no text window for Prometheus Iso Loader… I only put my ISO or CSO in ISO folder and voi là…
      The only con is that some ISOs don’t work like in Prom ISO Loader. For such times, I have Prome ISO Loader 😉
      You don’t need to deactivate Flash protection, @clockdryve. You only must copy your ISOs to ISO folder in root, create your vsh.txt file in SEPLUGINS folder and restar your vsh menu. After that, your ISO appear under Games in XMB. Not ISO folder in XMB, directly your ISOs games in XMB.

    • equis says:

      Oh, I forgot. If you use game categories, you must create an empty folder called ISO under /PSP/GAME

  94. clockdryve says:

    Yea I don’t get it…I have SEPLUGINS (all capital letters) on the XMB….inside that folder I have a text document called vsh.txt (all small letters)….I have a text file inside that and says ef0:/PSP/SYSTEM/OIP/isoctrl.prx 1 (exact letters and seperation with NUMBER 1)…..I have an ISO folder on ROOT with 1.73G of small Games that I know work with Prometheus….Inside PSP I have a folder called SYSTEM (all capital letters)….inside that folder I have a folder called OIP (all capital letters) that has 6 PRX files and 1 EBOOT.PBP from the original download of OpenIdea Iso loader….when I push SELECT on my PSP Go running 6.20TN-C I can see the ONLY thing that says VSH is the option RESTART VSH (all capital letters) I highlight THAT option and push X button….my PSP Go will go to Black screen for a few seconds….then I hear the musical when the PSP Go restarts…..I LOOK under the GAME Icon and see NO GAMES….I highlight System Storage and push X button and I still see NO Games that are CSO’s. So I have NO Idea what I am doing wrong.

    • equis says:

      @clockdryve SEPLUGINS must be in the root of your PSP Go. Another possibility is… do you have donwloaded OIL for PSP Go?

  95. clockdryve says:

    Yea I messed up in my description (thanks for catching that)….the SEPLUGINS is located on the ROOT of memory location (in this case “ef0 and the download of the OIL says PSP Go and the information in instructions gives the vsh.txt memory location as ef0 so that part is correct…I read again my post from above—everything else is correct (only gave wrong location of SEPLUGINS) but it IS correctly placed in the ROOT location. I will try it on my OTHER PSP Go to see if I still have some issue with this that is not working (it WAS the one that got POPPED at VSH before with BAD Homebrew)….but I update and downgraded and my VSH “appears” to be working now (doesn’t freeze up now).

    • equis says:

      well @clockdryve, apparently you’re in a dead end… sorry :(
      Maybe another plug in could help you. A plugin that enables you to connect and disconnect specific plug ins (Sepulka or Pergame for example, problem is that I don’t know if works in 6.20 TN-C)

    • Chris K. says:

      hey clockdryve. it must be called PLUGINS instead of SEPLUGINS. also, do u no if i can run more than one plugin for a psp 3000 6.35 Pro hen

  96. assault says:

    @equis dude can you tell me the steps on how to install and use OPEN ISO Loader???
    @clockdryve np

    • equis says:

      Ok, @assault
      First, download OIL for whatever PSP you own (http://www.psp-hacks.com/category/13 in this link you can decide 😉 ). There is 2 files in this archive you just downloaded: 1 folder (PSP) and 1 readme.txt.

      Extract the folder named PSP to your PSP – If you have a PSP Go, extract it to the root of your PSP Go; if a PSP 1000,2000,3000, to the root of your memory stick. Use full path to extract folder.

      Create a folder in the root of your PSP Go, or in the root of your memory stick if any other PSP. This folder should be named SEPLUGINS (use caps).

      Inside this folder SEPLUGINS, create a text file named vsh.txt and type this text in it: “ef0:/PSP/SYSTEM/OIP/isoctrl.prx 1″ (without quotations) for a PSP Go; if any other PSP, this text should be “ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/OIP/isoctrl.prx 1″.

      Be sure your ISOs and CSOs are installed in your ISO folder in the root of your PSP Go, or in the root of your memory stick if any other PSP.

      Press Select button in XMB of your PSP (disconnected from computer). In the VSH menu that pop ups, select the option named Reset VSH.

      You are done. After this, your ISOs should appear in the Game menu of XMB. Maybe in the Memory Stick option, if you use a MS.

      This Loader, as Prometeus, is compatible with certain ISOs: some work and some don’t. One problem I observed is that those ISOs that doesn’t work make this loader to crash, so you must restart your PSP. Also, if you want to use a different driver (uses M33 by default), just keep pressing the L button while starting your ISO, to bring a menu and choose another driver (N9660).

      • equis says:

        Sorry for english errors. Is not my birth language 😉

        • clockdryve says:

          WOW equis…you gave instructions better than I do, and ENGLISH is my ONLY Language. Excellent…Thanks for taking the time to learn our tongue :) I only saw 3 “small” errors (much better than what I do)…… But MOST wouldn’t notice any errors anyway. One area I found was “doesnt” *should be “don’t” (but that would be difficult) is NEAR the same thing anyway, and you used it proper just before….also in the same sentence the word “to” should be ommited (if you would have said “caused” instead of “make” then “to” would have been acceptable). Last is from the beginning of the Instructions…the first time you say “is” should say “are” but many would say the same anyway :) You write as well as a teacher of the language…that is the ONLY reason why I bring attention to the errors…although those areas are a difficult “pattern” of our language anyway…so I say again EXCELLANT :)

          • equis says:

            Thanks @clockdryve and don’t worry. I saw some errors (some don’t) and that’s why I apologized… 😉

      • equis says:

        Important: this procedure is ONLY for 6.20 TN HEN.

  97. assault says:

    dude i still cant get it to work.. :( i did all of your steps.. btw is restart vsh same as reset vsh?

    • clockdryve says:

      I’m having the same problem with OpenIdea Iso Loader myself…and it IS confusing how they speak of RESET. My PSP Go with 6.20 TN-C will not run it. I’ve tryed on both my PSP Go and same thing…nothing. This is a SIMPLE thing for the DEV’s to verify…. Does the “OpenIdea Loader” (OIL) work on the PSP Go running 6.20 TN-C ?? Pretty much like a CFW if it would. I know you guys are busy…but I assume you came her looking for “problems” and “ideas”…. Pimp in Distress :) LOL

      • equis says:

        Yeah, certainly is confusing. But may be it’s better the “Restart VSH” option. Don’t know. I suppose the “reset” option involves a resetting of plugins only, while “Restart” means a “hard” reset of the TNHEN ( I am a noob, uh?).
        I apologize again, as I only “configured” these PSP Go’s for my kids and don’t have these consoles at hand to verify. In fact, just yesterday I realized my games acquired at PSN don’t work if TN HEN is running! But about OIL, that’s the way it worked.
        May be is a matter of options used in the HEN. Later I will post these options I used.
        As for the video, I didn’t ever do such a thing, but maybe if I’ll have the time… I need RemoteJoyLite, I suppose, or a good camera 😀

    • equis says:

      @assault probably would be a good idea if you post the paths to your files (plugins and ISOS) exactly as you have them. Also the content of your vsh.txt file.

  98. assault says:

    @equis if u have the time can u make of a video tutorial of it?

  99. TheLaughingManXD says:

    Got it working on 6.20 TN-C PSP Go. It only seems to recognize the ISO’s on my system though. This is a problem for me because I store most of my ISO’s on my 16GB MM2 since my system storage is pretty full. I tried installing the loader on both my MM2 and system storage (while changing the vsh.txt accordingly) but it only seemed to work on my system storage. If anyone could figure out a way to make it work on MM2 for PSP Go that’d be great. Otherwise I’m going to have to shuffle around about 30gigs of data -and that takes a lot of time on the psp. This is something that should probably be addressed in the next release of the loader.

    • equis says:

      well, this behavior probably is due to OpenIdea Iso Loader version (I think), as there is one version for the Go, and another one for other PSPs, redirected to read ISOS in a memory stick or in system root. I suggest you to try the OIL for the others PSPs, I suppose it can’t damage your system. Tell us if that goes right.
      In other words, follow the process I described up there for a PSP that is not a Go :)

  100. TheLaughingManXD says:

    I tried both versions already. The Go one works on my system but only shows the isos put on the root of my system (ef0) and not the root of my M2 (ms0) I put the regular psp version on my M2 but nothing showed up. I tried using game categories too. I made sure that there was a ISO folder in GAME. The folder showed up, but none of my isos did. Every method I tried was tested on both my M2 and system. I realize that probably not that many Go owners have M2 so this issue probably isn’t that big, but from my point of view, the more space you have, the more games you can hold (and 30 gigs can let you hold a lot.) anyway, if anyone out there does have an M2, I’d suggest looking into this.

    • clockdryve says:

      So the OpenIdea Loader can only see ISO’s or can it also see the CSO’s?? Mine will not work (on 2 PSP Go’s running 6.20 TN-C) and I have the games in ISO folder converted to CSO’s….*Haven’t tried ISO’s but assume still won’t work.

    • equis says:

      Sorry, I made a mistake. What I tried to say is that you could mix both methods: download and use OpenIdea Iso Loader for a “regular” PSP (1000, 2000,3000), installing it in your memory stick as usual, BUT make a vsh.txt in your SEPLUGINS folder of your internal memory in your PSP Go. This file should point to the OIL plugin in your memory stick:

      ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/OIP/isoctrl.prx 1

      I suppose your MS is still ms0 for a PSP Go 😉
      I hope this helps.

      PS: @clockdryve OIL sees both ISO and CSO formats

      • Chris K. says:

        actually ms0 is ef0 for psp go.

        • equis says:

          Actually ms0 is for A MEMORY STICK and ef0 is for the PSP internal memory. Did your read all the posts?

          • Chris K. says:

            whoops. i can be a noob at times. sorry and also do you know of any ctf themes 4 6.35 hen pro besides 3rd birthday. and also @wololo if ur reading this, i am a HUGE fan of ur work and always come back 2 this site everyday. right now im typing this from my psp 3001 6.35 w/hen pro with 3rd bday theme installed

  101. Chris K. says:

    i use backup copies of my umds in promethus iso loader and they work just fine and also downloaded an app 4 my psp that converted it from the disk straight to cso on my psp 3001 6.35 hen. hope this encourages an upgrade 4 anyone on 6.20 tn_hen :)

  102. kingjmts says:

    hola esta super tu blog felicidades espero y pronto tengas el puente para fw6.37 ya que mi hijo se le ocurrio actualisar su psp te agradeceria si mientras pones algunos links de homebrews ya k estos todabia funcionan

  103. Platini says:

    Hey people, forget openidea iso loader. Use Prometeus and Iso Tool 1960. With iso tool make xmb icon of your games and launch them…that’s all …….

    • equis says:

      everybody has its own favorite ISO Loader. We all know about that pair, but I still prefer OIL. I think OIL is even better than Prometeus, I don’t see the point in suggesting Prometeus. About Iso Tools, sure it’s great it can create shortcuts to your games, but still it uses PromeISO Loader internally, so same errors and incompatibilities apply (and some others). Also, you need to create a shortcut every time you use a new ISO. By the other hand, if you use Game Categories your shortcuts are useless…
      It’s a shame this great plugin (OIL) isn’t developed further just now, in such a case I’m sure it will be far superior than the others.
      However, specifically for the @TheLaughingManXD’s case, it could be the solution for it’s problem…

  104. TheLaughingManXD says:

    Thanks for the clarification on that equis. I tried it out the way you said with and without game catagories (just in case) but it didn’t work :(. After that I tried iso tool. I installed it on the m2 but it still only let me browse ef0 so I couldn’t get to my memory stick. I think this method might actually work, but I’m going to need a way to view my memory stick. Is there another version of iso tool? or perhaps a way to change the settings?

    • TheLaughingManXD says:

      UPDATE: Victory is mine! After playing around with iso tool I figured out that pressing the select button changed the source. (The readme didn’t include the controls.) All my isos showed up and I was able to make shortcuts no problem. Booyeah! Thanks for the suggestions :)

  105. Daniel says:

    Cara, Eu gostei muito do seu trabalho no hen-c, porem eu acho q poderia melhorar no aspecto de você colocar mais opções no menu vsh, como umd mode, ou alguma coisa do tipo.Se eu estiver errado e falando besteira, por favor me manda um Email de resposta beleza? Valeu cara. (Português-Brasil).

    Man, I really liked his work in the hen-c, but I guess it could improve the looks you put more options in vsh menu, as umd mode, or something tipo.Se I’m wrong and talking nonsense, please send me an email response beauty? Thanks dude. (English-Tradution).

  106. clockdryve says:

    Guys that are having PROBLEMS with installing the OpenIdea Loader (iso loader) in the 6.20 TN-C HERE is the reason (I thought so….really-really) but I was afraid to try anything but what I READ…..When you make the “vsh.txt” word file in SEPLUGINS call it vsh do NOT call it vsh.txt because the PSP will then see it as vsh.txt.txt (simple)…..now RESTART VSH using SELECT button after disconnect DATA cable….and the games in your ISO folder will be on XMB and RUN them.

  107. clockdryve says:

    Looks like when you have the HEN enabled (and OpenIdea Loader) will auto-load everytime now (after enable with the restart-vsh that first time)…NOW your PSN Purchased games will NOT work while 6.20TN-C is activated (must hold up on power button for 4 long seconds) to release the HEN, then will play normal purchased games (non backups). *You CAN data connect to computer and change the 1 in the VSH text to 0 (off) then RESTART VSH again with SELECT to disable the OpenIdea Loader…then do the oposite sometime later IF you want to enable again sometime………*Looks like you can use the PSP Filer Homebrew to change the Text in vsh (SEPLUGINS) and don’t need to connect to PC. BE CAREFUL IN “PSP Filer”…you can do things “you don’t want to” also :)

    • equis says:

      great @clockdryve I didn’t NEVER imagine that your problem rely in windows (it’s a problem coming from your windows config), so when you were creating your text file it was created with a proper extension.
      Further, you give me a clue about my problem with PSN games. It comes from OIL, so I must deactivate it…
      I hope (again) that developers (dridri) resolve this problem with OIL and further make a better version.

  108. yellow says:

    hey everyone liquidsgoing say he can sign kernel mode hombrews that means permanent cfw is possible.

  109. clockdryve says:

    Yea….get R done!!

  110. beyblade#1 says:

    can somebody make hen pro for 6.37 on my birthday or before it (feb.13)

  111. yeahok says:

    do you think hen is better than hbl overall?

  112. beyblade#1 says:

    hey it’s funny because my birthday is on the 13 and Im turning 13

  113. Kapphan says:

    here’s a newer ver of 6.35henpro
    found it on the china site.

  114. shams says:

    i need ? hen for 6.37 please help

  115. Chip says:

    I got the hen to work on my psp3001 with 6.30 using sukkiri demo & promethus but everytime I turn it off, I have to do it all over again on restart. Is the there a way to keep from having to do this? Thanks for the help!!!!!

  116. Xenom says:

    Hello! Any News about an update on TN HEN??

  117. Shinny says:

    hummmm tn hen d is going to be soon)))) but stick in tn hen c cuz better than pro))))

  118. yousof says:

    when HEN coming for version 6.37 ?? i need thad

  119. chris says:

    where to put iso games not cso but iso on psp using prometheus iso loader do u have to convert it or something any tips

  120. kiddyshaq34 says:

    Hey. I have decrypted the 6.37 firmware if total_noob wants to work on that. If he doesn’t need or want it, that’s fine.

    • Orphelian says:

      @kiddyshaq34 – Did you really decrypted firmware 6.37?? OMG, I’m waiting for a solution about my accidental update of the ver 6.35 to 6.37 (I was trying my new and shiny psp with wi fi and see the update… hit the button instead of think about the consequences….)

      Man.. try to talk with Total_Noob, or liquidzigong about this, I know they’re busy with their two projects but, maybe it can finally put an end in the “6.37 problem” for us with this firmware and yet, without a HEN.


  121. rai says:

    is there any wa to remove 6.37 firmware?pls help?

  122. rai says:

    if there is no way to remove the 6.37 firmware,when will a hen for 6.37 will be released?

  123. Kapphan says:

    (copy from above link)

    This is aFrom China (L) CFW. 635PRO as an enhanced version of it has XMB ISO display.

    Support all types of PSP, which PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-GO is strictly tested
    Support the unlock 52MB of memory, has reached the level of the times 5xx
    The NP9660 has a built-in and March33 ISO driver to support more games
    XMB ISO has indicated support for ISO & CSO
    Has nodrm engine, support for direct reading of the DLC and the decrypted EDATA / PGD file
    With VSH MENU, you can view or change system settings, etc.
    Redesigned NID Resolver, support more home-made software, including CMFr21c
    Has a variety of patches, such as brightness and video resolution four other patches
    Support version.txt, put it in ms0: / seplugins / version.txt to take effect

    FW <635 users, the first official firmware upgrade to 635.
    FW = 636 users, using the 636PRO + version.txt downgraded to 635.
    Use 635PRO (HEN) into the "635PRO-A Updater", press the X button to start the installation
    After successful installation, you can run "635PRO-A Fast recovery", directly to revert 635PRO-A.

  124. Kapphan says:

    here’s faster links to the downloads 😛

    link pro: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=I2KC6U06

    link recovery: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7FZ05R5J

  125. clockdryve says:

    Guys…you do know there is a SIGNED GBA Emulator right? http://www.mediafire.com/?669r7u7rb9wtemg Must make a GBA folder and put in GAME folder….put files from this download “Eboot” inside the GBA folder…also put a ROMS folder inside and the BIOS for GBA….

  126. MDX says:

    please can u do a hen for psp2000 6,37 and how many time you will take to made it please answer me
    thanks wololo

  127. Orphelian says:

    Hey people, check this message from kiddyshaq34

    kiddyshaq34 on February 6, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    Hey. I have decrypted the 6.37 firmware if total_noob wants to work on that. If he doesn’t need or want it, that’s fine.

    I’m sad with a PSP with 6.37 firmware, so, any chance of this guy get in touch with total_noob or liquidz? I really want to play my ISO and CSO again, is there any chance to have a HEN for the 6.37, as this firmware had been decrypted?


    • clockdryve says:

      I’m sure they already decrypted the 6.37 firmware….that is the easiest thing they need to do.

    • shams says:

      me ? to my friend and i need hen for my psp 6.37 to first time_____________
      and need to HEN realy i want play my iso and cso again ? we have chance to be for use iso and cso

  128. clockdryve says:

    6.20 TN-D: PSX Support

    So is this going to be RELEASED on Febuary 14th (luv ya man)


  129. jon says:

    when will TN-D be announced?

  130. Drew says:

    Happy valentines day! I bought an HDTV 360 Netflix GTA 4 + Tons of stuff recently so I have lots to do so I can wait at least another 6 months before I care about Rev D coming out 😀

    But if I didn’t but this stuff recently I’d be rocking back and forth in a chair, awaiting the release O__O

  131. rai says:

    hey when will a hen for 6.37 version be released…..pls…is there a chance….?

  132. chris says:

    yeah when, that is the million dollar question

  133. shams says:

    when Hen coming for 6.37 bicuse i need for my psp

  134. Archie says:

    Were can i download an HBL Games. Thanks…

  135. toBsucht says:

    @ archie go to the forum(link@top) and u can find a list or try some stuff out my mediafire.com/toBsucht floder.
    @all btw 6.37me cfw for some psp2000 user :( 😉

  136. Dante90 says:

    its was released the cfw for 6.37 but for only psp 2000 damn do this for all models of psp and not only 2000!

  137. danke says:

    Hi Im trying to downgrade my PS3 classic 3.41 to 3.15 so i can use the OTHEROS features esp. linux. But first i need to know how can i get this system into SERVICE FACTORY MODE. Here’s what i have done below. Please help!

    1. boot my PS3 3.41 with AMAZEbreak ver 3 dongle in JB mode

    2. boot my PS3 3.41 usb amazebreak dongle plugged


    In this way i will downgrade from 3.41 to 3.1. Darn! Im using this PS3 mainly on Unix esp Linux
    and playing BD movies. ANyone here hardcore sa PS3 in downgrading and upgrading?

  138. Abhinav Tuli says:

    hey see pspgen.com there is a cfw 6.37 ME

  139. sami says:

    i have psp 3004 version 5.51 its work on my psp

  140. shams says:

    how i downgrade my psp go 6.37 ?? please help

  141. red says:

    come on why is there no hen for 6.37 yet?

  142. yellow says:

    @red Because no kernel exploit equal no hen get it they dont find any kernel exploit for 6.37 it was patched so they will have to find a new exploit which is not easy maybe that was the last kernel exploit left on the psp just guessing.

  143. red says:

    could you guys atleast put a realese date for HEN OFW 6.37

  144. goku says:

    hey guys , we weiting for Total Nobs Release D, wats going on, aport donations, aport aport and aport donations… thanks…

  145. goku says:

    jjajaja it was a joke jkejejejejej

  146. kazu says:

    When do you correspond to 6.37?

  147. Xenom says:

    hi Guys im using PRO-B i just wanna ask if i can login to my PSN account without being detected and banned??

  148. toBsucht says:

    without being detected and banned not sure but u can use kai link or psnlover

  149. mr. mister says:

    ok, i’ve got a psp 3001 with ofw 6.37 and when i try the half byte loader it just turns off my psp!

  150. jerin says:

    when u guys going to have 6.37 hen

    • war10ck says:

      Please be patient for the HEN. It’s not easy to find an exploit[I use the Sukkiri Demo and I am a noob in this field] and I don’t think it will not take much time if the coders get the exploit.

      • war10ck says:

        BTW I need a favor – Can anyone guide me to a site/documentation that gives the full list of the functions for the LPE v8 and not the documentation that contains only the new features and the functions implemented. I know this is not to be discussed here, I have searched[as in done my homework] and I am at a dead end.

  151. kolby says:

    Has anyone tried the 6.36 version of HEN with 6.37? Is there any troubles with it or what. Also does anyone know of anyway to downgrade 6.37 to 6.35 or lower with out a pandora battery or magic memory stick, cause i am just way to lazy to do the steps. Any way Digitally i can do it. Like Replace files such as the Flash Directory files and system files?

  152. goku says:

    ok here iam again, i have a question, is this!!

    how can do , a change of a driver in iso tols, and do it run in m33 not np9660
    because when we make a iso icon in the xmb, and we run this iso , the psp display a driver and is NP9660, but the best driver is m33 ,

    can do something somebody about it, and we can change tht drivr

  153. goku says:

    1 ISO Tool IN US PSP
    4 ISO Tool RUN IN NP9660 DRIVER, NOT M33


  154. Ziggy says:

    Hey Peeps,
    Just one to know when hen D coming out for psp 3003 V6.20.

    Please tell me.

  155. goku says:

    a new revision is already (iso_tool_1970.zip) but he not make the change in the moment to run a iso, auto select is driver np9660, and i continue think its more good a driver m33 not?
    i wait to see what happend in the next release jejejejejeje…

  156. toBsucht says:

    Tn-D :)

  157. That Guy says:

    Just finished making the 6.37 downgrader for psp 2000 not sure if it works for the other version will test later.

    Downgrades to 6.35
    and also to 6.20

  158. waqas says:

    TN HEN D HAS finally been released on friday as promised.here is the link
    But guys to be honest with u TEN HEN D was not worth all that waiting.ALTHOUGH im not criticizing TOTAL NOOB but

  159. waqas says:

    Although im not critising total noob.I appreciate his work from the start because his firmware is far more secure and safer than CFW 6.35 pro.BUT cfw 6.35 has more compatibility than tn hen d.both for psp and psx games.for example i tested twoo games on both firmwares i.e. hercs adventures and fear effect 2 (both of them are for psx)they were working fine on 6.35 pro but be warned that 6.35 pro has disc change problem but no worries it has been promised to be fixed in the near future.
    ON the other hand when i tested the above mentioned games on tn hen 6.20 d.hercs adventure was working but i didnt have any memory card utility option (pressing ps button on psp brings a menu while playing psx games).while fear effect 2 was not working at all my psp shut down every time i tried to play it.
    Speaking of the psp games let me tell u that 6.35 pro b supports old psp games like metal gear acid and x-men legends as well which makes it more compatible than tn hen d.Also in cfw 6.35 there is no need for prometheus iso loader ur isos automatically shows themselves as icons once the 6.35 pro b is installed.
    To be very honest i downgraded my firmware from 6.35 to 6.20 to install TN HEN 6.20 D but it was not worth all the effort.In the end i have to update once again to ofw 6.35 to install 6.35 pro b.
    IF u guys still wanna try TN HEN D here is the link

  160. bmg1001 says:

    Hello, Sorry for the Noobish Question but…. I have a PSPgo 6.35 PRO HEN and I’m wondering, can 6.35 PRO-B Brick my PSP? I wanna try it, but Im afraid (I already have 3 bricked psps, and I dont want it to become 4)

    • eddie says:

      yes dude!! It is 100 percnt safe althought it wrights smething in the flash0 which i believe is the iso driver; i just wondering what happen to your other 3 psp? I have 2 psp but althought im sure it is safe ti dwngrade i didnt try to…just to be extra safe, try it out dude!! It will not brick your psp

  161. red says:

    I’m waiting I’m waiting…. we’r waiting we’r waiting

  162. matapaluza says:

    ehh…need hen for 6.37
    atleast we gots people tryin

  163. war10ck says:

    What is a VSH exploit actually? (forgive me for not knowing that, I am a noob in this field) What is the difference between a user-mode exploit from that of a kernel mode? I do know something about a kernel(as I am a Linux user)

  164. aaaaa says:

    when comes for 6.37

  165. Just ur Ordinary Homebrew says:

    Guys to sign a hombrew I KNOW How any questions go to my youtube page dadyking1210 leave some comments and ill answer them soon as i can

  166. luccAS says:


  167. yellow says:

    permanent hen for 6.20tn-D check dash hacks.com

  168. Just ur Ordinary Homebrew says:

    not today =o

  169. michelllo says:

    please make HEN for 6.37 :(

  170. Person says:

    Make HEN FOR 6.37 or at least give me the source so i can work on it!

  171. eXe says:

    Can Prometheus ISO Loader load ISOs on OFW 6.37 with HBL?

  172. Person says:

    No It doesnt have Access to the Kernal, it would be awesome if it worked though.

  173. Wogboy125 says:

    How would it gain access to the kernel ?

  174. Person says:

    by basicly exploiting the code to control it. I am sure that HEN for 6.37 will be here in less than 4-5 months.

  175. Just ur Ordinary Homebrew says:

    SOME 1 just should get on to it

  176. eXe says:

    Can you play ISOs without CFW, just HEN?

    • war10ck says:

      Yes, you can play ISO(s) and CSO(s). If you are using Prometheus ISO loader ten just copy the ISO(s) and the CSO(s) onto a drirectory named “ISO”. Actually create the directory on the root of the MS and paste the files there. It will work.

  177. The25gamer says:

    can anyone make a hen on ofw 6.37..can anyone make it exploit like 6.20 and 6.30?..

    • gzyboz says:

      unfortunately the exploits used in 6.36 and below had been patched in 6.37,so first they have to make a new exploit for it if it’s still possible :(

  178. Dante90 says:

    if the hackers want they can release the hen for 6.37 at any time but they want to wait the fw 6.40 for release it

    • war10ck says:

      How do you know that? o_O I really want the HEN for OFW 6.37, some of my friends accidentally upgraded to that OFW.

  179. eXe says:

    Can’t someone just upload the folder of the game and we’ll put that in our PSP?
    Will that work?

    • war10ck says:

      The first question that I have for you is that what “game” are you talking about you. Assuming you are asking for the ISO folder for playing the PSP games, you can download the files from the internet sites and then just copy and paste them on that ISO folder on your PSP.

      Again assuming that you are asking for the /PSP/GAME folder to be uploaded, why would you require that? The folder is already created. All you have to do is copy the respective Eboot.pbp(s) of the specific utilities and paste then there.

      • eXe says:

        Here is an example:
        1.I have Ratchet and Clank Size Matters that I bought from PSN.
        2.I will upload the Ratchet game folder (UCUS98633) to some site.
        3.Others will put the folder (UCUS98633) in their PSP to play it.
        My question, will it work if the people that downloaded the folder I uploaded tried to run the game?
        (The folder contains an EBOOT.PBP and a DOCUMENT.DAT)

        • war10ck says:

          I have never bought any game from the PSN. Hence I am not able to help in this matter. But according to the little knowledge that I have, I think it should work, unless Sony creates unique signatures(or does something that makes the game you have unique for your PSP).

          Try out and share the news whether it works or not.

        • equis says:

          That won’t work. If that was so easy, everybody could share their games and you’ll notice. The games you buy in PSN Store are activated in your own account and are accompanied by aproper license, so you couldn’t upload to internet (besides, you could be prosecuted by Sony). You only can share your games with 4 other additional PSP (downloaded officially).

  180. red says:

    damn it stupid ofw 6.37

  181. Dante90 says:

    Have you tried iso2eboot? with it you can play all the iso that are less than 728 mb on fw 6.37, is not the best but its better than nothing.

    • bear says:

      how to use iso2eboot on 6.37???

    • eXe says:

      Can you give me a link?
      And a simple how-to.
      Because I always end up with “please check the values” and “an error has occurred.”
      Help is greatly appreciated.

    • eXe says:

      Can you give me a simple tutorial?
      If I downloaded the correct file, it displays “Disk 1 to Disk 5 ISO” and the “PIC0″ stuff.
      And it ends up with “Please check the values.” and “An error occurred.”
      Please help me.
      Thanks in advance.

    • bear says:

      yes. It works for some game but need conversion everytime…. However it’s really a good start rather than nothing. Thanks

  182. ButtKickington says:

    does anyone know when the approximate day tn hen 6.35 is coming out?

  183. Orphelian says:

    iso2eboot worked with Valkyrie Profile Lenneth in my PSP 3001 with 6.37 OFW!

    It’s a nice start =D

  184. Dante90 says:

    Here there is the guide for use iso2eboot, its very easy: http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=3731

  185. gzyboz says:

    hey that’s interesting… I will try it

  186. gzyboz says:

    huh? what do i do with exe file?
    even HBL can’t see it and i’ve got a linux

  187. red says:

    iso2eboot dont work for psp minis it says “game could not be started” along with some damn numbers
    can someone put a game list that works with iso2eboot

  188. Samsudin says:

    I really want the HEN for OFW 6.37,plzzzzzz

  189. Orphelian says:

    I have these games working with iso2eboot:

    PS: I’m not in my home at now, so I won’t remember the complete list of games but it’s about 10 games running fine with the iso2eboot

    My PSP – Slim 3001 with 6.37 OFW

    Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

    Killzone – Liberation

    Dragoneers Aria

    Street Fighter Alpha 3



    WWII Battle over the Pacific

    Sorry but all the games I can remember at the momment are these above. Hope it helps =D

  190. Woh says:

    my psp 2006 v3 is fully bricked because update 6.35 failed
    how to fix it?

  191. matapaluza says:

    i need…hen for 6.37!

  192. Orphelian says:

    Monster Hunter Freedom running in PSP 3001 with OFW 6.37 using iso2eboot =D

  193. orphelian says:

    Mini tutorial

    1 – download an .ISO image of your choice for psp (but no more than 728MB)

    2 – create a folder (name it as you want – mine is ISO 2 EBOOT

    3 – put the iso2eboot.exe inside the folder, put the .ISO image into the same folder

    4 – run the program, and click in the big convert button

    5 – wait the message and when it says contratulations All done, close the program, and note the program will create 3 folders. your game will be inside the PSP/game/name_of_the_iso folder

    6 – copy the folder of your Eboot into the GAME folder (in your psp)

    7 – try and see if it works. Some games do not work for me 😛

  194. matapaluza says:

    still need 6.37 hen…sept now i need a pandora and magic memory stick also cause i freakin bricked mu psp…. here check this out, it will give you all an idea of how to create a hen, its very easy but you need a psp and i dont anymore:( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5yBX78Yt4M

    • gzyboz says:

      As far as I know Pandora battery works only on 1000s and early 2000s with old-type motherboard,and Magic MS must be set up before you downgrade (in case of brick-emergency).then you can possibly unbrick your PSP. this procedure must be made for every single PSP 1000 (&some early 2000s) one-by one.
      1.you need a PSP 100x/200x
      2.you have to set up a Magic MS FIRST (in case of brick)
      3.then you use a pandora battery
      4.this must be made on every single psp ONE-BY-ONE(!)
      it has nothing to do with HEN or CFW

  195. eXe says:

    Is somebody even WORKING on a HEN for 6.37?
    It’s really annoying coz’ you can’t play anything over 728 mb.
    Sorry to sound so impatient, just mad because I unknowingly updated to 6.37.

    • wololo says:

      I don’t think anybody’s working on a kernel exploit for 6.37 right now. I might be wrong, but I don’t really see the point. We have user access on this firmware, and it is just a minor update, so people who are into homebrew most likely staid in 6.35 or below.

      And you still have access to most emulators and homebrews via HBL. So you’re basically just missing on the plugins fun, no big deal I’d say.

      You’re going to have to be patient, it can take months, or years before somebody works on a HEN for 6.37. The time between TN Hen and its predecessor (ChickHen for 5.03) was almost 1 year.

      • eXe says:

        I’m going after the ISO(s), not homebrews or emulators.
        Of course, with HEN I could run ISO(s) on Prometheus.
        But, wow, almost 1 year?!
        Does it take a lot of skilled programming to allow kernel access?
        “Just a minor update.” Yeah right, Sony.
        Until then, games lower than 728 mb!

  196. matapaluza says:

    it will solve all of your problems everyone with 6.37 and wanting hen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5yBX78Yt4M

  197. gzyboz says:

    so maybee DEFCON in Las Vegas can help us

    DEF CON 19 will be at the Rio Hotel and Casino August 4-7, 2011! Price of admission is $150 cash at the door for the entire con.

  198. The25gamer says:

    Hey. i have find it out , You can play Iso games on 6.37 by using iso2eboot_v2, but Cso games cannot work with it .. The iso2eboot_v2 will change your ISO games to eboot.PBP so You can Run your games directly Trough XMB..

    • red says:

      iso2eboot changes CSO games to ISOs then to eboot i got megaman powered up and metal gear acid to work and they were CSOs

  199. matapaluza says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5yBX78Yt4M this is a link to the cat video but my other video shows a signed homebrew that boots up and enables you to set wmv files as your background on the xmb menu, if you have a youtube account i ask you to comment on the cat video as courtesy to getting the moving background.

  200. Morgan says:

    I FOUND GAMES THAT WORK 6.37 LEGIT IM TESTING MH fredom RIGHT NOW ITS WORKING FLAWLESSLY!!!! just make an acc then go to this forum no BS people please verify
    [edit: warez link removed]

  201. eXe says:

    Can GTA Chinatown Wars work on iso2eboot?

  202. red says:

    did any of you guys get a ps1 game to work with iso2eboot?

  203. gunner says:

    frm where to download iso2eboot exe file….
    can u give me a link????
    it wud be greatly appreciated!!!!

  204. Harlie says:

    also stucked on OFW 3.67 :(

  205. Harlie says:

    6.37 i mean. lol

  206. dcrowe760 says:

    I keep seeing stuff for HEN on 6.37 for psp 2000 can someone if anyone tell me if it is out or do i have to what forever?

  207. Ebs. says:

    So basically no ISO’s for PSP’s with a firmwire of 6.37? =(

  208. orphelian says:

    I can’t believe Busou Shinki Battle Masters cannot run using iso2eboot. Am I asking too much to build my own female android with thrusters? =D

  209. rhfo says:

    it limited iso2boot 728MB….
    I Wait 6.37 HEN…

  210. TheRanger says:

    Damm! I hate Sony now, not only for what happened to Geohot but also because somehow I found that my PSP 3000 was running 6.37. My damm PSP is not hackable, oh I am so mad, now the only thing I rely on is on HBL which is pretty cool, but heck! I jut want to be able to play Thunder Force V in my PSP. I have the ISO, I have the folder, I had everything to go on, but then I got updated! Now I can’t play my game. Still I have the emulators and the homebrew applications, I congratulate and thank everyone who works on these homebrew without charging us. You guys are really awesome.

  211. henhunter says:

    I m waiting for HEN 6.37. I ve accidentally upgraded my psp 3000 version.
    Can any 1 tell me a gba emulator which works with hbl 6.37 ?

  212. noobinator says:

    What’s all this bs about “accidentally” upgrading? I don’t see how anyone could possibly be that dumb…
    …unless they would be ashamed to admit that they got a game that requires them to upgrade to 6.37, like I did.

    I had to make the choice between Dissidia 012 first or homebrews first, and I chose Dissidia.

    If you haven’t already discovered a way to crack 6.37 and aren’t waiting for a certain version to come out, please do what you can to hurry it up, wololo.

    • noobinator says:

      PS: I don’t like HBL cause it isn’t as compatible with homebrews as HEN, and ISOs don’t load on 6.37…

  213. henhunter says:

    omg HEN 6.37 is taking a lot of time to release ……….. SOME 1 DO SOMETHING PLZ!!!
    im stuck with this ofw 6.37 :'(

  214. SlayaDud says:

    henhunter I’m with you. I really want hen for 6.37 to come out too. I wish we could at least get updates from the guy or guys who make hen.

  215. mister munch says:

    why would sony even release ofw 6.40 if 6.37 is already un-hackable?!?!
    it makes no sense

  216. mister munch says:

    someone should release 6.37 HEN now so that sony will feel the need to release 6.40!

  217. SlayaDud says:

    I agree with mister munch please guys give us hen 6.37 soon!

  218. master sasuke uchiha says:

    umm i tried to download iso to eboot and it says an error has occured can someone upload it from there computer to megaupload.com then give me link

  219. red says:

    is there ever gonna be a hen for OFW 6.37? im losing hope

  220. red says:

    oh i almost forgot i got an iso that had 742mb and it worked maybe games under 800mb and over 728mb work too

  221. mister munch says:

    assassins creed bloodlines doesnt work with iso to eboot!

  222. mister munch says:

    please help!!!

  223. mister munch says:

    never mind i deleted it =(

    but i bought a psp go just recently and im trying to run the 6.20 ofw update thing and it ALWAYS says “game could not be started” i put it in the PSP/GAME folder and i dont know what to do …

    srry if this sounds like a noobish question +)

    • war10ck says:

      create a folder named “UPDATE” inside the ms0/PSP/GAME folder and paste the EBOOT.pbp of the update (OFW update) inside the update folder. After that try accessing the update from the PSP–>Game–>Memory Stick–>[The update should be displayed]

  224. mister munch says:

    wait nevermind that either i wasnt using the pspgo 6.20 update i was using
    1000 2000 3000 update :^/

  225. master sasuke uchiha says:

    how does iso to eboot work instructions or video please

  226. mister munch says:

    response to “how does iso to eboot work instructions or video please”

    1. get your desired iso or cso game and put it on the desktop

    2. download “iso to eboot” and put on desktop next to the iso/cso game

    3. make a new folder on the desktop next to the “iso to eboot” program

    4. put both the iso/cso game AND the “iso to eboot” program INSIDE the folder.

    5. open the folder withe the iso/cso and the “iso to eboot” program

    6. run “iso to eboot” a box should come up saying

    Convert isos to Eboots
    (This MUST be run in the same directory as your PSP isos)
    (Converts CSO, DAX, and JSO to ISO first)

    7.this is where I got stuck at first … just click the words that i typed above

    it should start patching the iso/cso and when its finished it will say

    CONGRATULATIONS! and some other words (i forget what they are but it

    doesn’t matter) then open up that folder where you put your iso/cso game
    and the program there will be folders you didn’t put there open the “PSP” folder and inside that open the “GAME” folder

    there is your eboot just put it in the PSP/GAME folder of your psp and run it from memory stick

  227. gzyboz says:

    BEWARE!!!! PSP CFW 6.38 IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it will probably block fake.np and eboot.pbp
    (not tested)

  228. mister munch says:

    Hey, I need help, I am trying to run windows 95 on DOSbox i loaded DOSbox
    and i dont know how to press the “numbers”

    i am using a psp go with 6.20 TN-D HEN


  229. matapaluza says:

    we…all…need….to…check…out…this…video…downgrade from 6.37 to 6.20 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5yBX78Yt4M without pandora just my little homebrew that acts as a HEN

  230. mister munch says:

    Dude that is one sc*** up cat …

    why would you even post that??? that is twisted…

  231. master sasuke uchiha says:

    can someone upload the games they converted on iso to eboot to megaupload.com for me all games please and links please for megaupload.com

  232. Celesion says:

    @Master Sasuke Uchia: First and foremost that would be piracy and I’m almost positive that this site does not condone such activities. So please do not post on forum threads or news pages with requests for free Licensed games be it ISO or otherwise.

    On a side note, info on the possible updates for TN 6.20HEN-E have been released on the net already. One detail is noted as a “surprise”, so I’m guessing it’s either ISO loading or Legacy Home-brew Compatibility. TN did state that he doesn’t want to add ISO loading due to copyright issues so I guess that’s out of the picture but I do dream for Legacy Loading as I’d love to use “Notepad for PSP” on my Go. I recently switched back to my Slimline PSP running 5.00M33-6.

  233. war10ck says:

    Can somebody give me the MF link of the pspcallback.h header file

  234. The25gamer says:

    OFW 6.38 is coming out!!! Beware!!! update will kills Your PSP…

  235. eXe says:

    LOL Sorry for the double posts.

  236. yousra says:

    comment on flashe psp

  237. yousra says:

    svp donne moi des solution

  238. yousra says:


  239. yousra says:

    aid moi svvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvp

  240. yousra says:

    pas de reponse prc pas de chanse

  241. gzyboz says:

    you shouldn’t send multiple posts, and anyway we speak english here

  242. gzyboz says:

    Total_n00b found an exploit in 6.38 !!!!!!!!!!!!
    but he’s not gonna give it to anybody cause he says that there’s no ISO loader anyway…
    here’s his official video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ednf75t4HWc&fmt=18
    (checked,not another cat video!)

  243. loser says:

    i wana 6.38 and 6.37 so badly

  244. mister munch says:

    you know what i don’t understand?
    i don’t understand why sony even tries to fight back against hackers!
    and here’s why …

    1. hackers (like Total_n00b) will just find another exploit and hack it.

    2. wouldn’t the sales go up for the psp if it can do all that it can if its hacked?

    the only reason i see why they would want to stop hackers is piracy!
    but they could have an app where UMD are converted to eboots. right?

  245. mister munch says:

    and they could block isos all together!

  246. gzyboz says:

    yah i’m mad when my psp doesn’t want to read my LEGAL videos i got on dvd when i put it on MS ! (ofw 6.37)

  247. bornox says:

    Please GET the 6.38 version for the psp

  248. red says:

    how long will it take for HEN to come out

  249. Anonymous says:

    Hey wololo algun comentario acerca de los ataques infundados contra Sony PSN luego de que la demanda contra GeoHot fuera arreglada? Esto por que unos imbecilitos usando Youtube se hacen pasar por anonymous para hecharle la culpa a anonymous de los atentados cuando no es así. Alguna posicion oficial contrs Sony o cotra AnonymousYoutube que son diferente de Anonymous por cierto.

  250. mister munch says:

    hi wololo,

    i have a question for you…

    i have a broken psp 2001 white
    and a psp 3001 black, and i wanted to know if the 2001 buttons would work on the 3001 if i switched them (via taking the face-plates off and switching the buttons) and also… would 2001 and 3001 button work on a 1000?

  251. billy says:

    @ wololo for people who dont want to risk 6.35 6.20tn hen but dont want to run mina no sukiri
    vf & coldbird signed 6.31 hen


    maybe been posted here already but was looking for it myself but could not find it here
    much better than running mina no sukiri everytime “quicker”

    so thought if i was looking maybe so were others but maybe could not find

  252. gzyboz says:

    HacKmaN is a friend of Total N00b
    they say they will never release this hen cause we don’t deserve it, but prsonally I think if they took part in psp genesis comp they would FOR SURE win 1st place

  253. loser says:

    hurry up hen im w8ting

  254. Chris says:

    when will d hen for ofw 6.37 wud cm????????
    plzzzzz reply

  255. gzyboz says:

    actually i don’t think wololo wil make one, and TN has made it, but he won’t release it :(

  256. Chris says:

    how cn u say dat TN has made d HEN fr 6.37????
    nd why dey won’t release it???

  257. matapaluza says:

    total noob is anouncing the realease date of 6.37 hen at this site tomorrow! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5yBX78Yt4M

  258. Gen. TJ says:

    what is going on with you guys? people have all ways looked for your product and greatly thank you for your determination of making HEN but realy you guys are starting to act like sony keeping people from fully enjoying the capability of the psp and look what happened to them for being selfish basterds they where hacked and the records of there user might have been severly abused by the hackers. and now sony will be in the hole for years to come maybe even ending PlayStation all together if nothing changes. Now it is true you guys have the right to release or not to but remember people are determind and will go far to get what they want. cause people do have connections and every time you do post some thing some where is like placing a foot print of where you are in the real world just remember that. THIS NOT A THREAT!

    If you read this and do know Total N00b or so called HacKmaN (which i believe is licking off Total N00b abilitys) send this to them
    From: Gen. TJ,Gen1TJ Yes this in me and i believe that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnal

    • gzyboz says:

      We can only guess that they won’t miss the chance to take part in psp genesis competition, but they don’t want the pro team to gathe their success. That’s our light in the tunnel. the other thing is that some guys were trying to break into his compuer as far as i heard, and that would make sense.

      • Gen. TJ says:

        now i could understand that they wanted to lock the program so no one else can reverse engine or any thing but dont go rubbing it in every one elses faces that have no issue with but by dont that they are going to have more people hating them

        • Gen. TJ says:

          on my psp right now in school cause i hacked one of my schools macs and found the wifi password and the proxy 😉

  259. Gen. TJ says:

    and yes i do have a psp 3001 black 6.37 and staying

  260. gzyboz says:

    wow! i started googling just a while ago and I found m33user’s blog. some guys say it’s a fake cuz dark alex has left the psp stage, but let’s leave it for now. that’swhat he says on “his” blog:
    After couple of weeks 6.38 HEN is Now Finished and Ready to Be Online around the Psp World.Release Date: Next Week

    as so many people say he’s fake it’s better to abstain from installing it until we check out the user’s opinions.
    his possibly fake blog: http://m33user.blogspot.com/2011/04/small-update-638-hen.html#comments

  261. Rain says:

    is there any way to fix my perma brick psp 3000. only green lights on and the screen goes black and after a few minutes it will automatically shut down. tnx 4 the help..

    • gzyboz says:

      you must replace the motherboard or the memory (better replace the whole mainboard, cuz it’s safer and cheaper. it will cost you about 100$

      • Rain says:

        other says that I need to send it to sony and sony repair it and update it in the latest FW. is it real?

        • gzyboz says:

          if it happened while updating from OFW to OFW (official firmware) like for example from 6.37 to 6.38 then they should repair i for free (if you have a valid warranty)

          but if you were trying to hack your psp you lost the warranty and all you can do is to delete all the hacks and isos from your psp and say something like “I was updating the firmware when the screen turned black and it doesn’t want to turn on 😉 (DO NOT say things like “i accidentally removed the battery when updating”). you must pretend to be a complete noob that has no idea about psp hacking and you didn’t wan to hack your psp. don’t even say it’s “bricked”,or they might not belive you (say it doesn’t want to turn on).

          sorry if I messed it up.

  262. Gen. TJ says:

    No but if you would have read CFW for dummies you would have found out that the all or most psp 300X are not hack able because of the security feature on the new mother boards and that is why we depend on HEN and the makers of it, to fully enjoy the performance of the psp world

  263. gzyboz says:

    DAMN IT!
    m33user deleted his blog ;/
    he had to release his hen there this week

  264. armorol says:

    please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please,

    give to hen a donation’s for release the Hen i think is better a ahahahahah

  265. gzyboz says:

    man there are soo many fake TNs ready to steal his money…

  266. armorol says:

    yes i know, but wololo can give to us his real number of bank or something like that , thats mi opinion, i can give to hem 100 dlls..

  267. Goku says:

    Pero que sarta de estupideces dicen en PSP SLIM HACKS … DEVERIAN DE DEJAR EN PAZ A TN, ademas las personas que necesitamos en Hen, somos los que recientemente compramos un psp con OF6.38 gracias a que Sony actualizo su sistema,, y no nos dejo disfrutar de los HB en 6.37…
    th fks …pspprogramersofsony..

    Y por si fuera poco su Musicailimitada no sirve para nada, cuando uno tiene el ares, el limewhere , mega, rapid, etc, etc, etc,, para bajarse la musica… sk no piensan o no tienen cerebro…

  268. Goku says:

    aaaaa que fustracion..
    Please TN , free your Hen y the name of 1000 users ho have a new psp whit 6.38. thanks of fck Sony

  269. jr. says:

    Este men, y porque no compraste el 2000 ?

  270. GOKU says:

    Otro dia mas, la espera es larga comandantes, pero valdra la pena…
    Come on , TN free the Hen jejejejej eeeee

  271. venom says:

    Ya se las dio de rogar el nene, mejor olvidenlo y comprense un ds…
    esta muerto para la scene como dice en algun comentario anterior…

  272. venom says:

    Liquidzigong and Coldbird, QUE no pueden sacar aun el HEN PRO Para 6.38 porque estan esperando que lo saque TN para fusilarselo.. (copiarlo a su forma) para los que no entienden,, y asi decir que es su exploit y toda la cosa… y no darle credito al morro!!! eeee,,, NO QUE MUY MUY, y que bien hackers y que esto y que lo otro,,, eee eee,, que esperan haber , saque su Hen para el 6.38…O ya se No pueden,,, ssssssssssss que mal ee,, que mal…
    que copiones…

  273. GOKU says:

    deveras que hay gente que nomas escribe para estar fregando…
    sht up fck venom gt fck hll///

  274. gzyboz says:

    plz at least try to speak english, or use a google translator

  275. Gen. TJ says:

    a little extra work never hurt anyone

  276. Hacker says:

    Hey, where I can get HEN for 6.37?

  277. goku says:

    Ven a que me refiero conque nomas escriben para estar fregando…

    i don’t like the new game lightning, but thanks anyway jeje..

    To: Total Noob

    Please release the Hen 6.38-A !!!! for my little children…

  278. goku says:

    wagic continue in the first place !!! Homebrew…thanks wololo…and devs.

  279. goku says:

    ANOTHER DAY, we waiting for the Hen wath’s going on , TN free the Hen..please.. free the hen…

    mi little boy ask me a hundred of times in a day , its already tead, it is now, it is now… o mi god im crazy now… jejeje….

    Como dicen los mexicanos, la esperanza es lo ultimo que muere,,,

  280. gzyboz says:

    if TN would just release his hen as a Genesis competition entry…
    I would love it and i’m sure he’d win the main prize, and you?

  281. vjkjh says:

    come on *** is going on we want hen for 0fw 6.37

  282. old says:

    let’s donate total noob!!!

  283. goku says:

    gzyboz i spok the same…

  284. vjkjh says:

    its been a long time since the ofw 6.37 was released or atleast it feels that way and i was wondering why isnt hen out already

    could you guys atleast give us a release date?

  285. Chris says:

    hen for OFW 6.37 wud be greatly appreciated……..plzzzzzzz wen wud u release @wololo

    • gzyboz says:

      wololo’s not gonna make it. TN (total_n00b) has it, but he’s officially not releasing it. We can only watch if he releases it for the PSP genesis competition at the very end of it, so that the PRO team doesn’t make a pro hen out of it.
      you should read CFW for dummies.

  286. old says:

    6.38 Downgrader
    It supports all PSPs (1000, 2000, 3000 and PSP) except 07g/09g (newer = 3000).


  287. GOKU says:

    AL fin algo bueno, despues de 2 meses de espera, jeje voy a probar el downgrader para instalar el Hen D no permanente de TN Gracias Gracias…
    EL D permamente quita el PSX y el E creo que no esta muy estable por eso
    el D es la mejor opcion … Despues ya intentare el E permanente haber que pasa
    thanks TN…and devps…

  288. master sasuke uchiha says:

    thank u old it really works i am now firmware 6.20 i was 6.38 so thanks

  289. Tommy11778 says:

    Thank you very much.
    The downgrader really work. WaHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  290. mister munch says:


  291. MethNo says:

    Thx, Wololo for you HBL! now i m using 6.20 Pro B4! But a half year ago i have to use your HBL and he was a really good prog for me in starting and hacking PSP!!!
    THX again

  292. GOKU says:



  293. GOKU says:

    LA PLACA A 8G ,?



  294. GOKU says:


  295. jkff88 says:

    Hmmm bueno yo ya he comprobado estos downgrader y realmente funcionan! tengo 2 psp 3001, una q era 3g y otra q no hace mucho q compre es 9g asi q la q tenia 3g lo puse en vers 3.20 mientras q la 9g de ley solo baja hasta 6.35, no he intentado bajarle a la 3.20 segun dice q no vale pero prefiero prevenir q despues lamentar… pero asi como dicen ya depende del motherboard q tengan q se pueden hacer el downgrade asi como explicaron explico aqui pa los novatos como fui yo tambien hehehe 1g=version 1000, 2g=2000, 3g/4g=3000, 5g=PSP Go, y 7g/9g= nuevos 3000’s pa funcionar tienen q bajar la mejorada version del 6.3X downgrader eso si se encuentra en la misma pag y tambien ser actualizados 1ro en 6.38 para poder bajarlos en version , asi q con confianza asi como yo te doy de testigo esto porq 100% es real para un gamer a otro gamer

  296. GOKU says:

    OLD …


  297. GOKU says:

    jkff88 HEY….

  298. GOKU says:




  299. gzyboz says:

    you have to dump it from a umd using a HB

  300. Chris says:

    i wanna ask- i am on ofw 6.37 so wud d downgrader of 6.3x or 6.38 wud work on it??????
    plzzzz reply fast

    • jkff88 says:

      i was like the same situation u must upgrade to 6.38 then u can use the 6.3X Downgrader but u must know what “g” is ur psp remember 1g=1000, 2g=2000, 3g/4g=3000, 5g=PSP Go & 7g/9g=Newest’s psps, if urs are 7g/9g u can downgrade only to 6.35 if is 3g/4g u can downgrade even 6.35 or 6.20, but u must download the program that is 6.3X Downgrader v3.1 and dont forget to have that software and the OFW that u want u put…

  301. Chris says:

    hey thanxxxxxxxxx…….bro it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  302. PAOLO says:

    why wait for the 6.37hen if you can upgrade your psp to 6.38 and downgrade it to 6.20 where you can get HEN. THAT WOULD WORK. They just released a downgrader for 6.38ofw.

  303. dankar says:

    Dear Guys,
    I have psp 3004 ver 5.7 what should i do to hack it..how can i install the HEN in it.

    please kindly help meeee…

    thanking you in advance..

    • nem0 says:

      Well there are two ways for you, first you can upgrade your firmware(FW) to 6.20 and then apply TN-HEN C or something like that or you can upgrade to 6.35 and use the signed HEN or the LCFW for that.

      For updating/upgrading the FW:
      1. Connect the PSP to the PC/Laptop/System
      2. Create a folder “UPDATE”[without the quotes, but the name should be in uppercase] inside the PSP/GAME/ folder
      3. Download the *.rar file from : http://psp.dashhacks.com/file/1855for 6.20 OFW], http://psp.dashhacks.com/file/2036for 6.35 OFW]
      4. extract the contents and paste them inside the UPDATE folder
      5. disconnect the PSP from the system and scroll to the game menu
      6. inside there you will find the update, connect the PSP to the AC mains supply and then start the update.

      After that download the HEN/LCFW appropriate for your updated PSP FW. Then play and enjoy. I have recently started using the LCFW.

  304. equis says:

    As long as june 16 there was yet the new 6.39 OFW, as well the new CFWs working in 6:39 FW: neur0n’s LCFW 6.39-ME (except for PSP Go), and CB & VF LCFW PRO.

  305. xxx says:

    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do u all update!

  306. Jorge says:

    Hello, Im Asking About. Another Hen or CFW. For PSPGo. I Dont Want PRO CFW. or TN-E. My Version Is 6.20.

    Greetings From Mexico.

    • equis says:

      You don’t want TN or PRO??? Then what do you want??? Those are the only choices for you, using a PSPGo with 6.20 FW. There is other option, neuron’s ME CFW, but casualty doesn’t apply to PSPGo.

  307. saurav says:

    is there a vsh menu for 631 pro?

    • equis says:

      You are so out of date. 6.31 PRO is not supported anymore, so my advice is to update your OFW to 6.35 or 6.39 and download one of the new CFWs: PRO or ME. They come with integrated VSH.

  308. mister munch says:


    i tried IvEr PSP V5.00 English version on my psp go version 6.20 PRO B6 or 7
    permanent patch
    i turned it on and it looks like an ipod touch lock screen (its on its side and has that “slide to unlock thing) so turn the psp go around and hold the down arrow (now the right) and the thingy slides BUT THEN it tells me that there is an error and i should press start to reboot it, i reboot it AND THE SAME THING HAPPENS, i cant access usb mode to delete the files either!


    here’s my email address : Jacob.Origami@gmail.com

  309. mister munch says:


    i tried IvEr PSP V5.00 English version on my psp go version 6.20 PRO B6 or 7
    permanent patch
    i turned it on and it looks like an ipod touch lock screen (its on its side and has that “slide to unlock thing) so turn the psp go around and hold the down arrow (now the right) and the thingy slides BUT THEN it tells me that there is an error and i should press start to reboot it, i reboot it AND THE SAME THING HAPPENS, i cant access usb mode to delete the files either!


    here’s my email address : Jacob.Origami@gmail.com

  310. mister munch says:


    i tried IvEr PSP V5.00 English version on my psp go version 6.20 PRO B6 or 7
    permanent patch
    i turned it on and it looks like an ipod touch lock screen (its on its side and has that “slide to unlock thing) so turn the psp go around and hold the down arrow (now the right) and the thingy slides BUT THEN it tells me that there is an error and i should press start to reboot it, i reboot it AND THE SAME THING HAPPENS, i cant access usb mode to delete the files either!


    here’s my email address : Jacob.Origami@gmail.com

  311. mister munch says:

    woops, i posted it twice. sorry.

  312. mister munch says:

    it’s a shell, like IR shell, or arnold’s SHELL but it was released quite some time ago and it makes your psp have an ipod touch interface (you also have to hold you psp so its on it’s side and the x, o triangle and square buttons are up in the air the ceiling)
    r button here /____\ – x o square and triangle buttons here
    ll ll
    ll ll – screen here
    L button here \____/ – d pad and analog stick here

    (sorry for my cruddy psp diagram)

    that is what IvEr is

  313. mister munch says:

    dammit it srewed up the diagram :(

  314. equis says:

    Yeah, I know by now, googled it. But I will tell you what is read in the readme.txt:

    “IMPORTANT READ: I made a mistake when setting archive Iver PSP folder that is named theme, which is in the dossierPSP / GAME folder to rate Iver PSP is not the right place Please save this file “theme” in the PHOTO folder of your MS, otherwise you’ll get an error at the start of the homebrew, I wanted to say again because the archive take much time, at least the upload. Thank you.”

    Also, it was common in that times a shell making changes in the flash of your PSP, I hope you didn’t screw up your console. You should have considered that before using a very old shell in a new firmware.

  315. help says:

    i downloaded the downgrader and when i ran it on my psp it said “error,updater MD5 mismatch!” what does that mean? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  316. Poo says:

    Will using this over HBL show significant improvement in framerate and stability of emulators? Specifically in MAME and SNES?

  317. ahmed says:

    my psp version is 5.55 i cant update , how to update this version ? plz help me

    • equis says:

      What’s the reason you can’t update? Give all the details.
      Are you updating from 5.55 OFW? To which OFW? Which console? When searching for some help, be in the habit of give all possible information.

  318. Awwal says:

    I’v been running HEN on my 6.20 firmware.it unhackd yesterday and since then each tym i try 2 load it,my psp freezes wit the memory acess lyt staying on and pops then goes off. . .wat do i do please?

  319. javy says:

    if you run the downgrader and it gives you that mismatch error download the ofw 6.20 eboot and replace the eboot inside the update folder in the downgrader and it should work

  320. Awwal says:

    Sum1 help me please

    • war10ck says:

      Give more details like your PSP version, then what OFW[original formware] it had, and whether you have updated it or not – and also do tell me to what OFW you are trying to OFW

  321. KazTSB says:

    Hey I have a question, I have 6.37 ofw, i want 6.37 pro. I’ts a Psp Go by the way. How can I install 6.37 pro? Also I have looked every for that firmware but I cant seem to find an actual dl link. Its like they skipped it and went straight to 6.39 pro.

    • war10ck says:

      I think downgrade is your only choice…I did not find 6.37 Pro anywhere. But I am sure that it needs to downgrade – because when I got the PSP 3000, 6.37 had come out — and a downgrade came out for it. For proper downgrading see Chronoswitch v5.0 by Davee – this one can downgrade upto 6.20 in 7g/9g type of Motherboard too.

  322. chuckles@u says:

    the psp scene is dead. just face it

  323. Nick says:

    PSP Scene is alive and well! Everything has been developed 😀

    I would love some help, I have a PSP-2000 with Firmware Version 3.80 (super old!) What should I do to get the most out of it? I would love to play NES/SNES/GBA/PSX games all the time, as well as some movie playing. Since I have a nice fully moddable PSP on my hands here, I am hesitant to upgrade to 6.2 to put HEN on, but maybe that is the best? I am COMPLETELY out of the loop! What CFW should I do to get the most out of this PSP? :) Thanks.

    • equis says:

      Actually, best supported OFW are 6.39 and, slowly, 6.60. Besides, there are more CFW to choose from (PRO, ME, even a TN HEN) and in some cases, those CFWs allow more flexibility to consoles like yours (but is better if you get a pandora). My advice is to upgrade to 6.39 and try one of those. Once you are comfortable, and feels need for anything more, you could update to 6.60.

  324. NICK S says:

    hello im having sum probs with my psp go ofw 6.3.0. iv been doing a itouch jailbreaking series on my youtube channel and its been a year or so since ive used this psp. i got hbl on here and i (1) cant find my five dollar games and (2) have been confused as to why the hbl worked the first time i used it and the second after the text loading process it freeses, the battery light blinks ( i have the psp at full charge btw) and the device shuts down. any help would be greatly appriceated!

    • wololo says:

      Hi Nick. First of all, please try to upgrade to 6.60 and use Pro CFW instead of HBL. HBL is now on the deprecation path, and we do not maintain it anymore. You can find information on how to install the latest CFW on your psp Go here. The process is risk-free.
      About your 5 dollar games, are you talking about official PSP games? In that case I would suggest you re-download them from the PSN, either with your PSP, or using Media go. HBL has nothing to do with this.

      • NICK S says:

        ok like psp hackerz im trying to run go tube. i however have access to a computer. when i put the update on it the psp told me to press O and restore to factory settings. the update wasnt on there after this happened. help me pppplllllzzzzz! :)

  325. NICK S says:

    psp hackerz and i are freinds but the diff is he is the developer 4 my website. he also is in college and i am out of it so i always mock him 4 that 😛 . so just a quick littile fact

  326. exodiac47 says:

    i ot a psp 2000 on 6.20 every time i try to use tn-e it turns off i even tried using hbl to make it work but i just brings me to the xmb menu. what do i do?

  327. obsession says:

    hey, sorry to sound like a noob but my psp system software im using (5.00 m33-4) and for some reason it will not allow me to update at all. can someone help me cause it makes no sense


  328. _DarK_ says:

    He be trying to troll ya… don’t listen 😉

  329. orphelian says:

    I believe it is a noob answer of mine but.. is there a possibility the aplication needs the .net framework?

  330. gzyboz says:

    Whoa! IT WORKED!!!
    i didn’t suppose that!
    I used Win XP SP3,so I was sure it’s built in …but it wasn’t

    I got eye pet to work (~630 Mb)
    THX A LOT!!!

  331. gzyboz says:

    no idea why loco roco didn’t work.
    it starts(displays a black screen with japaneese subtitles)
    and then turns back an error “game could not be started”

    so not all games <728mb work.

  332. gzyboz says:

    you’re wrong dude, “hate speak” and racism are actually kind of criminal.

  333. MaxMouseDLL says:

    No one cares this is the internet.

  1. January 11, 2011

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