A HEN (Homebrew Enabler) is a piece of software that allows you to run homebrew games and backups on your Sony PSP. The goal is similar to Half-Byte Loader but a HEN usually has more compatibility than HBL, as it has access to the Kernel functions.


The Hen you need to download depends on the firmware of your PSP, and is independent of the model (it works on all models, 1000, 2000, 3000, and PSP Go). Click on the firmware installed on your PSP to be redirected to the appropriate download page:

If you have a firmware below 6.20, we suggest you upgrade to 6.20 or higher, and install one of the above.

Still confused? Then CFW For dummies will help you!

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  1. javy says:

    if you run the downgrader and it gives you that mismatch error download the ofw 6.20 eboot and replace the eboot inside the update folder in the downgrader and it should work

  2. Awwal says:

    Sum1 help me please

    • war10ck says:

      Give more details like your PSP version, then what OFW[original formware] it had, and whether you have updated it or not – and also do tell me to what OFW you are trying to OFW

  3. KazTSB says:

    Hey I have a question, I have 6.37 ofw, i want 6.37 pro. I’ts a Psp Go by the way. How can I install 6.37 pro? Also I have looked every for that firmware but I cant seem to find an actual dl link. Its like they skipped it and went straight to 6.39 pro.

    • war10ck says:

      I think downgrade is your only choice…I did not find 6.37 Pro anywhere. But I am sure that it needs to downgrade – because when I got the PSP 3000, 6.37 had come out — and a downgrade came out for it. For proper downgrading see Chronoswitch v5.0 by Davee – this one can downgrade upto 6.20 in 7g/9g type of Motherboard too.

  4. chuckles@u says:

    the psp scene is dead. just face it

  5. Nick says:

    PSP Scene is alive and well! Everything has been developed :D

    I would love some help, I have a PSP-2000 with Firmware Version 3.80 (super old!) What should I do to get the most out of it? I would love to play NES/SNES/GBA/PSX games all the time, as well as some movie playing. Since I have a nice fully moddable PSP on my hands here, I am hesitant to upgrade to 6.2 to put HEN on, but maybe that is the best? I am COMPLETELY out of the loop! What CFW should I do to get the most out of this PSP? :) Thanks.

    • equis says:

      Actually, best supported OFW are 6.39 and, slowly, 6.60. Besides, there are more CFW to choose from (PRO, ME, even a TN HEN) and in some cases, those CFWs allow more flexibility to consoles like yours (but is better if you get a pandora). My advice is to upgrade to 6.39 and try one of those. Once you are comfortable, and feels need for anything more, you could update to 6.60.

  6. NICK S says:

    hello im having sum probs with my psp go ofw 6.3.0. iv been doing a itouch jailbreaking series on my youtube channel and its been a year or so since ive used this psp. i got hbl on here and i (1) cant find my five dollar games and (2) have been confused as to why the hbl worked the first time i used it and the second after the text loading process it freeses, the battery light blinks ( i have the psp at full charge btw) and the device shuts down. any help would be greatly appriceated!

    • wololo says:

      Hi Nick. First of all, please try to upgrade to 6.60 and use Pro CFW instead of HBL. HBL is now on the deprecation path, and we do not maintain it anymore. You can find information on how to install the latest CFW on your psp Go here. The process is risk-free.
      About your 5 dollar games, are you talking about official PSP games? In that case I would suggest you re-download them from the PSN, either with your PSP, or using Media go. HBL has nothing to do with this.

      • NICK S says:

        ok like psp hackerz im trying to run go tube. i however have access to a computer. when i put the update on it the psp told me to press O and restore to factory settings. the update wasnt on there after this happened. help me pppplllllzzzzz! :)

  7. NICK S says:

    psp hackerz and i are freinds but the diff is he is the developer 4 my website. he also is in college and i am out of it so i always mock him 4 that :P . so just a quick littile fact

  8. exodiac47 says:

    i ot a psp 2000 on 6.20 every time i try to use tn-e it turns off i even tried using hbl to make it work but i just brings me to the xmb menu. what do i do?

  9. obsession says:

    hey, sorry to sound like a noob but my psp system software im using (5.00 m33-4) and for some reason it will not allow me to update at all. can someone help me cause it makes no sense


  1. January 11, 2011

    HEN 6.xx…

    If you are on firmware 6.20 or lower I strongly recommend you upgrade to 6.20 and use TN 6.20 HEN by Total_Noob If you are on firmware 6.35 you can use 6.35 PRO HEN by Virtous Flame and Coldbird. Links: 6.20 HEN Easy Installer 6.35 PRO HEN Nightly Buil…

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