Half-Byte Loader

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What is it?

If you have firmware 6.60 or below, you might want to install a Custom Firmware rather than HBL.
This page is the official Download page for Half-Byte Loader. If you have questions please check the FAQ. For the latest news about Half Byte Loader, check the HBL Category on this blog.
Half-Byte Loader (HBL) is an open source Homebrew Loader for the Sony PSP. It allows to play fan-made games on any PSP up to firmware 6.39. HBL allows to run emulators for the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, Sega Megadrive, NES, Super NES… and many other applications.


The Version of HBL you need to download depends on the firmware of your PSP, and is independent of the model (it works on all models, 1000, 2000, 3000, and PSP Go). Click on the firmware installed on your PSP to be redirected to the appropriate download page:

If you have a firmware below 5.03, we suggest you upgrade to 6.20 and install TN Hen.

Additional downloads

If you’re looking for good homebrews that run on your PSP, don’t look any further, those are 15 games and utilities that will keep you entertained for hundreds of hours.

How to use

Check the README.txt file in the zip file 🙂

More Info

HBL is a work in progress and sometimes it might fail to load your favorite homebrew. However we believe it is harmless for your PSP and I personally test my work on several PSPs before releasing it. We are also confident that this program cannot “brick” your psp and it will not void your Sony Warranty.

HBL is open source, the compiled versions I provide are a compiled version of the sources available freely here

Need Help?

If you have questions/issues please go to the official forums

Want to Help?

HBL is a work in progress and we need your help. Bug reports, test reports, and code patches are welcome. I also accept donations if you want to support my releases.

3,606 Responses

  1. PspGoFTBLBP says:

    so wait no game required to run Hbl?

  2. clockdryve says:


  3. clockdryve says:

    wow……..NO GAME REQUIRED except for the FREE DEMO that is included in the download link I provided. I gave a FULL explaination with directions…there shouldn’t be any difficulties. Your on your own for the emulators and roms. Shouldn’t have much trouble getting help from others here 🙂

  4. clockdryve says:

    The download contains a file called “NPJG90047”, that is actually the DEMO game sukkiri that is included. EVERYTHING you need for the exploit is in that megauploads link. As I said before…you will need to find your own emulators and Roms.

  5. clockdryve says:

    Page 56 has instructions and download link for 6.35 HBL Just look down the page…it is mentioned quite a few times.

  6. clockdryve says:

    Here’s my take on this “dilemma”, This new Minna no Sukkiri Demo was ALSO produced by “CLAP HANZ” *the ones who made the GOLF GAMES…and was ALSO a GAMESAVE exploit. It is possible that Sony would have figured that out soon enough anyway…that’s what happens when you hold onto something (or some other things) so long…..people get to pressured and “snap” and just GOTTA help others out 🙂 I’m sure ALL the people with 6.35 now feel VERY FORTUNATE that they don’t have to wait “who knows HOW long” to be able to do SOMETHING with there PSP. Talk about feeling left out….bam,bam,bam everyone around them had it. But they didn’t know and updated.

  7. Assault says:

    Guys the hack works fine thanks to clockdryve but where can i download homebrew games?

  8. Assault says:

    oh.. and one last thing can i now play real psp games like god of war,monster hunter,etc. in this hbl?

  9. Assault says:

    psp go cant run iso/cso files right even if its hacked? only pbp files?

  10. Assault says:

    is there any iso/cso loader on the psp go??

  11. Assault says:

    is there a iso/cso loader for the psp go???

  12. DjNeo says:

    @Assault Stop asking for it… just read the FAQs or previous post… in case you want the answer is NOT, there’s no iso loader…

  13. Assault says:

    guys does the TN HEN works in the PSP GO(6.35)?????????

  14. @assault hbl cannot run iso/cso games sorry it can only run homebrew i have halo if u want it for hbl

  15. DjNeo says:

    @ assault: ¬¬ once again read the previous posts, @clockdryve have posted something for you

  16. clockdryve says:

    The TN HEN will work on the PSP Go running 6.35 SOMETIME in 2011 when it is finished and released. Do NOT update past 6.35 or you will be SOL (schit outa luck). For now everyone was LUCKY that a release (with fate) is available to run HBL until the HEN is ready. Does NOT run “ISO/CSO” but runs emulators and homebrew….just like all of us that have TA88-v3 PSP 2001 – 3001 above 5.03 firmware…….Now we that have 6.20 firmware (or less) are waiting for the TN_HEN coming sometime withing the next 4 days!! Then we begin to Rock N Roll 🙂

  17. clockdryve says:

    who’s going to help these guys get emulators working now? I can later but very busy today….and i know there are others around that know whats up. so…..whats up??

  18. Aqacow says:

    Anyone know what homebrews you can run on 6.35 with hbl ?

  19. PspGoFTBLBP says:

    when will tn hen 6.31 come out

  20. hello says:

    hello wololo post the hbl to firmaware 6.35 this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UN1sSCqW47I

  21. Roberto1 says:

    good god assault i have noy been here onr day and what the heck happens to the people and who the heck is you know what eater.

  22. clockdryve says:

    He’s the eater of “you know what’s” and needs to be put away.

  23. clockdryve says:

    Whatcha all getting me for my Birthday tomorrow? I take cash, checks and paypal 😉 Hahahahahaha……….. Oh, I know — HEN for 6.20 will be GRAND 🙂

  24. assault says:

    ^^@PspGoFTBLBP can i have it?

  25. assault says:

    sorry for the soo many questions guys.. ^^

  26. Asyllum says:

    so let me get this strait TN-A HeN 6.20 is comming out in a few days, so Total_Noob is going to port it to 6.35 “unknow release date” and will they wont be able to run iso games?

    • clockdryve says:

      AAsyllum, The HEN “might” be able to run ISO’s (more than likely), but Total_Noob will NOT do the ISO stuff….so it is up to the other hackers. So YEA, there will be ISO support SOON. Everything else you said is correct.

  27. DjNeo says:

    Lol @clockdryve nobody gave me something past 17… Well i got pendrive, but I wanted a new videogame anyway, I hope TN release his HEN it would be a good present for me ^^,

  28. clockdryve says:

    Here is a link for GBA (best emulator I say) http://wololo.net/files/hb/mh%20gpspkai.zip It will need the BIOS and I will need to show link in another post (don’t think can post 2 links same text). You unzip this emulator (link in THIS post) and put it in your GAME folder…..after this is installed in your GAME folder, you double click on it…and double click on GBA folder, and double click on the ROM folder……THAT is where you will put the ROMS (games) for the emulator. I will give a link to website (one of many) that has the GBA ROMS.

  29. clockdryve says:

    Location of the BIOS for the GBA Emulator http://www.mediafire.com/?aylfnzmpyeb install by double clicking on “mh gpspkai” that is in your GAME folder….drag the “gba_bios” folder and drop it anywhere. *You can actually just drag it on TOP of the gba_bios folder and let go….and it will go same place. Now all you need are the roms inside the ROMS folder.

    • clockdryve says:

      —-CORRECTION—- The words “*You can actually just drag it on TOP of the gba_bios folder” are WRONG. I ment to say *You can actually just drag it (gba_bios) file and DROP it on TOP of the “mh gpspkai” folder and it will be in correct place inside that folder………………………

  30. clockdryve says:

    Here is “one” website with some GBA ROMS (use the alphabet to get more areas) http://www.coolrom.com/roms/gba/ You will need to check around different websites because some of the sites won’t list the more popular Roms (like mario series). **If the Bios does not work….let me know. I have my own that works, but I just did a web search and got this one. It is the correct size so it should work. But there are some out there that will NOT.

  31. clockdryve says:

    At the top (near) of http://www.coolrom.com you will see a listing “Rom Files” that is where you will get roms for the other emulators. DON’T get the EMULATORS listed on this webpage…they more than like will not work with HBL. Use wololo’s http://wololo.net/wagic/2010/07/18/15-essential-homebrews-that-run-on-half-byte-loader/ Remember….Roms must be downloaded from somewhere else (won’t come from wololo’s link of emulators).

  32. clockdryve says:

    WHY AM I BEING MODERATED? TO MANY POSTS MAYBE?? That’s why I wanted someone ELSE to help with the Emulators/Roms 🙂

  33. asyllum says:

    @clock..,.. lol way to many posts in a row

  34. chiraj says:

    wen will d hen release\?????

  35. michael555voyager says:

    DeadelusX64 no working on hbl 109 ?

  36. @michael im havin the same thing as soon i hit *Start Emulation* it freezes my psp and i have to restart it

  37. assault says:

    @PspGoFTBLBP where’s the halo for hbl?

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