Half-Byte Loader

Heads up. God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition ships with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate link)

What is it?

If you have firmware 6.60 or below, you might want to install a Custom Firmware rather than HBL.
This page is the official Download page for Half-Byte Loader. If you have questions please check the FAQ. For the latest news about Half Byte Loader, check the HBL Category on this blog.
Half-Byte Loader (HBL) is an open source Homebrew Loader for the Sony PSP. It allows to play fan-made games on any PSP up to firmware 6.39. HBL allows to run emulators for the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, Sega Megadrive, NES, Super NES… and many other applications.


The Version of HBL you need to download depends on the firmware of your PSP, and is independent of the model (it works on all models, 1000, 2000, 3000, and PSP Go). Click on the firmware installed on your PSP to be redirected to the appropriate download page:

If you have a firmware below 5.03, we suggest you upgrade to 6.20 and install TN Hen.

Additional downloads

If you’re looking for good homebrews that run on your PSP, don’t look any further, those are 15 games and utilities that will keep you entertained for hundreds of hours.

How to use

Check the README.txt file in the zip file 🙂

More Info

HBL is a work in progress and sometimes it might fail to load your favorite homebrew. However we believe it is harmless for your PSP and I personally test my work on several PSPs before releasing it. We are also confident that this program cannot “brick” your psp and it will not void your Sony Warranty.

HBL is open source, the compiled versions I provide are a compiled version of the sources available freely here

Need Help?

If you have questions/issues please go to the official forums

Want to Help?

HBL is a work in progress and we need your help. Bug reports, test reports, and code patches are welcome. I also accept donations if you want to support my releases.

3,606 Responses

  1. Robert01 says:

    havent been here a while i didnt know you wanted an update.

  2. Assault says:

    Guys when will be the released of HBL for firmware 6.35(PSP GO)???????

  3. Assault says:

    oh.. i forgot can u buy the required game for the hack at Media GO?? or u really need to buy it online at the PSP GO??

  4. Roberto1 says:

    Clarify your question.Im not sure what your asking.

    The site is complete!!!
    I have all my old ports.he pages are going to be better decorated but at the downloads theyer all there.So enjoy some good ports at this link.

  5. where do i buy the pandora battery pack with magic memory stick

  6. Assault says:

    @Roberto1, im asking about the Hot Shots Golf Game if u need it to buy it online in a PSP GO or you can buy it in the PC(Media Go)

    the Hot Shots Golf game is needed for the hack right??

  7. dude i know u gotta buy it online but what site

  8. clockdryve says:

    @PspGoFTBLBP, this seems like the cheapest place I have found here lately…if you live in the USA http://pandora-battery.net/psp-pandora-battery-and-512mb-magic-memory-st512.html (little over $25 including shipping) be sure and take your time….READ the instructions (easy) a few times before you install so you know what to expect. To CHARGE the Pandora Battery (do this first), put psp in LOCK mode….(down on power button) until you see the little YELLOW dot, now put the battery (fat) into the back of your slim PSP….the battery cover will NOT fit so set it aside. Then you plug it in and let it charge until light goes out like normal charge. *if you don’t put the PSP in LOCK mode….the battery will turn on the psp by itself–you don’t want that to happen “right now”. So when battery is fully charged…unplug and take out battery (be sure and take PSP off the lock mode by gently lifting UP just till yellow is gone). Now install your Magic Memory Stick…and install the battery again (hold down ANY buttons IF it tells you to-some require this and some do not). Be sure and HOLD the battery in place for the FULL time until finished….you dont want the battery to come loose (it will fit kinda tight anyway…just be careful). *When you see words on the screen you can release any buttons IF it was required to START the Pandora battery (but maybe you didn’t have requirement…???) Now read the instructions on the screen…Remember to KEEP battery in place (take your time) You want to install the 5.00 M33-6 CFW. After the HACK is complete…it MIGHT require one more update (it will tell you in instructions if required…on paper). After you have finished this M33…get back with me and I will tell you how to get the Prometheus update that will allow you to play the 6.xx games (higher than 5.00 M33 will play). You will still have 5.00 M33-6 but it will put a PATCH for higher games (newer psp games). SAVE the instructions I give you here. Or just remember where it is here and come back if need to review. Be sure and charge up that Pandora battery. It’s gonna need it 🙂

  9. clockdryve says:

    @Assault, do you have PSP Go with 6.31 firmware? If YES then you should connect to PSN on PC through Media Go ONLY. That way you dont need to UPDATE to the required 6.35 on PSN directly (you dont want this…or you wont get hbl for golf game). If you already have 6.35 (don’t know cause I can’t find if you have mentioned this….) then you don’t NEED the Golf game…..cause the HEN for 6.35 wont be out for a while (maybe a month or two months)…and it WONT require “any” game to boot. Just need to give more info instead of asking a direct question….you know what you are looking for-but we can’t see what you need it for 😉

  10. equis says:

    You can buy it using Media Go. It’s better, doesn’t ask you to update.

  11. clockdryve says:

    @PspGoFTBLBP, that Pandora Battery and Magic Memory Stick can be used more than once (JUST DON’T FORMAT IT) and you can’t just copy the information over to another memory card…there is a special format that a computer does not normally do and using special software certain files are moved to an unaccessible place otherwise. You cannot use on a PSP 3001 and SOME of the PSP 2001 (TA88-V3) cannot be hacked….But the Blue Madden and RED God Of War and some of the earlier PSP 2001 CAN BE HACKED. You can’t put 1.50 firmware on ANY of the Slim 2001-3001 PSP’s. IT WILL BRICK. Destroyed………..

  12. clockdryve says:

    @PspGoFTBLBP, one more thing….it’s been awhile since I’ve charged up a Pandora Battery with a PSP (I normally use an external battery charger), but if while the power switch is in the LOCK position then installing the Pandora Battery (with NO magic stick installed-memory) and the PSP starts up with Auto power on…then remove battery, put is LOCK MODE and plug in power cord THEN install battery. You are just looking for it NOT to turn on for the charge of battery. Try the first way….then other if didn’t work the first time. **I would try mine but my power cord is at another house…I charge it (never use my phat right now) with either the 2 way data cable (charge and mini B plug) or the external chager for battery. It will charge one of these ways 🙂

  13. clockdryve says:

    @Rorroconter, you are welcome 🙂 Enjoy the PSP…..and soon the HEN !! 😉

  14. GÜNEY says:

    ICH HABE DAS VESION 6,36 ich frage mich ob man mit diser filmrare iso spile zu spielen

  15. Assault says:

    oh.. so u dont need the golf game for the 6.35 hbl??

  16. clockdryve says:

    @Assault, okay…. what’s going on here? What kind of PSP do you own….what firmware do you have on it right NOW?? These are the important questions we need to know to HELP you out? There is “no” HBL for 6.35 and NEVER will be. That firmware will be turned into a HEN (that’s even better) but it will require more time…after Christmas. And NO it does not require a GOLF game (or any game). If you are BELOW 6.35 then DO NOT UPDATE. Let us know and we can help. People might wonder why I give long…drawn out answers. This is one of those reasons 🙂

  17. Roberto1 says:

    @assault what psp and what firmware.

  18. PspGoFTBLBP says:

    ok im gonna get the pandora battery pack ill tell u when

  19. clockdryve says:

    @PspGoFTBLBP , good deal. I’ll be around.

  20. tom says:

    ich will hen weil es gut ist

  21. Assault says:

    PSP GO(Firmware 6.35)

  22. jlo138 says:

    Anyone know if Worms Battle Islands will run on 6.20. I want to buy this from psn but I’m not gonna update just to play it.

  23. clockdryve says:

    @Assault, thanks man….you will not need to get the Golf game. It would be a waste of your money (exploit is blocked in your version firmware). Just need to chill till the HEN for 6.35 comes out. Yep…no game needed for that exploit. Just time needed to wait on it. Coming SOON though, and be careful….don’t let anyone update your PSP. Later Dude.

  24. clockdryve says:

    @wololo, what does this mean “TN had been working on “something” on 6.35 involving a VSH exploit. Well, at least he won’t have to waste this one…” This was where you were talking about the “everybodys’s sukkiri” DEMO exploit….does this mean that Total_Noob can SAVE his VHS exploit and use this instead?

  25. 0M9H4X says:

    *** pretty much every comment on this site is spam now!
    assault, roberto1, GÜNEY, tom….
    ***. and if you have serious questions ask precisely and in english.
    güney, you just won the “worst german of the year award 2k10”.
    no cookie 4 u.

  26. 6.35 hbl has been realesed excuse the spelling morning mode”http://www.pspgen.com/forums/le-hbl-sur-le-6-35-t220125.html”

  27. clockdryve says:

    I don’t know now….depending on how long it takes for HEN, maybe they can get this DEMO ported to HBL for 6.35 and have something for those firmware users to run emulators and homebrew until the HEN is released 🙂 This information was just released 12-12-10 (I just found it a few minutes ago).

  28. clockdryve says:

    Wrong date. Supposed to read “December 19, 2010”

  29. Chiron says:

    in new to this psp hacks n stuff, so can any1 tell me wat exactly is tis half byte loader….is it some kind of a firmware for psp’s???

  30. clockdryve says:

    @Assault, you got LUCKY maybe 🙂 Someone “messed up” and released a DEMO exploit that SHOULD of been saved until after the next update past 6.35 @IdiScRiMiNaTe, I tried your link and there downloads wouldn’t work for me. I don’t actually think that is the HBL though….Isn’t it a POC (proof of concept)??? Here is the same thing on wololo’s page I think http://wololo.net/wagic/category/hacking/

  31. clockdryve says:

    I can CONFIRM that it DOES work. I have installed it on 6.10 PSP Go so it should also work on ANY PSP at version 6.10 or higher…I will include another upload link so you wont’s need to mess with the translation (from french) or register….hassle.

  32. clockdryve says:

    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=90BGLR4Q link for 6.35 HBL (I had a long text telling how to install…….and it didn’t load) I HAte THAT.

  33. clockdryve says:

    The link again http://www.megaupload.com/?d=90BGLR4Q Now install NPJG90047 into your GAMES folder on PSP (data connect) do NOT open the file, just drag and drop into the GAME folder, now take the “hbl” and “h.bin” files and drag and drop (unopened) on to the ROOT of memory location (same place where PSP,Music,Picture,Video folders are) just drop anywhere in there…..now drag the PSP folder on to this same location (don’t worry as there is already a PSP folder there) NOW just click YES…to overwrite. *Do NOT put the PSP folder into the PSP folder….just drop in same location. Now to run this HBL you disconnect the data cable and go to GAME on the PSP screen and start the sukkiri game. You will need to keep pushing the “O” button instead of the “X” button because it is a Japanese game (they drive on the wrong side of the street too) 😉 Just ask around if you don’t know how to install emulators…..*This version of HBL seems to run the older version of snes9xTYL a lot better…unless it is just because I am running this on PSP Go “6.10” You DO NOT need to update to 6.35 to run this HBL but if you are already on 6.35 or LOWER you are GOOD TO GO 🙂 **Had to TRY to upload this text again. You USED to be able to include 2 links in your posts…doesn’t seem that way now.

  34. clockdryve says:

    @PspGoFTBLBP, YES HBL for 6.35 works…..just NEW FOR TODAY. But Getting the Pandora for the SLIM is still a good thing because you can run ISO/CSO’s on the CFW as the HEN won’t do that for awhile (or maybe never)….but however you want to do it 🙂

  35. clockdryve says:

    @Assault, this is the link you want (IT DOES WORK ON PSP) version 6.35 or lower….. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=90BGLR4Q the link from above was a “proof of concept” only…didn’t crack open the PSP.

  36. equis says:

    a.k.a. screwup 101 by Jeerum. That was good, lol. And very very very sad.
    Was completely unexpected for me. I’m sorry you can share that download. Enjoy it while TN HEN comes in 2011.

  37. PspGoFTBLBP says:

    ok what game or demo do i need 4 hbl 635

  38. clockdryve says:

    @PspGoFTBLBP, you just need to read my post above that starts with “The link again”….it’s ALL in there. But you will need to get the emulators and ROMS from somewhere else. Wolo has a link call “15 homebrews” that has most of the emulators you need. Put those in your Game folder. Your ROMS (games for the emulators) can be found all over the internet. The GBA emulator will require a BIOS file to run also.

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