Half-Byte Loader

What is it?

If you have firmware 6.60 or below, you might want to install a Custom Firmware rather than HBL.
This page is the official Download page for Half-Byte Loader. If you have questions please check the FAQ. For the latest news about Half Byte Loader, check the HBL Category on this blog.
Half-Byte Loader (HBL) is an open source Homebrew Loader for the Sony PSP. It allows to play fan-made games on any PSP up to firmware 6.39. HBL allows to run emulators for the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, Sega Megadrive, NES, Super NES… and many other applications.


The Version of HBL you need to download depends on the firmware of your PSP, and is independent of the model (it works on all models, 1000, 2000, 3000, and PSP Go). Click on the firmware installed on your PSP to be redirected to the appropriate download page:

Additional downloads

If you’re looking for good homebrews that run on your PSP, don’t look any further, those are 15 games and utilities that will keep you entertained for hundreds of hours.

How to use

Check the README.txt file in the zip file :)

More Info

HBL is a work in progress and sometimes it might fail to load your favorite homebrew. However we believe it is harmless for your PSP and I personally test my work on several PSPs before releasing it. We are also confident that this program cannot “brick” your psp and it will not void your Sony Warranty.

HBL is open source, the compiled versions I provide are a compiled version of the sources available freely here

Need Help?

If you have questions/issues please go to the official forums

Want to Help?

HBL is a work in progress and we need your help. Bug reports, test reports, and code patches are welcome. I also accept donations if you want to support my releases.

3,590 Responses

  1. dan says:

    fantastic thank you

  2. Lampworker says:

    “HBL is currently the ONLY way to play homebrew games on any PSP that has a firmware >= 5.50, and especially on the PSP Go.”

    Pandorable psp’s may disagree 😛 But I’m just nitpicking 😉

  3. WOLOLO says:

    I am SO happy that this works with some emus

  4. KenshynPT says:

    Picodrive works ( no sound tough)
    s9xTYLmecm (snes emul) works, but slow FPS’s
    NesterJ (nes emul) fully works
    SMS ( fully works)
    mame emul and neo geo ones dont work :c

    ** neo geo pocket does 😀

  5. wololo says:

    @Lampworker : true but I’m assuming people who have a pandorable PSP won’t come on this page anyways 😀

  6. RedCloud says:

    Were getting so close to getting daedalusx64 to run :) on the current rev (65) it freezes upon loading roms :( Maybe you could look into this when you get time (personality i think you’ve earned a well deserved break.)

  7. RedCloud says:

    Were getting so close to getting daedalusx64 to run :) on the current rev (65) it freezes upon loading roms :( Maybe you could look into this when you get time (personally i think you’ve earned a well deserved break.)

  8. sumedh(india) says:

    hope we get to see all homebew to work on it andi heard that some one is making chickhen r3 wich can be run in this exploit is it ture if it’s ture you are a rockstar for me dude

  9. kacperski1 says:

    Good job, HBL Team 😉 Half-Byte Loader’s running more and more homebrews in newest revisions :) This is AWESOME! :)

  10. Axtan says:


    PSP SLIM V3004 with Oficial Firmware 6.00 working with the homebrew fceu-psp.

    Super mario bros 1,2,3 working!!!

    ¡Thank you very much!

  11. Linske says:

    hey.. i’m havin’ some problem here ^^ the moment i start HBL a red colored text appeared it says that: Unable to open GAME folder (syscall issue??)
    -> Using a cached version of the folder’s content.

    What does that mean?
    What should i do?
    please help! ^^ thx

  12. wololo says:

    restart the HBL as many times as needed until the message goes away

  13. Anyone says:

    Good job, but hbl don’t work on all homebrews.

  14. Linske says:

    ok thanks wololo

  15. Linske says:

    Hey! wololo i did it 10 times and something happened on the tenth trial: it says: Test scelodon
    — success
    why is that?

    and it returned to the previous problem… about that syscall issue …

    aww man i thought i could play Homebrew games ….

    help please ^^ thx

  16. Linske says:

    Scelodopen *

  17. man where i put hbl file in my psp???

  18. sumedh India says:

    please help any working gba emul hombrew ,,,,,,,,,,,,cab any one help

  19. Linske says:

    uhh…. i tried to use the HBL Rev66 Beta Debud Version and my problem changed … everytime i start HBl it starts to freeze before it loads the Menu … i know it’s Normal (I Guess) but i tried to start it many times and the same result ….

    well good luck wololo and more power ^^

  20. serpistica says:

    Hi, first of all, thanks a lot!! You guys have done an awesome work!! I’m really looking forward to this =D

    I tried the Pataton 2 Exploit and it loads the h.bin with no problem….

    However, I’m having a problem when loading HBL rv66 and rv65, they simply wont load T_T. However the r31 does load, but freezes on the menu.

    I have downloaded both (r65 debug and non debug), none of them load, my PSP just turns off after 20sec or so…. And what is worst, the debug version wont create a log so I can’t send it in and help in the debugging process T_T.

    My PSP is a 3001 OFW 5.55 (the PSP that came with the Assasin’s Creed Pack).

    Thanks again and keep up the great work =D

  21. RedCloud says:

    @serpistica, you have posted on the last 2 pages ive been on lol, maybe its just a coincidence. Anyway the answer is so simple, SO very simple… just go to the hbl forum (btw this link was posted on both of the pages you asked questions on -_-) http://advancedpsp.tk/foro_es/viewforum.php?f=39 and stop asking on these pages xD

  22. Dillenger says:

    Wololo, Thanks! This is truly excellent work!

    But, I have a silly question for you:
    How many times do you think you have heard the Patapon Theme song?

    I have been following the HBL loader since it was leaked…
    I think I have heard the Patapon theme at least 1000 times, if not more!

    I noticed in Revision 65+- you thank fanjita and noobz. Did they help with the HBL or was that just due to the eloader concept? I remeber the GTA LCS eloader fondly. That was my introduction to homebrew, and since I saw the “dark side”(or “light side” depending on how you look at it) I have never looked back. Do you think something like DevHook again?

    Keep up the great work and I am really looking forward to Wagic 0.12 on my Go!

  23. Banshee says:

    Thanks for the great help! I’m going to make more videos for n00bs who don’t know what they are doing lmao


  24. wololo says:

    @serpistica: you have an old save file. Download the new one from this page and stop spamming every forum/blog related to HBL.

    @Dillenger: Fanjita kindly contacted me and sent me the sources of the N00bz eLoader. Some of the code of the HBL comes directly from the n00bz eLoader.
    It was easier back in these days, because there was no syscall randomization, so we cannot entirely reuse the noobz eLoader, just a few concepts. The HBL would have been 100% complete a long time ago if syscall radomization wasn’t in the way :(

    The GTA:LCS eLoader was also my introduction to homebrew, the N00bz era is full of great memories for me :)

  25. banana bomb says:

    I’ve played Doom with hbl, but then I’ve got a lot of errors!
    Test scelodon
    – success

  26. Peppe 46 says:

    when arrive the iso-loader???

  27. Muffinhead says:

    *smacks Peppe 46 REALLY hard across the room!*

    ………..*now kicks him.*

  28. sda says:


  29. wololo says:

    @sda: This revision has been tested on a Phat and on a PSPGo, so before insulting my work, make sure you have all the correct files AND if you still have a problem submit a proper bug report (dbglog + what you see on the screen)
    Also if you want me to test on all types of psp, please don’t hesitate to offer me the same model as yours so that I can complete my collection. I’m accepting money donations as well.

  30. Johnny says:

    Well T.O.M.E works on my PSP3000 at 6.20 😉
    However i can’t seem to get Wagic to work, sticks on Lopping HBL Treads.


  31. Elidson says:

    It’s a great job guys. I test master system emulator on my PSP 3010 6.20 and work’s, but without sound. It’s really awesome! Great progress.

  32. Bighead says:

    hello nice work guy but i have a problem.i want play counter strike but it writing this:Looping HBL Thread.what is this?thanks for reply

  33. RedCloud says:

    geez, posted on the wrong page last time :/ You should post r70 (although im not demanding it lol), this one is missing a file. I know its not a huge update or anything but its still important

  34. wololo says:

    RedCloud, revisions 69 and 70 are identical, the file that was missing is just important for compiling on linux

  35. boygeorge says:

    wololo and all who helped, amazing work.
    has anyone gotten snes emulators to run on psp go 6.20?

  36. nirav says:

    it work on pspgo

  37. krazykanuck says:

    these guys who have spent alot of time on this hbl loader .. really apperciated .. ive been with the hbl project from when it was first released and all i can say is WOW the dev team is great .. and the rest of the team that is helping out any way possible is fantastic alot of work has gone in to this ….

    all cause of this i am able to play almost all the classic games i grew up on

    again u guys ROCK!! keep up the great work!!!

  38. AceVentura says:

    which nester j version works with this???

  39. Linske says:

    Oh man… since the first hbl rev nothing worked on my psp 3001 OFW 6.20 at alll…

    looks like im stuck playing Flash games on psp ^^

  40. J Flo says:

    i gotta pspGo 5.70. should i update to somethin else?

  41. wololo says:

    @Linske: there is something bad in the way you use or installed hbl. Although it isn’t perfect, I’d say recent revisions should run fine at least 30% of the time. In other words, if you try 3 times you should at least get to the menu and be able to start a homebrew. If that homebrew starts or not, that’s another story and that’s why we have compatibility threads on m0skit0’s forums

    @J Flo: NO. Don’t upgrade your psp. What if someone finds a kernel exploit up to 5.70? You would miss the opportunity to use a HEN.
    Well..since it’s a pspgo, you might need to upgrade eventually unless you want to stop using PSN games :(

  42. qwerty says:

    Hey Linske. This problem has happened to me a few times too, but you can fix it by deleting the debug log prom you psp and trying again.

  43. J Flo says:

    yea already updated and hbl works now… kinda lol

  44. Gheorghe says:

    Works on 3000 6.20!!! Thanks!!!

  45. Gheorghe says:

    wololo rules \m/

  46. sony repersentitive says:

    wow you rock wololo you are up there with the legendary dark alex

  47. Linske says:

    @qwerty thanks … but how do i so that? deleting the debug log?

  48. Linske says:


  49. Wolfdawg says:

    How about a gameboy emulator for this man?

  50. JeF-G says:

    Good work wololo!!!!! This revision is very nice

  51. Gheorghe says:

    @sony repersentitive: Yes, yes ,yes! That’s true!! But I think wololo is better than Dark Alex!

  52. JamperTheHat says:

    HBL just seems to get better…nearly got those emulators to work..
    ..still FPS problems, slowly but surely. 😛

  53. DeMeTriC says:

    yo im trying rev 79 but dont get it at all =(. rev 78 was easier. what do you do with the hbl_config? I tried it and it just freezes my picodrive but it was working 100% on rev 78. =\

  54. jemina0514 says:

    great w0rk

  55. matt says:

    great job man for 79 , but i installed the hbl 79rev dev version on my psp 6.20 3004 and it wouldnt play games barely if not at all they would crash but with the normal hbl 79 it seems to work perfectly

  56. matt says:

    well doing the same stuff with wagic and some roms on deulaus but runs gpsp kai 3.2 fine as you said

  57. Lone Wolf says:

    wololo ROX!!!!!!!!!
    I love u man!!!!!
    gpsp works awsome cause of you.

  58. dwi5011 says:

    nice.. work on my psp3000 5.50.

  59. Sahil says:

    Mahn…you guys are simply rockingly awesome … finally … we found a real and absolutely real homebrew enabler for our beloved psp’s … I have no words … I am absolutely speechless … you guys are really blessed …

  60. Sahil says:

    Hail Lord Wololo …

  61. el nino 619 says:

    hi genius wololo

    please we are waiting for the isoloader or custom frimware for the 6.20 work on all psp’s

    is there any ideas about them or you and moskito and other team members are working on a custom frimware

    please we need a custom frimware

    my greetings you are the mr. genius

  62. Fag boy says:

    Oh man! this is so freaking awesome! too bad still no adhocIM support.

  63. Sahil says:

    dude … r79 dev version is way slow compared to the r79 normal version … also gpsp runs only on r79 normal version on my psp … when I tried to gpsp on r79 dev it crashed … so may be for other users trying to get a good one from dev and normal … I think r79 normal is good (I am no-one whatsoever to say this because I am just a tester like you guys)… but wololo you simply rock…paataapon yoo!

  64. Sahil says:

    yeah mahn … hbl r79 normal version loads the roms without any problems … finally buu’s fury on my psp… thanks wololo….

  65. Sahil says:

    Guide to running HBL r79.
    1.Download HBL r79.
    2.Download the *NEW* savegame designed to run this HBL.
    P.S- The OLD savegame WON’T WORK.
    3.I assume you have the Patapon 2 Demo.
    4.Extract the hbl-r79-wololo.rar file or the dev version and you will find two three things – hbl folder, h.bin file and a readme.txt
    5.Now copy the whole hbl folder and the h.bin file and paste it into the root of your memorystick. By root I mean, the place where you see your PSP,MUSIC,PICTURES,VIDEOS.etc folders. Do not paste it into a folder called ms_root.
    6.Now copy and paste the *NEW* savegame into PSP>SAVEDATA.
    7.Copy and paste the Patapon 2 Demo into PSP>GAME.(Just for those who are new to this.)
    8.Now boot the Patapon 2 Demo from your PSP.
    9.Those who are starting this for the first time might get a message like –
    “No system data was found” Just press Ok and continue.(This message doesn’t mean that the savegame was not detected. It’s just because you are starting the game for the first time.)
    10.After the you see the game menu select Continue.
    11.Select the savegame and load it.
    12.Once loaded, it will say Push Any Button. At that time, press any button and you will get to a screen where at the right side something like this will be flashing ‘R >’ and there will be a sound of night bugs.
    13.Once you arrive to this screen, press the R trigger and the HBL will load if you have followed the steps correctly.
    14.Once the HBL loads within a few seconds, you will see the HBL menu where you can select the homebrew applications.
    15.For using homebrews like n64 emulators and GpSP; you firstly need to download them and paste the whole folder of the homebrew applications into PSP>GAME.
    16.After that load the HBL as mentioned above and on the menu screen you will see the names of the hombrew applications you have just added.
    17.Play homebrew, Enjoy!

  66. JamperTheHat says:

    Rev79 is loading for me 90% of the time, and yes gpSP kai is working fine as well although still some issues with random crashes but nothing serious…keep up the good work wololo!!

    ..don’t see it being long before we have Daedalus running too. :DD

  67. Anka says:

    For some reason Patapon 2 can’t find the save file. When i check SAVEDATA on the psp (a psp 3004) it is there, but not in-game. I get “There is no data”. What on earth is going on? :S

  68. Sahil says:

    Just ok and continue, that message occurs because you are probably starting the game for the first time.

  69. Anka says:

    Found the problem, didn’t have the US version of the Patapon demo. But now the PSP shuts down everytime after about 10-15 seconds after i’ve pressed the R-trigger. Can’t get the thing to work. I have a PSP 3004 with 6.20 OFW.

  70. Sahil says:

    First try to do this.
    You told that you have the US version of the game right?
    Then, put the Patapon 2 game into the PSP>GAME folder.
    (If you still can’t get it then, the directory is ms0>PSP>GAME>UCUS98734)
    When that is done, you MUST HAVE the *NEW* save game designed to run this HBL. The OLD savegame WON’T WORK. I repeat the OLD SAVEGAME WON’T WORK!(The link to the new savegame is provided by wololo and his team at the top)
    The savegame must go here ms0>PSP>SAVEDATA>UCUS98732_DATA02
    Also, you must have downloaded the HBL dev r79 or the HBL r79 normal one; after downloading, please select the “Extract Here” option in WinRAR. After extracting the hbl-r79-wololo.rar or hbl-r79-wololo-dev.rar file, you must see three things – 1. hbl folder 2. h.bin file and 3. readme.txt.
    Now, copy the hbl folder and the h.bin file and paste it onto the root of your memorystick.(Root means the place where you can see the folders like PICTURE,PSP,VIDEOS,MUSIC.etc)
    Start the game and the exploit as stated in the guide and then, if you have followed the steps correctly; then the HBL should load.
    Post comments if you are having any problem.
    Don’t just post comments like “I can’t get it” etc.
    When posting comments, post comments with full description like where you are getting stuck.

  71. Abhiram says:

    Rev 79 Is perfect for gpSP…

    gpSP always loads now …

  72. Sahil says:

    New homebrew tried – Rubik’s Cube.
    Videos show that heck Cats Recovery Flasher and PSP Filer works.

  73. Elidson says:

    Great work man. Now works snes, gba and many more with sound effects. Really great Job.

  74. Sahil says:

    Checked Super Mini Mario Rev. 3 hombrew, doesn’t work.

  75. Sahil says:

    A good homebrew that loads but lags very much.
    BattleGrounds 3d.

  76. Sahil says:

    Kurok Homebrew Game doesn’t work. – Checked.

  77. Sahil says:

    Hey guys,
    I have noticed that when you trigger the R button the 5th time the R> flashes, it boots correctly almost everytime. And another thing I have noticed is that, once you get the HBL r79 normal version to load, it almost loads correctly 95 times out of say 100. So just hoping till a new advance HBL comes out which can load more. Thank you wololo.

  78. Sahil says:

    This is a tutorial made by me for those guys who are having trouble loading the Half Byte Loader.



  79. Ricardo says:

    Hi Whats Up Guys! Well let me know we are still waiting for new realease and that Half Loader can load iso,cso games and some others HomeBrews you know, let me know i had test homebrews and i will be sending the list all right.

    s9xTYLmecm – dont working
    NesterJ (nes emul) dont working
    SMS ( fully works)
    mame emul and neo geo ones dont work :c
    PSPaint – fully works
    PSPWriter – fully works
    PicoDrive – fully works
    Iver -PSP – Works
    X-Plora – dont working
    Bookr – Works

    Obs: Well i hopefully working with all homebrews and iso and cso games you know.

  80. Sahil says:

    MAC OS v8.1 tested works partly.(Freezes when a particular button is pressed)

  81. Sahil says:

    Windows 3.1,Windows 95,Windows 98 worked on this HBL perfectly, just a problem that, when you press X after accessing the start bar, the psp freezes.
    Thats all for now.
    But I will be testing the homebrews out and telling you guys,
    enjoy win 95,98 on PSP!

  82. ExisteRcz says:

    Hello, I have a big problem with Rev. HBL Dev 79, when I turn over HBL Potapon 2 demo, load the saved game Wolo’s Return and press R and choose your WTH0111 game, while continuing shine a Memory Stick and then turn off the my PSP. —————Sorry for Bad English :(

  83. kondzio says:

    i’ve got same can any one help us ?!

  84. Norml says:

    Rev79(NONDEV) works great on FW6.00 with a PSP 3001, loaded right into the menu. Thanks abunch and I can’t wait for more HB to start working, that’s all I need for my 3k…emulators! Play them on a way superior screen then the 1k.

  85. Sahil says:

    @ExisteRcz & @kondzio

    Either you have not copied the WTH0111 game properly to the PSP>GAME or else the HBL won’t support it. See, there are many homebrews which require kernel support, which this exploit doesn’t give. That’s why many of the homebrews may fail to be launched but this may not cause any problems to your PSP. When, a much better version comes out which loads more then only will it be able to load the majority of the homebrews. But, till now, some homebrews may fail.

  86. Sahil says:

    Half Byte Loader r79 running Windows 95,98 on PSP.
    See this video.

  87. ULiT says:

    Very Nice job God Wololo, i lost hope using my psp as a gaming device because its a PSP3000 ofw 6.2, but thanks to you,my PSP rocks!, I’m still waiting for ISO loader though…YOU ROCK MEN!!

  88. JamperTheHat says:

    I think some people are jumping the gun here, this eloader won’t and I repeat WON’T allow you to play ISO. You need custom firmware for that, don’t know about HEN cause i’ve never used it but I’m pretty sure you need kernel support/access to run ISO an’ this HBL runs in user mode so…NO ISO loader will work the HBL eloader.

    ..jeez, you’d think people would at least google or investigate before leaving comments. I’m pretty much noob to homebrew and even I know that this HBL is for simple homebrew an’ some emulators.

    ..correct me if wrong(I hope I am) but ths isn’t going to lead to playing the ISO “backups” on your PSP.

  89. carlos says:

    buen trabajo espero que pronto se pueda jugar tu juego en el hbl mi psp2000 5.50 gracias pór su trabajo

  90. Sahil says:

    Nope this will not let you play backups or iso/cso’s. Because, to play such games you need kernel support which this exploit doesn’t give. But, still you can enjoy some good homebrews on your PSP.

  91. Giuseppe says:

    Wololo, you have do a great job but in picodrive sound is always disabled. How can enable it? Thanks

  92. Fag Boy says:

    Don’t expect for an iso/cso loader since wololo doesn’t support piracy.

  93. JamperTheHat says:

    See that’s what I thought, you see forums blown up all over the net with people asking about ISO…good thing we got that sorted out before people start throwing hissy fits.

    ..I’m not bothrd in the slightest as long as we get some emulators to work. 😛

  94. Sahil says:

    It can’t be enabled in this version of the HBL. Hopefully, when a new HBL version is released, the sound problem will be fixed.

  95. Norml says:

    Thanks abunch again! my 3k is getting some major usage for once, <3 it. LightMP3 would be great to get working on top of emulators and such, not sure if thats on anybodys radar but it's great for music and has the volume hack. Thanks again, keep the GREAT! work up.

  96. JamperTheHat says:

    ..either way I don’t think it’s a good idea advertising that u’re looking for a way to load ISOs unless you ARE going to be using your “own legit copies” my friend..it was also mentioned before too that wololo doesn’t advocate piracy so please, bear that in mind.

    ..end of topic, yes??..moving on ppl. 😛

  97. Sahil says:

    Ubuntu is running on HBL R79 but cannot type.

  98. Sahil says:

    Virtual Globe works perfectly. Google Android boots but doesn’t work. (I mean the screen doesn’t freeze at looping HBL thread, but continues and then shows a weird error)

  99. Gur says:

    so no homebrew games will ever work on a psp 1001 with firmware 6.20?

  100. JamperTheHat says:

    As far as I know psp 1000 can be hacked fully if you downgrade the firmware first…google it mate.

    HBL eloader is for people who can’t d/grade install custom firmware on their psp…i.e – people with the newest model psps can’t run homebrew if they have firmware above 6.xx.

    ..that’s what this eloader is for, running homebrew on official firmware from Sony as opposed to custom firmware..phew!

  101. wololo says:

    Gur: you have several ways to play homebrews on a PSP1001. The HBL is one of those (but it’s not the best for you), so I don’t understand why you ask this question, since you’re on the exact page where you can download and test it.

    Of course on a psp phat, the best way is to make a pandora kit and install a CFW.

  102. srgsaibot says:

    patapon2 in game file
    wololo’s same game file in save game file
    HBL(79dev)and h.bil file on the root of memory stick

    runs game fine, loads save game, press the R button and the the psp makes a crack sound from the speaker and shuts down can anyone help???????

    turns back on as normal

  103. srgsaibot says:

    psp 3001 v6.2

  104. Linske says:

    @srgsaibot: since we have the same model of psp (PSP 3001 v6.2) i recommend you to use the normal one, not the dev version of REv 79 , because its more stable … and in Rev 79 you will be able to play or use the Uo Gpsp kai 3.2 or simply the gameboy advance emulator for the HBl itself ^^ —-Hope this helps—-


  105. FrostyMan says:

    @ JamperTheHat & wololo: The only reason I would like to run iso files is because I bought a PSP Go and many games are not available on the PSN so I am limited to games compared to people on a PSP 1000+… I am willing to buy the games to run the iso no problem but games such as Peter Jackson’s King Kong (don’t troll) aren’t on the PSN and might not ever be and I would LOVE to play them. This is the ONLY reason I would like iso’s to run on HBL. Thanks.

  106. crisishell says:

    does daedalus Nintendo 64 emulator work ?

  107. Sahil says:

    Yeah, Daedalus Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator works with the HBL r79.

  108. Bighead says:

    Hello Me dont function that emulator N64 deadalus because i see on the display looping hbl thread.what is this?please help me

  109. crisishell says:

    download N64 deadalus from = http://uploaded.to/file/4bk21l

    this will work 😉

  110. crisishell says:

    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands on psp is 2D :(

  111. Sahil says:

    It is off topic but, yeah, me too being a huge fan of the POP series, am disappointed by the fact that POP TFS PSP version is 2D.

  112. Sahil says:

    Hey wololo, I want to ask you one thing…and that is, will HBL R81 be able to load more homebrew?

  113. Sahil says:

    I am testing the HBL r81 and till now, it seems that the homebrews are loading fine. Just some of them are not loading, but this HBL is getting to the HBL menu correctly.

  114. crisishell says:

    @sahil does WTH0.11.1 work with rev79 or rev 81

  115. Bighead says:

    crisishell: thanks for help. it working :-)

  116. Bighead says:

    sory for double post but can i playing counter strike portable 0.82 on this hbl without looping hbl thread.please some people send me this game with this error.thanks

  117. Dillenger says:

    @everyone who forgot how to read. The HBL is not about piracy, so hopefully there never will be a working ISO loader. If you have noticed Wololo has not and will not respond to your ISO loading comments. If you want to play a PSP game go buy the game and help support the industry!
    Please stop asking about ISO loading, I am sure you are only making the Dev’s question why they are even working on this project…
    We want to encourage them not discourage them!
    The HBL dev’s are working very hard in this and it is evolving at a great rate! The HBL Team rules! They are giving up there free time, enegry and effort so your PSP can live to it’s full potential! Show some respect and apperication!

    To Wololo: on Rev 69 (with my Go) I could get WTH 11.1(minus Mp3 files) working with a good success rate, on later revisions I have had 0 Success. When Wagic loaded on Rev69 it seemed to ran too fast… I had a hard time controlling the Dpad, but it was completely playable. I can submit a dblog if you would like or if it would help. I know you are working on v12.0 so this may be obsolite.

    Also, I cannot get rev 69 or greater to work from my Go’s memory stick. I have updated the Savedata and the Revisions, but no luck. I can again submit a dblog but I am afraid there may not be any data in the dblog as it does not make it to the menu (or homebrew when not using the menu). I am wondering if you have a memory stick for your Go, if you do not I would like to get you one. I am not trying to be critical, only helpful. I LOVE HBL and truly appericate all of your and the other devs hard work. I know that you don’t have to do this, but I feel privilidged that you are!

    So let me know if you need a memory stick, and I will get you one!

    Sincerly, Dillenger

  118. Dillenger says:

    On second thought it might have been Rev. 65 or 66 that Wagic worked on. Either way I can reinstall those rev. and figure out which one it was if that would help.

  119. Dillenger says:

    <—– I Love my avaitar! Unibrow, the X's for eyes, and one tooth! That is so me!

  120. Sahil says:


    Really speaking I haven’t tried the WTH0.11.1 but just try and see, if it works or not. HBL r81, gets to the menu fine but some homebrews do not work it, but they do work on HBL r79. So just like wololo says, keep to r79.

  121. crisishell says:

    @Bighead ur welcome & counter strike portable 0.82 should work try it 😉

  122. crisishell says:

    @Bighead can u give me the link from to download counter strike portable 0.82

  123. crisishell says:

    WTH0.11.1 works with rev79

    Remove the “exception.prx” file from the main WTH folder the one with “wth0111″ in it.

    Remove the music mp3 files from the WTH/Res/Sound Folder

    Make sure you don’t have a double WTH/WTH in the PSP GAME folder as it can read the first WTH as being empty

    enjoy 😉

  124. Sahil says:


    Watch this video to get Wolf 3d or Doom Running on your PSP with HBL r79.

  125. Sahil says:


    No version of the actual counterstrike will work on HBL r79. I have tried many versions, but they freeze at the Looping HBL Thread; so, just enjoy Wolf 3d or Doom on your PSP.


  126. FrostyMan says:

    So will DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 500 ever work do you guys think? or will we be stuck with old versions of it forever? Just wondering. Thanks

  127. Dillenger says:

    @FrostyMan it is hard to say… I just got Rev 500 to boot on my Go. However when it boots i get the message “Daedalus requires at least 4.01 M33 Custom Firware” and I cannot proceed further, I can exit the homebrew. I would not be suprised if we see a more current modified version of Daedalus desgined for HBL.

  128. k says:

    r81 is sleep bug (can’t sleep)

  129. dannyHEN says:

    hi guys, just wondering whats the latest/fastest version of daedalus that can be loaded with HBL, and with what hbl version.

  130. FrostyMan says:

    Im pretty sure it is Daedalus R-14beta and it works on R79 HBL.

  131. i think conkertheking is right but not the first part

  132. bighead:are you best then wololo??? is that ur question i mean is that even a question…..heck yea i em

  133. wololo says:

    @conkertheking: I NEVER said I didn’t want anybody to code an ISO Loader with the Patapon exploit. I just said I would not do it. I don’t care what other people do.
    I’m against piracy, but I also strongly believe in individual responsibility. So if other people want to code a hen or an iso loader for this exploit, fine with me.

    So again: I NEVER said I was against it. I just said it is technically difficult/impossible with the Patapon exploit alone. A Kernel exploit is required, and I don’t have one.

    Next time you post ***, at least double check what you say.

    oh, and also: “dont know if its real…..but its on youtube” –> quote of the year man.

  134. Sahil says:

    @wololo…mahn…you are so polite…so patient…dude, in short words…YOU ARE GREAT!…keep it up mahn!

  135. me0wme says:

    yeah……cool hbl loader tnx wololo

  136. @bighead wats with u and americans man every time u try to insult u talk about americans by the way im not american u dumshit..

  137. wololo says:

    conkertheking, he thinks you’re American, probably because you talk like a redneck 😉
    Learn to spell and you’ll get some respect. Unless you are seriously handicapped, it’s not much harder to type “you” rather than “u”. My blog is not a cell phone.

  138. JamperTheHat says:

    @wololo that’s one of the funniest post i’ve read in while. “My blog is not a cell phone”.. no offence intended but I just nearly fell of my seat lol

    ..just goes to show I.Qs a have went down the proverbial toilet though dude, you’d have thought all this new techno-gadgetry would make people cleverer. 😀

  139. cdh513 says:

    HOW DO U GET PSPAINT to work on it i cant figure it out, will someone post a video or instuctions plzz

  140. JamperTheHat says:

    ..oh, and keep up the excellent work wololo. Don’t let the “dumshit” put you off with his ramblings, we appreciate the effort your putting into this project. Well, at least most of us do..gpSP is the bomb and more to come I expect!! 😛

  141. Chuck says:

    You are amazing man.. thank you so much for your continued work on the homebrewloader. My hats off to you! cheers! :)

  142. Sahil says:

    Good job … well, I think it’s a pretty awesome menu … yeah, I hope we have much more advance graphical menu … in the next versions … YOU ROCK!

    Homebrews tested on R85 (Working ones) –
    -gpSP kai 3.2
    -Mac OS (Basilik)
    -Daedalus(Someone has written that for him, it didn’t work, but it worked for me)
    -InfoNES v.94J
    -Rubiks Cube v3.0
    -DOSbox(Windows 95)
    -Wolfenstein 3D
    -Cave Story

    I will be testing some more. I hope you enjoy these.

  143. Sahil says:

    @MuffinHead Smith
    Wow … polite words = intelligent people = no nuisance …

  144. carlos says:

    thanks to the rev 81 and I can play w WTH0111 but with the Rev 85 is not working

  145. Sahil says:

    See, I know, but all the people using the Half Byte Loader on their PSP’s, must keep trying for new homebrews with the new versions of the Half Byte Loader. A lot of R & D is requires for this.

  146. how i talk wololo you and bighead never heard me talk.and just because i put u and not you is to type faster

  147. for the next HBL update i think they should make cspsp work because i have to keep going back to HBL r66 to load cspsp i dont know y it works with HBLr66 and not with HBL79,80,83,85.then go download HBL r79 again to load gba emulator that gets anoying

  148. yes i know thise is not a cell phone blog i never said that just like you say you never said you were against iso loader i just read wrong think of youtube from you. ill upload a link so you can see were i read it from………………and MuffinHead smith i never posted a comment on another thread so i dont really know were you got on to me so copy and paste the comment you sopposly got it from

  149. wololo says:

    @conkertheking: probably not, most of these “teams” are fake. Most likely kids looking for fame. Don’t trust a hackers “team” that have never released anything.

    Also if all hackers who got into an argument with m0skit0 decided to give up, there would be no hackers left in the psp scene 😀
    (just kidding m0skit0, if you read this 😛 )

    Don’t trust what you see on youtube, trust what you can test for yourself on your psp.

  150. Joshua says:

    Does any Counter Strike Game work on any HBLs? CSPSP, CSPortable, or Counter Strike Combined Assault.

  151. Sahil says:

    No brother, no CS games work on PSP except the Doom CS wad. But it has really crappy graphics.

  152. IGIK says:


  153. yes CS 1.56 works on HBL r66 try but it takes like 2 or 3 trys is worth it though but it dosent work on HBL79,80,81,83,or 85 OR the older versions but HBL r 66

  154. hey wololo i know u dont want to make iso loaders beacause you dont like the games but if you could do something like thise http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZScNv88pD_s&feature=player_embedded#! for the next update it would be awesome and fix all the homebrew problems and it would run CFW enabler and load iso

  155. thank man says:

    good job you are awesome

  156. Joshua says:

    Sahil, can you give me the link to Doom CS Wad.? And what HBL does it require?

  157. @sahil can you give us a link to doom cs wad plz???

  158. wololo says:

    @IGIK: You’re welcome man :)

  159. MuffinHead Smith says:

    Some kid over gfaqs is reporting a consistent crash in the new game, Hexyz Force. Erm…..should we be scooping this game up real quick?

    And, do you think you want to take a quick look at it?

  160. canalaiz says:


    great work, dude :) I can’t wait to get some Rebelstar: Tactical Command action on my pspgo!

    There’s only one strange thing happening on my pspgo: it seems like the exploit won’t work if run from the memory stick. On the pspgo it needs to be started from the internal memory.

  161. Sahil says:

    @Joshua and @conkertheking,
    Sorry, I will not post any links to roms directly over here. So, please search on youtube.com or google for it.

  162. Beppe82 says:

    wololo, there is a solution for sound in picodrive 1.51b?

  163. ExisteRcz says:

    Please bring up the HBL FuSaGaMePaD

  164. uhh well i guess ill learn to like HBL if it loads every homebrew game and apps

  165. ExisteRcz says:

    Please bring up the HBL FuSaGaMePaD for Playing PSone, PS2 games on EMULATOR xD and PC Games 😀 its not Piracy :) its GAMEPAD XDDD sry for bad “INGLISH!” XD

  166. BlabbeRMoutH8X says:

    Thanks alot wololo…………..Awesome work!!!! 😀
    can u please uptdate the list of homebrews and emulators that are currently working on hbl 85
    thanks once again
    keep up the great work

  167. Neutrosider says:

    Hi. I would like to ask this: when will lua Homebrews (Lua Player HM7) work with the Homebrew loader??

  168. JeF-G says:

    Hello wololo is nice!!!! rev 85work 100%, but….Im exited with you deloper network libraries.

  169. SLASH9 says:

    @wololo i have modified your HBL r85 it loads more homebrews like wagic,cspsp 1.56 in the first try. the problem is that the app/homebrew game or what ever it is needs to be in the top of the list because it automatically loads the first one dont know why it does that.but i can say is a little better than HBL r85.i almost forgot the menu is unstable not as bad as HBL r66 but i would say it loads 3/5.

    sorry for my bad english

  170. SLASH9 says:

    anybody whos interested in loading iso plz contact me or just post a comment.i got the iso/cso to show up in the HBL r85 but when i press x on them it shows looping thread.the games i bought from the psn show up as well.

  171. pek says:

    Man, great job!!!
    I have my psp 3000 running on hlb rev79, pico drive, snes, daedalus working smooth!
    Unfortunately the picodrives doesn’t have sound, I read that should be something related to the mp3 library, it’s too damm bad!
    I also have problems playing mp3 on my PSP into the XMB, anyone has a hint?

    Besides that I was looking for to running homebrews like PSPDisp… really that is MY objective…

    If I can help in something I am an official dev of PSP (Sce under a company)..

  172. andres says:

    i see auto instaler: in scene beta link in spanish http://psp.scenebeta.com/node/48809?page=3

  173. existercz says:

    Please bring up the HBL FuSaGaMePaD for Playing PSone, PS2 games on EMULATOR xD and PC Games its not Piracy its GAMEPAD XDDD sry for bad “INGLISH!” XD

  174. nero says:

    will hbl ever play psx games? i would like to know this plz.

  175. wololo says:

    @nero, you know that the project has an official FAQ page, right?

  176. pek says:

    and wht about the pspdisp?
    I really would like to play games from my PC in my bed 😛

  177. JamperTheHat says:

    @sahil Where did you get the version of daedalus that runs with the HBL, and did it run at a decent FPS? I cant get R14 running at all and R11 runs extremely slow. :(

  178. ha says:

    Cavestory works well along with DSonPSP v .06 beta.Battleground 3 works fine but bad sound. Using r85

  179. Sahil says:

    Please go little above in this disscussion and there you will find a tutorial made by me, in which the links are available in the description. And, yeah, it runs with a decent fps.

  180. JamperTheHat says:

    @sahil Cheers dude, I’ll get on it a.s.a.p…Homebrew F.T.W!! 😀

  181. JamperTheHat says:

    @sahil Can’t find your tutorial, are you sure you posted it on this page? Found various one detailing how to use the HBL but none on the special build of daedalus. Also, I checked your youtube and couldn’t find said tutorial/links.

    ..I’ll keeo trying though. 😛

  182. Sahil says:

    Go to the Part 3 of this tutorial


    The link to the Daedalus is available there

  183. JamperTheHat says:

    @sahil Cheers dude I’ve found the link, will test and see if it’s working.

  184. king777 says:

    @sahil i cant fined Doom CS Wad anywhere on the internet can u give me link plz???

  185. Michael says:

    I’m using the PSP Go v 1001 OFW 6.20.

    Followed the steps,

    1. Patapon 2 Demo on my MS,
    2. Patapon Exploit in PSP/SavedData,
    3. Copied over h.bin and the hbl folder to the root of my ms.
    4. put the gba emulator & roms into the psp/games folder.
    5. I load up patapon, load saved data, wait and press Right Trigger, then The screen freezes, my psp goes black and turns off.

    The Homebrew Loader did not work. Any fixes? advice?

    My Email is perfectcyanide@gmail.com, thank you.

  186. Sahil says:

    @Michael, dude I have posted the tutorial at the top of this page and even on Youtube, check the links above.

    @king777, sorry mahn, I too can’t find it. But, it works on r79.

  187. Sahil says:

    dude, this HBL is showing the first 40 homebrews only not more than that; so, is this designed to work in that way or there’s some problem in my PSP?

  188. ItsMeMario'sBrother says:

    i know where to get CS wad 😛

  189. ItsMeMario'sBrother says:

    but i dont know if i can post the link here 😛

  190. ItsMeMario'sBrother says:


    remember this is still a BETA , the developers are still working hard to fix issues.

  191. JamperTheHat says:

    @sahil Cheers for the link to Flashback, I totally forgot about that game…loved it when I was a kid man so thanks much. 😀

    ..ah, the nostalgia. 😛

  192. Michael says:

    @ Sahil

    I followed your guide to a point, still the same problem DUDE

  193. user says:

    uosnesx 0-02 y32 works perfecty with sound
    piccodrive 1.51without sound which is sorry no other megadrive emul so far
    no genesis no dgen working
    using a psp 3004 with 6.20
    does somebody know wich GBA Advance Emulator works
    Using version .85
    SMS works perfectly with sound – at least some Sonic with Sound

  194. JamperTheHat says:

    @user gpSP kai 3.2 I think, just google it man hope you get it as it’s working pretty flawlessly…you’re welcome. 😛

  195. JamperTheHat says:



    …just in case you couldn’t find it. Try both as I don’t know which is the correct or if they both work…homebrew F.T.W!! 😀

  196. Monkey64cow says:

    The updates have started to become really slowly recently… :(, probably because it’s memorial day weekend, but i love this project i can’t wait until it’s done, or at least until wagic is done, i love that game, it’s better then half of the commercial games on the psp

  197. Michael says:

    I’m using the PSP Go v N1001 OFW 6.20.

    Followed the steps,

    1. Patapon 2 Demo on my MS,
    2. Patapon Exploit in PSP/SavedData,
    3. Copied over h.bin and the hbl folder to the root of my ms.
    4. put the gba emulator & roms into the psp/games folder.
    5. I load up patapon, load saved data, wait and press Right Trigger, then The screen freezes, my psp goes black and turns off.

    The Homebrew Loader did not work. Any fixes? advice?

    I used r85, r79 and tried 20 times just to really make sure i didn’t do anything wrong on my part

    My Email is perfectcyanide@gmail.com, or reply here. Thank you

  198. JamperTheHat says:

    @Michael Did you use the save data exploit and demo from this page? You need the *updated* save file, I had the exact same problem and that done the trick.

    Also, you should check Sahils youtube videos there are links on this page, all credit to Sahil for posting such comprehensive tutorials. There are a few things that you may have done wrong.

    Again, I had issues getting HBL to work at first but luckily the homebrew community saved my bacon!! 😛

  199. Dan says:

    Is their any way i can get a newer version if the Daudalux64 working on
    the rev85?

    I mean i have (i think) very old version and it runs very very slow…..

  200. Sahil says:

    @JamperTheHat, thanks man…I hope everyone likes my tutorial.

  201. Danny says:

    @Dan………….. there is a faster version created just for the HBL, DaedalusX64 HBL, it does tend to crash in most games but im sure wololo and the other dervs will work there way around it, here is the link to my sites emulator section, dx64hbl is the one highlighted in red so you can miss it.


  202. DianaT says:

    PLEASE HELP! i have psp 3004 and ofw 6.20. i started patapon game and it worked fine till i had to press the R button. Then my psp automatically restarted.

  203. Danny says:

    I had the exact same problem when i first tried to use hbl, make sure youve downloaded the *NEW* Savegame exploit, which can be found here:


    (because i think the one here is the old one)

    and I would advise you to have a look at sahil’s tutorial on youtube here:

  204. Sahil says:

    Rare case, but did your PSP actually restart or shut freezed and went off? Because, generally the PSP will freeze and shut down if the steps haven’t been followed properly. I suggest you just glance above in this thread and you will find a tutorial made by me. Just, follow it and you will be there!

  205. Danny says:

    actually sahil, mine knocked of and automaticaly restarted too, ive a psp-3003, but once i done your tutorial and left you a nice comment it worked perfectley.

  206. Michael says:

    @ JamperTheHat Seriously? Yes why wouldn’t I?

    I even followed Sahil’s guide, and many other guides and still nothing has worked. still freezes.

    I’m not an idiot and people seem to think that because there’s a ton of noobs everywhere that don’t know how to use updates or follow instructions. It’s not hard at all.

    I’ve posted up what i’ve previously done and said that I already followed Sahil’s guide 8, 13, posts above this one.

  207. Michael says:

    I downloaded everything on his youtbue channel, followed everything to the key (except for his errors in making the video of course) A voice tutorial is differently faster. Here, I guess ill make a video just to show im doing EVERYTHING RIGHT

  208. JamperTheHat says:

    @Michael Well, it definitely can’t be right or it would’ve worked you know…and, I wasn’t calling you an idiot so calm down. I was just saying that you MAY have done something wrong, stop hating dude. :O

    And f.y.i, I AM a noob to the homebrew scene and I can get it working so you must be able to as well.

    Sayil has put the effort in to make the tutorials also so get down from your high horse and figure out what it is YOU have done wrong…jeez!!

  209. JamperTheHat says:

    @wololo Can you explain to Michael that the HBL loader works on EVERY psp?..think the guy is about to go mental at me for suggesting that he has installed it incorrectly.

  210. Michael says:

    Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rojupR6NYfY

    It’s still being processed.

    Also Sahil in your video you say that the USA Patapon is UCUS98732 but your link is UCUS98734, all links Ive found have the game as UCUS98734.. I even downloaded it from Playstation Store and its the same. Was wondering if you miss typed?

  211. Michael says:

    I’m just flustered and irritated at the situation Jamper.. don’t take what I say to heart. xD

  212. wololo says:

    @Monkey64cow: I’m on holiday with little internet access so don’t expect any update from me in the next few weeks.

    @Michael:It is very difficult to see if anything you’re doing is correct or not with this video, as I can’t read any filename. The possible reasons I can see for HBL to freeze at the patapon screen are:
    – you don’t have the correct savegame (make sure to download it from this page)
    – You didn’t put h.bin at the root of your memory stick
    – Some people reported problems when running hbl on a psp go from the memory stick. Try the internal storage or vice versa.

    as JamperTheHat mentioned, HBL works on ALL models and ALL firmwares of PSP, and ESPECIALLY on a PSP Go with 6.20 since we use this model and this firmware for most our tests.

    If you still have issues I suggest you post the DBGLOG file on m0skit0’s forums.

  213. Michael says:

    As ive mentioned before numerous times, i put the hbl in the root, the root = First folder opened. Shows BOOK, MUSIC, VIDEO, PICTURE, PSP. I’ve obtained all files FROM THIS PAGE. as I have said in a previous post. I downloaded them all before I put up the video. I’ll try to enhance the video and re-upload.

  214. Michael says:

    Better video.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QA2iJB95ig8

    a bit blurry but camtasia 6 is what im using.

  215. Michael says:

    …. I got the loader to run using system storage.. But now.. when i run my GBA PSP Emulator (gpSP-HBL) I get “Looping HBL Thread”

  216. JamperTheHat says:

    @Michael Cool cool, I get a tad heated up myself about these things. I suppose if were ME having the issue I’d be all over the forums trying to get it fixed, and probably getting others online miffed as well.

    ..ah, the life of geek never gets any easier. Hope you get it sorted man as it’d be **** not to have homebrew when the scene has started progressing again, and it’s producing excellent work like the HBL. 😛

  217. Michael says:

    (gpSP-HBL) “Looping HBL Thread”
    (gpSP-Kai) – Black Screen, Turns off psp.
    (Daedalus) – Working Fine

  218. JamperTheHat says:

    BattleGrounds3 works at good FPS but randomly crashes, just thought you should know. 😛

  219. Michael says:

    Jamper, what emulator are you using? Do I need the gba_bios.bin? 16kb

    My gba emulator wont load.. but daedalus does.. but the graphics suck xD and some of the letters are un-readable.

  220. JamperTheHat says:


    ..one of these should work, you DO need the bios but I can’t link to it here..sorry man. :(

  221. JamperTheHat says:

    Daedalus is running really slow but the HBL team are on it, just be patient and you will have all/most emulators running real soon. 😛

  222. Michael says:

    I just want the gba emulator xD, can you send me an email? PerfectCyanide@gmail.com or if you have AIM – PerfectCyanide much appreciated…

    Also yeah.. the 64 emulator runs slow but you cant expect it to run flawlessly a couple days after HBL release

  223. JamperTheHat says:

    @Michael I forgot, they have one of the recent versions of daedalus running at full speed but it has issues with random crashes.

    ..I’m sure when wololo has it working he will let us know. 😀

  224. Michael says:

    I need the Bios 😉 Send me an email pleease :) I have to go to work so ill be back later

  225. JamperTheHat says:

    @Michael Okay, I’ll send you the emulator via megaupload. You’ll need to unzip the file with 7zip and put it in your GAME folder, don’t worry there will not be any password on the file.

    ..It’ll take some minutes to upload the emulator so make some coffee or something dude. 😛

  226. Dan says:

    damn!, i thinkits okay to ask a coulple of questions but some users
    are almost asking to some to do the hole work!!

    Searchc Google!!

  227. JamperTheHat says:

    @Dan I agree with you man but some need a helping hand, I don’t mind as long as I don’t get loads of people asking for the same help, I need time to hang out with my mates/play guitar and stuff too!! 😛

    …I is putting a cap on email requests as of now so please don’t ask.

  228. SaulZ says:

    On Gsps Emulator every time i try to load up a pokemon Rom save it crashes and goes to XMB or Just stays still HELP!

  229. Alexz says:

    Thanks so much for all the hard work, wololo. ^_^
    Screw all the haters who moan for .iso loaders and such — I’m satisfied with HBL and gPSP. There are lots of people out there who truly appreciate your hard work and dedication. Please keep it up for all of us!

  230. Dan says:

    Yep im happy playing emulators on my PSP GO! just took a litle
    to know whitch Version goes with each HBL rev.

    I got the PSP GO ofw 6:20
    HBL rev85 running very well
    SNES Uo_Snes9x
    GBA UO gpSP
    NES Nester J

    All those 3 Thanx “Wololo”

    Just wish there was a good N64 emulator…

  231. Michael says:

    @ Dan & Jamper I searched google… found quite a few 16kb files but none of them worked? Sorry for the hassel. I was working all night otherwise.. ya know..

  232. ASS MACHINE says:



  233. john says:

    great job hbl team just got rev85 to work on psp 1000 6.20 keep up with the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  234. Sahil says:

    Thanks dude, for appreciating my tutorials.

    I am glad that you were able to load HBL on your PSP. The links which I have provided in my tutorials on youtube.com work with r79 and above excepting some homebrews; but, I guess the GBA bios is absolutely fine and also the emulator. If you have any interest watching my tutorials, go and watch the 3rd part of it; in the description, I have given the links to the GBA bios and also the gpSP emulator which work on the PSP with HBL r79 and above.

  235. Sahil says:

    Try loading a different rom, some roms are unsupported. But, if you a rom of a different region, then it might work. Some roms do crash to XMB, but I guess you must just keep trying!

  236. JamperTheHat says:

    @Michael I sent you the links and stuff to your email dude, maybe you should check it. 😛

  237. JamperTheHat says:

    @Alexz Well said dude, wololos eloader is the shiz!! 😀

  238. DianaT says:

    Hey, thank everybody who helped me. Now it works. But i still have a problem. I installed some hombrew games. But when i open them(with Patapon 2) it says: Looping Hbl thread , and then my psp went off automatically. I tried diffrent games but the result is the same. :(

  239. JamperTheHat says:

    @DianaT Only certain homebrew gamesemulators work at the moment, you should check this full thread for lists of which do and don’t.


    This guy has his own website highlighting games/emus that work on rev79 and above..help? 😀

  240. Michael says:

    @JamperTheHat I did check it, sent you an email back. thank you a ton

  241. Simon says:

    the demo doesn’t find the savegame please help me

  242. JamperTheHat says:

    @Simon Are you asking it to create a new savegame, I think someone else had the same issue and that’s what caused it.

    ..don’t hold me to that though.

  243. Danny says:


    yeah, thats my site, im having trouble thought attracting people through google though, do u know any where that will affiliate with me.

  244. ok y do all of the people like wagic is soo *** in my opinion

  245. ASS MACHINE says:

    gotta agree with you i mean i dont own games for GBA, NES, SNES, SEGA and all those, so i download those games and play them with emulators.


    And you people are saying you dont support piracy………….

    WE WANT ISO!!!!

  246. JamperTheHat says:

    @Danny Erm, I’m not really sure to tell you the truth..why not ask wololo if you can affiliate with this site. There may be slight chance pspslimhacks or pspcustomfirmware may help you out also, they give mentions to new homebrew/firmwares so I don’t see why not.

    ..I’ve no experience when it come to web development maybe someone here has a good idea of what to do..sorry man.

  247. jairo0023 says:

    you rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  248. mikeyg83s says:

    Hi everyone , im from scotland and ma mates and i love hbl , wololo and the devs , we are finaly getting to use our psp’s lol !!! Thank you !! Anyway the reason im typing (well im actually on the ps3) here is i am having a problem with scummvm psp 1.0.0 , heres the the thing right , i have a silver 2003 Firmware 6.20 psp , i can get scummvm loading i can load the roms but the psp crashes at random times in Broken sword 2 , Full Throttle and the dig . The dig played well for ages then it started crashing , so if anyone can let me know if they hav the same problem or whatever lol bcoz i really luv scummvm lol . @wololo What version of scummvm did you use ? Thank you again wololo fae all of us here in scotland . SHOUT OOT TAE THE MA FELLOW JOCKS!

  249. mikeyg83s says:

    Sorry forgot to say which rev im using its r86 non dev i tried 85 as well same thing thanks hope someone can help !!

  250. ASS MACHINE says:

    its still piracy!, you dont own the games!

    even if you play them in your computer or psp dosent matter!
    you sir are stealing by not paying for them.
    Sony dosent care if u use nintendo stuff as long as u
    dont steal from them likewise nintendo.

    So its OK to steal from nintendo as long as
    you dont steal from Sony right?

  251. ASS MACHINE says:

    sorry well it may not be piracy but still Robbery dont u think?

    So, i got a psp emulator on my computer and some iso’s
    is that ok?

    Aswer = NO

  252. ASS MACHINE says:

    we are all doing ilegal suff with those free roms
    so dont give back talk about no Iso’s.

  253. JamperTheHat says:

    @ASSMACHINE Stop being a ****, just because certain people have no issue with piracy/theft doesn’t mean you should flame the ones that do.

    ..wololo does NOT advocate piracy, how many times do you all have to be told? And, it’s not technically possible to write an ISO loader with just a user mode exploit anyway..I don’t think there is any intention of one being written by wololo either as it said in an earlier post(or the FAQ/homepage/blog) it’s just not the devs thing…he like non-commercial games on his psp(s).

    @wololo We LOVE the HBL don’t let ****s like ASSMACHINE ruin it for us!!

  254. Sahil says:

    I agree with you man …

  255. Dartz says:

    ok, firstly:-

    @wololord- Thanks man. We all appreciate the hard work put into this exploit. My first time playin homebrews. ^^ thanks again.

    @Sahil- Name suggests you’re an indian. So am i. Thanks for your little guide which helped me. before that the thing kept crashing.

    Once again thnx to all the devz. And P.S. i found this great ROM called Mario & Luigi: The superstar saga. Works perfectly. Gonna try Legend of Zelda now. ^_^

  256. Simon says:

    @JamperTheHat it doesn’t work when i do continue there in “no data” but i put the data in the good folder

  257. Sahil says:

    I am an Indian and happy to help others regarding the HBL; I hope you liked my guide.

    You put the save game in the ms0>PSP>SAVEDATA, right?
    If you have done that, then first when you launch the game it will say,”No system data was found. Do you want to continue?” or something like that, then just press “Yes”, then you are done! It’s all in my tutorial. Browse above this thread and you’ll find it.

  258. Lcy says:

    nice work guys. you really did it.

  259. JamperTheHat says:

    @Danny No problemo mate, I try my best. Don’t let people put you down either man…self deprecate that way you take away their ammo 😛

    @Sahil Yeah, it’s nice to be nice..cheers dude. 😀

    …finally, @TheHaterz…y’all need to try code something better than wololos HBL then you can complain when yours doesn’t ISO load..you foolz!!!

  260. Danny says:

    Well under each of my posts here i will include my site in the hope its noticed by wololo, since opening my forums 2 days ago i have got 2 members who say they will help me towards getting it noticed, if i start to see more people joining my forums ( which is accessable from the home page ) then i will know more and more people are begining to notice and appreciate it, ive left affiliate requests with doperoms and emuparadise.

    @Guys requesting ISO Loaders………………..Is an ISO loader even possible, i mean hbl struggles to load files bigger than 2MB, now when you talk about iso’s, there around 200 to 1300 MB from what ive seen, team ronax though, if youve heared of them say they want to code an iso loader instead of a cfw but they where said to be fake so i dont know, as for me im more than happy with hbl and loading homebrew, atleast now to some extent psp’s have been hacked and hbl is better than having nothing on your psp.

    http://www.halfbyteloader-psp.350.com ( like so )

  261. dick MACHINE says:



  262. wololo says:

    FYI: I removed the comments from people who used other people’s names. I don’t mind people barking like dogs for isos, but please don’t impersonate other people.

    Also, I’m pretty sure I was clear regarding isos. You can beg all you want, insult me, I won’t code anything related to that because I don’t give a sh#t :)

    @Danny: If your site has good content, it will naturally go up in google’s ranking and people will instictively link to it. Don’t try any “marketing” technique so soon in the game or you’ll end up being considered as a spammer.

  263. Linkse says:

    @Danny: i have just registered in your forums ..well it looks neat ^^

    and i have post Thread in the emulator section ^^

  264. Sahil says:

    Thanks for removing those fakers.

  265. Sahil says:

    Does anyone know about Team ELD and their work?

  266. Monkey64cow says:

    I love the Half Byte Loader, but it hasn’t been uploaded in a long time, but i don’t mind that so much, because r85 can run wagic and mhgpspkai, so I’m good, but an Update would be nice :)

  267. Sahil says:

    Play Hexen on your PSP (Doom like game)


    Don’t ask for download links over here. They are given in the description.

    It’s good that you are satisfied with the HBL :) , but the updates require time dude, so I guess we all must be satisfied with what we can play and use today and just hope for the future; because, bigger and better things are going to come our way!

  268. Dan says:

    I heard somebody saying that there was a modify version called
    “HBL 2″(?) that could run Daedalux64
    as fast as custum firmware.

    Does it really exist and if it does, can it run Daedalux that fast?

  269. JamperTheHat says:

    @Dan Yes, it’s very fast but buggy, lots of random crashes and most games only run for a minute or two if you’re lucky.

    ..be patient though, wololo will have daedalus running fast soon so just hang on..help? 😛

  270. JamperTheHat says:

    @Dan Oh, and I think (I’m not sure) that it’s wololo that’s working on the modified HBL.

    @wololo Can you confirm this so as not to cause confusion, cheers.

  271. Dan says:

    Hehehe i got the loader and the emulator on the Daedalus official
    page and i was amaze at the speed the game was going, then it happend.

    Every game runs like 20 to 40 seconds before they crash lol

    No complaints from me, i know i dont have the same knowledge
    as wololo and the others to make such thing.

    So im gonna be patient.

    Thanks again wololo.

  272. Monkey64cow says:

    I am very satisfied with the HBL, but updates used to come everyone 2-3 days, but it’s almost been 2 weeks since the last update

  273. Dan says:


    Well think about it, they are not getting pay for this (but u could donate)
    so its not the biggest priority.

  274. Monkey64cow says:

    True true… I’m only 13, so i wouldn’t be able to donate… And i don’t think my parents would support this idea hahaha

  275. Danny says:

    @Wololo……………..Sorry, didnt mean to spam, just looking for help, i dont know where i can affiliate and im finding it hard on google and other search engines.

    @Linske……………….yes just noticed you, and another guy seems to have found his way over too, so maybe i am being noticed without realising it, guess it will just take time.

  276. wololo says:

    @Monkey64cow: I’m on holiday for 2 weeks, that’s why you don’t see updates from me. I don’t know what m0skit0’s been doing, but I think he’s working on huge changes in the p5 branch.

    @JamperTheHat: I’m not working on the modified version of HBL, one of the creators of DeadalusX64 is. Hopefully I’ll integrate some of their changes in my next update.

  277. JamperTheHat says:

    @wololo Cool, cheers for clearing that up mate. There’s nothing worse than misinformation, the webs packed full of half-truths we don’t want/need to spread more tripe across the face of t’internet. 😛

  278. Sahil says:

    Well said mate.

  279. Grewolf says:

    First, I would like to thank the guys who made this possible. Please keep up the good work. Im really hopeful in playing every homebrews available. Thanks for sharing this. Ive tested a lot of emulators and as for ofw 5.51 with hbl rev 85 Gpsp kai, nesterJ, picodrive, works really really well, daedalus works but slow.Dson works but unplayable at the moment, Adhoc file transfer works but when opening the wlan it gives an error.

  280. nero says:

    r u working on a new rev of hbl?

  281. Sahil says:

    Obviously, wololo is working on a new revision of the HBL.

  282. mr. pers0n says:

    could you run a .iso file that has been converted to EBOOT.PBP on the hbl rev.85?

  283. Sahil says:

    You can’t convert a PSP iso into a PSP eboot, the eboot converter or maker was designed to convert PS1 iso’s into eboots. So, you can’t run any iso converted eboots on HBL and your PSP will go back to XMB.

  284. JamperTheHat says:

    @mr. persOn Sahil is totally right, I’ve tried even using ps1 conversions a but to no avail. The HBL is still only at a stage where it can run smaller, less complex homebrew.

    I believe but don’t quote me on this, ps1 eboots will be too large a file for the HBL to handle in it’s current state. Also, I’m pretty sure ps1 eboots(converted or not) need kernel access which the HBL doesn’t support as it’s as user mode exploit.

  285. Danny says:

    just wondering, what do u think will happen to hbl if a cfw comes out, i mean will wololo call it quits or will he program for further firmwares.

  286. wololo says:

    If a CFW or a HEN comes out, I will clearly switch my priorities back to Wagic. It doesn’t mean HBL will die (it could be reused in future hacks), but it would clearly be redundant compared to a HEN or a CFW.

  287. Danny says:

    i didnt think it would die, i knew you would use it for the future , just asked out of interest.

  288. Sahil says:

    It might be very difficult to even find a kernel mode exploit because of Sony’s high security, but still some will find a break through. HBL can always be used as a back up in case, the CFW or HEN is not compatible with all the PSP’s.

  289. Danny says:

    I hope hbl will beable to be fully comp with the daedalusx64 for hbl soon, hbl is a great project, i dont see why haters complain about an iso loader, they should be happy they are atleast able to hack there psp’s to some extent.

  290. Danny says:

    @sahil….who are Team ELD, seen no one replied to it a bit further up so thought id ask

  291. ASS MACHINE says:

    Agree, we want ISO’S

  292. James says:

    Can somebody help me do this….it gets stuck on “Looping HBL Thread.” what does that mean?? AIM:killahkweenz1718

  293. Sahil says:

    If you get stuck at Looping HBL thread frequently, then it means that the hombrew cannot be loaded on the HBL. If you get Looping HBL thread, just wait, let the PSP shut off, then you start it, then try to load the hombrew again. Some times it so happens that, the homebrew doesn’t load for the the first few tries and then it loads. So just keep on trying about 2-3 times, if you still get no success, then the homebrew doesn’t work on the HBL.

  294. Sony Corp. says:

    When you get an HBL looping thread, it means the emulator is
    not compatible with the rev of the HBL ur using, so try a diferent
    version of the emulator

  295. Sahil says:

    Team ELD is another team working on a CFW. This seems to be legit. See here to view their site; but, the owner of the site, UNDERSCORE, has stopped all the discussions because, many people are telling them to release their CFW fast.

    Here’s the site –


  296. Danny says:

    @……hmm, interesting, do they have any vids on youtube so i could have a look and see, also you have me now as a friend on youtube, im dannyHEN100, ps: thanks for letting me link, ill post it on the site and reccomend people to subscribe to you.

  297. Sahil says:

    Team ELD have no videos on youtube as in one of their forums, they told that, we will not post any videos from our sites because it encourages the people to consider it fake and spam it. That’s why they haven’t posted any videos or tutorials.

    And about the HBL tutorial, feel free to use it, dude.

  298. JamperTheHat says:

    @Danny Yeah, it looks like Team ELD are the real deal but we’ll have to wait and see when/if they release their CFW…I certainly hope they’re genuine. 😛

  299. Sahil says:

    Yeah, keeping fingers crossed. But even a CFW is released, HBL will remain in my PSP forever and I will also update it with the latest revisions; keeping wololo and the other dedicated devs in mind…

  300. Sahil says:

    *But even if a CFW …*—>correction

  301. Danny says:

    @sahil….same here, hbl4evr, i will also keep updating my site for fw6.30 users, when it comes out, plus im hoiping i can expand the site and put in a cfw and PSP ISO section too but wont be for a while, ive added your section to the site sahil aswell so people can find your tutorial…..


    also encouraged people to subscribe too, google analytics showed me i had 347 visitors yesterday, and 39 guests on the forums so maybe things are picking up for me now and people will notice you

  302. JamperTheHat says:

    It’s true, long live the Half Byte Loader!! 😀

  303. Sahil says:

    Thanks Man…

  304. Dan says:


    I know HBL rocks!!, but c’mon if cfw comes out i woud stop
    using hbl, no disrespect to wololo but its CFW! heck i used
    to do almost everthing on my old psp.

  305. Danny says:

    @Dan…..if a cfw comes out of course hbl wont be used anymore, the point of keeping it on our psp’s is to show our support to it on what a fantastic project it has been.

    @Jamper……..what have you seen to make you think it is legit? i went to the site and it was down, is there anything anywhere else showing some evidence of it. I hope this Team ELD is the real deal.

  306. Danny says:

    @sahil………….do you know if 6.20ELD will be compatible with PSP-3000.

  307. JamperTheHat says:

    @Danny There’s a lot of ifs/buts about Team ELD, the fact that they’ve started a website seems like a weird thing to do if they were “fakers”. I wouldn’t get my hopes mates as there was a lot of strange posts on their site before they “temporarily” closed it down.

    ..apparently one of their top developers got hit by a car…I wouldn’t say I disbelieve UNDERSCORE (one of the devs) as it was his cousin who got run over..ouch!!..still, it’s a bit iffy mate.

  308. Danny says:

    I really hope it is real, i suppose why would you waste your time on makeing a site if its fake, hope that guy recovers soon, i hear nthere on about some sort of time machine thingy, dunno what there on about, but i also heard that because there is no kernal exploit for psp-3k and go that it wont be comp with psp-3k or go, bummer mate, really, ive got psp-3k, have u heard of Team Ronax, im half and half with those guys, dunno really what to think of it, ive spoke with the developer niv, nice guy but i think he’s a kid but cud be wrong though, i dont wanna discourage them if it is real.

  309. Monkey64cow says:

    @wololo, Is Ametric m0skit0? Because on the Google code thing, it says updates are being posted by you (wololo) and someone else (ametric)

  310. Monkey64cow says:

    Does anybody know about the madcow firmware, I heard about that somewhere…

  311. JamperTheHat says:

    @Monkey64cow I’m pretty sure MadCow turned out to be fake, hate to disappoint you dude.

    ..as wololo put it in an earlier post “trust what you can test for yourself on your psp”.

    In other words, don’t go trying to install a custom firmware from an untrusted source dude or you’ll regret it…stick with HBL till there’s a well tested CFW that won’t screw up your PSP. 😉

  312. Monkey64cow says:

    @JumperTheHat Oh, okay, well, that sucks… And whatever happened to gen’s 6.20 cfw?

  313. Works great for gpSP i play ed edd n eddy jawbreakers and cartoon network block party all day on my PSP using hbl 85.

  314. Sike i don’t play all day i have a life.

  315. Sike, i don’t play all day i have a life!

  316. Woops! Double Post my bad!

  317. JamperTheHat says:

    @Monkey64cow Hmm, well the thing with is I’m not sure they want to release their 6.20 CFW. It would mean all existing homebrew would need to be updated to run on the CFW.

    ..just so you know, this is Gens position on the matter of 6.20 CFW..not mine.

    But hey, you MIGHT see Gen release the the firmware and we’d all be very happy people although we might not be able to run every single homebrew out there if any at all…who knows? 😛

  318. Sony Corp. says:


    Dude you should be banned for spamming, you and your
    triple posts. Now since everybody hates me please igonre
    my post except for you Noneofyourbuisness.

  319. Sahil says:

    I suppose, you’ve got your answer.

  320. Sahil says:

    Team ELD have updated their site again. Visit their site.


  321. Monkey64cow says:

    I think team ELD, is real, they seem pretty legit, and why make a whole website if it’s fake?

  322. Monkey64cow says:

    Except, I don’t think it would come out for the psp 3000 or Go, because they would have to find out hot to get the cfw on them…

  323. Sahil says:

    I have posted a question in their forums, lets see when they reply it. And yeah, the question is about CFW on 3000 series or the Go ones.

  324. RedCloud says:

    @Sahil: If you like answering questions about hbl then get out of the comments and go to the hbl forum LOL http://advancedpsp.tk/foro_es/viewforum.php?f=39

  325. Monkey64cow says:

    I would really like it though, if the firmware came out for the Psp Go, Psp 3000, and the Doomed Psp 2000

  326. @Monkey64cow says:

    Yeah, it would be good!

  327. hotrod1695 says:

    I have tried bothe rev. 85 and 79 and neither works on my 3001. The hbl screen comes up after i press R, but when i choose one of the 2 homebrews included in the hbl menu with the X button, it always takes me back to my xmb. O well.

  328. hotrod1695 says:

    Do you have to add a totally different homebrew app 1st instead of using the 2 that are included?

  329. Danny says:

    @hotrod1695…………..are you shur the homebrew you are using is compatible, what are the 2 homebrews your trying to load?

  330. Sony Corp. says:


    If you have rev85 follow this link, il should wicht emulators are
    compatible with that rev.


  331. Monkey64cow says:

    I don’t think the homebrew you are using is compatible… I have a youtube video to explain how to install it if that helps?

  332. Monkey64cow says:

    It being HBL that is

  333. Sahil says:

    They have replied to my post on their forums, they i.e the Team ELD said that, there will be no CFW on PSP 3k or Go untill a kernel exploit is found. So till then HBL’s the only way to play homebrew.

  334. JAIRO0023 says:

    ………………………….. HBL 85 RULES IT RUN GB AEMULATOR

  335. Ricardo says:

    Well let me know this list that me put again right now im working with HBL Rev 85 you know.
    Let me know thanks for the Support
    Stay Tuned
    Peace and Good Bless

  336. Sony Corp. says:


    Dude, you posted that NesterJ is not working………

    Ur a ***!!

    and your fired from my company!

  337. Monkey64cow says:

    @Sony Corp. Don’t start flamming on Ricardo, he probably knows 10 times as much as you, and he is correct, because only the old versions of nester J work

  338. how do u change the font i need a video CAN SOMEBODY PUT A VIDEO ON HOW TO DO IT AND IF YOU HAVENT NOTICED THAT YOU CAN CHANGE THE FONT HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oak8va3zpOo go to his description to see how. I DO EVERYTHINK ON THAT LIST AND STILL NOT WORKING IT WORKED FOR OTHERE PEOPLE . i get thise blue screen telling me to restore settings. AND THISE GOSE FOR ALL OF YOU CAN NOT BRIKE UR PSP DOING THISE ONLY IF YOU MESS WITH THE flash0 but ur going to use flash1.

  339. sony corp. says:

    Ricardo is a ***!

  340. THE ENFORCER says:

    *Grabs ‘sonycorp’ by the top part of his face*

    *…..now, drags him around the room. Now, throws him against the wall!*

    *……….And, kicks him!*

    Ricardo is now vindicated. And, his honor is restored.


  341. JamperTheHat says:

    @THE ENFORCER Damn, good show chap…we like a bit of the dashing derring-do!!!

    ..strike him down with thy sword, fearless warrior!!! 😀

  342. Monkey64cow says:

    Where can i download the revisions posted by Ametric on the google code page for this? (i.e r88, r87, and r86)

  343. Sony Corp. says:

    theres a revs 86, 87 & 88?

    If u havent notice, i killed Ricardo.

  344. Player863 says:

    The “Looping HBL Thread” screen is still on after five minutes. I have a PSP 1001, HBl 8.5, and I tried to launch Merc Roid (Google it). Please help.

  345. Muffinhead Smith says:

    R.I.P. “Ricardo”


    May His Hardrive Always Stay Defragged.

  346. 007 says:

    NesterJ 1.10 runs faster than the new improved 1.13 for HBL version. try 1.10. Also if nesterj does not see your sub dirs just open your memory card in windows set folder properties and turn off archive. for some reason copying stuff to psp sets that trigger and nester ignors those dirs. Testing was done on 6.20 with hbl 79 and 85. 1.10 works perfect. 1.13 perfect but slower…..

  347. 007 says:

    Thanks for making HBL public!!!!!!!!!!

  348. 007 says:

    HBL 85
    PSP 3001
    Firmware 6.20

    Following working 100%

    gpSP kai 3.2 user 64M test 02
    nESTERJ 1.10
    smsPLUS 1.2.55
    Homer’s RIN 3.2

    Note if using sub dirs in nESTERJ and they are not showing make sure that archive is unchecked in folder properties. Having archive checked will make nESTERJ not see the sub dir. I noticed this cause my roms are sorted with dirs to make the list short.

    DGEN 0.70 also works make sure its folders all have archive turned off.

  349. 007 says:

    I dont think its dead. I think somone working hard or busy!

    Either way somone made somthing for all of us for nothing! Thanks to ccurrent HBL my PSP 3000 with ofw6.20 can load alot of things it could not before.


  350. LUISDooMER says:

    Hi wololo and the others! all just want is to thank you for all your hard work that you made all this time!! thanks to you i can play UMKT on my psp!!!
    when i brought my psp 3001 i was dissapointed when i cant play any homebrew but thanks to hbl my hopes reborn!!!
    THANKS AND KEEP GOING!!! (sorry my bad english… i from argentina…)
    PS: there are many people claiming for isos.. but im just claiming one thing… sound on Picodrive!!!! (im just kidding…)

  351. wagic says:

    @LUISdoomMER i think UMKT is a ps1 game and the hbl cant load ps1 games get

  352. wagic says:

    its not dead they just made revision r90 and they been having r89 out………..how come i never noticed? they need to update the site

  353. LUISDooMER says:

    @wagic im talking about the “Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy” it is a hack of UMK3 for genesis that has more characters and is much better than the normal mkt of psx… all in 13mb…
    if anyone wants to download it the link is:
    enjoy (n_n)! (i play it in picodrive…)

  354. KeithFAM says:

    hello Creators of HBL. first i wanna say thank you very much for making my psp play homebrews and such.. BUt can i request for something like ps1 emulator…. i reaaly wanna play LEgend of MANA on my psp…. PLs… i really need your help….

  355. 007 says:

    just bu legend of mana psone from psn. I want HBL for what I cant buy.

  356. KeithFAM says:

    BUt there is no legend of mana on PSN. and i reaaly cant cause i have no money…

  357. wagic says:

    hey im ok with hbl r90 but i think im not the only one tired of plane old black background can u guys change that or is ti impossible?

  358. wagic says:

    whos sony corp company???

  359. 007 says:

    i wish for picodrive to have sound or DGEN newer than.70 to run. Also wish for a TG16(pc-engine) emulator with more speed.

  360. 007 says:

    any other versions of gpsp work? Im using UO gpsp kai 3.2 user 64m test 02

    Would like to try one more build if any others load up.

  361. LUISDooMER says:

    DGEN 0.70 has sound or it has the same issue of Picodrive?

  362. 007 says:

    dgen 0.70 good speed good sound. low compatibility. plays space harrier 2 with frame skip one perfect. buggy on outrun.

    dgen only 0.70 wroks.

    wish 1.70 worked 0.70 is old. but plays many games.

    lemmings works.

    double dragon 2 does not work….

    lots of roms do not work good in dgen 0.70 some work perfect so try it. set mhz 333 vsync off frame skip 2.

  363. LUISDooMER says:

    thank you i´ll try it…
    but in UO gpsp kai 3.2 user 64m test 02 i have a problem…
    with roms down of 16mb works perfect but with roms up 16mb the emulator dont saverram (dont save game), savestates dont work and the rom menu don´t show any rom… ah and in the upper right corner says “MAX ROM BUFFER 14MB”. has anyone the same isuue? i have a PSP 3001 OFW 6.00.

  364. 007 says:

    make sure roms are not zipped using your computer check folder properties and make sure archive is not selected. this will fix this….

  365. LUISDooMER says:

    i have all my roms unzipped but maybe this isnt the problem maybe its a ram problem ´cause roms below 16mb works perfect… or maybe is a ofw issue?

  366. 007 says:

    mine says 14 too. try setting folder properties and uncheck archive. its right below read only. it fixes this problem….. trust me. had exact same issue.

    if files are zipped or if the folder they are in has the archive attribute set this problem happens.

  367. 007 says:

    what about folder properties archive set off its right under read only? i too only have 14 megs and this fixed my problem….

  368. 007 says:

    let me know if it worked.., if it didnt i upload my gpsp in case something different… im psp 3001 ofw 6.20

  369. LUISDooMER says:

    no, ive tried your method but i have the same issue(-.-)… but thanks (n_n)!

  370. 007 says:

    you using hbl 85? what psp what firmware what rom????

  371. LUISDooMER says:

    yes rev85 psp 3001 ofw 6.00

  372. LUISDooMER says:

    Rom kirby and the amazing mirror and legend of zelda minish cap

  373. 007 says:

    hmmm weird i play both. im ofw 6.20 maybe thats why. can anyone else here confirm?

  374. LUISDooMER says:

    i can play them but i cant continue and cant savestate in this games you´re right maybe the ofw…

  375. LNMIII says:

    any way to change the loader from X to O for confirm? i have 2 japanese psps, 2000 (with pandora battery but curremtly on 6.20OFW)and a hbl’d pspgo, i would rather use O as confirm, not a big deal, just hoping

  376. LNMIII says:

    the pspgo in japan came out after 6.20 in japan so they came standard with it, and thats what im using.

  377. Joshua says:

    Wololo, Can you make Counter-Strike Portable work on the next HBL?

  378. JaySparrow says:

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE DEVs for such HalfByteLoader
    [very nice and funny name!]
    …and after these 5 years since KXploit was launched on the PSPscene it’s good to see some DEVs are still working hard!

    But a friend of mine [who is trying to purchase a brand new PSP for his son and only has found a 3K model…] would know if -in someway in a near future- HBL will be able to plays backuped PSP .iso files….(!)
    (Since he’s not good w/ english language, I’m here trying to…)

    And after searching around this ‘shoutbox thread’ I’m not sure about that…
    My apologies if this question was answered before…!

    So there’s some plan in got it [playbackuped PSP .iso files]…?
    … or the real intent of the its developers[wololo, m0skit0 and ab5000] is just to make the last PSP models ‘homebrew playable’?
    And I have to say that: if the answer is… ‘only homebrew playable’,
    …well WHAT an awesome achievement!

    Thanks In Advance for your time in reading the above lines…

  379. 007 says:

    @ LUISDooMER just finished playng kirby amazing mirror for two hours straigh. built in save and gpsp save working. maybe update firmware. let me know if you do.

  380. LUISDooMER says:

    @007 the game loads the built in savegame (that was created the first time i´ve played the game) but dont write it again (if i got 13% of progress and i get 15% when i quit gpsp and open it agan i still 13%…) and no , i wont update my frmware because someday maybe pubic kernel xploit for 6.00… and if i update i´ll lost my chance…

    @wololo thank you and the devs for your hard work (n_n)!!!. some of us don´t mind about isos but if you make sound work on picodrive you´ll make happy so much people!!!! (sorry my bad english…)

  381. Sahil says:

    Please update this site with your new HBL revisions. Because, many people refer to your blog and are unaware of the Valentine HBL Project Hosting On Google Code.

  382. 007 says:

    @ LUISDooMER I dont have that problem with kirby. Could it also be a bad dump? at least try getting another dump of the same rom. I understand what your saying about the not upgrading the firmware. I just assume if they break 6.00 they will then break 6.20 see 6.00 is alot diff than the 5.xx series and thats where the problem starts. if 6.00 gets broken so will 6.10 and 6.20 since there is not very much different at all. comparing ofw 6.00 to 6.20 is like comparing HBL 79 to HBL 85.

  383. LUISDooMER says:

    its a good dump ´cause ive played them in my nokia N73 (k.a.m and l.o.z ) and ive played both fine, without problem (just frameskip 3 and sound off) … but well, i´ll wait for future hbl releases that fix this problem… or wait for a hen, who knows…

  384. JaySparrow says:

    TO wololo:
    Really, Really thanks for your ATTENTION and _ultra_fast_answer!
    You’re very clear on your intention and purpose!
    Best Wishes to HBL!

  385. LNMIII says:


    i know this a open source project, all i want to do is swap the X for O for confirm, im pretty sure most japanese folks would like it, japanese psps use O and switching between O and X or both would make things easier here

    if you could write into the next release (O and X for confirm) i think a lot of people would be very happy about it

    or at the very least tell me what i need to do and i will do it to my own copy (pressing x when im used to O is annoying)

    thanks in advance

  386. Asok says:

    Or you could just, you know, get over it and use X as confirm. It’s not like it’s that big of a deal.

  387. LNMIII says:

    im not complaining for only myself here, im also complaining for the ‘silent masses’ of japanese people who cant speak up cos they dont speak english. im not saying its impossible for me to play, just frustrating (even if it is just a small program)

    so you could just, you know, get over yourself

    im not asking you, it was an AB conversation
    im A
    wololo is B
    so C yourself out

    as i said its not a big deal, just lots of people would be happy with it

  388. wololo says:

    For the record, I agree with the X/O confusion and I plan to make this an option in the near future. But as it’s been said, that’s really a low priority thing. There’s also an issue opened for that on the google code page, so you can follow the progress there :)

  389. LNMIII says:

    that was me on the code page

  390. LNMIII says:

    BTW thanks wololo, im loving what you’re doing here, keep it up, ive got a pandorable psp with pandora battery for cfw, but i will not likely be using the cfw on my go so the hbl is all i need for it

  391. Ricardo says:

    Hi Whats Up HalfByte Team and Woloo!
    Well let me know i had test this new release right now still working menu system with all complete text and menu working with more than 30 homebrews you know this Rev 90, but dont have news about keeping working the last homebrews, but this evolution.
    Thanks for the keeping with project.
    Stay Tuned

  392. wagic says:

    heres one of my favorite homebrew game that hasent been mention heres the download link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ahq5WY5-sqQ just go to the guys description its called stakker

  393. sahil says:

    hey can you make cw cheater work with hbl

  394. youkill says:

    whats the best n64 emulator for hbl??? the one i have is toooo slow and im not that patient

  395. youkill says:

    ohh yea duck hunt psp workes to sop add that to the list just google it

  396. LNMIII says:

    got it working with O instead of X, thanks wololo

  397. vandurol says:

    Thanks wololo, you’re the best. Can you make an update with your binary loader tutorial. I checked many forums but none on the topic. Sorry for off topic-ness but do you need a CFW PSP in order to use psplink?

  398. 007 says:

    Can anyone get super monkey ball jr to work in gpsp on hbl?

  399. 007 says:

    anyone know where i can get gpsp 3.2 kai user 64m test 04?

  400. Dan says:

    can daedalusx run faster on rev90?,
    no right?

    Since the first HBL wanted to play the n64 well .

  401. Aditya Srivastava says:

    whenever i try to run wagic using hbl 85 it shuts itself down and returns to the xross media bar OR shuts down the whole psp system…………
    can anyone help me???

  402. crisishell says:

    WTH0.11.1 works with rev85

    Remove the “exception.prx” file from the main WTH folder the one with “wth0111? in it.

    Remove the music mp3 files from the WTH/Res/Sound Folder

    Make sure you don’t have a double WTH/WTH in the PSP GAME folder as it can read the first WTH as being empty

    enjoy 😉

  403. 007 says:

    Megadrive 0.22 runs good on hbl 85 no audio though….

  404. Sony Corp. says:

    Just to let everyone know that my men are working on Daedalus
    on hbl rev90 and Picodrive with sound as well.

    I will post the updates once tests are complete.

  405. Sony Corp. says:

    Sorry im afraid there’s not going to be any updated since
    the staff members quit.

    Apparently they wanted to get pay for working.

  406. youkill says:

    hey is hbl r90 better than hbl r85? and what about the hbl2 that runs the latest n64 emulator is that real to? cuz i seen youtube videos about it and they do give you the link but never tell you how to installe it.

  407. youkill says:

    n64 emulator with link??

  408. youkill says:

    @wololo can you make a usb connection option for the next hbl?

  409. LUISDooMER says:

    it would be nice if someone make a picodrive-hbl-mod… i just want sound on picodrive and my dream will come true!!!

  410. 007 says:

    picodrive with sound and a hbl version of handy and tg16 too! any one of those would make my day

  411. LUISDooMER says:

    im just tried dgen 0.8, 0.9, 0.93, 0.95, 1.0, 1.11, 1.20, 1.30, 1.40, 1,50, and 1,70 in rev 90… and no-one worked and most not show “LOOP HBL TREAD” message.
    looks like the 0.7 is the only working version.. but well, all we have our hopes…

  412. LUISDooMER says:

    and i´ve seen in youtube a guy playing sonic and paperboy on MEGADRIVE 0.2 with (a very…) basic sound (jumping sound, no ring sound, and a basic music emulation…)… he uses pspgo and ofw 6.10. i´m tryed it but get no sound again…
    and tried dgen 1.60 too, and no sucess… direct to xmb…

  413. 007 says:

    My current best genesis emulator is genisis collection (store bought) wish there was a exploit to let me run other roms using it Ide be happy

  414. Sony Corp. says:

    After failing in a job search my crew came back!
    so an updated on Picodrive & Daedalus are in work.

  415. 007 says:

    And I making CFW 6.30

  416. 007 says:

    Its prof of concept and Im never releasing it!!!!!!

  417. 007 says:

    Oh yeah thats it Im never ever ever releasing my CFW LOL

  418. LUISDooMER says:

    cfw 6.30? i tought that 6.20 was the lastest ofw version…

  419. byan1001 says:

    ok in japan ofw 6.30??? is already ther. But how do we know that its 6.30 its just like when ofw 5.50 came out. with the psp go release they skipped 5.60 and when to 5.70 ( All hail playstation rooooom 4 psp)

  420. youkill says:

    @Sony Corp ‘Because of 007 rebellious attitude im afraid i will NOT released’ haaahaahaaaahaaahaaaahaaaahaaaahaa u have to idea HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE HEARD THAT. FROM EVERY FAKE TEAM U GUYS ARE JUST WAITING for some one to say somethink and then you get all offended and say I WILL NOT REALEAS IT

  421. LNMIII says:

    ‘i will NOT released’

    i think he means his master wont let him out of the yard

  422. LNMIII says:


    dont know if you still watch this page or not, but if your willing to learn you could make modifications so you dont have to get used to it, it is open source so you can modify it to your liking, it took me a day (with mistakes and internet time delays and time difference between me and wololo’s team) to learn how to alter it to my liking, all i did was switch the O and X

    fairly simple once you know how to do it
    just had to edit 3 lines and compile a new menu.bin

  423. LNMIII says:

    im starting to wonder why sony hasnt patched the firmware yet, i have 2 ideas, one is that they are waiting for the kernel exploit, the other is that they are waiting for playstation plus, either way im kinda worried

  424. LNMIII says:

    well, not really worried, i have a psp 2000 that i can pandorize (as well as a pandora battery) and go back to a previous firmware if i want and ill keep my pspgo at 6.20 because of HBL

  425. Sahil says:

    Thanks for updating the site.

  426. awesomejosh says:

    what do you press to go back to the menu

  427. LNMIII says:

    whats new about 91? whats buggy about it?

  428. Sony Corp. says:


    Whats new about rev91 is a giant new step towards HBL running ISO’s

  429. LNMIII says:

    i care not about isos

  430. LNMIII says:

    nor does wololo, he doesnt mind them, but he doesnt support them

  431. LNMIII says:

    im using my self modified HBL-O (only switched O for X) revision 85

    im noticing the only noticeable difference (to non-programmers) is the ability to go back to to HBL on exit, good choice by the way

    are there any other differences? i havent used it because im staying with the stable one until the next recommended version

  432. youkill says:

    @Sony Corp what do you mean ‘giant new step towards HBL running ISO’s’ whats different new compability??

  433. Sony Corp. says:


    It means that my team ELD is working and a non-CFW but to use
    HBL to run ISO’s

  434. Sahil says:

    @Sony Corp.
    Are you serious … don’t fake dude, because everyone knows Team ELD is owned by UNDERSCORE. And from the past few comments of yours’ it just seems that you are making false promises.

  435. pek says:

    Just to confirm, DGEN 0.70 works well in the 85v rev and WITH SOUND, PSP MEGADRIVE EMULATOR with SOUND.
    Unfortunately it has some problems, but is something 😀

    I still looking forward to use PSPDisp, but I do not think it will be possible with hbl…

  436. wololo says:

    @Sahil you’ve been here long enough to know that this “Sony Corp.” guy is just a joke… well, anyone can have fun the way they want, but you should not believe such obvious lies 😉

  437. pek says:

    Sry to bother you, I have been doing a great job with the hbl! But I remember you once told that the sound problem in picodrive could be solve, any improvements?:D

    BTW, DGEN 0.80 doesn’t work… I wish I could have savestates :(….

  438. pek says:

    just an update, DGEN 0.7 isn’t working for the rev 91.. :( HBL Looping and shutdown

  439. wololo says:

    @pek: we haven’t looked into picodrive yet. We hoped that solving the modules issue would solve it but apparently this isnt the case. Picodrive might be using ancient mp3 functions that are not easy to estimate…

    Wagic uses mp3 and now works fine with hbl91 (which fixed issues with mp3, so…) so I hoped this would be the case for picodrive as well, but it’s not.

  440. Sahil says:

    yeah mate …

  441. 007 says:

    any pc-engie/tg16 working at good speed?

  442. harikrishna emani says:

    Nice work!! i managed to start games wagic and mario in my psp 3004 with v6.0 but when i close the game it wont return to my psp main menu, it struck with “please wait” screen.

  443. youkill says:

    @wololo i think team “typhoon” is fake check out thise video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzrWSA_0Im0 it looks preety real huh??
    the guy that made that video says is fake at the end or in the middle i foregot but if thise guy did thise just look at team typhoon.

  444. wololo says:

    @harikrishna emani: yes, the “home” button will not work for now, you have to use the “exit” button provided by the homebrew. For example in wagic that is the “skull” icon in the main menu.

    @youkill: team typhoon’s HEN is not a fake, Davee knows way much more about the PSP’s internals than any other active hacker. I haven’t seen the HEN myself, but you can trust this team (after all, most psp 3000 owners use their chickHEN already, that should be good enough to trust them I think).

  445. youkill says:

    yea but its just hard to believe a pspgo flashed i mean i would think about if it was a 3000

  446. sahil says:

    hey many games are not working on hbl 91 as compared to hbl 85 so you must use only hbl 85 till 91 is not developed fully

  447. Kyeda1 says:

    Het wololo. I saw a video on youtube showing me how to use your programs but it showed i had to download patapon 2 download and i cant find it on your website or anywhere else. Can you tell me where i can get that please?

  448. cube says:

    why when i push R the psp turn off???

  449. LNMIII says:

    @kyeda1 – search for hbl on psp-hacks.com, it has the downloads for the game and the savegame exploit

    @Cube – try a stable version, i suggest 85 or 79 (85 is the best choice in my opinion)

  450. LNMIII says:

    @cube – it should work if installed properly on every kind of psp to date (not sure about using with custom firmware as there should be no need to do that so i haven tried)

  451. cube says:

    thanks 😀

  452. LUISDooMER says:

    hi wololo! nice work with hbl rev 91! i was surprised when i closed picodrive and i came back to the hbl menu, that was awesome!! (this means less times listening the annoying patapon´s song…)
    there is something different in rev 91 with gpsp, now when i load a 16 mb rom i can load other roms! (the rom menu shows the roms normally) but when i exit gpsp with the gpsp exit button (no home button) my psp crashes… i have to load a small rom (4-8 mb) to get the hbl menu again…
    ah, and i still with the built-in savegame problem in 16 mb roms…
    thanks to you and the other devs for the great work that you still working.
    i just still waiting for sound on picodrive not in the next hbl rev but someday this maybe come true… (sorry my bad english again…)

  453. LUISDooMER says:

    and now i have a problem with hereticpsp, when i want to save or load i get message “save/load failed (8011030B”) any clue?

  454. youkill says:

    hAAHA i was looking trought the posts and ‘Sony Corp’ is so fake just look at his othere posts with his othere nicknames

  455. Sony Corp. says:

    Im no fake, im a developer and i run my own company,
    an ex-member of Sony looking for revenge!

  456. LUISDooMER says:

    wow!! congratulations wololo! the menu in rev 92 has a nice look!!

  457. 007 says:

    @LUISDooMER I dont understand why you have these issues with gpsp and i dont. in HBL 85 i have no issues what so ever. Maybe its the version your using of gpsp.does yours have its folders correct? is it putting cfgs and saves in the dedicated folders?

  458. Vince Hott says:

    Hey, Nintendo 64,

    Can Someone Tell Whats of the Latest Version of Daedalus a PSPGo Can Run With HBL 85, Since Its The Lastest Version Out. Also, Will it Play Mario 64 with Clear Sound?

    Thanks For The Help.

  459. youkill says:

    @Sony Corp dude you sound like a 3 year old when u say ‘i run my own company,
    an ex-member of Sony looking for revenge!’ by making pico drive have sound ur not getting revenge you now that right?

  460. Vince Hott says:


    Can Someone Tell me Whats of the Latest Version of the Nintendo 64 Daedalus Emulator a PSPGo Can Run With HBL, and which Version of HBL do u recommend For the Go. Also, Will it Play Mario 64 with Clear Sound?

    Thanks For The Help.

  461. act says:


  462. Sahil says:

    I completely agree with you r85 rocks! The latest revs have some memory leak, exit (HOME button) and slow homebrew problems …

  463. youkill says:

    sahil he sais their just experimenting with the menu. the new hbl r92 is awesome it has a new menu!!!

  464. LNMIII says:

    hope 6.30 can still use HBL, but i doubt it

  465. LNMIII says:

    ill test it, i have a psp2000 that i can pandora back if it fails, as well as a pspgo, not going to try it on the go though

  466. LNMIII says:


    you’re gonna have to change the quote above, saying it works on all known firmwares, up to 6.20 including the pspgo

    most likely

  467. LNMIII says:

    6.30 up, installing now

  468. LNMIII says:

    patapon 2 works, savedata,
    load failed
    the data is corrupted

  469. 007 says:

    Please be joking! I hope u didnt update without the need to

  470. LNMIII says:

    i updated one of my psps, i can downgrade it, but im not going to, im going to use it for my playstation plus, and my other for hbl

  471. NakedFaerie says:

    Yep, its real. HBL no longer works in FW 6.30.
    Well, it was good while it lasted. Now its time to remove all homebrew from my PSP GO till the next exploit is released.

  472. LNMIII says:

    more specifically, my pandora-able psp is upgraded to 6.30, my pspgo is staying 6.20

  473. LNMIII says:


    could you check with your sources weather the kernel exploit that they used was patched or not

    if it was, will they release it?

  474. LNMIII says:


    i hate homophones

  475. 007 says:

    Im pretty sure a new savegame may make it work. try different memori locations or something

  476. LNMIII says:

    i somehow doubt it

  477. 007 says:

    you know this whole hard time to run home brew on my ps3 and psp is making me no longer like sony. been using ps products since they started. always was easy to run homebrew till ps3 and psp3000 for me. I honestly hate buying a system i can not home brew on. I buy games. I dont pirate I just like the freedom of being able to run things that you cant buy……. Honestly mark my words im done with sony. just venting and being honest. from now on ill use my pc. gonna get rid of my psp and get a netbook instead. not as small but small enough the bigger screen will make me happy anyway. thanks for HBL guys and sony officials looking at this site i hope you realize you are killing your market faster doing this.

  478. Sony Corp. says:

    LNMIII stop posting too much

  479. LNMIII says:

    sony, stop ordering people, or just annoying them

  480. People do not update your psp to 6.30. 6.30 does not run on hbl!

  481. LNMIII says:

    im pretty sure everyone knows that by now

  482. kostas says:

    i hope it’s the right place to ask for that…
    is any support to Tibia? or will be? i tried it but nothing.maybe i’m doing something wrong?

  483. kostas says:

    (sorry for my eng)

  484. Sahil says:

    Don’t update to any stuff further than 6.20 if you wish to run HBL. Sony will definately patch this up in their next release. So please DON’T update. Yeah, and the iLoader is fake, the person copied the full source from the HBL. And, hence is fake and loads nothing. I am still on the side of jaja2u, who is making an ISO loader for the HBL. If you aren’t aware of this then, google for Koen’s Loader.

  485. 6.30 is sh*tty anyways good thing i dindn’t update my psp.

  486. tibotoms says:

    Bonjour Wololo ! Tout d’abord merci pour le travail que toi et m0skit0 faites.
    Ensuite, je voudrais poser une petite question. Un membre de PSPGEN, tomtomdu81, a trouvé le moyen de lancer des homebrews en Lua, grâce au shell MyWindows (ceux-ci affichant pour une grande majorité voire tous il me semble, des messages d’erreur à leur lancement). Je me demande s’il est possible d’adapter cette possibilité au HBL en utilisant un code ou je ne sais quoi de MyWindows.
    Merci encore et à +

  487. wololo says:

    @tibotims, ok je regarderai…

  488. youkill says:

    i updated my psp to 6.30 because i had to in my psn i have funs and games and the new 6.30 will have NEOGEO games and PCengine games i would still like to have hbl but i cant anymore its pached.

  489. LNMIII says:

    ??? sucks for you. maybe there will be something later, thats why im glad i have 2 psps, one official (but still pandora-able), one 6.20 (PSPgo) so i can still use HBL

  490. 007 says:

    @youkill neogeo and pcengine????? also why not use your PC with media go to d/l from psn? I did today and worked for me. Did a PSN purchase and stayed on 6.20

  491. stiv says:

    6.30 is out is there any save game exploit for this firmware????

  492. pek says:

    @wololo thx for the answer man! I hope the team can take a look on the picodriver sometime after… I m glad that the rev 92 is released!

    @007 so, i am really new, now that the OFW is the 6.3 I cant access the PSN from my PSP using the 6.2??? I was wondering if I still can purchase and play games (FFVIII to be precise) even without the updated of the OFW…

  493. LNMIII says:

    yes you can play them, they were encoded with the firmware that was needed when they were released, they dont get updated (way too much work)

    try downloading them with your computer or ps3 (or someone elses) and then transfer them to your psp

  494. fred says:

    does rev 92 work on 6.3?

  495. fred says:

    never mind just saw that it doesnt

  496. LUISDooMER says:

    i have a problem with hereticpsp, when i want to save or load i get message “save/load failed (8011030B)” any clue?

  497. youkill says:

    firmware 6.30 sucks even 1.50 fw is better

  498. youkill says:

    @007 they say that 6.30 is going to have NEOGEO you now like the emulator for cfw just google it you will find it.

  499. Cas says:

    hey i tried this on the 5.50 Prometheus homebrew and it worked but i didnt have gen d3…. thats a suprise

  500. No really LNMIII you talk too much you need to shut up no offence

  501. LNMIII says:

    and if you would have read my earlier posts you would have seen i had already said 6.30 is not a worthwile ofw, no offence, you should read before posting, i dont care if you think i post too much, i do think its pointless to point it out, thanks for your opinion

  502. youkill says:

    and if you had read my earlier post you would have seen that i HAD to

  503. LNMIII says:

    prior to that, when i tested 6.30 so that wouldnt happen

  504. LNMIII says:

    @wololo, someon is spamming your code page, i hope you can block people from posting

  505. wololo says:

    @LNMIII : I saw and they have been reported to google. Usually these people get banned within a few hours. It is not very clever to spam a website owned by google which knows lots of stuff about people…

  506. Well I don’t care if you don’t care it’s really annoying will you plese shut up for just one stupid minute it’s really really annoying no offence.

  507. That’s a warning not an insult because in your social life if you have one people are going to say you talk too much and just ingnore you and you wont have any friends or a life IF you have friends.

  508. Plus wololo daedalus r14 doesn’t work on my 6.20 hbl rev 90 psp 1000 i checked on the HBL Compatible Homebrew topic that you posted and it said daedalus r14 works on the 6.20 hbl rev 90 psp 1000 is this a lie?

  509. Asok says:

    “Noneofyourbusiness” you really come off like you have anything resembling a social life 😛 also “no offence” doesn’t automatically cancel out insults, hth

  510. Dartz says:

    just a note to wololo since i dunno where to post this.

    The HBL menu thing doesnt work with GPSP. it works perfectly with Snes.

  511. LNMIII says:


    i have no social life, i dont need one if i have the internet, im married so i get social interaction, but i far from talk too much, but telling me i talk too much (and such a wordy way too) it looks like you are the one who talks too much, im not telling you to shut up either, but i am telling you to stop telling me to shut up

  512. Asok says:

    LNMIII you’re really not helping your case here

  513. LNMIII says:

    i care not, i dont talk a lot, i type more than i talk, i can make friends and have good friends, i dont need anyone else, if only he\she could be so lucky. my 3 friends are like family, thats how close they are, if i wanted social interaction i can go to sapporo city center and talk to anyone, i prefer spending time on my ps3 or computer

  514. Daveee says:

    Ok guys, about the HEN, I and team TYPHOON doesnt wanna release it because We are working on something for future release. I can’t say anything more then this. Please STOP SPAMMING HERE AND IN MY WEBSITE. Have nice day 😉

  515. LNMIII says:

    nice to know something is happening, thanks for that daveee

  516. wololo says:

    Don’t get fooled, the real Davee knows how to write correct English.

  517. LNMIII says:

    question, why half-byte? last i checked the loader was more than a half-byte

  518. wololo says:

    You’d have to ask m0skit0 :)

  519. Hellnow says:

    The importent thing DON’T update to the 6.30

  520. youkill says:

    how can thise be possible http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OD9gkbxffc
    and i know that is 6.30 because it has the NEOGEO folder and the psp game

  521. LNMIII says:

    someone found a way into the system from a psn game, name not released, it may give kernel access or they made it so it can run hbl and psp filer

  522. Danny says:

    @LNMIII………so does this mean that 6.30 will be exploited now, or even give way to a kernal exploit.

    anyways where did you hear that?

  523. LNMIII says:

    psp-hacks, 6.30 exploit found

  524. Davee says:

    so how u find kernel exploit?

  525. LNMIII says:

    you hack, if you dont know, learn or wait for someone with the skills to get it done

  526. Misanthrope says:

    @wololo wassup with this, the source has been also credited to noob81 and moskito


  527. zin0099 says:

    i always have this promblem! why can’t i load halfbyte loader on the memory stick m2 rather the 16gb internal flash?

    also since past firmwares have had kernal exploits like 3.40 why not just build it to run customfirmware from the past?

    if wrong thats ok just a thought.

  528. There is no 6.30 hbl or exploit if you updtated you psp to that firmware you’re sc*** it’s your fault!

  529. youkill says:

    nobody is blaming it on you that they updated to 6.30 so calm down

  530. youkill says:

    and some of us knew that patopan exploit was going to be patched in 6.30 but I HAD HAD HAD TO UPDATE

  531. I hope 6.20 cfw gen is released in this month if it’s not i’m going to sell my psp and buy a new cool natural bike.

  532. What the heck it’s not July 4th 12:55 AM it’s 6:25 PM July 3rd where im living in nj.

  533. 007 says:

    your living in the past! lol

  534. youkill says:

    hbl is not fare from iso look at psp hacks.com to bad i updated

  535. LNMIII says:

    spam, it may work but i dont wanna do it

  536. LNMIII says:

    not iso loader, its psn codes

  537. me>I>me says:

    Hey wololo, One thanks for creating the HBL! I was wondering if you devs could create a HEN for the HBL when the loader is at is peak; Also Im having some major difficulties with Daedalus, I used the modified version for HBL and no success, Could you help me by giving me a link to a download?

  538. youkill says:

    i wonder if team typhoon’s exploit workes in 6.30

  539. claude speed says:

    When will a cfw for psp 3010
    I hope your answer wololo

  540. FrostyMan says:

    man i just got 3 free games with my psp go so i had to upgrade to 6.30, hope it gets HBL soon

  541. keith says:

    i hope psp 3000 5.55 above can play iso and cso. is there any other way?

  542. keith says:

    hey dude weve got the same names ^^

  543. keith says:

    hey you two.. my name is keith too… what a coincidence… i bet you two are having troubles with your psp 3000.. i sold mine for $80 and bought a used psp slim for $95…

  544. keith says:

    where did you sold your psp?

  545. keith says:

    e-bay pal..

  546. keith says:

    oh yeah i bought the used psp on e-bay too…

  547. kurt says:

    hahahahah actually my name is not keith its kurt.. ahahahahaha

  548. keith says:

    hey keith… i mean kurt… does it really work?

  549. kurt says:

    what do you mean? e-bay?

  550. kurt says:

    if youre lucky..LOL

  551. ofwvictim says:

    hey wololo can i play psx with HBL?

  552. Sahil says:

    R93 is crashing everytime on my PSP while closing homebrews and exiting to the PSP menu or even the HBL menu …

  553. Sahil says:

    Hey wololo,
    Can you tell me what to I do, to change the back to menu feature to back to XMB, because, my favourite homebrews are crashing when I exit them.

  554. wololo says:

    in hbl/hbl_configt.txt change return_to_xmb_on_exit from 0 to 1

  555. Sahil says:

    Thanks man, you are really great!

  556. Sahil says:

    But, do you think that we do the favour?

  557. Sahil says:

    Thanks man, it is working as of now, homebrews didn’t crash now.

  558. luxord says:

    very nice wololo i have been lurking for a while now and i checked out the code.google page and i was like does that say 93 and that is hands down the best part of my day so far great job with the new stuff if you ever need testing just ask

  559. Sahil says:


    here is it! … Finally, CSPortable 0.73 working on PSP via HBL r93! great work wololo thanks …

  560. youkill says:

    wow cspsp is awesome BUT STILL KUROK IS BETTER has anybody tried it??

  561. diego says:

    hola tengo una psp 3001 version 6.10 primero como descargar los hbl en la psp no se que archivos tengo que remplazar por que hasta ahora no me corren nigun emulador si no te es mucha molestia podrias dar un tutorial de como poner y remplar el hbl …………..gracias

  562. Sahil says:

    Tried Kurok, doesn’t work probably requires kernel access.

  563. persian says:

    hi all :)

    thanks wololo for your work on the hbl and hack fw 6.2

    every time that i hear any news about hack from u , i think that it`s about run iso on psp go :) . plz if u can do it for all psp gamers in the world 😀

    we know that u can do it so do it and happy us with this news :)

    we love u wololo :)

    good luck in your life

    *** sorry for my English ****

  564. Celosop says:

    Thx Wololo, nice work!!

  565. pelucas9999 says:

    hi this a list of homebrews work on r85 y 93

    nester: work r85 y r93
    unofficial gba emulator: work r85 y r93
    picodrive: work r85 y r93
    doom: work r85 y r93
    cs portable: only on r93

    and what hapen this:

    uo_snes for psp:only on 85 but no in 93???

  566. pelucas9999 says:

    hi this a list of homebrews work on r85 y 93

    nester: work r85 y r93
    unofficial gba emulator: work r85 y r93
    picodrive: work r85 y r93
    doom: work r85 y r93
    cs portable: only on r93

    and what hapen this:

    uo_snes for psp:r85 but no in r93???

  567. Fran says:

    I’ve a PSP3004 6.20 ver.
    HBL r.93 dev.

    Nester : Work
    GPKAI : Work but when u want to exit the psp crashes
    SMS+ : Work but when u want to exit to the psp menu the psp crashes
    Homer’s rin : Dont work

    Sorry for my horrible english.

  568. LUISDooMER says:

    @wololo thanks to you i can play quake simpsons!!! Thanks thanks thanks!!

  569. dj.ripper.mx says:

    I’ve a PSP 3001 with 6.20

    When is PSPKVM be workable on HBL for this PSP? I’ve seen it working with r93 on PSP Go

  570. Sahil says:

    The newer version works or at least loads but you can’t exit from it. lol .There is one option to exit but it doesn’t work and therefore you have to exit from the HOME button and thus doing this, when you press Yes, your PSP will freeze at the Please wait… screen.

  571. quest says:

    Hey is there a chance that hbl would run psx games?

  572. Danny says:

    @quest……maybe…but i doubt it will be any time soon.

  573. Sahil says:

    Hey wololo,
    Can you tell me why is the Dev version of R93 slower and smaller than R93 normal?

  574. Sahil says:

    hey Danny, what happened to your site, I completely forgot about it …

  575. Alexanyways says:

    Sorry for being impatiant, but. Do you know when or if it will be good for 6.30? I’m not really bright, and I recently, accidentaly downloaded the upgrade before I found this site.

  576. PSPDowngrader says:

    the R93 Can load Daedalusx64?

  577. alv says:

    just to be sure but, does daedalus r14 works in hbl rev93? because every time i want to run it my psp reset =(

  578. wololo says:

    @Sahil: the DEV version is smaller because it doesn’t include wMenu. It is slower because it writes lots of important information in a log file.

    @Alexanyways: Well, unfortunately, the only thing I can say is “too bad”. In the past years it’s taken usually more than 6 months between 2 exploits. The patapon exploit was disclosed in 2010/03. Before that the Tiff exploit was in 2009/04, so almost 1 year before. In other words: get ready to be EXTREMELY patient.

  579. Unknown says:

    SNES emu doesn’t work…..

  580. Kain says:

    wololo what are your thoughts of hbl on the ps3? I am also interested in what anyone else has to say on this. I personally would love to play nes, snes, n64, ect… on my ps3.

  581. wololo says:

    @Kain: Just because the PSP and the PS3 are made by the same company, doesn’t mean they are related. I’m sorry to say that the PS3 has a very strong security, and that people much clever than me have been trying to unlock it for a long time already…
    I’m not a hardware engineer, so as long as the ps3 doesn’t have any cool software like psplink we have on the psp, I’m clueless :(

    And even though, a homebrew loader would have to be coded from scratch on those machines… and it’s not like PSP homebrews would magically work “out of the box” on a ps3 (although…psp games do run on the ps3, so…)

  582. Kain says:

    wololo thank you for your thoughts and thank you for hbl

  583. pipitheloco says:

    @wololo : hello from mexico and here I am a big salute and thank you very much for the hbl a doubt I have some of my previous psp umd but buy the psp go and it happens that I can not use :-( do you think some day soon or can be iso read my greeting and psp go 6.2 A major project ….sorry for my bad English

  584. LNMIII says:

    @pipi, he is not trying to make the HBL iso friendly, he doesnt like it.

    he isnt trying to stop it, just doesnt want it

    maybe someone will make an iso loader, but not wololo

  585. WWW says:


  586. Danny says:

    @sahil…..oh my sites doing fine thx, i got well over 1000 visitors in the last month and ive now 9 forum members since i opened the new forum 3 nights ago. and your page is still as popular as ever, thx again for letting me link to you.

  587. Danny says:

    @LNMIII…..I very highly ever doubt a iso loader, i mean if hbl (like i said much earlier) finds it hard to load homebrews bigger than 2MB, iso files stretch from 200MB to 1.8GB, its not possible is it?

  588. LNMIII says:

    @ danny it would have to load an iso loader program, most likely with kernel support, there is a slight kernel exploit in this, so it is possible

    @WWW ?wololo????????????????????????????????????

  589. wololo says:

    @WWW? ???Homebrew????????Homebrew???????????????????????????????

  590. LNMIII says:

    @wololo, how many languages do you speak, i saw french, i know english and just saw japanese

  591. wololo says:

    @LNMIII: That’s pretty much it 😀

  592. N3DEXO says:

    wololo good I’d like to give an article of their age, country, fun. you do in your free time and all that as a Bibiography

  593. Sahil says:

    thanks man! 😀

  594. WWW says:



  595. mdceas78 says:

    Newbie i just bought a psp go off ebay 5.70 firmware and I want to update to 6.20. when i download it and go to update it all i get is game cannot be started. did i do something wrong can anyone help

  596. mdceas78 says:

    reason im asking is because i cant download or play any psn games on it until i update it and the only update it let me attempt to do is the 6.30 and the hbl r93 dont work it just keep crashing right now my psp go is worthless as is. is there a verison of hbl that works on firmware 5.70

  597. LNMIII says:

    if you want to download the games, do so with your computer, updating to 6.20 is also easy, get the file from psp-hacks.com

  598. mdceas78 says:

    I tried to download the games to play like that and it said that i need to activate my system how do i do that plus i already downloaded the update from psp-hacks.com it said the game could not be started

  599. mdceas78 says:

    it’s like my only option is to update to 6.30

  600. wololo says:

    mdceas78: there has to be a way… I was gonna suggest psp-hacks.com’s file but…
    are you sure you put it in a “UPDATE” folder, and not any other name ?
    it has to be: PSP/GAME/UPDATE/EBOOT.PBP I believe

  601. mdceas78 says:

    yeah and it keeps saying the game cannot be started i also tried 6.00, 6.10, and 6.20 the only one that let’s keep going is 6.30 update

  602. Bazzman_7 says:

    I am very sadfaced. I’ve been using your HBL on my PSP Go for a while now, but lately, I had a bit of a problem. I had to re-download my Patapon 2 demo…. but this one is GREEN. IT ALSO DOESN’T USE THE PATCHED SAVE FILE!!! Is there any way to get it for this new demo version? Or should I succumb and update to 6.30 so I may use the PSN again?

  603. LNMIII says:

    the only way (i think) you could do it otherwise is to transfer from a ps3, that doesnt check to see if your psp is the latest update, you’ll have to be logged into your psn account from that ps3 and then transfer the files from ps3 to psp, it will work then

  604. Bazzman_7 says:

    Aha! Well that’s cool!… Except, I cant use HBL anymore… Stupid patched Patapon 2 Demo :(

  605. Bazzman_7 says:

    *crosses fingers for 6.30 capable HBL*

  606. LNMIII says:

    find a friend that has it and have him transfer it to you

  607. Bazzman_7 says:

    EVERYONE I KNOW HATES PSP GO! Lol, it’s actually like a running joke to all of them 😛 I have a psp 1000 though, it’s running 5.00 m33-6 cfw. :S

  608. Bazzman_7 says:

    p.s. how do you transfer games between psps? Doesn’t that mean i can dl the original patapon 2 demo to my psp-1000 then just transfer it? Also , I have two accounts I use on the same psp.

    The one I’m using at the moment has the new GREEN patapon 2 demo, where as the other account that is deactivated on my psp at the moment has the Original purple demo.

    Now, they’re both on the psp at the moment, I just cant access the purple version due to the different account AND I also cant switch between them because to do that I need the new Firmware… Any ideas?

  609. wololo says:

    The unpatched Demo is available at pspdemocenter and psp-hacks.com I believe

  610. Bazzman_7 says:

    But how can I use it on my Psp go? Is it as easy as a copy-paste?

  611. LNMIII says:

    yes it is, it is not account specific

  612. Bazzman_7 says:

    :D! I’ll let you know how it goes!

  613. Bazzman_7 says:

    AHAAA!!! 😀 Thank you so much guys! Back to Open Tyrian for me, and to upgrade to Ver. 92! 😀 😀 :D!!!

  614. Rey says:

    nice work but where is the root of the memory stick does u mean “ms_root”. plzz reply

  615. Sahil says:

    No. The root of memory stick means the place where PSP,GAME,MUSIC,PICTURE etc folders are located.

  616. Rey says:

    thnxx sahil

  617. mdceas78 says:

    no luck it still keep saying game cannot be started i have no choice but to update to 6.30

  618. moddkilla says:

    I Just used the new HBL 93 on 6.20 OFW and before the menu shows up and its loading I can quickly read what it says. It says I have 6.1x firmware meanwhile It should say 6.2x.

  619. moddkilla says:

    just thought you should know

  620. chris says:

    hey wololo, i’m new at trying to hack psp go. i have ofw 6.2 and downloaded the HBL93 with the right demo and save data, i’m pretty sure i put the files into the right locations, followed some instructions how to do so on this page. When i load the demo and press the right trigger the screen just freezes and the system just turns off. I’ve tried a bunch of times to get it working but nothing. I also tried use HBL 85 but with the samething. Please help out.

  621. Kain says:

    I am having trouble getting a snes emulator to run on hbl 85 6.20 3000 psp. When I extract the zip file to psp/game I get an EBOOT.PBP and 4 or 5 txt. files. I try to start the EBOOT.PBP and it just kicks me out of hbl. The other emulators I try go to rar. files and do the same thing. I have tried snesx9 think and two others. Can anyone help me with this? I have checked some tutorials and am stumped.

  622. Sahil says:

    Search above in this thread. I had made a tutorial for putting HBL onto PSP. So, that might help you out.

  623. LNMIII says:

    it may not be the correct version of snes9x, it may not run on hbl

  624. am33r says:

    Hey wololo.

    Great Job man.

    I have a brand new PSP GO on 6.20 with nothing on it, and so it is pure and no outside issues, downloads, or tweaks affect the testing as I have come to see that testing HBL on it is as perfect as possible.

    R85 loads perfectly on it (everytime) and it loads 15 emulators perfectly as well and the games run perfect. R93 freezes at times when loading and it only loads a few emulators.

    I have made a folder package that is easy to install and I only switched the HBL. Of course R93 has a wonderful menu that changes the whole experience. Would you add the menu to R85 if that is not too much work?

    Thank you for your hard work :)

  625. Kain says:

    I did check the tutorial the problem has tobe the fileI am downloading all say they work with hbl but none do even the one from psp-hacks. Can anyone direct me to one that works?

  626. Leandro says:

    What version of “snes9x” runs on HBL rev 93?
    I have a PSP3000 and tried a lot of emulators.
    Only 2 worked: Picodrive and ATARI2600.
    I really want to run SNES games.
    Please, help!

  627. wololo says:

    @am33r: I think you don’t get it. The issues you are experimenting are coming from the fact that we added this cool menu to HBL. HBL93 = HBL 85 + Menu + bug fixes.
    If we added the Menu to HBL 85…well, you would get HBL 93.

  628. Rey says:

    when i start patapon 2 it works fine but after i trigger R it says no homebrew found but i have pasted a homebrew help me plzz

  629. Rey says:

    now i have another promblem first i used HBL 93 so i could not see the homebrews now i used HBL 85 i can see the homebrews but when i start them i goes back to the psp menu

  630. Rey says:

    n i think HBL only loads classic games like mario but when will it completely hack psp plzz reply and very god work by u n ur team

  631. am33r says:

    hahah. i c. and thanks again.

  632. Rey says:

    man i m sorry to comment again n again but leave all other comments when i start my homebrew it says looping HBL threat and just restarts after this help me plzz

  633. Pete94 says:

    I just downloaded and used your halfbyte loader on a 6.20 psp and i just noticed that it can’t play iso’s and cso’s. I don’t mean to waste your time but could you help me to play iso’s on my psp without downgrading?

  634. Tinman says:

    @ Pete94 The is no way to run iso/cso files on 6.20 as of right now. There is some on workin on a iso loader right now but it dont load anything right now.

  635. Toni says:

    Very grateful I can play Emu on OFW 6.20
    I already tested it’s worked with NES and alpha

  636. Pete94 says:

    Well i guess i’ll have to wait but thanks for the help

  637. 007 says:

    does PSPHugo v1.3.1 run real slow for everyone else?

  638. IhartPiracy says:

    @wololo sorry epic noob here so is it possible to make the exploit to play iso

  639. Rey says:

    thnnx tinman but now also nothing happens i downloaded one of the homebrew from the site provided by u tht did not worked

  640. 007 says:

    anyone? i ask cause it seems to jump to full speed when i activate keyboard but mnakes it hard to play

  641. Asok says:

    Honestly. Start reading the Advanced PSP forums, it’s where just about everything relevant to HBL (yes, including ISO Loaders) is being discussed, and most of the questions being asked on here are answered quite well on there.


  642. Asok says:

    And that wasn’t directed at 007

  643. Grewolf says:

    pspkvm works with r93 and also daedalusr14 cpt. morgan version.

  644. Brandon says:

    I used r93 (NON-debug) from this site and it doesn’t load what did work with 85 and loads almost everything that didn’t work with r85. What worked with r85: Doom, Snesnx 24, NesterJ, Doom, Cave Story. I know you said r 85 and r93 are the same but then why don’t the games listed above no longer work? I have PSP 3001 OFW 6.20

  645. loveshbl says:

    in this week i’ll buying PSP GT Pack new in store (if they got it!) and i want to know if with this psp pack i could use hbl? and what is the firmware of this psp? they sold this pack since october…. it ll be in 6.10 (6.20)? because if i switch on for the first time, what happen? it’ ll seeking the 6.30?
    thanks to all for answers!

  646. wololo says:

    @hades: yeah, right… ask your trusted source to show me how it’s done then :)

  647. hades says:

    they say they got this info from you directly

  648. 007 says:

    Why cant ppl just be happy that these guys gave us an awesome e-loader that works?

    Anyone once again thank you Wololo. If HBL can ever get kernal awsome if not doesnt matter you made my PSP better than it was and gave me something awesome to use.

    To be honest hades I think your trusted source can not be trusted. I mean hbl did not have to be public but it is. you got access to somones hard work for free. dont come on here to complain. Just say thank you.

    god no wounder ppl dont release exploits. when a exploit is out it get abused if not abused code stolen credits stolen and to top it off you get ppl crying about what it can and can not do.

  649. 007 says:

    @Asok I read advancedpsp but I have a liking for this wall lol

    Dunno why but i find myself looking at this page from my home pc, my work pc and my mobile lol

  650. 007 says:

    No one here said that though. And honestly Im starting to understand why and Im not even a coder….

  651. tayangco says:

    i wish google android whould run on a psp through hbl

  652. khan says:

    Anyone if cps1psp, cps2psp and mvspsp work now? Thanks

  653. Suomalainen says:

    When HBL made to work with version 6.30? I propose to do this work also with 6.30 OFW.

  654. LUISDooMER says:

    wow! with the “sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive” option, the emulators works more fast! in gpsp the sound dont get out of sync animore! and in some games (wario land 4 i.e) there is more fast in some “slower and lag” areas… (or when you push the clock button on the end of a level…) it may work with sne9x, if it only work…

  655. edua7x says:

    the hbl r94 with menu crashes me when i want to close a homebrew
    ***GBA kai unooficia
    and dony run the snesx9 and the homer rin

  656. loveshbl says:

    nobody could answer to my question i said yesterday?

  657. nozepikka says:

    @edua7x – To fix the crash :-
    1. Hook up your psp.
    2. Open up hbl_config.txt in ms0:/hbl.
    3. Change ‘return_to_xmb_on_exit=0′ to

    TIP – You can also change ‘override_sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive=1′ to ‘override_sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive=0′ to speed up any homebrew (including GPSP. It keeps the audio in sync and stops most lags!)

    Enjoy!! 😀

    – nozepikka

  658. 007 says:

    gpsp kai use to have a issue with auto frame kip it would turn it on but not off just tried it in r94 and yes i had override_sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive=0 and now auto frame skip works like on CFW! Thank you guys!!!!

  659. 007 says:

    holy cow PSP Hugo 1.31 running at 60fps! i love you guys

  660. 007 says:

    just playing Soldier blade at 60 fps on hugo!!! OMG OMG I love you guys

  661. 007 says:

    with gpsp kai working perfect like cfw even proper auto frameskip and hugo i dont even miss pico drive anymore.

    You guys made my day

  662. 007 says:

    cant believe the auto frame skipper works proper now no mor manual crappy mode in gpsp. cant believe no one else noticed cause no one talking about it anywhere

  663. 007 says:

    can the following be applied post menu since the menu sometimes crashes with it? just a thought.

    •Added override_sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive as a parameter to hbl_config..txt. When set to 0, speed in some Emulators such as daedalus should work faster, but this increases the risks of crashes (a lot).

  664. 007 says:

    omg the fact auto frame skip works correct in gpsp kai test 04 and it runs so much smoother makes me happy

  665. 007 says:

    All i say is thank you to the HBL people. THANKS ALOT!!!!

  666. WWW says:

    what a great project you’ve done

  667. Sahil says:

    @wololo, wow! mahn, what an answer to that idiot gagex250 …

  668. hellboyhrh says:

    please check on this if you have time wololo

  669. Tinman says:

    hey wololo hbl r94 works great. Kepp up the good work

  670. nozepikka says:

    hey… does any of you know how sony unbricks/downgrades/flashes their 3000s/n1000s ??? itz been buggin me for a while… :-\

  671. mdceas78 says:

    how do you create a exploit or should i say how do you know if a game has an exploit

  672. dj.ripper.mx says:

    rev 94, I still have the same problem with my PSP Slim 3000.. Snes won’t load like many other homebrews. I stick with rev 88

  673. nozepikka says:

    @dj.ripper.mx – actually r94 has the most compatibility… what ofw are you using??? and r94 also runs emulators at full speed….

  674. DjNeo says:

    what about running PS isos converted to PBP? my SOTN just crash and return to PSP menu T_T

  675. LNMIII says:

    on hbl? the files are probably too big to load if they start

  676. DjNeo says:

    yep on hbl…hummm i’ve tried my non compressed pbp(about 800mb) and and an official compressed pbp (from psp network, a friend give it to me, NOT piracy, i’ve got the PS original SOTN) and both have crasshed… T_T do you think I need to compress it more?

  677. 007 says:

    Sound in pico drive coming?!?!?! coooooooooool

  678. Tinman says:

    @dj.ripper.mx i have this snes emulator and it works 4 me on my 3001 model 6.20 0fw http://www.megaupload.com/?d=607X4AIP

  679. Josue says:

    if you have millions of comentaris to read and do not even ask where it?? pregnto you again when we go to play the god of war for example??

  680. yasha says:

    i found chickhen r4 on the internet. Does it work with hbl?

  681. the champ says:

    Hey, will the new rev run emulators on the psp 3000 OFW obove 5.50???

  682. 007 says:

    already does…. been using HBL for for a few months on psp3000 ofw 6.20

  683. 3nk0r3 says:

    Please for 6.30

  684. DjNeo says:

    @3nk0r3 this exploit was patched on 6.30, but there’s another hacker working on it, he’s said HELLO WORLD on 6.30

  685. LNMIII says:


  686. timothy says:

    i cant play boxheads io get upt to the mnu where u pick a difficulty then my psp just restarts. by the way i have a psp 3000 ofw 5.55

  687. 007 says:

    OMG now that I know it exists I cant wait lol

  688. LeO says:

    HBL is awesome!!!

  689. 007 says:

    Yes HBL is awesome!

  690. me>I>me says:

    Wololo I might upset you by saying this but when Mokosit spilled the beans about Half Byte eloader I had hope, I have actually been checking up on this website up to 3 times a day …IM OBBESSED!! I continue to download the newest version of HBL and continue to wait for you to announce that you will be searching for a kernal exploit to install a temporary HEN [ So at least HBL wont be thrown to the side] I have to admit that im actually losing faith….Im sorry to say this to you. You have accomplished some terrific work and you are the ONLY reason that I have not sold my psp yet…THE ONLY REASON WHY I HAVE NOT SOLD IT YET. I want to have CFW and you are my only answer to that…..So Whats your answer?

  691. jomagasi says:

    Nombre De Hombrew:cps2psp 2.2.1,cps1psp 2.2.1, mvspsp 2.2.1

    Modelo De PSP:3010

    Version Del PSP:6.20

    Funciona o No Funciona:yes

    rev:94 dev
    from pspscenebeta.com ah thanks wololo you are the best. animo