Half-Byte Loader

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What is it?

If you have firmware 6.60 or below, you might want to install a Custom Firmware rather than HBL.
This page is the official Download page for Half-Byte Loader. If you have questions please check the FAQ. For the latest news about Half Byte Loader, check the HBL Category on this blog.
Half-Byte Loader (HBL) is an open source Homebrew Loader for the Sony PSP. It allows to play fan-made games on any PSP up to firmware 6.39. HBL allows to run emulators for the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, Sega Megadrive, NES, Super NES… and many other applications.


The Version of HBL you need to download depends on the firmware of your PSP, and is independent of the model (it works on all models, 1000, 2000, 3000, and PSP Go). Click on the firmware installed on your PSP to be redirected to the appropriate download page:

Additional downloads

If you’re looking for good homebrews that run on your PSP, don’t look any further, those are 15 games and utilities that will keep you entertained for hundreds of hours.

How to use

Check the README.txt file in the zip file :)

More Info

HBL is a work in progress and sometimes it might fail to load your favorite homebrew. However we believe it is harmless for your PSP and I personally test my work on several PSPs before releasing it. We are also confident that this program cannot “brick” your psp and it will not void your Sony Warranty.

HBL is open source, the compiled versions I provide are a compiled version of the sources available freely here

Need Help?

If you have questions/issues please go to the official forums

Want to Help?

HBL is a work in progress and we need your help. Bug reports, test reports, and code patches are welcome. I also accept donations if you want to support my releases.

3,592 Responses

  1. Alex

    yeah, i stupidly updated to 6.60, and now hbl crashes, i would love ether an hbl that runs on 6.60 or a 6.59 downgrader. any links?

  2. HBL-Required!!

    Wololo & HBL Team,I cant find a link to 6.60 HBL,only 6.39 and older.Please release a newer version of HBL that works with 6.60.PLEASEE!!!!!!!!!

  3. toBsucht

    jjs hbl for ofw6.60 only 😉 http://wololo.net/talk/download/file.php?id=944
    reported as working homebrews PSPdisp v0.6, Snes9xTYL, ScummVM 1.3.1 and Basilisk II

    @iSWORD if you update in hen mode you´ll probatly update the hen 😉

    • Shinny

      Well i cant be sure on 100% if he will be able to update in nhen mode.. usualy it says that you have the latest firmware installed =D
      About update button.. yeah not a bad idea =D

  4. sawyer

    u guys that make hbl possible r great.

  5. Username

    Would be nice to see this able to run PSX/PS1 conversions



    • burntroach

      all system games backups download all u want but please seed an share an only download a backup if u own the orignal an got the orignal put up in a safe spot if u do not have the orignal please delete the games after 24hours an support the game companys if u like the game buy it

  7. jack

    please how to get more games for my psp go ver 6.60, please

  8. U_RAW

    hi im new to psp’s
    so i wanted to know that i just bought a psp 3004 and i update its firmware to 6.60
    and i did not hack my psp but downloaded the TN HOMEBREW ENABELER and it shows on in my psp under the game option in my psp in memory stick and it starts also
    so i wana know will cso games run on my psp or not

  9. jake

    can ues this program to run the PS! v of silent hill i have the the game on my pc in psp eb and the ps1 fill format can you help
    psp dame good program

  10. jake

    ops me-net P.S

  11. Paco

    Is it starting the Homebrew directly from the game, or u can run it from the psp menu?

    • toBsucht

      If you talk about hbl no it cann´t start a homebrew from the psp-menu =xmb ;). The good thing about hbl is you can use it to start some brews from any floder. If you use tn-hen or pro hen you have to place the brews @ games floder to start them from xmb.

  12. Paco

    I wanted to ask can i update to PRO directly from the save data exploit

  13. ninesix

    what a noob

  14. PSPGo-6.39

    ok PSP Go 6.39 going to black screen, lights flash and then goes off

    Extracted files to root and PSP/Games as instructed. But was going the black screen reset thing.
    I then look back in my Root/PSP and find the .h and hbl folder moved into there??
    So moved them back to Root, held the power switch up to power off completely, powered back up and then ran the hbl and it launched ok.

    Just thought i’d note to help anyone out :)

  15. coolbeach

    Can i run the game data exploit with the FULL game(from umd)?
    Please answer

  16. MYFW

    Hello! This software not support PSVita…? I want it 😉

  17. urk


    All the contents currently written in there are facts.
    He leaves the rest to the method of you.
    Let’s give you these titles in which exploit exists.
    Then, good-bye.
    Good luck to examination.

  18. shoaib

    thank you wololo you are best and doing good job
    so keep it up

  19. albru

    It’s silly, but can someone test YamaIRC on HBL, I can’t use it. But I don’t want install CFW. Can it be about prx drivers? Because Xplora don’t start because it can’t load .prx file.

  20. bronxholla

    ok so exiting the sega rom in pico drive then it freezes and sega cd lunar and sonic cd wont play sound or exit right the gba freezes and cpsp2 and neogeo have catch problems

  21. jobzombi

    I missed the most recent VHBL release, but kudos for the great work. Keep us updated, I’m eager for the next game announcement.

  22. Could some people please fill this survey? It won’t take much time. (Just 5 simple multiple choice questions)

    The survey could be found on this link:

  23. Andreeas

    how to install hlb on my ps vita?

  24. gamer4life

    Isnt there an emulator or homebrew for the psp (6.60) to play PS2 games (Kingdom Hearts)??? anything at all???

  25. Dan

    When is the jailbreak for psp vita 2.61 going to come out and if it iout alreadys set up how to i jail break my psp vita?

  26. Noble

    it needs to update to 6.61 =c cant open my fav hbs

  27. Boun1963

    Half-Byte Loader made my life better!

  28. May I just say what a comfort to discover someone that truly knows what they’re discussing on the net.
    You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important.
    More people must look at this and understand this side of the story.
    I can’t believe you are not more popular given that you
    definitely have the gift.

  29. wololo

    MuffinHead Smith: I completely agree, but I’m also hoping that my reply will be seen by other people. I’ve seen many videos claiming that they have a HEN ready for the PSPGo (by the way, except for Team Typhoon, these claims are all lies), and pretending they won’t release it because I’M against it, which is a complete lie. I don’t want people to believe that I’m in a crusade against ISOs when actually I just don’t care.

    In other words, I’m not really replying to conkertheking himself but to the incredible amount of people who believe that I give a sh#t about their desire for pirated games :)

  30. clockdryve

    But if NOT…..then I’m sure there doing their BEST :)
    And hopefully it will happen someday later if not sooner….and not cause them any more grief!!

  31. A BAD ONE

    *** Now i’ll Try downgrade back to 6.20 once more still got some unfinished job to do there keep U informed

  32. A BAD ONE

    *** Now i’ll Try downgrade back to 6.20 once more.. still got some unfinished job to do there – keep U informed

  33. A BAD ONE

    Boy oh Boy was i wrong about TN’S hen.. I’ll digg deeper down the rappit hole… CFW 4 EVE¤R

  34. toBsucht

    :) this website calls a genral working from the firewall, so if u haven´t a good on better don´t go to this side!!!
    Ähm bekommt man als mod Gold :p kill q:
    Sure first reg @ wololo´s forum and than.. dashhack or pspgen or..