Half-Byte Loader for Patapon 2 (up to OFW 6.20)

Important announcement

I am not supporting the HBL for the Patapon exploit anymore for now, and this page will not be updated anymore. For the new HBL versions, please check the HBL main page. The information below is outdated but remains for archive reasons.

What is it?

Note: although HBL might still be useful to some people, we now recommend to 6.20 users that you use a Homebrew Enabler which will enhance your experience.

This page is for HBL on the Patapon2 exploit. This exploit works for PSPs on firmware up to 6.20 included. If you have a firmware higher than 6.20, please go back to the HBL main page and select the version that matches your firmware
This page is the official Download page for Half-Byte Loader. If you have questions please check the FAQ. For the latest news about Half Byte Loader, check the HBL Category on this blog.
Half-Byte Loader (HBL) is an open source Homebrew Loader for the Sony PSP. It allows to play fan-made games on any PSP up to firmware 6.31. HBL allows to run emulators for the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, Sega Megadrive, NES, Super NES… and many other applications.

On this page you will find my own works related to the HBL: downloads for the latest version, patched games that improve compatibility, the savegame necessary to trigger the Patapon exploit, and other cool stuff.


Latest stable release. Fast and reliable, this is the version I currently recommend. We don’t accept bug reports for this version!

Development version of the HBL. We only accept bug reports for this version

This crafted Savegame is required to run the HBL

Additional downloads

If you’re looking for good homebrews that run on your PSP, don’t look any further, those are 15 games and utilities that will keep you entertained for hundreds of hours.

Previous Versions

How to use

Check the README.txt file in the zip file :)

More Info

HBL is a work in progress and sometimes it might fail to load your favorite homebrew. However we believe it is harmless for your PSP and I personally test my work on several PSPs before releasing it. We are also confident that this program cannot “brick” your psp and it will not void your Sony Warranty.

HBL is open source, the compiled versions I provide are a compiled version of the sources available freely here

Need Help?

If you have questions/issues please go to the official forums

Want to Help?

HBL is a work in progress and we need your help. Bug reports, test reports, and code patches are welcome. I also accept donations if you want to support my releases.

276 Responses

  1. antcapp says:

    wololo, why there are only four wallpapers?

  2. psp-3010 says:

    increible trabajo wololo……muchas gracias
    un abrazo y sigue asi :XD:

    wololo incredible work …… thank you very much
    a hug and continues thus: XD:

  3. LUISDooMER says:

    thank you wololo for not forgotten us, the patapon 2 Exploit Users!!!

  4. Pier says:

    hello everybody its me again, i was just wondering if any one of you coul help me find a NEOGEO yes, NEOGEO emulator for hbl.


    thx in advanced ;D

  5. does it have . prx yet I need it to run go tube or pspube so i can run full byte loader

  6. reverze says:

    @peir look for mvspsp

  7. psp-3010 says:

    para emular neo geo este es le que yo uso funciona perfecto…

    this is it that I use ….

  8. zipp says:

    somebody can help me with gpsp?
    ´cause i can´t run it with my hbl r97 (5.70).


  9. plz help me only work uo gpsp kai 3.2 gba emulator on psp 3004 ofw 6.20 i will play gpsp kai 3.3 or 3.4 new version it works give me a new version plz plz plz cspsp 1.6 works on hbl r99 not on r100 😀


  11. LUISDooMER says:

    hey, koens loader project has died? i´m triying to enter in the koens forum and seems that their site is down… :(

  12. Samuel says:

    will the half byte loader be able to load .prx in the games in the games?

  13. Samuel says:

    will the half byte loader be able to load .prx files in the games?

  14. jake says:

    can somebody tell me how to make this work give me instructions plzz :)

  15. greg says:

    you are the best !!!!

  16. Rohan says:

    It would be really good if hbl would support .prx types.please try to include it.thanks.

  17. gabriel says:

    how can i install cxmb on my psp 6.20 with hbl rev 100

  18. TgS says:

    sir wololo, what can you say bout KOENS LOADER ? they say that this will load ISOs..is this really possible? THX!! check this link: http://www.ps3news.com/PlayStation-Portable/iloader-and-koens-loader-r4-psp-iso-loaders-for-pspgo-arrive/

  19. árk55555 says:

    @Pier a versão MVSPSP 2.2.1 funciona em HBL, roms na pasta rom + os caches que vc faz no PC com romcv e coloca a pasta na no emulador.

    @Pier :-1 Tchau.

  20. how do i run HBL on my firmware 6.50 psp go?? i bought it just yesterday!!!

  21. ismetkim says:

    Few mins ago Rew100 Breaked my psp.. Now its not working, its totaly dead.. No green, no red light..Thank you wololo u fked up my psp..

  22. ismetkim says:

    im fking unlucky what can i say.. 1/9999999999999999999999 chanse and it found me..

  23. Rohan says:

    @ismetkim,maybe your psp ran out of battery,charge it for some time and then run it.AFAIK,bricked psp’s atleast give a start and then shut down.and hbl cant screw your psp.

  24. soulboy51 says:

    Lol i just realized wololo’s name its from age of empires.

    yo wololo is ther any way i can help man?
    (testing helping with developement doubt i can do tht tho but i can do testing)

  25. Matterio says:

    Wololo, I have a question for you: why you don’ t try to make vDrum runs perfectly on hbl? Please

  26. juan321 says:

    wololo what will be the news for the hbl rev 101 can you anounciate in your blog and i try to contact to the daedalus X64 team to convince them to make a version that does not use a kernel acces but they didn´t response me maybe can you put you in contact with the daedalus X64 team and maybe you can convince them to make a special version thats does not use a kernel acces if you have time pliss response me wololo

  27. zipp says:

    please help me, I want to play gba!
    but GPSP does not work?
    5.70 r100

  28. Soulboy51 says:

    Guyz dont make demands for specific emulators. Hbl will not be made compatible for specific emulators. Imagine trying to program a software and upgrading it once at a time trying to make everything perfect, whereas you can simply get as many emulators as possible and then fix a few bugs at a time.

    Dont make demands plis.

    @Zipp i think thers cfw for 5.70 go get it hacked or sumthing you’re emulators will work faster and more compatible

  29. nozepikka says:

    @zipp – here try using the one i use – http://rapidshare.com/files/405161453/Gameboy_Emulator_-_GPSP.rar.htm …. just copy the folder to ms0:/PSP/GAME/ …. for best performance i recommend setting frameskip to off and sound buffer size to ?2184? (two thousand something)… oh yeah and also use hbl r99/r100 for syscalls.. Enjoyy!!! 😀

  30. aaroncito12345 says:

    Hola, necesito un emulador de GameBoyAdvance que tenga el buffer de 16MB porque ya tengo uno de 14MB funcionando pero las roms de Pokemon pesan 16MB, encontre uno pero me dice que no se puede cargar un archivo “homehook.prx”. De antemano gracias!!!

  31. aaroncito12345 says:

    aaa la version que tengo actualmente es la “UO gpsp 3.2 user 64M test 04″ y la que probe es la “UO gpsp 3.2 test 07″ que me dice lo del archivo “homehook.prx”

  32. LUISDooMER says:

    te recomiendo el “UO gpsp 3.4 test 3 build 152″ y funciona hermosamente perfecto, es mas mejor que el 3.2, los juegos corren mucho mas fluido y te da la opcion de que el juego arranque con la bios como un GBA de Verdad!!! busca la pocion boot mode y elegi “gba Bios”

  33. aaroncito12345 says:

    listo ya encontre uno y lo subi!! espero les sirva 😉
    despues de 10 horas de busqueda!!! ya incluye las roms!!!

  34. aaroncito12345 says:

    tambien muchas gracias @LUISDooMER :D, el build que tengo es el 82 que tiene de diferente??

  35. LUISDooMER says:

    la verdad no se… debe tener mas opciones o bugfixes… mientras funcione bien , que importa no?

  36. aaroncito12345 says:

    mmm no se si este permitido publicarlo aqui pero tengo un post en cierta pagina con la mayoria de los emuladores y homebrew que funcionan en el HBL, o basta con que ponga el link del fichero y no ponga la pagina donde lo publique?? Bueno el link es:
    y si lo permiten despues pongo la pagina, los emuladores son 8 (MVSPSP, CPS 1-2, NES, SNES, GB, GBA, SegaMasterSistem).
    no hay problema si borran el comentario, solo queria ayudar a la comunidad ahorrandose la busqueda de estos emuladores que funcionan correctamente en el HBL. :)

  37. c00nstar96 says:

    I love Wololo and Half Byte Loader i Love The Uo Gpsp Kai 3.2 plz plz plz in the Next Version Works the v3.3 3.4 from Uo Gpsp Kai Thanks!!! I LOVE HOMEBREW LOADER HBL ! ……….. I think in 3 Yrs Cfw for my PSP 3004 DC8D Ofw: 6.20 😉 xD LoL

  38. aaroncito12345 says:

    lo siento mucho jajaja el pass es “aaroncito12345″ (sin comillas), disculpen mi ignorancia jajajaja

  39. aaroncito12345 says:

    @c00nstar96 [b]UO gpSP 3.4 + Roms Pokemon[/b] for HBL r100 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=75E5HSSP PASS: “aaroncito12345″

  40. aaroncito12345 says:

    8 Emuladores (MVSPSP, CPS 1-2, NES, SNES, GB, GBA, SegaMasterSistem)
    PASS: aaroncito12345

    UO gpSP 3.4 + Roms
    PASS: aaroncito12345

  41. antcapp says:

    @aaroncito12345 Thx

  42. UNKown says:

    Theres already an ISO Loader in devolopment “Koens Loader” so were not far away..
    Anyway good luck wololo

  43. zipp says:

    aaroncito12345 amigo onde eu encontro este gpsp 3.4

  44. aaroncito12345 says:

    @zipp el link ya lo habia publicado, es el gpSP 3.4 test 86, compatible con el HBL r100, ya que el test 92 no me funciono. Esta en la primera pagina mi comentario con el link 😉 dos comentarios arriba del que hiciste jajaja!!!

    PASS: aaroncito12345

  45. zipp says:

    @aaroncito12345 Gracias!!! funciona perfeitamente com hbl R101 5.70
    o que você sabe sobre o emumaster?

    Obrigado !!! Gracias !!! Thanks !!!

  46. aaroncito12345 says:

    @zipp el emumaster o masterboy (Emulador de Gameboy/GBColor/SegaMasterSystem) esta en el pack de 8 emuladores, es el que dice “MasterBoy”, que se encuentra en el comentario de la primera pagina (jajaja si sigo poniendo links me van a regañar xD) pero ahi esta…

    PASS: aaroncito12345

  47. can i use pmp plyer with HBL rev 101.
    i know it can’t work in hbl R97

  48. ahh says:

    =( vaya la ultima actualizacionj no sirve para mi psp 3000…cuando va a ponerle mas atencion al psp 3000??

  49. LUISDooMER says:

    y no se… ultimamente le esta poniendo mas atencion al el HGOT exploit que al patapon 2 y a nosotros los usuarios de psp 3000… pero en fin cuando el HGOT exploit alcance el rendimiento del patapon exploit, se acordara de nosotros…

  50. reverze says:

    i’m still waiting for infcat wololo 0_0

  51. no name says:

    Thank you^^

  52. zipp says:

    @aaroncito12345 gPSP não salva o jogo? (save data)
    Castlevania – aria of sorrow
    metroid – zero mission
    depois de salvo inicia de outro local anterior.


  53. LUISDooMER says:

    recien etuve jugando al metroid y el juego guarda bien,
    asegurate que la ocion “update backup” este en “automatic”. o sino fijate en la carpeta SAVE si los archivos estan en “solo escritura”. a mi me paso con el Kirby and The Amazing mirror.

  54. aaroncito12345 says:

    Gracias por la aclaracion LUISDooMER, asi es en las misc recomiendo que el “update backup” este en “automatico”, ya que de este modo el archivo de “Nombre_del_juego.SAV” se guardara cada vez que guarden en el juego. Tambien pueden usar los “save states” hasta el momento no me han fallado.

  55. RZ says:

    Hi wololo! What do you think about Mars team? They says that they have a 6.20 downgrader but it isnt work because hbl didnt run prx files? And how soon hbl will run it?

    Sorry for my english i am from russia =)

  56. LUISDooMER says:

    first they said that their “downgrader” wont work because it needed aprox. 79% of the battery,in times of hbl always displayed, in any homebrew, 50% of battery. Now that the battery issue is fixed (now displays the real battery percent value) they comes with this prx ***… its obvious that they are a really fake team.

  57. Jesus says:

    Wololo I Have a question for you,
    I have a PSP 3000 with OFW 6.20, I am using hbl r101 ….
    And I have used hbl since it was r96, and I can{t see any difference in the wMenu, Maybe you could change some things, or that we can select change some things from the menu….

  58. chron says:

    thanks wololo, great job!

  59. Lindo says:

    Procure saber das coisas antes de reclamar!

  60. GBSuzuki says:

    why you dont add a plugin loader in that ??
    sory the bad english it’s because I’m from Brazil

  61. Rohan says:

    @wololo plz dont close this project.Its the only thing we have on our unhackable psp’s.Just because of few Haters,dont stop this.

  62. wololo says:

    @Rohan, Blackbird: don’t worry, it’s just a spammer who was posting using my name

  63. breathoffog says:

    @wololo thank all of you guys for the wonderful work you have been doing with this project, i cant wait for the syscalls to be addressed in firmware 6.20 for the PSP 3000. Im very happy i can play metroid fusion and zero mission though. Keep up the good work and dont forget to enjoy yourselves once in a while. peace

  64. reverze says:

    @breathoffog you too huh???

  65. wololo
    thanks for metalslug (neogeo)
    one more request
    please do something for SWF (flash) games
    i love to make new flash games more i am dying to play in my psp 3004 ,6.20
    I know you can do it , and anyway its not piracy
    thanks in advance

  66. reverze says:

    @ isoftmaster look up psp sfw player 1.3 , it can only run flash player 6 games but it’s better than nothing

  67. paulinacio says:

    hey wololo, i was wondering if could test psp player mt, to see if it works or even if yoy can it to work. Thxx have a psp 3000 6.20 & keep up the great work

  68. @ reverze
    thanks for swf player 1.3
    but you know now good flash game are available in player 10
    thats what i m asking to wololo to make new plugins for swf files

  69. Gorkis says:

    hola, la version de mi PSP es 6.00 si actualizo a 6.00 tendre mayor compatibilidad con los homebrews y hbl ?

  70. Gorkis says:

    hola, la version de mi PSP es 6.00 si actualizo a 6.20 tendre mayor compatibilidad con los homebrews y hbl ?

  71. LUISDooMER says:

    mira yo tenia ese firmware y actualize a 6.20 (antes de que hubiera perfect syscalls) y muchos homebrews que no funcionabann funcionan de 10.
    si tenes una psp go es recomendable que actualizes (tendras alta compatibilidad y alta velocidad en emuladores) y si tienes una 2000 o 3000 no conviene mucho (supuestamente tendrias solo compatibilidad).
    yo tengo una psp 3001 6.20 y para mi el hbl y los emuladores corren perfecto. yo te recomendaria actualizar pero eso depende de vos…

  72. Johntheripper says:

    hbl still cant load external modules.

  73. cookie says:

    everytime i try to load any of the hbl it crashes………I am currently running a psp3001 with firmware 6.20 can you help me

  74. @Cookie, download hbl rev 101 and replace all files including the h.bin. should be like this
    H.bin <– replace
    hbl/ <– replace
    hope this helps.

  75. first download the “hbl rev 101″ distribute version. and replace “h.bin” and “hbl” folder.

  76. Rohan says:

    @cookie,dont download old hbl version.they wont work.download new revs like 101.hope it helps 😀

  77. 0M9H4X says:

    make sure you have the new savegame, from this site here.
    then make sure you have the OLD US Demo of Patapon 2.
    then download rev101 or 99.

  78. reverze says:

    now all we need to do is allow psp go homebrews to be 3001 (just 3001 no other psps * evil laugh*)

  79. jomagasi says:

    101 freezes my psp or no menu is show(black screen) 99 is the best. psp 3010 6.20

  80. thank man says:

    when rev 102 or 103?

  81. yellow says:

    hey all you guys did you check on pspslim hacks total_noob has found a kernal exploit for psp 6.20 and for go so who ever upgrade to a higher firmware too bad i cant wait

  82. juan123 says:

    wololo i wait the rev 102 maybe after a long time unactualized the hbl can load external .prx and i have another question the pap fat only have 32 mbs of ram and the psp slim have 64 mbs of ram right now my question is:
    theres some homebrews that use a total manage of the ram in the fat right well i want to know if the slim does not get any problem in the memory acces when i use the hbl for play homebrews like Dx64 a homebrew that use a total memory acces? sorry for my inglsh Im from El Salvador

  83. yellow says:

    @juan123 waiting on rev 102 you can wait if you want but i dont think hbl will be continuing its project if the 6.20 th hen comes out they wont be any need for hbl respect to hbl it was a good project but i dont think any more improvements can happen in hbl its a user mode exploit i didnt even think it could have launch any emulator but they prove me wrong.

  84. wololo says:

    @juan123 : Kernel access is required to get the extra 32MB of ram. HBL can only have the first 32MB

    @yellow: HBL will probably be around for a long time, as long as sony keep coming with new firmwares. It will always be easier from now on to port the HBL to a new user exploit, to let people enjoy homebrew, than wait for Kernel exploits on new firmwares.
    As long as the HEN only works on 6.20, people will use HBL on 6.31. When the HEN is ported to 6.31, sony will patch it with a new firmware. HBL will become useful on that firmware. etc…

  85. wololo 6.20 hbl 102-3 Will ?s

  86. haitechan says:

    For some random reason rev101 doesn’t work on my PSP-3000, OFW 5.51. I’ve deleted the older rev and did a “clean” copy but no luck. rev100 works like a charm though. It’s recommended to upgrade to 6.2? I’ve been thinking in buying a game that requires it anyway but I’m short of cash right now. Anyway, many thanks wololo for your work. Greetings from Peru.

  87. LucifeL says:

    hmm… neither rev101 or rev100 seem to be woring on my psp-3006 V5.50… :(
    can you please give any advice… had been using rev97 till now and now rev99 works fine… but i wish rev101 did…

  88. wololo says:

    @haitechan: check this bug: http://code.google.com/p/valentine-hbl/issues/detail?id=333, it has a solution to your issue. we will fix it with rev 102

    @LucifeL: use the dev version, and post the resulting DBGLOG file on the forums. As said many times, we can’t help you without this file.

  89. LucifeL says:

    uwaaa….!!! soweee 😉 rev 101 working fine after i reinstalled it along with the save game exploit… i wanted to ask … since there seems to be a HEN(TotalNoob) in development for V6.20… and my current firmware is v5.50… should i upgrade it to 6.20 as it is really tempting with all the compatible emulators and stuff, or shuld people in my position wait for more confirmed results?

  90. wololo says:

    LucifeL: as long as nothing’s released, don’t upgrade, I think

  91. LucifeL says:

    thanks a lot wololo i really appreciate it

  92. Zhe says:

    contact : Total_Noob

  93. brdzoman says:

    what the holdup there haven’t been new revision for about two months now come-one hbl we need you

  94. wololo says:

    @brdzoman: submit a patch with a few bugs fixes, I’ll add it to the svn :)

    Also, the last revision of HBL was 3 weeks ago, not 2 months ago. And in the meantime, in case you haven’t noticed, I also released a major revision of Wagic. So, stay cool, HBL is not my only project, and the two only officially active devs for now are JJS and myself. So, unless you’re a coder and can help with your share of the work, just wait patiently 😉

  95. Rohan says:

    Why no new hbl rev :(

  96. LUISDooMER says:

    Here is the Total_Noob´s Blog :)
    He says that he´ll keep updating it 😉

  97. wololo says:

    @Rohan: my answer just above your post, can’t you read before you ask?

  98. Rohan says:

    @wololo: lol sorry,i didnt see it.

  99. ftostymarvelous says:

    Thanks wololo. I’m a total noob and this is my first week of owning a psp. Thing is I’m in ofw 5.55 and when I tried to download patapon2 I noticed it required 6.XX. Does this mean I need to upgrade my fw? Thanks.

  100. haiz says:

    i loaded the latest HBL onto my psp 3006 6.20 ofw, turn on patapon, pressed r, but my screen hangs for 10 sec or so and OFFS with a minor tick sound. HELP MEEEEE

  101. Cienki says:

    And ? Something new?

  102. brdzoman says:

    still nothing new anyway i started learning some programming language how can i make my own psp homebrew?

  103. megamjm says:

    dear wololo: i have a problem (i think all we have the same). In emulators like neo-geo or cps1, when you try to save a game, you have to push “select+start” to acces de emu menu to do your save, and, like all we know, “select+start” returns to hbl menu OR xmb and this is “pata, pata, pata, pon” again. My question is: is any way to fix it? maybe changing the metod to exit the emu to the hbl menu? if i wrong with this, please tell me the best method to work with my savestates in those emulators. Thanks again by your great work! Thousands of people like me are greatfully and we can use uor psp’s for something else like a decorate thing. Thank againg man.!

  104. Jerome Ng says:

    Dear Wololo, I think I’m currently having a problem loading HBL rev. 101, for some reason, It worked on my PSP while it was on rev. 100, my PSP is a PSP 3000 at the firmware ver. of 5.51 . I tried to install a clean copy of it like three times and it still doesn’t work, when I press the “R” button, the screen goes black and goes to the XMB. Why is this happening?

  105. Jerome Ng says:

    Dear Wololo, forget about what I just said up there ^, I read the comments and found my solution, thanks though.

  106. reverze says:

    @ftostymarvelous no you don’t just find the right rev (or use the lowest one)

  107. Roberto1 says:

    @wololo what web host do you use.Is it webs and could you give me a 64bit psp b type downlaod all the other sites are nonsense

  108. james1552 says:

    “Jerome Ng on October 16, 2010 at 3:25 pm

    Dear Wololo, I think I’m currently having a problem loading HBL rev. 101, for some reason, It worked on my PSP while it was on rev. 100, my PSP is a PSP 3000 at the firmware ver. of 5.51 . I tried to install a clean copy of it like three times and it still doesn’t work, when I press the “R” button, the screen goes black and goes to the XMB. Why is this happening?”

    I’m having the exact same problem, the other revs work fine but 101 works maybe like 1/5 times I try to start it, is this normal?

  109. wololo says:

    @Jerome Ng, james1552: this is a known bug. The fix is easy and doesn’t require any dev skill:


  110. clockdryve says:

    @ftostymarvelous , yea…I’m pretty sure you need to update to 6.20 (at least 6.10) because Patapon2 (I’m thinking) runs in the higher version software (don’t go to 6.30 or 6.31) YET. Try the DEMO straight out without the exploit (see if you can play the game–remove the gamesave to try)….if it works on your 5.xx version then no update is needed. If update required….Google the “Sony OFW 6.20 Firmware” and put the update in the GAME folder….then run it.

  111. juan321 says:

    when you will publish the rev 102 i really want to see what are the news

  112. nozepikka says:

    @juan321 – i think wololo might stop developing hbl cuz 6.20tn is coming out and it’ll provide 90% homebrew compatability… mixed feelings…

  113. juan321 says:

    i hope he dont stop this project becouse this was the first homebrew loader that work on the ofw 6.20 and that will never change

  114. Lipe-Kun says:


    The Rev.101(DEV or not) doesn’t work on my PSP-3001, with the OFW6.20… Everytime I press the Rtrigger, the PSP restarts and back to the main screen…

  115. brdzoman says:

    hey wololo is it true that hen has kernel exploit and that it will be released before crismas

  116. mepopo says:


  117. ??~~ says:


  118. mepopo says:

    Hi,Wololo,can you tell me about how to set the wallpaper of hatsune miku on the desktop?

  119. wololo says:

    Funny that you mention Hatsune Miku, I learned about this character just today o.O
    Anyways, to set a wallpaper in HBL (wMenu), just copy your jpeg image in the hbl/menu/res folder . The image has to be 480×272

  120. brdzoman says:

    hey wololo i em asking you this question for about 20 times now
    is it true that hen has kernel exploit and that it will be released before chrismas

  121. aaroncito12345 says:

    @megamjm First press SELECT after 3 seconds without releasing it, press START, and it works beautifully. Working on MVSPSP, CPSP1 and CPSP2.

  122. nobodyhasthisname says:

    Hi i downloaded the Hbl rev 101 for my psp 3004 running ofw 6.20,and when i use patapon demo to go and and run the emulator DaedalusX64 the latest version (DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 516 no previews (565KB)) and i have saved the games in Roms and when i run hbl and go to the folder DaedalusX64 where my games are located ,it does not run it,it stays in a black screen and i have to press the psp button to exit.Just wanted to give you the update and by the way i am in India and my psp was purchased in India as well.just thought you might wanna know.

  123. Jerome Ng says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t understand what the link says or to do. Seems that I cannot do it. Nevermind though, I’ll just use rev. 100

  124. psp3004@ofw5.51 says:

    d hbl r101 is not working on mah psp 3004 ofw5.51
    so can anybody help meplz,
    im using hbl r101
    an patapon demo
    i hav already copy d hbl folder, h.bin to mah psp root nad patapone 2 save data to mah psp/savedata and patapon demo to psp/game folder.
    i play d patapon 2 demo->continue->load save data->loading->press any key to continue->bt when i press d R button
    the game is gona be restart….
    can anyone pls help me….
    im a casual user of psp dats y i dont know dat how can i hack mah psp….
    if u hav any solution plz msg me on hansy_2008@yahoo.co.inpsp3004@ofw5.51

  125. mepopo says:

    ur…excuse me again wololo,there exist a trouble that i cant solve,I have tried to set the wallpaper as u told me,but it cant cover over the whole sreen…what shall i do?

  126. K3NNY says:

    I have a PSP 2004 with the 6.20 firmware. Each time I press the R button my psp freezes and shut down by its own, what can I do?

  127. wololo says:

    @mepopo : what is the size of your jpeg image, in pixels? It has to be 480×272

  128. mepopo says:


  129. Zipp says:

    @aaroncito12345 help me with neo geo emulator for r101 5.70
    and emu master thanks

  130. lindo says:

    @aaroncito12345 help me, i need the neo geo emulator for r101 5.70 and emumaster

  131. aaroncito12345 says:

    @zipp @lindo
    This RAR contains multiple emulators, including those who wish, there are 8 folders, each of an emulator (they are sorted into \PSP\GAME\)
    emulators are:

    *MVSPSP — NeoGeo (No Support Roms Plus)
    *CPS1 — Capcom Play System 1
    *CPS2 — Capcom Play System 2
    *NES — JNester
    *SNES — Snes v1.1
    *GBC/SegaMasterSistem — MasterBoy or EmuMaster
    *GBA — gpSP 3.2 (Buffer 14 MB)
    *Sega — Picodrive

    PASS: aaroncito12345

  132. brdzoman says:

    hey that’s piracy. by the way wololo i have question is hbl canceled? there hasn’t been any updates for about mount now i think its canceled because of HEN is that true?

  133. pspfanboy123 says:

    we need a new hbl please

  134. hblfangirl12345 says:

    oh yeah when we get hen does it have the iso loader

  135. Lewisterjs says:

    ISO Loaders aren’t necessarily piracy.
    Plus An Update To The Page/Project Will Be Made Once Wololo Is Ready

  136. MastarCheef says:

    Well, I think I can survive with HBL 101, Until Christmas, This will probably be the best digital present anyone could ask for!

  137. Lewisterjs says:

    Surviving on HBL101 May not be necessary,
    Admittedly HBL is amazing and has bridged the gap awesomely, soon enough its uses for OFW below or equal to 6.20 may come to an end when the eventual release of the Hen occurs.

  138. Jorge says:

    Thank You for make my PSP the best system ever…can some body help me…..i wonder if exist some way to copy UMD to my memory using the HBL on PSP 3001 whit 6.20.

  139. Joe says:

    I want to use the HEN now :p I’have psp 2004 on OF 6.20 and emulators like daedalus does not work good…..


  140. shin says:

    pls create iso loader for psp3000 ofw6.20 . don’t cancel it . i’ll wait before christmas before i smashed my psp .

  141. Seurot says:

    @shin – With that kind of attitude, I don’t recommend waiting until Christmas to do something childish like smashing your PSP. Just do it now.

    And thanks for HBL — It is amazing =P

  142. shin says:

    @seurot – hahaha! . where u download games for hbl? i don’t have UMD . i can’t play anything . psp3000 with ofw 6.20 makes me crazy

  143. Lipe-Kun says:

    Wololo, I have one PSP in OFW 6.20. When I tried to use the HBL rev 101, I had 2 results.

    Botg happens when I press the Rtrigger. Or the PSP shutdown or the PSP resets. I check the files, the savedata and everyting you can imagine… What else it could be? HELP!

  144. sankait says:

    hbl was imp for cfw

  145. 0M9H4X says:

    rev 102 nao! :(
    fckin thirsty, need some new HBL

  146. KARTPRO777 says:

    ????? ????? hbl r 102????????????????????

  147. 0M9H4X says:

    107 is realy cool, but why a new savegame?

  148. wololo says:

    @0M9H4X : the discussion in the forum explains why, just click on the link in the blog article.

  149. brdzoman says:

    hey wololo how can i contact total noob privately?

  150. Noone says:

    I know that everybody’ve said that before but :
    GREAT JOB,keep it up,it’s just too cool.
    Need help (for graphic,serious betatester,translation…it’s nothing but if it’s help)

    80173_4n0nym3@l4p02573.n37 5UJ3C7:W0l0l0 H8L

  151. Mr.Yap says:

    the psp go 6.20 patapon exploit demo can work too in Half-Byte Loader for Patapon 2 (up to OFW 6.20) ?

  152. misiek says:

    i wait for hen on 6.31 XD

  153. james1552 says:

    I keep getting redirected to the wagic page every time I click to download the patapon exploit. How do I download it?

    I’m using Chrome.

  154. James1552 says:

    Nevermind I tried Safari and it worked great.

    Thanks :)

  155. goku says:

    wy no boddy !
    take a hbl and do some loader iso for it..
    that’s has been great..

  156. goku says:

    thank’s for all that great people how work on this programs,
    continue whit your projects thank’s and congratulations…

  157. goku says:


  158. Dong says:

    Thanks wololo, I will wait 6.20 hen for psp 3001. :)

  159. yo says:

    Hey, I have a question. I have firmware 6.10 with HBL working fine (thanks, great work). Should I upgrade to 6.20? Should I upgrade now or until the HEN for 6.20 comes out?

  160. Gallis says:

    wololo… is there any pandora battery app which works on hbl? would really lke to know… thx =)

  161. nightcraver says:

    good news guys. i have tested deadalus with a few games. the games i tested were guided by the daedalus compatibility page. i have found the following work on a psp 3k ofw 6.2 patapon

    mario kart
    tony hawks 1 and 2
    star soldeier vanishing earth
    quest 64

    wololo i think the entire homebrew community should converge on making the n64 emulator work properly. thats because i think it is the only homebrew worthy of the power of the psp

  162. bitch says:


    which daedalus did you use?

  163. stef says:

    Is there any version that support the SNES emus? I’ve tried 109, 107, 102, none work… the emu loads a black screen, then 2-3 seconds later i’m back to the HBL loader

  164. LUCAS says:

    I cannot play boxhead psp style !!!!!!

  165. tongo says:

    hello wololo una question looks at almost 101 runs hbl PSPdisp cres not it check it and see if there is opportunity to run with a new vercion hbl no inglis

  166. Hello! I am currently using HBL REV 109 with PSP 3k frimware 6.20….
    Another homebrew that works is one called battleground3. search it :)

    P.S Total_noob will have a HEN out this christmas!!! YAY!

  167. PSPBison says:

    What’s dev
    when i try geometry wars it allways hang in neo summer poster
    HBL r107

  168. 6.20GD says:

    Greetings I have created an insertion 6.20GD my insertion is almost ready add me in skype and we talk sorry me for my bad English

  169. jeff says:

    mr wololo please can you make the hots shots golf open tee 2 begginer demo please make it on psn and i have no money and i you are the one who i need to hack my psp because i dont have money on my psn account so please make it on demo

    from jeffrey
    to mr wololo

    sr wololo your the best

  170. JJJJ says:

    OK SO I HAVE A BRAND NEW psp go i got the hbl in my system folder and the save file in my save data folder. when i click on your save it says its corrupted

  171. clockdryve says:

    SOMEBODY help “shin” before he mistakes and updates to 6.31 (bad thing) Show him he can get the FREE “Patapon” DEMO and install the HBL with exploit…..tell him where he needs to put these. AND a few emulators for him. Remember when you needed help?? We all need to get along :) If it wasn’t for wololo and total-noob we would ALL be looking at our PSP’s and saying “what a money pit”!! ***………….

  172. clockdryve says:

    @JJJJ, depends on what “operating system” you have….more than likely it is 6.10 or higher. If it is less than and UP TO 6.20 you also need to install the Patapon2 DEMO (free) from internet download and put this into your GAME folder that is under PSP. If you have 6.30 or 6.31 you need to BUY the Hot Shots Golf Open Tee for PSN (either through media Go or by wifi connection on PSP Go) this game is $10 or you can get Hot Shots Golf Open Tee-2 for $29.99 (they say is better….but don’t know if that matters now with the possible HEN coming out)….but since we are ONLY give “dim” information on the subject—-you be the judge. Anyway, after you have one of these 3 games (depends on your PSP version of software), then you can START the game and CONTINUE option and this will unlock HBL. No other way…………

  173. clockdryve says:

    @stef , here you go @http://www.megaupload.com/?d=W84793DK uploaded yesterday. Unzip and put the unopened folder into your GAME folder under PSP. Inside is a ROM folder for you to use. Even works on the higher versions up to R109 must use settings mentioned here…. http://wololo.net/wagic/hbl/ on page 51….it is the 11th post up from the bottom of page. it runs pretty good with these settings.

  174. clockdryve says:

    Ooops, http://www.megaupload.com/?d=W84793DK (link for the snes emulator) *wish we could EDIT

  175. michi says:

    pls , more information about 6.20tn .

  176. juan321 says:

    no the hbl rev 109 is alredy launched
    i posted the link but they erased it

  177. a says:

    la version hbl 109 no carga el spider

  178. nightcraver says:

    @ stef
    I think most probably you have not placed the emulator files correctly in psp/game/ . make sure the eboot file is not in any of the emulator folders (that is ‘resources’, ‘save states’, ‘roms’ etc.) i.e. that it stands alone in the main folder of the emulator. snes9x by tyler and laxer3a which is hosted by wololo here:

    is probably the best psp emulator ever based on the sheer versatility and options available. i think this emulator should be something of a gold standard for other psp emulator developers to follow, not just for snes but for every other console

    since about R95 snes emulation has been perfect on hbl. thus the only reason for failure must be that you have not installed the files correctly or you have not installed the correct files.

    hope this helps

  179. nelsonpspnoob says:

    how do i update my hbl? i have the r96 and i used an easy installer so I dont now what to change i suck at this stuff

  180. juan321 says:

    sorry for my latest post’s my memory cached play me a little joke i had only availible for down load long to the rev 107 but i had eresed my memory cache today and there it is from the nothing appear the rev 109 sorry for my inconvenents jejejeje and sorry for my inglish i’m goin to study already jejeje bye nice work wololo, JJS, neur0n i dont know if moskito i already working in the hbl

  181. pspanto says:

    do i need the patapon game for rev 109 and if yes were do i get it

  182. hola says:

    gracias wololo

  183. Tijeras94 says:


    “yes”, you need the patapon 2 game.

    you can download the game in this link below:


  184. Ali says:

    its my first time to use HBL , i have psp 3004 with 6.20 firmware , i placed the files in the root of the memory and then started patapon 2 demo and loaded the save data , but when i press R trigger the psp freezed for a while then shutdown i tried many times but still didnt work for me , i used HBL 109 and the latest patapon sava data 14/11 .. please i need help

  185. Myguel says:

    That happened to me too. Just try downloading the savedata again or the hbl. Hope this helps!!!

  186. goku says:

    i dont know. what happend but, i have to many problems whit rev 109 mi psp 3000 ofw6.20 when im entry into the hbl, when i try to exit froom some emulator, and when i try to turn off the psp , its freezeng to many times… this is normal?

  187. goku says:

    i recomended turn back, your psp HBL105 OR 107 ITS BETTER AND DONT HAVE TO MANY PROBLEMS LIKE YOURS…

  188. plz name some good sites where i can download some games that work on HBL or games that work on sega,nintendo,etc emulators as in where can i get the roms from……

    plz post the links….it would be of great help…..Cheers!! \m/ wololo u rule!!
    thanks alot bros…!

  189. Manouel Pixell says:

    wololo si aora hackeo mi pspgo ke counseguiria es decir como podria meter juegos y eso o descargaria gratis o algo es ke no lo entiendo?espero respuasta porfa please

  190. Manouel Pixell says:

    wololo si aora hackeo mi pspgo ke counseguiria es decir podria meter juegos y eso o descargaria gratis o algo? es ke no lo entiendo espero respuasta por favor, porfa

  191. juan321 says:

    @Manouel Pixell
    nose por que escribes en español en este sitio pero si se logran hackear las psp 6.xx 1000, 2000, 3000, GO y se desarrolla un iso loader para el hen de total_noob podras meterle isos aparte de todos los homebrews que son muy entretenidos ojala total_noob logre liberar los otros 32 mbs el las slim y go en su Hen

  192. SLAYER says:

    if i update to hlb can i downgrade to other virsion?>??/

  193. james1552 says:

    PSP: 3000
    OFW 6.20
    Revision 109
    Latest Patapon Save 11/14

    I start up patapon and go through the standard procedure, one I press the r trigger, the r109 screen pops up and does its thing but then its just a black screen, it doesn’t continue to the HBL. The psp isn’t frozen because it allows me to use the PS button menu. It takes about several trys before it goes to the HBL but even then if I stay at the HBL menu for too long it freezes there, and exiting emulators freezes and restarts when before it went to HBL menu.

    I have re-installed as well but to no avail :(

    Is this normal?

  194. Bryan says:

    I need help im going to get a new psp for chirstmas. What is the probability of getting a psp 3000 v5.03 please tell me!!

  195. Bryan says:

    The psp is 3000 the one im getting

  196. Littlefighter says:

    wololo, when are you going to realease the r110, i tried to compile it, but when opening the wmenu it freezes

  197. james1552 says:


    If you buy a PSP 3000 from the store it’s going to have 6.20 or later

    You can buy a PSP 1000 or 2000 on Amazon or Ebay and get a pandora battery and have custom firmware that way.

  198. charan says:

    i hav a psp go n1004… i tried the hbl but my psp freezes and shuts down!!
    plzz help…… what is root memory in my psp go??

  199. sorry for my english i`m german
    first i say german then english:
    1.Ich habe eine psp 2004 code 8c fw 6.20 und hbl 109
    bei mir stürtzt nach einer weile immer jelly car ab. Normal?
    2.I have a psp 2004 code 8c and hbl 109
    my psp crash after a wile when i play jelly car. Normal?

  200. Alan says:

    what time can 6.20 start hen
    I’m Chinese

  201. Pasarel says:

    How can I figure to download HBL r110? I know, Wololo said a while ago that the revisions that doesn’t appear on the blog page aren’t as stable as the previous ones, but this guy says that ApocalySP is now working.
    So, does anyone have a download link?

    • Soulboy says:


      I don’t think theres hbl 110 out yet but, check out Pspslimhacks.com it has all of the updates for hbl, tn’s cfw and many more thing i check daily to look for new things.

  202. jack says:

    how do i use the ds emu i downloaded from twisted download im on rev 109,3004 6.20 and when i try to use it just goes back to the xmb

  203. Madison says:

    So i have a psp 3000 and my games dont spin and i have the 6.2 version and im doing this so i can play free games and not throw my psp away. Any advice how to jailbreak my psp?

    • omar says:

      please dont trash ur psp.i will email u the files if nes…but anyway u need-1.patapon2 demo.2.patapon2 savedata..save both 2 ur game file on mem stick…next u need hbl-r109(half byte loader).save eboot 2 ur memstick core and put the rest of ur hbl into game folder.thats it,now download emulators&homebrew.

  204. KK says:

    Hi there,

    After pressing “R”, i went into the BHL menu i think. Then, should i need to press any button like “x” or “o” or should i wait for a long time until it proceeds itself? Thank you very much Bro.

  205. juan321 says:

    i have a question about the hbl why the hbl can’t load .prx files from a homebrews?
    please answer me a concrete answer i don’t wanna hear ***
    or the .prx only can be loaded in a kernel exploit?

  206. metalnoob says:


  207. bjorn24 says:

    Sir good morning, when I open the PATAPON 2 Demo game it says: The game could not started. (8021001). Pls help Sir. This is my PSP Model & OFW
    OFW version 6.20

  208. Bruno360 says:

    I’m using a PSP 3004, when i press “R” the PSP crash and shutdown.

  209. kenichi says:

    how to upgrade ur psp form 5.70 to 6.20

    • clockdryve says:

      Get your download from here (no higher than 6.20) http://www.mediafire.com/?6e2w8kz473pbk Download to desktop or somewhere that you remember. Now unzip the file into (or put into) a folder you call UPDATE. Now connect your PSP with DATA cable and put this UPDATE folder into your GAME folder that is inside the PSP folder (if there is already one in there…delete the old one). Now disconnect PSP from computer and start the PSP. Look over to GAME icon and you will see the update. You must have a full battery charge (over 85 percent) or be plugged into power cord. Read directions for download and accept….you CANNOT turn off the PSP or remove power cable once you start or you will BRICK the PSP. Bricks are BAD….means DEATH to most game systems. The Brick can happen while running ANY update….even from a UMD so always be carefull during an update. Just START it and set the PSP down untill finished. **Inside your PSP (under battery), what numbers does it say… 1001 or 2001 or 3001 ?? Just wondering??

  210. cloud says:


  211. Behi says:

    Hi I have an PSP-3004 v6.00
    When I Pull the Rtrigger my psp show an black page then write some text and it will restart but nothing happens. what can I do???

    • clockdryve says:

      You should update to 6.20 first anyway…. http://www.mediafire.com/?6e2w8kz473pbk (DO “NOT” update past 6.20).

      • mark says:

        ive already updated my psps3k from 6 to 6.2…but when i choose HEN in its says Warning memory leak *@%&^$@#&^$%% then it crashes and shut down..please help me..

        • humpty2311 says:

          Try the 6.20 TN-B (HEN) instead of the other one. I used to have the same problem. I even hacked my psp using 6.20 TN-B (HEN). I used this hombrew that’s called psp tool.

    • mark says:

      hey behi, try search ULTIMASKILLZ’ thead and it’ll solve your problem..im done with mine..u just have to delete a folder and replace it (provided with ULTIMA..) cause i believe psp3k with 6.o FW r the new ones (with different motherboard)..

  212. ankit gupta says:

    pls anyone can tell the whole process of running games on memorycard on psp.i don’t know anything abt psphacking,i also don’t know about firmware,homebrew,xmb,root directory.pls explain in very easy way.

    • Parteek says:

      frimwer is a oprating system of psp hombreo is hack for psp root directory meas when we open memorycard from computer that is root of memory card

  213. Parteek says:

    Your hack is suparb but i have a problem in a game the POP Forgotten sands is not working in my psp i try pach when i use patch game first loadin is start but in 1 or 2 seond the psp crashed i try Openidea loaidea and prometheus ISO Loder did not work for me i have psp 3004 and it have OFW 6.20 with using your system i got 6.20 TN-B pleas help me thanx

  214. humpty2311 says:

    thanks wololo i hacked my psp slim with the 6.20 TN-B (HEN). I used this hombrew called psp tool then i went to cfw 5.00m33-6. thanks alot for the hen.

  215. Wilmor says:

    I Have a:
    PSP 3004
    Date Code 8D
    Version 6.20

    and the downgrader works..

    But my friend has:
    PSP 3004
    Date Code 9D
    Version 6.20

    and it don’t really work..
    I tried it 10+ times but it doesn’t work..
    It can read the TN B HEN
    but when i open any game
    It crashes..

  216. 1hand-play says:

    i just hope the new nintendo console is more of a gamecube instead of a wii

  217. Mac_Daddy says:

    im on the 5.50 prome-4 version..
    i wanted to know if i can update to the lastest hack version and how

  218. MacDadddyJ says:

    im on the 5.50 prome-4 version..
    i wanted to know if i can update to the lastest hack versions and how

  219. Bryan says:

    how to load game in patapon ? plz help

  220. clockdryve says:

    http://www.mediafire.com/?6e2w8kz473pbk I’m putting this LINK down here now (link to PSP firmwares including PSPGO) Because……NOW my link sends me HERE now for some reason (spammed I guess)…..so I will not need to look for the link on this page for awhile. It will be at the bottom of the list (for awhile). I don’t understand WHY my bookmark sends me here now. What did you do here at this “website” to hijack that link?? I had that link WEEKS before I posted it here, and it used to work FINE. ???

    • wololo says:

      I have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about. Obviously my website cannot hijack your browser, the problem is somewhere on your machine.

  221. Whenever I open firefox, it instantly crashes. I’ve tried opening it in safe mode and still it doesn’t work. I even tried changing my homepage. When my friends give me a link in my msn messenger, it opens up firefox and it works fine, I’m able to browse the internet normally. What do I do? I already uninstalled and reinstalled it..

  222. ely 12 years old says:

    i have psp 3004 5.70 ….all my games are fhuking demos

  223. ballu says:

    bc aanrazee mai baat karlo tmkc

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