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WIP Final Fantasy Based like D&D Game

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 7:22 pm
by wagicmagic28
Final Fantasy Reborn into a Multiplayer Text Based Game. This was something I had growing up in like 1997. My friend Jessie gave me this idea we used to play this awesome duel games we built during PE it has more paperwork for inventory, shops, Items, cash etc. When I complete these I will upload them. I saw Wagic had a Final Fantasy theme set(s) so I figured since their is a few FF fans in here you'll be grateful of this I hope. It's a mixture of FF7-FF8-and like IDK, ChronoCross. and a little bit of my own custom touches. Below is the Link...Enjoy and have fun!


Re: WIP Final Fantasy Based like D&D Game

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 7:29 pm
by wagicmagic28
May change Elements to Materia. Current Spell list is 42 Spells/Abilities.
I sadly took out mug/steal to be fair. Player starts out at LVL 1 with 100 HP and 100 MP. The Curve/Exp Chart is not complete yet. I want summons too just to be clear...later on

This took about 8 hours of planning and messing around with the impossible Google Sheets lol.

It works like this everytime you cast a spell that element of that field is the element on the battlefield. If a Player counters your spell with his and his matches that element the spell just does 50% DMG if it's the exact opposite of it +50% DMG.
Fire opposite is Water
Earth opposite is Air
Holy opposite is Dark

Break is sort of like Petrify, once under it's effect all your spells cast non elemental. Until it's cured. Also changed Bio to Acid.
of course it would not be complete without a new spell called ACID RAIN. Slow is obvious just means if it was your turn it's now not next turn, stop lasts alot longer can be very hard playing defensively. You will want to use a hyper to continue the offensive.

Say you cast III Engulf 80 DMG
I would cast Mute which has the Status Effect Silence and it's water elemental now my spell nullify the dmg by half and next turn you couldn't play any spells. So I take 40 damage and the turn order rotates back in forth. Atk is your regular non elemental attack, hand to hand combat. Mag is your Magic. Now the Battlefield is Water so my next turn I cast Blizzara instead of doing 40 dmg it now does 80 dmg. The difference here is you pay double the MP I spent and you got rekt'd. Say you played III Engulf again different circumstances, say I was low on mana. only had 65MP left. I use Terraform and I change the element of Engulf to Earth I only take 40 dmg. Use a Quickening Potion And I cast Lightning Bolt on my same turn with my last 15 MP and No potions left. instead of 30 dmg your delt 60 and you only had 40 left so you lose. of course that is assuming you had no MP left cause you blew it on a higher level spell. Why is changing the Element on the field important? Say you cast Engulf and I cast II Fira now the element was the same for 2 rounds Engulf next time will deal double doing a massive 160 dmg. I could go for an elemental block taking only 80. Or just nullifying it or reflecting it. Turn Order is very important. 4 player I would have to change the rule to 3 rounds instead of two. IDK it's still a WIP...Any advice would be appreciated.
The Battlefield would be F F W now the color would be FW. Fire and Water which means elemental damage of the two spells now cancel eachother out until the next turn. Spell Damage of the spells of that color F or W are now down 50% If you play a spell that is F and W it will now do double the damage, I don't have one on the list that deals damage yet but it's coming...:)

Re: WIP Final Fantasy Based like D&D Game

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 7:47 pm
by wagicmagic28
Now if yall don't mind I'm gonna cast some sleep on myself. ZZZZzzzz :lol:

Can yall do me a favor and see if you can detect some imbalances. The Original Game is ment to be 2 player but my version is 4 player and 2 player. And you can start where you left off like D&D. Elemental Magic is the name of this game and I'm putting alot of new ideas in action to making it work. I don't think Coin Flip will be in this game. LOL it's mechanic would be too op.
Smokescreen could be FW btw. I may decide to keep it simple cause I don't want to make it hard to understand.