Curious about a couple of things with the IOS version

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Curious about a couple of things with the IOS version

Post by Risewild » Fri Jun 07, 2013 8:34 am

Hi there :D .
My PSP died several days ago and I freaked out since I had to leave for a couple of days (went to Sydney for a Kamelot concert) and wouldn't be able to have any wagic to distract me on the long car rides, until I remember that wagic is now also available for IOS, so I searched under the sofa and found my wife's old Ipad that been gathering dust there for several months unused :? . After I learned how to jailbreak the Ipad and install Wagic on it I was amazed once again by how amazing this project is :D even though it says in the download page that the IOS and Android versions are still quite experimental the game worked perfectly :D .
But after I played it for the last two days I am curious about some things that I thought you guys could help me understand about this version of Wagic :? .

1- I knew I was being a noob :lol: I found out how to cancel the interrupt mode :lol: .

2-I managed to put all the card images and themes I wanted on the Ipad wagic :D but I failed to be able to pass my user profile, options and decks, I really didn't mind have to restart it from scratch but I just got curious on how can one do it, since I failed at doing it several times I would like to know what I did wrong (my thoughts are that there are some options/features that are not compatible between both versions, like the assigned buttons for example since the Ipad doesn't use buttons, etc).

3-And the last question. I am playing version 0.18.6 since it was the one from the download page :lol: I tried to update the SVN and it succeeded, but I have no idea how to compile it for the Ipad, is it similar to the way we compile it for PSP or windows, or do we need to change some steps or use different software? Because I really love 0.19.+ and I miss the new tournament options, bigger fonts, etc.

EDIT: 4-I noticed that from time to time my Wagic on the Ipad stops working for no noticeable reason, all I get is the wagic the homebrew first screen (the one that appears while it's downloading the core files) and nothing else happens, I manage to fix it by using iFile and deleting the wagic core IOS file and restart wagic, then it downloads the core files again and it starts working again. Is there something I am doing wrong that may make this happen?

Thanks for wasting your time with one of my posts again :oops: I am just quite a curious person and I would love to know all of this silly things :oops: , I feel naked without the proper knowledge :? :lol: .

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