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Re: Multiplayer?

Post by wagicmagic28 » Sat Jul 19, 2014 1:12 pm

I understand the issues with making iOs Android stuff but why not make the whole pass the keyboard around Idea for PC certainly much easier to do especially if you wrote the code. Also I see the src files/.cpp how do I go about and compile/recompile these new additions to the code or whatever? I understand their is some Java based and Python? stuff here as well. What is the best way to recompile/compile the new src updates if I decide to make any for my own use and ideas? I think changing all opponents to Player or !player during their main phases/steps will make Wagic a fun Mutiplayer game for home use who gives a &%#@ about android users anyway. XD That was needed or cute back in 2008. It's almost 2015 people gonna be hooked on all this Virtual Reality stuff and will not be using tablets and such they will be chipped like PC Hardward wires and nanotech running through their vains and become the Tablet. Reallife Androids. That is the future unfortunately. Computers will still rule your lives.
I got better things to do than play with a Micromachine PC that performs just a fraction of a percent what my Desktop PC does. Come on lets be honest they only famous for the Touch Screen and the gazillion of useless apps. Everyone luvs the Touch Screen. All these demonic devilish devices do is train people to be conformists and buy stuff they don't even need or want just to be cool or impress other apelike humans enslaved by the same wretched things...haha

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