Flying Effect?

All suggestion to improve/change the Gui used by Wagic.
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Scotty Gu3
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Flying Effect?

Post by Scotty Gu3 » Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:03 pm

I was playing the free magic demo on my ps3 and I noticed that they had their flying creatures cards move up and down to make it appear like they are flying. Would this be doable? I was also thinking maybe shadow creatures could have a fog effect around the card. I'm sure there are other effects that would make sense for other abilities. It doesn't sound like a big improvement but it was really nice to not have to read the card to know it had flying seemed like a small detail but I sure noticed it.

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Re: Flying Effect?

Post by Yorien » Thu Dec 30, 2010 1:11 pm

Yorien says:

Idea is good, but take note that Wagic's native resolution is 480x272, that fits a typical PSP, 4.3" screen. There are NO other resolutions to choose from; instead, the game window is "scaled" to fit any other window size (ex. if you play in PC and click in Full Screen) but still keeping the same resolution (this is also why there are two card image sets to download in the forums, a small "native resolution" set that doesn't need to be very big and meant to be used in the PSP, and a "higher resolution" set meant to be used on computers so the images dont become utterly pixelated in a scaled windows).

Since the native resolution is "only" 480x272 (if you're playing in PSP, PSP's screen size is the real resolution; playing on PC, DON'T scale the screen and that small window you see is the native resolution), you cannot "cramp" such a small screen with details like those that will probably worsen the space problems already has. The battlefield is very cluttered already and I believe the idea is to keep the screen as "clean" as possible.

In the current "BG overview mode" we have that shows both sides of the field, I think there's just not enough space and size to add eye-candy effects to the cards. To fit those effects, the entire interface should be somewhat modified to allow for higher size and quality of the cards (for example by adding some kind of zoom option to the battlefield or even by dividing the field in two separate "screens" - one for your side and the other for your opponent's -), of course that would also mean button functionality should have to be rewritten to "fit" the new options (now that the PC port has mouse support, maybe the PSP analog stick could be used to "move" the mouse cursor in the PSP, freeing the digital stick to move and zoom around the field, or something like that).

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Re: Flying Effect?

Post by Zethfox » Thu Dec 30, 2010 2:20 pm

yorien hit the nail dead on the head.

since it is so small it is WAY too tough to do such things as he saids, they would either create even more clutter, or look really *** due to the small size of the cards.

one idea ive been playing around with is manpitulating the shadows that appear under the cards, when you have them in focus, im playing around with doing tribal wings on the shadows of card which have flying.

tho to only implement one effect without creating *some* kind of effect for every ability will just have people coming on here to say "flying gets these cool shadows, why doesnt trample have a cool effect" which would eventually turn into a big cluttering mess very very quickly.

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Re: Flying Effect?

Post by rawsugar » Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:14 am

why bother with little graphical effects on the board when we alrdy have epic illustrations on the cards? if anything should be done in this area id suggest some way to bring to more to the fore and possibly little sound effects customized to each card/effect^^

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Re: Flying Effect?

Post by wololo » Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:33 am

rawsugar wrote: and possibly little sound effects customized to each card/effect^^
Wagic already supports this to some extent. If you know a good sound artist feel free to submit new sounds

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