Fixed a land tap issue with Hermit Basic

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Fixed a land tap issue with Hermit Basic

Post by ProtoJazz » Tue Sep 27, 2011 4:53 am

Unlocked the new Hermit mode, noticed mountains wernt tapping. Turns out the reason was that in the rules the card was refered to as "Mountains" Where as the card is actualy called "Mountain" the only magic land thats plural is Plains.

Code: Select all

name=Hermit Druid Basic
auto=@each my draw:draw:1

#Lands Mana Rules
auto=lord(Plains|MyBattlefield) {T}:Add{W}
auto=lord(Island|MyBattlefield) {T}:Add{U}
auto=lord(Swamp|MyBattlefield) {T}:Add{B}
auto=lord(Mountain|MyBattlefield) {T}:Add{R}
auto=lord(Forest|MyBattlefield) {T}:Add{G}

#Mana Empties from manapool at the end of each phase
auto=@each untap:removeMana(*)
auto=@each upkeep:removeMana(*)
auto=@each draw:removeMana(*)
auto=@each firstmain:removeMana(*)
auto=@each combatbegins:removeMana(*)
auto=@each attackers:removeMana(*)
auto=@each blockers:removeMana(*)
auto=@each combatdamage:removeMana(*)
auto=@each combatEnds:removeMana(*)
auto=@each secondmain:removeMana(*)
auto=@each end:removeMana(*)
auto=@each cleanup:removeMana(*)

#reset Creature damage at the cleanup phase
auto=@each cleanup:all(*|myBattlefield) resetDamage
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Re: Fixed a land tap issue with Hermit Basic

Post by jwilkes99999 » Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:20 pm

This problem also existed in mtg.txt file in vanilla 16.0, I think the rules were copied into hermit rather than including mtg.txt

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