A suggestion for card shop.

All about the shop and the way of improving it
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A suggestion for card shop.

Post by Shadowfireomega » Mon Dec 16, 2013 4:13 pm

A few of the things I would love to see in the card shop would be a way to mass purchase cards like you can IRL, for example:

The ability to buy a pre-constructed deck (perhaps some of the opponents decks, due to compatibility issues with some RL decks).

The ability to buy a fat pack containing the following:
8 (or 9) Booster Packs
80 Lands
A new theme/background (for the first purchase per expansion) depicting fan art for the expansion (this being the equivalent of the box art from RL fatpacks)
The following are also interesting ideas, but IDK if they are possible:
A new Profile Pic (representing the spindown counters)
A deck "template" that if you had all the required cards, it would auto-build you a deck from the expansions cards. (kinda like a players guide/learn to play insert)
Deck backgrounds (you can assign backgrounds for the deck when selected in the editor/deck selection). (representing the deck boxes)

The ability to buy a booster box (I have done this a few times... expensive but worth it IMO)

And.. maybe the ability to buy an entire set, but at a +15% cost per card.

Plus, of course, the ability to, before getting into the store proper, choose if you want to buy singles (acts like normal, minus the booster packs), Booster packs (search can narrow down to set, but otherwise random sets), Fat Packs (same layout as booster packs), Pre-constructed decks, Booster Boxes, or entire sets.
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Re: A suggestion for card shop.

Post by adamf9898 » Wed Dec 18, 2013 3:51 am

i like this idea :) I also wouldn't mind having those options added into the store!

As of right now I am creating setabbriviation_booster.txt files in the pack folder so that i can choose to buy booster packs from all the sets i've added! ;)

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