Shop and editor wishes

All about the shop and the way of improving it
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Shop and editor wishes

Post by Crodley » Tue Feb 02, 2010 8:30 pm


For the deck editor, since I have a ton of cards now, I'd love to be able to scroll through my deck faster, maybe a "shift" combo that would let me scroll at 2x or 5x speed?

With 500 white cards getting to any that start with the letter M can be a chore. :)

For the store, when I'm searching for a specific single, I'm usually looking for the amount I own of that card. For example; I own one Serra Angel so I keep changing the Text version of the store by hitting the square button only stopping to look when I see cards that I own one of. It would be nice if the rares available to buy would either be different colored text or have an asterisk next to them so I could stop and peek if something good comes up. Mind you, I'm only referring to the text list of cards for sale, not the images of cards on the table.

I'd would also love a "clean up" feature that would, with one click in the store, sell all my extra (over 4) non-land cards. Not counting Ravenous Rats, of course. :D

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Re: Shop and editor wishes

Post by wololo » Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:45 am

Lots of good suggestions, and not too difficult to code, I'll try to keep them in mind!
Regarding scrolling speed in the deck editor, that's what the "select" button is supposed to do, but it doesn't work very well, I'll file a ticket...

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Re: Shop and editor wishes

Post by bcdiscman » Wed Feb 03, 2010 2:15 am

With more cards being added all the time, it would be awesome to be able to search, not just by color but by first letter as well (i.e.: white cards starting with the letter 'M') :geek:

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Re: Shop and editor wishes

Post by wololo » Wed Feb 03, 2010 3:53 am

yep...I have something in mind for this (improving navigation in the deck editor) and hope to work on it this week, we'll see how that comes out

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Re: Shop and editor wishes

Post by Crodley » Fri Feb 05, 2010 5:12 am

Another short request...I'd love after a game is finished, for a dialogue box to appear that says; "Play again? Y/N" to be able to play the same two decks against each other again. It would be especially nice when I come across a deck I'm playing randomly and don't know which one it was to try it again.

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Re: Shop and editor wishes

Post by Yorien » Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:38 pm

Yorien says:

Some additional wishes

- - - - - - - -

1-. Filtering options (card type, mana cost, damage, resistance...). When your collection is growing and you have 500+ different cards you sometimes need to spend some time looking for the card you bought/obtained/want just to add it to your deck, then you need to toy around with your deck to fnd the card you want to drop in exchange.

Instead of the actual up/down filters (lands, artifacts and card color), It might be interesting to have some kind of menu (checkbox style maybe?), with those and additional options (for example, If I want to see only red and green creatures, then I open the menu, check color: red, color: green and card type: creature and the game filters the cards showing only the ones that match the filters)

- - - - - - - -

2-. Searching by card name (already asked, but still wanted)

- - - - - - - -

3-. Shop rewamp. With the card collection growing continually you can spend a lot of time looking for the expansion/card you want to buy. I fully understand the idea of a "Shandalar type" shop (and you said you plan to make some kid of adventure this way), but till now, with Wagic efforts concentrating on continually adding new features, cards, abilities, expansions and the like, the actual shop is growing old and cannot keep pace with the increasing ammount of cards so you end reloading the shop for minutes till you get the cards you want/need for your deck.

I think that the current shop should be put on hold till "Whandalar" is programmed, and create a more "actual" wagic store to fulfill current player needs.

I'd think that the "actual" wagic store should look like this:

On a new player profile, you get some money to buy your first cards... so you head to the shop (and not the deck construction) and enter a new wagic store with:

(you can always buy these, you don't need to reload since most of the time will stay the same till a new edition/duel deck is available)

- Basic 60 card decks of any available/unlocked edition that held card packs (the same ones you buy at your local store - 8E, 9E, 10E...), randomized cards all taken from the chosen edition (80% common, 15% uncommon, 5% rare) taking into account that about 1/3 of the deck will be land cards.

- Premade Decks (those can be created decks like the v.11 R&G, or "real" Duel Decks like the decks from Elves vs Goblins and the like) so you can buy one and start playing right away if you don't want to toy around with "create your own deck".

(shop has a limited stock of these, shop changes stock from time to time - for example, every <X> duels played)

- Booster packs randomized from expansions unlocked (about 5 different expansions available anytime, and 1-3 boosters available per expansion).

- A quantity of lone cards (the typical card folders many shops have so people can check to complete their collections) randomized from the expansions unlocked. Most of them common, with some uncommon and a pair of rares (15-20 different cards per expansion folder - 70% common, 25% uncommon and 5% rare -). Limited "expansion folders" (5-10) and also limited cards (1-4) available.

- A "bargain bin" (still remember spending hours checking shoe boxes full of magic cards in my local comic store) with a whole buncha commons and the eventually misplaced uncommon (no rares). Around 50-100 cards, 98% commons, 2% uncommons, no rares. Very low priced. Buy 3, get a 4th free!!. May (or may not) be reloaded, or could have a 1-2 reload limit till stock replenish.

- - - - - - - -

4-. A greater variety of card prices. There are *** commons and wanted commons; there are *** uncommons and powerful uncommons, and finally there are *** rares and epic rares. Prices should vary depending on card usefulness, not only on rarity.

Prices could even be taken and somehow formatted from the ones found at online magic shops (I know prices change weekly, or even daily, but there's no need to do the same in Wagic. Updatic Wagic prices once per release/revision/milestone should be more than enough):

Here's a link to an online magic store you can download it's price list in text format, this could help in formatting/implementing for example.

Price List (text format)

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Re: Shop and editor wishes

Post by Jeck » Mon Feb 08, 2010 7:27 pm

Re: "Filtering options"
Heh, funny you should ask about this... I just finished adding such a feature into the deck editor and shop for 0.11.1. It replaces the select button (so no more scrolling speed), but is pretty dang powerful. Just earlier today I wanted to build a deck with tons of mana creatures, so I assembled a filter using the gui that read "Green, green mana source, creature cards"... so hopefully it'll solve all navigation problems.

Re: "Searching by card name" and "searching for a specific single"
I think the filtering system makes this kinda unneeded, but I'll add a "begins with letter X" filter so that you can pretty easily approximate it. Besides, I tend to misspell those crazy card names... so a search wouldn't always work. In addition, the text version of the store is now a permanent toggle, rather than a "move, press x, move, press x" thingy.

Re: "Shop Revamp"
I was actually working on some parts of something like this before I got distracted by filters, which were higher priority for this release. The only thing that's making it into 0.11.1 is the ability to buy mixed-set boosters, ie "10E & M10 Booster". Expect a future release to support customizable "pack" items... booster packs, starter decks, fat packs, etc. I think the filters system makes "card folders" unnecessary, even the "bargain bin" is doable by searching for only common cards... though it doesn't scale the price downwards.

Re: "A greater variety of card prices"
Long ago, Wololo implemented an interesting feature where shop prices fluctuate based on how much you buy or sell, and additionally fluctuate +/= 10% of the base price. We've just added something where prices go up slightly depending on how you search for them, to balance the filtering system. I promise, unless you search for "Mythic rares" you won't even notice it at work...

Re: "Clean Up"... that's a pretty requested feature, and one that I agree is needed. Let me see if I can fit it in somewhere.

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Re: Shop and editor wishes

Post by flad_nag » Mon Feb 08, 2010 11:32 pm

I just wanted to say: Great job Jeck! Can't wait for the official release of 0.11!

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Re: Shop and editor wishes

Post by Daddy32 » Wed Feb 10, 2010 8:52 am

Jeck, you're on fire! So many great additions to the game in the last days, it feels like the usability and fun almost doubled. Now deck editor is finally usable and shop almost feels like a game-in-a-game (allows you to balance time spent refreshing and credits spent buying :) )

However, I have few usability issues with the latest SVN. I don't want to sound like an ***, but I consider these (mostly minor) aspects to be the steps back:

- Image loading: When browsing the selection, card is displayed without a graphics first and then image is loaded. Not easy on the eyes. May be caused by my slower memory card, but did not happen before.
- Card selection: Is no longer cyclical - I can no longer jump from first booster to the last card and vice-versa. This may seem like a minor thing, but jumping to the last card was the thing I always did right after opening the shop. (on the other hand, refreshing now does not reset cursor position which I consider an improvement)
- Owned count: Can no longer be seen in the list of cards displayed on the right. This means I can no longer tell at a glance if there's anything new for my over-grown collection.
- Last, most minor: when exiting the 'Ask about...' filter, leaving it with no change (empty), booster selection gets refreshed while card selection does not.

Deck Editor
- Deck statistics are now completely broken :(

If any of these are known bugs, sorry for re-posting. If any of them are deliberate, then please let's discuss them.

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Re: Shop and editor wishes

Post by wololo » Wed Feb 10, 2010 9:22 am

Daddy32: these are not minor issues in my eyes. Can you open tickets for each one of those so that we don't lose track of them?
That'd be great, otherwise I'll open them myself once I witness the bugs.

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