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HELP! How to install HBL 6.31 for me PSP?

Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:55 pm
by outkast32
hi guys,
First i just want to say sorry, if it bothers any of you to please explain how (or give me a simple tutorial) on how to install the recent HBL exploit & gamesave to my PSP 3000.

I know absolutely nothing at all about how to do any of this. So i really need help in the simplist terms.
I have imported the UMD JP version of Minna no golf for this PSP exploit. and now i need to know what to do, how to download the exploits, where to put them in which files, and then what to do from there. Thanks for anyone who helps!

I what i have tried so far is simply downloading a file from, (im not really sure what it is because like i said i have no clue what im doing.) and i pasted it in to the PSP. I also pasted the gamesave into the gamesave section. I unplugged my psp and ran the game, but nothing happens. so I pretty much know i didnt do anything right, haha so please help. it is much appreciated. thanks!

Re: HELP! How to install HBL 6.31 for me PSP?

Posted: Thu Sep 16, 2010 9:29 am
by crimsonassassin
Note: I am using a PSP Go and the US PSN version of the game. However, I assume installation would be the same.

1. Download the JP files for the HBL and game save. Make sure you are not trying to use the EUR or US files.
2. Open the HBL folder.
3. Copy the h.bin file and HBL folder into the root of the memory card. If you are not sure what root means, it means in the memory card and not inside other folders.
4. Open the save folder.
5. Continue opening the folders until you find the folder that contains the files. Place that folder in PSP/SAVEDATA.
5. Place some homebrew files into the PSP/Game folder on the memory card.

Start the golf game and HBL should load automatically. There is a chance it will crash the system or not load properly. If so, just restart and try again. In my experience, the failure rate is perhaps 20-25%.

Re: HELP! How to install HBL 6.31 for me PSP?

Posted: Thu Sep 16, 2010 11:21 am
by outkast32
Thank you SOO much for your response. i will give it a try today, and let you know