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Need Custom Decks (Modern)

Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2016 3:18 am
by mrfatbard
so I am trying to get rid of all the decks with legacy cards for wagic (just on my psp :P) and deleted all the _cards.dat files of all the legacy sets so they are not in my game anymore, I ended up just deleting all the ai decks in the game and just ported all my decks I made into wagic as ai decks.

so here is the problem, apparently I messed up and my decks won't port from my pc wagic to my psp wagic (not sure if they are incompatible) and I was wondering if anyone could upload all their custom decks in a zip folder or something so I can actually have opponents

if anyone can tell me how to port decks or if there is a trick to porting please tell me

Re: Need Custom Decks (Modern)

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2016 11:15 am
by Zethfox
The problem is you need to recreate your profile. The new decksbare added to a vector, and are unlocked 10 decks at a time. You can check this on profile name Maxglee, then down at bottom hit unlock all ai decks. Let me know if they appear. The ai decks are read in the engine the exact same way you can copy and paste your decks into the ai deck folder and they will appear. Beware tho, unless you use the aihint system, ai castpriority, ect dont expect ai to give you much of a challange using combo based decks. Ai plays timmy decks and lords well without hints.
Also deleting ai decks should not be needed, just delete the card dats for the legacy sets and any decks that use old cards will automatically load thier newest reprint.