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Re: New Deck: I, Machina v0.1

Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2015 4:41 am
by wagicmagic28
100 games and a few alternations it wins about 50% of the time out of 100 random games. Many loses was do to card bugs tho.

Re: New Deck: I, Machina v0.1

Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 11:25 pm
by Darth Agnon
I, Machina v0.2 auto-tournament results: Image

Re: New Deck: I, Machina v0.1

Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 11:46 pm
by Darth Agnon
Greetings, all.
I just checked back at this thread to post an old auto-tournament results screenshot I had lying around, only to find I'd got some deck feedback. Thanks, guys!
With regards to your comment, i-am-not-one, I think I did put 4x Myr Superion into the deck. They are uncoded in Wagic, but I did a little workaround.
In the time since those early days of the deck, I have:
- Gained *a lot* more of an understanding of MTG and its formats, etc., meaning I have ditched Sol Ring ;)
- Edited the deck to "I, Machina v0.7 "I, of Infinity": ... -infinity/
- Built the deck in real life :mrgreen:
- It still depends on uncoded Myr Superion, and now uses Steel Hellkite (coded?)
- I will share my workarounds eventually (NB being workarounds, the AI will cheat if allowed to use them, e.g. casting a turn 2 Myr Superion from lands)

Here's the latest, final, deck code for Wagic:

Code: Select all

#NAME:(Darth Agnon) I, Machina v0.7 "I, of Infinity"
#DESC:Spam Robots. 
#DESC:Blow stuff up.
#DESC:Combo infinite mana,
#DESC:with 2x Myr Galvanizer.
#DESC:And it's Modern-legal.
#DESC:This deck needs:
#DESC: - Myr Superion
#DESC: - Steel Hellkite

#Deck cards: 62
#Sideboard cards: 15

#Creatures (31)
Etched Champion (MM2) *3
Etched Champion (SOM) *1
Etherium Sculptor (ALA) *1
Etherium Sculptor (MMA) *3
Gold Myr (MRD) *1
Gold Myr (SOM) *1
Leaden Myr (MRD) *1
Leaden Myr (SOM) *1
Master of Etherium (ALA) *1
Myr Galvanizer *4
Myr Superion *4
Palladium Myr (SOM) *1
Palladium Myr (C14) *1
Silver Myr (MRD) *2
Silver Myr (SOM) *1
Steel Hellkite (C14) *4
Tower Gargoyle (ALA) *1

#Artifacts (14)
2x Accorder's Shield (M14) *2
1x Accorder's Shield (SOM) *1
2x Bladed Pinions *2
2x Chimeric Mass *2
2x Cranial Plating *2
1x Mirrorworks (MBS) *1
4x Semblance Anvil *4

#Lands (17)
Island (KTK) *6
Plains (RTR) *3
Swamp (KTK) *4
Tomb of the Spirit Dragon *4


#Ajani's Presence *3
#Archetype of Imagination *1
#Clockwork Hydra *1
#Salvage Titan (ALA) *2
#Solemn Offering (M15) *3
#Suspension Field *2