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Re: AI decks

Post by pankdm » Sun Nov 17, 2013 6:41 pm

rawsugar wrote:
Still seems like bloodgif is giving cards away though, but that fixed nezumi. fixing my deck w him then.
Oh, I forgot that bloodgift demon was revised recently: ... ede6f97d2f,
so you might be using outdated mtg.txt.

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Re: AI decks

Post by rawsugar » Sun Nov 17, 2013 10:28 pm

alright ill try that. If flashback doesnt work im gonna have to find replacements....this is gonna be hard work^^

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Re: AI decks

Post by rawsugar » Wed Nov 20, 2013 9:36 am

created some more decks and doing testing - im starting to do hints and have some questions:
if AI doesnt have something in casting priority will it try the next step? if it has mana free after going through thesteps will it start over?



will AI try instant and then stop casting if it can't? it it has mana for 3 instants but the rest are too expensive will it cast the first two, go through the rest come up with nothing and then start casting instants again?

also, will this work:
#HINT:combo hold(rolling earthquake|myhand)^type(land|mybattlefield)~morethan~3^totalmananeeded({3}{r})

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Re: AI decks

Post by rawsugar » Sat Nov 23, 2013 5:42 pm

cant make toggledifficulty work, any help?

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Re: AI decks

Post by Zethfox » Sun Nov 24, 2013 3:45 pm

yes it loops castpiority
the toogledifficulty triggers when the opponent deck is considered "easy" to you.

#HINT:combo hold(rolling earthquake|myhand)^type(land|mybattlefield)~morethan~3^totalmananeeded({3}{r})
yes this will work. it will not cast that card until you have 4 or more lands.

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Re: AI decks

Post by rawsugar » Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:51 pm

when I write the combos to keep AI from casting spells too early do i make it more likely that it will cast it once restriction is met? will ai attempt to cast rolling eathquake once it has 4 lands regardless of casting order, creatures on field and other spells in hand?

any clue why this isnt working:

#HINT:dontattackwith(Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary)
#HINT:dontblockwith(Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary)

could you post an example of a deck using toggledifficulty? I've created a test deck but no matter how many times i beat it, it doesnt change...

30 decks now or so, tested and with hints, but id like to get toggledifficulty to work

edit: also;
can i make AI use spells on me/opponent?
can I make AI use burn spells on creatures (if any) until t3/4 and player after that?

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Re: AI decks

Post by rawsugar » Wed Nov 27, 2013 2:35 pm

#hint:bad(wistful thinking) make AI cast that spell on me?

btw I'm using this list to make the decks and expanding the list as I go along. 50 decks and counting, not all of them are playable by AI but more than you'd think if you choose the right cards for it:

1. Fast agro: Small creatures supported – or supplemented in close to 50/50 ratio - by removal, burn, lords or boosts. Mostly cmc 1 creatures with power of 2 like savannah lion, possibly including finishers overrun.
1.1 sligh/RDW: weenies+burn: lightning bolt goblin guide tarmogoyf
1.2 Burn : mostly burns spells (direct damage to opponent lava spike) costing 1 mana doing 3 damage
1.2.1 Fast mill (oponent removes cards from library tome scour): cheap effective mill spells. can also be played as midrange or control depending on how much control is in the mix
1.3 Infect/doublestrike + boost
1.4 weenie + land destrouction wrecking ball
1.5 Lords goblin king + weenies and cheap token spells
1.6 Mass boost shared animosity
1.7 reanimate entomb+reanimate+crazy creature like iona, shield of emeria, reanimate is somewhat vulnerable to counterspell, especially if starting hand isnt perfect. it can however be played more as a midrange, using heavy (~50% of spells) targeted discard like duress to take out anything that might prevent the reanimation or destroy the creature
1.8 affinity cost 0 and 1 artifact creatures, and card that benefit arcbound ravager memnite cranial plating
1.9 landfall small dragonmaster outcast scute mob harrow lotus cobra

2. Midrange
2.1 Agro control mix of control and threats, usually removal+medium cost creatures.
2.2 tempo : cheap threats and cheap control
2.3 ramp: cards that improve manaproduction and cards that cost lots of mana, usually big creatures
2.4 UR burn, burn for control mixed with draw, burns opponents early creatures and/or starts to target player mid-late game
2.5 Combo: combination 2+ cards or effects that create a powerful, possibly gameending effect, like painters servant grindstone. combo can also be played as agro if mostof the deck focuses on getting combo online, or control if the focus is on preventing opponent to do anything until the combo gets online
list of combos:
2.6 Discard: discard spells and cards that benefit from opponent being low on cards or punishes him for it like the rack
2.6.1 Sifle: megrim and liliana's caress + cards that force opponent to both draw na d dicard like burning inquiry– or just discard
2.6.2 warped devotion + cards like unsummon and megrim
2.7 Genocide: giving opponent lots of creatures then slaughtering them, damaging him in the process forbidden orchard+massacre wurm
2.8 lifegain + cards that benefit from it.
2.8.1 soul warden+ajanis pridemate
2.8.x angelic accord sanguine bond
2.9 synergy@creatures
2.9.1 tribal midrange:
2.9.2 elves: priest of titania elves can be played as agro but is most commonly played as a fast ramp deck
2.10 small cmc creatures w first and/or doublestrike or tokens with permanent mass boost such as honor of the pure
2.11 large tokens spells w small or large mass boosts
2.12 madness cards with the madness mechanic or similar, efficient discard outlets, and possibly cards that benefit from graveyard wild mongrel arrogant wurm + werebear
2.13 nightmare spiteful visions underworld dreams
2.14 opalescence lord enchantment oblivion ring
2.15 green sweep oblivion stone wood elves

3. Control: removal, counterspell, draw usually sweep + a few hard to deal with threats. Like aetherling
3.1 MBC smallpox hymn to tourach [c]smokestack[/c}
3.2 Continous/repetitive effects ensnaring bridge isochron scepter
3.3 fog
3.4 draw (mutual or not) + sweep
3.4.1 sorin's vengeance corrupt+sweep (and draw)
3.5 land destruction
3.5.1 armageddon +artifact ramp or weenie

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Re: AI decks

Post by rawsugar » Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:23 pm

this is the result so far. I think im done with the groundwork now comes "betatesting" (basically me playing and changing stuff if i come across something that is off^^)
help with this part is welcome -i might also add a few more decks, but think im pretty much out of ideas - I even added a few decks from the last time i attempted this 2 years and a shitton of experience with the game back:)

but all decks have been tested at least a few times to verify they work in general and that AI knows how to play the cards. I've focused variety rather than power but only in choosing strategy. these decks represent the best I could do with AI for each strategy. AI is still **** so beating it is usually not too hard but you sure have to work harder for the wins here than vs most AI decks.

For the most part Ive kept it legacy legal, but Ive cut a few edges like adding offcolor moxes to a few decks that needed a little manaaccelerant but didnt know how to use mind stone properly, or using 8 primeval light because i didnt trust AI to tap all its lands when casting calming verse in the enchanted evening deck.

anyhoo here goes. Let me know how you find them:): ... ymz/91.rar

ive kept the 7 strongest AI decks from original folder and most of the newcomers. I'll add a list of the decks tomorrow but past midnight now

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Re: AI decks

Post by rawsugar » Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:32 pm

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Re: AI decks

Post by pankdm » Sat Dec 07, 2013 12:09 pm

rawsugar wrote:this is the result so far.
Awesome collection!
Thanks for sharing this!

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